The other day while I was moving my stuff to my new apartment I came across two kittens living in someone’s car engine. They didn’t belong to the owner of the car and the individual hasn’t used the car in about five weeks. The last place the driver happened to use the car was to drive to this place where mainly a lot of irresponsible individuals live and that’s no place for them to be. I’m going to assume that’s where they came from and given the conditions I refuse to leave them there.

They were pretty horrendous in terms of cleanliness, but I bathed them and they cleaned up okay. One of them has watery eyes due to possible allergies of the recent dust storm that occurred (I live on the eastern side of Washington State.)

The landlady’s daughter and I would like to take them to the vet to make sure that they’re healthy and possibly get them their shots during the visit. It would be nice to own a kitty (which I plan on doing), but it might be a different kitty as I’d like the two to remain living together and pet deposits at my apartment for two kitties would be expensive beyond what I can afford at the moment. I also live alone and have an anxiety disorder and having cat(s) can help me out immensely.

If you’d like to donate to help me care for them my PayPal is dracakitty[at] I plan to take them in sometime this coming week.

If you can spread the word, myself and the kittens would be greatly appreciate it!

So I’ve had the same blanket (the one I’m holding to my face) forever. It’s the only thing besides my pillow case that I have literally had since I left home when I was 14. No matter where I went they both went.. Well today my partner bought me a new blanket because mine is falling apart… I cried a little but it’s time,

Now to get used to new blanket :/

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i just moved into a new apartment and my boyfriend said "there's a lot of drawers" and I said "yeah" and he said "is there enough for there to be a drawer of my things at your place?" YES THERE IS YOU CUTIE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

okay that’s the cutest thing i’ve ever heard

Just spent a lovely night/morning at my friend’s new apartment next to the beach and I seriously wish I could have stayed forever rather than doing what I’m doing now… writing my thesis and procrastinating on the interwebs.

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Hey do you sell prints? I'm moving to my new apartment in September and I want to have framed prints on the walls from all my favorite artists!!

hmmm i want to!! but tbh I’m not sure how most artists do when they sell prints….do they print them somewhere and then send them themselves or do they use something like society6 that prints it for them? (except cheaper bc society6 is so expensive…..) help