can we talk about the nations’ reactions to their teams getting out in fifa 2015?

Spain would probably be a sad, but he’d still try to smile a bit. still kinda obvious that he’s unhappy though.

New Zealand and Thailand would probably be like “oh, darn. well, we’ll do better next time!”

Sweden would have kind of a poker face, but he’d just be like “god damnit” in his head. sure, he’d be polite, but cold at the same time about it.

S. Korea would just be like “nonononono” and he’d probably be mad at France.

Switzerland’s probably boiling inside, but he doesn’t want to start anything so he just (hesitantly) congratulates Canada and leaves.

Norway… hm. I think he would be in a bad mood, but not really over the top. Just kinda grumpy.

Netherlands and Japan are already on good terms, so I doubt that there would be much tension. Yes, he’d be disappointed, but Japan does have a strong team, and getting to the Cup was pretty good itself.

France would be acting all dramatic, yelling at Germany because it was just so fucking close.

I can imagine China having a conniption fit, yelling at America, who honestly doesn’t care.

Australia… I feel like there would be strong language involved.

Canada would be all polite and stuff but i’m 85% sure England would later be found stuffed in a locker.

Also - semis, bronze- and gold-medal games

Germany would be holding his head in his hands, because he lost to America, damnit. He’d be wallowing in sadness.

England would probably be hella confident at first, but I’ll bet that he would be in tears by the end. Maybe he’d go over and congratulate Japan, being a gentleman, but he’d break down right after, crying about how damned unlucky that last goal was (which is how I feel tbh but whatever)

At the end of the bronze medal game, Germany would probably be staring out into space, in disbelief. England would probably be screaming and jumping for joy and crying happy tears. (since that’s the best they’ve done in FIFA)

omg i think that America and Japan would be sitting together and Alfred would be talking about the first 15 minutes and Kiku would be just wanting him to shut up. They beat the US last year, right? It’s just a bad start.

but nope America wins and Alfred’s all happy and Kiku just leaves him.

(i feel like these aren’t too great…

feel free to add your own!)

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