“Somewhere along the way, I learned something that I think is a valuable lesson, and it certainly makes life easier. I learned that it’s not our job to make people like us if they don’t want to. And, um, when I learned that, things got a little easier. And um, I guess every time someone be real mean to me, I try to make a mental note that I would never intentionally make anyone else feel the way that they’ve made me feel, and if you did that I think that we could all make the world just a little bit nicer place to live.”

Honestly listening to non abuse survivors talk about jaspis is fuckin terrifying

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im actually questioning whether chyler is in love with melissa.. like in EVERY SINGLE interview she just looks like she's in love with her?? either way i ship it


It’s a lovefest everytime those two are together, right? Since the very beginning..and i love this so much, because i think this is the special ingredient that made me so in love with them (and of course, Kara and Alex).

I have to say, i have a soft spot for Co-Stars that really love each other in real life. It’s always those relationships that keeps my attention. And they are so’s wonderful to see.

And yes..i think they are a bit in love with each the most awesome and cute way.

And well..Chyler indeed had a good couple of crushes on girls before [x]

Let’s make a recap on all Chyler heart eyes for Melissa and quotes, because this is just TOO GOOD:

Memorable quotes:

Meeting Melissa was the most powerful relationship I’ve ever felt”…

“Meeting Meliss was..i think short of meeting my husband” 

“i believe that a very big reason i’m on that show is that i was meant to be there for [melissa]. i also believe that’s why it carries over so well on the screen. i care about that girl. i would slash somebody’s tires for her. i’m not gonna lie”.

“she is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. She is such an incredible gift and I love her to pieces.”


Chylissa forever!

My mood is so cripplingly dependent on how well I draw


But if I hit even the slightest art block or just can’t get a pose to work then suddenly I’m all “oh. okay then. guess i’ll give up on this for now. or maybe for ever. god it sucks. i suck. life is hard. i just want to eat five cheeseburgers from mcdonalds and watch shitty youtube videos so i can pretend i don’t suck at everything forever…sigh”

And I’ve known myself to switch back and forth between these states all in one day–entirely dependent on how I’ve been drawing. Its frustrating. I need to find a way to maintain a level mood.

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I love Zayn with all my heart, but his written interviews are boring. They always ask the same questions and he always says the same answers. The only nice thing about this interview are some photos and video. I would like to see him sing, I would like to see him speak during interviews (the real ones), I would like to see him happy and smiling. I miss him so much and this whole situation seems like a nightmare. I hope that his life goes well in the future, I hope he is the proof that in the

the proof that in the end the good guys win. PS: I hope that Karma will give a good education to Simon the devil.


Hi anon

I suspect that he may do a brief conversation if that with these magazines and then its just cobbled together quotes, and then its all about the pictures which is great on the one hand but the interviews are so repetitive.  I’m sure it was all done around the same time as well as Paper and Dazed in May hence why its rammed it even further down our throats how samey it is. 

The Elle shoot has at least given us that boss little video.  

We’d all have liked there to be face to face interviews, didn’t even have to be live though that would have been amazing, just one or two more of the ilk of Zane Lowe would be nice as that was just great to see him be natural and to talk about that passion that is after all one of the quotes they’re giving in terms of his love for music in the Elle ‘interview’, and I will never ever buy how being papped leaving buildings with Gigi is ever effectivenor should it be used as a replacement for promo in my opinion. 

We all want Zayn to be happy. Just as we want each of the others to be. They’re only young and I’ve got lots of faith in what can come in the future for him and them all.  And as for Cowell, all his pals have gotten their just desserts over time, i believe there’s a hell of a lot of people out there including those in the industry who will celebrate his fall if and when that comes.

lbakeryx replied to your post “How many Pokemon have you caught so far on Pokemon go? 🙂💕 ”

🙈 same… I’m too lazy for “real life” Pokemon. I have my 3DS for a reason 😝

Oh I’m definitely lazy but that’s not why I don’t leave the house hahaha I suffer from agoraphobia so not going outside isn’t by choice, it’s just part of my life. I’d much prefer to play other games though anyway, the only Pokemon I ever liked was the old school gameboy version, that was the shit LOL

peaufinez  asked:

Can I just say, the relationship constructed between Adam and Caleb is so extraordinarily magnificent. Their social medias are adorable, not to mention the mixtapes ! I think I cried a little when I first heard about the mixes. Their fights, and the little gestures of appreciation they show each other just make them seem that much more real, and adds so much depth to their relationship! They just embody teenagers and teenage relationships, and I love them to death!! Thank you so much for them<3

Gosh, thank you so much!!! I have so much fun imagining their daily lives and their text conversations (there’s a whole doc on my computer, bc I’m a huge nerd) and I’m kind of bowled over by how much people have responded to their relationship. 

Our incredible sound producer/podcast-maker-extraordinaire @mischastanton said once that it’s like the characters are all people I know and hang out with in real life. They definitely hit the nail on the head with that I think: I am constantly having conversations with Sam, Chloe, Caleb, and all the others in my head - they feel so real to me and I hope that’s why they feel real to you too. 

But I can’t take all the credit: Briggon and Alex have had a huge role in who Caleb and Adam are. Though only in a handful of episodes so far, Alex (the voice of Adam) has made me laugh and cry a number of times. He brings such depth and maturity to the role, while still understanding and portraying all of Adam’s vulnerabilities. 

And then Briggon (the voice of Caleb): what did I do to deserve Briggon? He has been one of my (and Caleb’s) biggest cheerleaders from the beginning and an enormous asset, both professional and personally. He runs Caleb’s instagram, made this in-universe mix from Caleb to Adam, and made me cry with this post about representation. We actually share a birthday and - if we hadn’t been born different years - I would be convinced that we were separated at birth. The dude just gets me. 

I am so grateful for all the actors that have lent their voices to this project and I’ll probably write a really sappy post about all of them at one point. It takes a village. 

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Do any EDSers have issues with their ribs? I'm type 3 and can no longer lie on my side without being able to feel and hear my ribs grinding against my sternum. Am I just going mad or is it like a recognised thing?? It's not necessarily painful, just very uncomfortable and really unsettling audibly.

Yes this is definitely a thing! Personally, I can’t lie on my stomach anymore because it feels like my ribs are spreading apart and I have trouble breathing, and I’ve heard of other people having rib involvement. One girl I know in real life posted on Facebook saying that eds ribs can come dislocated and pierce your heart but I don’t know how true that is. My point is that yes, ribs are definitely affected by EDS!

Let me be clear...

In no way form or fashion do I want to see Andy up and leave his wife and family.

In no way form or fashion do I want to see Danai break up said family.

☆When I say I “ship Dandy” it’s in mere fantasy ONLY.
I’m not so caught up in that fantasy that I want them to be together in real life. They are a gorgeous couple On Screen
And it just so happens that they do have some type of chemistry
/ connection on screen as well as off screen. They are great at what they do. Else we would not love them the way we do. Much love and respect to both of them and their families

☆- ship and fantasy may be the wrong terminology to use in this instance. Bottom line of this post is: Do I like / enjoy seeing them on the screen together? Yes Do I want / dream of them hooking up in RL? No

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I'm trying to get into EXO and right now I'm trying to learn their personalities...if it's not too much, do you think you could just give me a short little blurb of what they're each like? Thank you and I hope you have/had a nice day! ❤️

Heart momentarily stops because I could blurb about EXO until my mouth bled and my fingerprints wore away. So let’s jump into it! (I’m going to blurb o12 because o12 is life and if you’re going to learn EXO You need to learn them ALL.)

Xiumin: Really sweet and shy, But can flip like a switch on stage and make you question who your real father is. Doesn’t say much and is usually smiling to himself. He’s the oldest but he rarely acts like he is.

Luhan (Former): Prettier than most girls but constantly trying to prove himself as a manly man. Is a not so secret pervert. Really caring and considerate.

Kris (Former): Tries really hard to be cool but ends up looking dumb a LOT. Absentee Dad of the group. Pretends not to care about anything or anyone but that’s just part of his “image”. 

Suho: Mom of the group and takes a lot of abuse from the members. Really cheerful and optimistic. Always telling corny jokes and looking for approval. Has abs that should be illegal and knows it. 

Lay: So sweet and helpful, doesn’t talk much and is usually clueless as to what is going on because he always spaces out. His dance moves can impregnate even a 99 year old woman. Makes his ownself laugh.

Baekhyun: Beyond extra and loud. Super energetic and wild. Likes to be in charge and his mouth sometimes gets him in trouble. Beagle Line Leader.

Chen: Communicates by screaming. Can’t sit still & always smiling. Laughs a lot and is always in the center of the action. Beagle Line.

Chanyeol:  Hyper hyper hyper. Really likes hats and video games. The Happy Virus. Really bright. Enjoys pranks more than air. Beagle Line.

D.O.: Really mature.  Quiet and reserved. Passionate and confident. He takes things very seriously but sometimes will loosen up and join the beagle line in crazy fun.

Tao (Former): An innocent bluffer. Is really sensitive but pretends not to be. Gets scared really easily and is touchy feely. Usually the first one to start crying. Very emotional but a hard worker.

Kai: HE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE HOW HE IS ON STAGE. In reality he’s quiet and shy. Usually lets everyone speak and just listens. Never sure of what to say. Likes to laugh. Very caring about the other members feelings. Very driven.

Sehun: Looks like he’s mad and judging you but that’s just because he has a severe case of Resting Bxtch Face. Is very moody, but can be a lot of fun when he opens up. Not your typical maknae and doesn’t like to follow rules or listen to the older members. Most improved of the group and is constantly trying to prove that he belongs.

Wooh there you go just my thoughts on the guys. Please Exo L’s don’t kill me for my opinions.

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Hey there. I just want to say that I and I'm sure many others enjoy what you've made here, and I hope that that small accusatory hiccup over some coincidence didn't discourage you enough to stop posting altogether. You have fans and we want to see more!

(Thank you so much, anon! And I apologize for my long absence. While I admit that the small incident was a little stressful, the majority of my stress were just real-life little struggles that decided to mount all at once. But things are starting to quiet down, so fingers crossed that I will be able to draw a lot very soon!

And once again, thank you! It is comments like these that help me push through with this, even when times get rough. -admin)

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cosette fauchevelent for the character thing?

1) ok the thing is, as a person I love and support her, but as a character she literally does nothing in the entire musical to further the plot aside from existing and letting people make decisions based on the fact that she exists so I have no idea how to rate her

2) Favorite character moment?

the moment after Eponine screams when Cosette helps her up and she looks for a minute like she recognizes Eponine because it’s literally her only interaction with another woman other than when she’s a kid living with the Thenardiers (this musical fails the bechdel test so hard and I have a lot of opinions about it)

3) Favorite character song?

In My Life just for that crazy high note at the end

4) If I met him/her in real life how would I react?

have a conversation with her that doesn’t focus on men so she knows what that’s like

send me a musical theatre character

Nantucket Nectars’ Red Plum is seriously the best juice I’ve ever tasted in my entire damn life.

Like I remember having it for the first time some years back and was so caught off guard. I don’t drink it much because most stores don’t carry either the brand or flavor but I just had it again for like the first time in like maybe a year and I almost shed a damn tear.

The real MVP.

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i'm laughign eyeball said his newest song is based on a real life experience where he left someone else and,,, the video is from the perspective of the person being left and some of the lyrics are like 'i'll miss the taste of your kiss', 'you were too sweet' and stuff like that and the girl in the pv is crying her eyes out at some parts and im like,,, damn you really do think that highly of yourself don't you lmao nice

OH MY GOD I honestly didn’t listen to the whole song but ew that’s just. so……. gross…………….???????????????

cultural-temmieist  asked:

Lmfao, you realize that term 'libertarian' originally applied to anarchism (real, leftist anarchism) and not your bullshit appropriation which licks corporate ass. And thinking that the reason your life is better than others is because you discovered some magical life cheat codes and everyone who is worse off than you is just lazy is like, third grader level logic. Pathetic.

I was trying to figure out what post made you send this, but I honestly have no idea. I don’t care about the original definition of libertarian. The definition of words change. “It’s our word, you stole it!” is, fittingly enough, third grader level logic. I don’t know what makes you assume I worship corporations. I don’t know why you assume I think my life is better than others or that anyone poor is lazy. I said none of these things, there’s no need to put words in my mouth.

I don’t randomly send people asks in order to call them names or assume the most negative things I can about their views. So, my life is most likely better than yours specifically. No cheat codes necessary.

I’m not one on ranting but…

One thing I have a hard time with is social media vs. real life. Online, you can interact and be friends with anyone, follow people/them follow you back but, in real life you see them at a coffee shop or local concert and they don’t acknowledge you at all. They know who you are, they like your posts but when it comes to seeing them outside your phone screen not even a smile. When did it become difficult to say hi? It’s not that I need attention, it’s the psychological perspective behind it. What if someone you know is going through a really hard time or a family member just passed away, and eye contact with them or a smile could be the highlight of their day.

This town I live in is so cliquey. They only want success and will only be hang out with you because you know “so and so”.

If I lived in LA or San Francisco, people would come left and right to talk to a random person. Why be someone’s friend based off of their status quo?

Did I mention how much I loved that Steven was pushed away and could just watch cornered Lapis as she was making her decision? He supported her in every way he could, but in this exact moment he knew he couldn’t do anything more. The “yes” or “no” was something only Lapis could say - just like in real life abusive relationships. Steven helped, supported and loved, but he couldn’t make abused person’s decision about the relationship for them, no matter how much he probably wanted to in that scene.