I woke up a ball of anxiety, but here are reasons I should be happy today:

• it’s sunny out! ☀️
• I have the morning off 😎
• Raye comes back from spring break today 🙌
• I’ve saved up about $1300 in the past month, which is amazing because I’m terrible with money 💰
• I have a cute new outfit 👗
• I finally get the keys to my apartment in three days 🏠
• there’s no real reason for me to be down 🙅

First night in my new apartment!!! Over halfway done getting my room together, but unfortunately I forgot the wifi password…


my dad sent me a tetra cresent 5g aquarium system with a filter system.  all the fis i’ve ever owned were in pretty huge tanks just by virtue of that’s what we had around, but this tank is pretty much all that will fit in my new apartment.

anyone know if a betta will thrive alright in this kind of tank?  

anonymous asked:

Is your photography available to buy? Because I would love to decorate my new apartment with your work. You are so so talented!

Yes it is! There’s a link on my profile to my Etsy. Any photograph you see on my blog can be printed too! :)

Happy 19th/20th birthday to VIXX's lovely maknae, Han Sanghyuk! ♡

Who needs a boyfriend when you have all this to stay home with? Especially when Chinese food is on the way.
Happy Saturday, friends.