Yo tumblr I was able to take apart my copiers imaging unit put in a new drum and developer and put it back together with out losing a screw. Today I sold something on Craigslist for a whole bunch more Benjamin’s than I paid for it. I’m getting sushi today what up.


Hey ya’ll, this week i’m moving to a new apartment and decided to downsize my store until i get my stuff back together.  I have these five shirts listed with limited sizes, so check them out and grab them while they are still available!  Once these are gone, the store will be closing until the studio can be reassembled.

For any orders this week use coupon code “MOVING” to receive 25% off all items in the store.  Offer lasts until next monday, June 1.  Check out the shirts over at:

Thanks for all the support over the past year, it has been great!

anonymous asked:

It's cool that you're back to posting on this blog again. :) How has life been these past few months?

Thank you for asking!

Life during the past few months has been a mixed bag, as it always is. On the positive side, school is wrapping up and my boyfriend and I will be moving into our new apartment in a little less than a week. On the negative side, I have not found a job yet, and I have had to return to counseling to deal with some trauma-related issues that sprung up unexpectedly during the past semester. Things are going relatively well, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty in my life, which is always challenging.

Started to set up my witchy things in a corner of my desk in my new apartment/flat. Feels more homelike now :)

Things currently set up

-a wolf model
-a werewolf model
-a sika deer skull
-incense burner
-carved moon and goddess themed box
-purple chakra candle
-blue chakra candle
-incomplete wand
-my familiar’s shed whisker in a small jar
-tiger made of mahogany
-a cockatiel feather
-notebook containing notes on the properties of different stones, crystals and incense
-some amethyst
-mahogany obsidian
- a dream catcher

ugh I remember my first year at berkeley and I was crying over my classes and gave up my dreams to go into the medical field and felt I didn’t belong here and that I was the most unintelligent person

and now I just finished my second year here with awesome grades, I get to take major specific courses next semester, I’m moving out of my awful apartment, I got a new job, am on track to be an OB/GYN nurse practitioner, and I am just killing it 

go me

I bought my new subletter a candle as a ‘welcome to the apartment’ present but then burned it in our shared bathroom for hours instead because I was afraid giving her a gift would make her feel uncomfortable but still wanted her to be able to enjoy the scent. I get too distracted while watching porn because I always notice things like how much care one porn star will put into folding the others discarded garments and think, 'that’s so lovely how thoughtful she’s being.’ I offered to help a woman lift her stroller over the subway turnstile and instead she handed me her baby while she did it herself because I guess I have a trusting face. I sent my grandma flowers for Mother’s Day with my fathers name attached because I knew he would forget. Only for once he remembered and sent his own bouquet and both she and my father scolded me over the phone for my deceitful good intentions. I often think I am too gentle for this world but at the same time I know I’m made of salt and steel.

I was in DESPERATE need of new shoes, my other Nikes are three years old and tearing apart at the seems, and I am in LOVE with these Nikes I got today! 😍 Dick’s was having a sale buy 1 get 1 50% off so that meant I just HAD TO buy some Nike shorts and I love the colors I found! Then Old Navy was having a huge sale and I found all these great athletic tanks that were each like $10 or less! (I highly recommend Old Navy for athletic tanks if you want something cute and relatively cheap!) Overall, a good shopping trip and perfect clothes for not only working out in BUT also coaching in! 😊🙌🏻

idk some more otp au scenarios
  • i’m a twin and you don’t realize it, but have my twin in a class with you and when you see me on campus come up and start talking to me and I don’t have the heart to tell you otherwise because hey, you’re cute
  • I completely bought the wrong ticket for a concert so instead of sitting next to my friend I’m sitting next to a stranger but you turn out to be v cute and by the second song in we’re screaming each other the lyrics
  • I got off the plane somewhere cold and completely forgot to pack a jacket because I’m an idiot and you offer me your extra one and when I get to my hotel/new apartment I find your phone in the pocket oops
  • you’re baby-sitting your niece or nephew and the kid won’t stop talking to me in the park and you’re a little pissed off because the kid likes me better than you, but you also think it’s kinda cute
  • I go to your book signing and pretty much make a fool out of myself but then i see you at a coffee shop later and you insist on buying me coffee and let it slip that you think I’m adorable and holy shit I’m still holding your book in my hand
  • I just left my significant other at the altar and went to a bar and you’re sitting there just having a beer and want to talk to me about what’s wrong/why I did it as I do a lot of shots 
  • you’re famous and always seem to answer my questions during twitter q&a’s and it’s actually because you think I’m cute from my profile photo and when I go to your m&g your eyes light up and you know my name oh my goD
The Writer Michael Imagine Part Four

The Writer

I contemplate whether to read another before deciding that I should.

April 18th 2011,

Babies grow really fast! Mary looks fit to burst at any moment and she’s only 4 months!

We’re helping her move into her new apartment today, my dad and I. Mum’s gotten bad again, she just stays in bed a lot now and cries sometimes.

I think it’s because Mary’s moved out.

I went in to see her yesterday and she grabbed my face in her hands and told me she loved me. She hardly tells me she loves me.

Then she started to cry, hysterically, and my dad told me to leave so he could calm her down.

It’s weird, a couple of months ago my dad would have shouted at me for making mum cry, but he just sent me out to get some food for the house.

I think something’s wrong with this family, more wrong than usual.

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