Creepypasta #462: I Felt It

When I was fourteen, I had a best friend named Boone Hicks. He was real sweet looking, with long blonde hair, Irish green eyes, and an elvish face. He was a little on the short side, only about five feet tall, and we hung out mostly indoors because he was so fair skinned. His parents didn’t like him too much, though, and he spent most of his time at my house, but I never minded it.

It was when his aunt announced the gender of her unborn baby that things started to get weird. “When the doctor told me, I was so excited,” His aunt Caroline said, rubbing her belly affectionately. “I just knew it was going to be a girl.” We were all at Boone’s house, sitting in the family room; he had invited me over to meet his aunt. Boone just kind of stared at her with his piercing green eyes and a blank expression.

“No, it’s going to be a boy.” He said, still giving Caroline that heavy stare. She gave him a questioning look.

“But the doctors said it was a girl.”

“I guess there was a mistake,” he said, his expression never changing. “It’s going to be a boy.”

His aunt stared back at him with a worried look. “Are you feeling okay, Boone? Why are you saying these things?”

“I felt it.” He said simply, shifting his eyes to the floor. His mother threw the book she had been reading earlier at him, hitting him in the chest. It fell to the floor, but he didn’t even look at it.

“Boone, hush up, you idiot! Quit trying to scare your aunt!”

“Hang on, Julie,” his aunt said, holding a hand up. “What else did you, uh… “Feel” about the baby?”

“Well, it’s a boy,” he said, causing his mother to roll her eyes. “a-and it’s going to be born a month early, January third at eleven thirty A.M to be exact.” He went into another stare, eyes back on his aunt. “You were thinking about naming your girl Addison, but you want to name your boy Aiden now.” His aunt went wide eyed.

“H-how did you know that?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows at him. “I haven’t told anyone about that!”

“I felt it.”

“No!” She yelled, grabbing his shoulders. “How did you know that?”

“I told you, I felt it-”

“Quit saying that, you freak!”

“Hey!” I said, interfering the fit that she was about to throw. “It was probably just a coincidence that he guessed his name, I mean, how many choices are there, really? You said you wanted it’s name to start with A, right?” I asked, recalling something Boone had told me a couple weeks earlier. “Besides, you haven’t even figured out if he was right about the birthdate or gender. Everyone just needs to calm down.”

Caroline looked at me for moment, and I honestly thought she was about to slap me. She just stood up. “I’m leaving.” And she did just that.

“Boone, you screw up! Get out!” Mrs. Hicks yelled, shoving Boone and me out the front door. I decided to let Boone sleep over at my house that night.

“Dude, why’d you do that?” I asked him as we walked down the road, the sun setting in the distance. “I think that was a little much.”

“But Viktor,” he said quietly, sounding a little like he was about to cry. “I felt it.”

I felt shivers rack my spine at that moment, and I slept as far away as I could from Boone that night. A few months later, his aunt gave birth to a baby boy, one month early, on January third at eleven A.M, and she named him Aiden. I don’t think he ever saw his aunt Caroline again.

Months passed and we soon forgot about the scare Boone had given his aunt. We went on with our normal lives, hung out and played video games like old times. That was, until my accident.

I was walking home from school one day, alone because Boone was home with a cold. The school was only a couple blocks from my house, but I decided to stop by a gas station and get a Pepsi before heading home. Too do that, though, I had to cross the street. Keep in mind, I was fourteen. If I didn’t see a car passing straight in front of me, I was not going to wait before running across the street. I began jogging across the road without a second thought. All I heard was squealing tires and a crash, then nothing. When I came to, I was being wheeled into a hospital room and poked with needles.

I don’t know how long I had been in there when one of the doctors came into my room. “Excuse me, sir, but someone’s here to see you.”

I expected it to be my parents, but it was Boone who came through the door. He rushed to my side, tears in his eyes. His hands hovered over me, like he was scared if he touched me he would hurt me. He finally settled one on my forehead. “I knew I’d find you here,” he mumbled, lips trembling. “I felt it.”

I shivered at those words. I didn’t know what was going on with Boone, but it was scaring me a little. “Did you call my parents?”

“Yeah,” he said, sitting in one of the plastic chairs beside the hospital bed. “They’re on their way.”

“Boone,” I started, turning my head to look at him. I couldn’t move my left leg, and I had a killer headache. “What are these “feelings” you get?” I had to ask; it was eating at me.

“I don’t know,” he mumbled, playing with his shirt sleeves. “I’ll just be sitting there and all the sudden I know about something before it happens. Or before anyone knows about it.”

I looked at his Irish green eyes one more time. They looked far more frightened than I felt. “That’s… That’s really cool.”

He grinned at me, then my parents came in, bawling and yelling about how I should’ve watched for cars. I was put in a cast later that day, my left leg was declared broken, and I had a minor concussion.

It was a year later before Boone had anymore “feelings”, but his last one haunts me to this very day.

It was a perfectly normal day, just like any other, except for the fact that Boone had been exceptionally quiet at school. I asked him about it at lunch, but he shrugged me off saying he hadn’t got much sleep the night before. I wasn’t convinced, but I dropped it. Boone didn’t walk home with me that afternoon, but I didn’t run across the road again. I went home, did homework, ate dinner, and went to sleep like always.

I awoke to tapping on my window at what my clock said was two in the morning. I moaned, rubbing my eyes and rolling over to face the window. Boone stood outside, in his pajamas, motioning for me to come over. I sighed, falling out of bed and shuffling to the window. I unlatched it and yanked it open, popping my head out. “What is it? Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“Come on,” he motioned for me to climb outside. I raised an eyebrow at him.


“Shhhhh! Come out, we’re going to the police station.”

“What the heck are you talking about?” I asked, closing my eyes. I just wanted to slam the window in his face and go back to bed.

“Just trust me!” He gave me a pleading look and I grudgingly put on my shoes.

“Fine,” I snapped, climbing out of the window and hopping to the ground. “But if my parents find out, you’re dead.” Boone didn’t say anything, just began jogging towards the police station.

You should have seen the look on the police officer’s face when Boone asked him to do my finger prints. He looked at him like he had two heads, but took me into a room and did as Boone said. After I washed the ink off of my fingers, I came back into the front room where Boone was saying something to one of the officers. When I got closer, I heard him telling him to compare my fingerprints to the ones of a missing persons case from eleven years before. I stopped dead in my tracks. He had to be crazy.

I felt something like a weight drop in my stomach and I thought for a second I was going to be sick all over the police station floor. I started shaking, then I tore out of the door before they noticed I was listening. I left Boone at the police station that night, running all the way home. I climbed through my window, collapsed on my bed, and cried myself to sleep.

It was a few weeks later when my “parents” were sent to court, and then sentenced to prison for kidnapping. Apparently, my name wasn’t Viktor. It’s Garret, and I was taken from my parents when I was only four years old. The police found my real parents, who I met the day my “parents” went to prison. They were bawling and hugging me, saying they thought they’d never see me again. They told me I’d be moving with them several states away, back to my home in Montana. I’d be leaving Boone.

Our goodbyes were short, and they ended with a long hug and a few tears. I would never forget Boone Hicks and the impact he had on my life, and as I watched him waving goodbye to me when I boarded the plane to Montana with my real parents, I didn’t have any questions about how he knew I’d been a missing person’s case. I knew he felt it.

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Your Only Together For Your Kids but You Can't Take It Anymore

Liam:  "Mason you better clean that room!“"I am mom” I was getting Jason dressed for his doctor visit, then Abby walked into the room “Mommy where is daddy?” Oh sweetie he is with side chick I said in my mind but just looked at my little girl “Hey must be at work sweetie” she nodded and helped me with Jason. We went to the clinic Jason got a shot and we came back i saw Liam & Mason playing video games at the living room “Liam can I talk to you for a bit”‘In a bit" I wasn’t going to argue not in front of the kids. “Abby can you help me give Jason a bath” “Yes mommy” we took him a bath & put him to sleep. I tucked in Abby and Mason was snoring already in his room, i walked down the stairs and saw Liam on his phone probably talking to the other women. “Can we talk now?”“What do you want now?” he said coldly & take a sip of his beer “Liam this isn’t working”“What?”“I know about her & I wanted us to work for the kids but you don’t even try”“So what?”“Liam I want a divorce”'Divorce?“ i nodded "You want to separate this family”“It’s was bound to happen Liam”“What about the kids?”“The court will work it but i will move out with my sister tomorrow” i got up & walked to the bedroom I once loved coming in. I changed & laid in the bed crying that night until Jason wakes up…

Niall: “Mommy why can’t I have another brother?” Allison asked “You have Brandon sweetie”“But he is older and is bossy” i just shook my head and told her to pick her dolls up. I walked down the stairs and saw Brandon doing homework “Mom can I ask you something?” I nodded and sat down in front of him “Why are you still with dad?”“what do you mean?”“Mom I know you know he is cheating on you & he is hardly ever home why put up with it?”“Brandon I can’t talk about this” i got up & was ready to walk until Brandon grabbed my hand.“Mom I see the pain in your eyes why put up with it?”'For you & Allison" he looked confused “I don’t want you to see us go through it, i thought we could work it out but we can’t” my eyes got watery “Mom we can’t stand this, fighting all the time isn’t good for Allison” he hugged me i cried “Mom listen to me” i nodded “When did you find out?”“I walked in on him when i picked up Allison”“They came here?” he nodded “Go get Allison & i will pack some bags we are leaving to aunt Shelly” he nodded and went upstairs.

Louis:  Here I am another argument with Louis in our room “What do you want from me Y/n!” i thought of the kids that were just downstairs probably hearing everything “I don’t know why I’m here anymore?” I walked pasted him got a suitcase and packed my things “What are you doing?”“Don’t you see Louis we are both unhappy & I tried to it work for the kids sake but you don’t want me you want her & I’m giving you the freedom to do so” he followed me to the kids room as i packed their too. “Your taking them away from me!”“You can see them when Court gives you your days now move”'No!“"MOVE” i shoved him out the way & barged downstairs with each bag.“Come on kids we are leaving”“Where mommy?” my youngest daughter Quinn asked “Leaving this place & be happy for once" 

Zayn:  People pictured us as a happy family but we aren’t. I can’t take this argument anymore & him coming home late from god knows where. I waited for Zayn to walk through those door, i already packed my things & took the kids to my mothers "What are you doing up?” he said as he saw me watching TV “Wait for you”“For what now” he sat on the couch “For this” I threw him the folder “What is it?”'Open it" he got it and opened it slowly.“Your Divorcing me?” i nodded and got up “Why?”“Zayn look at us we used to be so happy but now there is nothing there”“What about the kids”“I only stayed this long for them but i can’t anymore”“So this is about you!”“It’s about them”“where are they?” he ran to every room screaming their names. “Goodbye Zayn” I walked out the door and drove away with tears in my eyes. 

Harry:  Harry & I have met up with lawyers to get divorced, now that it’s official we had to tell the kids. Here we are all sitting in the dinner table “What’s wrong?” Taylor asked “Kids we have to tell you something” i played with my fingers “Mommy where is your ring?” Darcy asked pointing to where I used to where my wedding ring.“Kids Your father & I are divorced”“WHAT!” Taylor and Kristen said “What’s that?” Darcy asked “Dad & I aren’t together anymore”“But you love each other” i shook my head slowly “I was right!” Kristen said “On what?” Harry asked her “You are cheating on her! I saw you with that slut” “KRISTEN” “It’s your fault! Do we mean nothing to you!” she cried out “I love you guys”“NO THEN WHY THIS!” Taylor tried to calm her down “Kristen it’s not your father’s fault we don’t love each other” even though he was the one who asked for this. Harry just looked at his hands, i picked up Darcy and set her on my hip “C'mon guys” They got up & followed me “Tell bye to daddy” I put Darcy down and she hugged him and came back to me. Taylor said bye but Kristen just walked out the door.

Having My Baby (Japril)

April sat in the waiting room on the labor and delivery floor, waiting for Jackson to arrive.  She knew everything would be fine.  Each appointment with their doctor confirmed them, but this was a huge unknown.  They wouldn’t be able to control what happened during the delivery.  A number of complications could arise, but she knew she needed to push those thoughts from her mind.  She would cross those bridges if they had too.  

This was the beginning of their new chapter as a family instead of a family who was missing one person.  They would get to be parents to this little girl.  She knew Samuel would always be missing in their lives, but maybe this baby girl was the final piece of the major healing process.  She would always miss her son, and she knew the coming weeks and journey of parenthood would be bittersweet because she never did any of this with Samuel. 

“We are just getting your room ready,” the nurse sad to April.  She nodded her head, lost in thought.  Jackson would be there soon, and she was in a hospital full of people who were like family.  It all had to be alright.  She didn’t have her bag.  She didn’t have the carseat.  Those things were all sitting by the door at home.  They had planned to take them with them when they left for the hospital.  April shook the thought from her head.  

In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day, we’re sharing 16-year-old Rosie King’s insightful TED talk on how autism freed her to be herself. “Imagine if that was the best compliment you ever received. ‘Wow, you are really normal.’… Compliments are, ‘you are extraordinary’ or ‘you step outside the box.’ It’s ‘you’re amazing.’ So if people want to be these things, why are so many people striving to be normal? Why are people pouring their brilliant individual light into a mold?” It’s a question this Mighty Girl from Yorkshire, England has pondered since doctors confirmed her self-diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome at age nine.

Rosie says, “it’s very easy for me to let my mind loose because I don’t try and fit myself into a tiny little box. That’s one of the best things about being autistic. You don’t have the urge to do that. You find what you want to do, you find a way to do it, and you get on with it. If I was trying to fit myself into a box, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t have achieved half the things that I have now.” She admits that being autistic has its problems as well, but they’re mostly ones that result from the perceptions of other people: “it can be that people don’t want to be friends with the autistic girl. It can be that people don’t want to associate with anyone who won’t or can’t fit themselves into a box that’s labeled normal. But that’s fine with me, because it sorts the wheat from the chaff, and I can find which people are genuine and true and I can pick these people as my friends.”

Rosie says, “I wouldn’t trade my autism and my imagination for the world. Because I am autistic, I’ve presented documentaries to the BBC, I’m in the midst of writing a book.” She’s even found ways of communicating with her brother and sister, who are also autistic and are non-verbal: “people would often write off someone who’s nonverbal, but that’s silly, because my little brother and sister are the best siblings that you could ever hope for.” And, she urges everyone listening that “if we can’t get inside the person’s minds, no matter if they’re autistic or not, instead of punishing anything that strays from normal, why not celebrate uniqueness and cheer every time someone unleashes their imagination?

You can watch entire Rosie’s TED Talk at

Click on the link to A Mighty Girl’s post for resources about Autism Spectrum Disorders

When Barbie was given new body molds to look a little more like everyday girls, I was okay with it. All different body types and shapes were introduced. That was nice. Little girls can pick a doll a little closer to what they look like. That’s always great! But I’ll admit I was a little sad that her achievements were so easily overshadowed by her appearance.
She’s done so much! Barbie’s been to the moon. She’s been a mermaid, a princess, a doctor. She’s more careers than I have the will to count.
Barbie was created to show little girls they can be whatever they set their minds to. That was the most important thing. Her history is amazing when you take a look at it. Very inspiring.
I can understand why parents were so upset that her body didn’t look like a normal person’s. No one wants their child to look at a doll and think “why don’t I look like her?” No one wants their child to think “I’m not pretty enough.” No one wants their child to think “I’m too fat to be like Barbie.”
But growing up, I understood that no natural human person was going to ever really have her original body shape. I understood that everyone was different. I knew that my Aunt Michelle certainly did not look like Barbie but was certainly one hell of a lady. Trust me. She’s a big lady (and she’s scary if you piss her off).
I didn’t look at Barbie and think “I need to lose a few pounds” or “I can never be like her.” I was taught the difference between what was fake and what was be real. All I was interested in was the fact that I could be an artist, a chef, a scientist, or possibly even a mother if I so chose.
I just don’t think we should be focusing on our dolls having the same body types as us. We should be picking role models based on what they achieve, the positive messages they send, and not just the way they look.
The Bratz dolls have ginormous heads and teeny tiny bodies but send out creativity. Monster high dolls are tall and thin but share that we should embrace our differences and celebrate them. Those are just examples. Differences vary but as far as I know, the kids aren’t paying attention to their bodies. The kids are more interested in what they do and represent.
When I went for a doll as a child, I went for how pretty the hair and clothes were and how alike the character and myself were as far as what we liked and how we acted. My little sister did the same and so did my little brother (when he played dollies with us).
It’s like choosing a favorite Power Puff Girl. We had our favorite characters. I didn’t mind how different my body was compared to the doll I was playing with. I don’t really think I even noticed… But maybe we were just weird kids?

I realized, in that horrible moment, what he was doing. He was doing it to me! He was… brainwashing me, or reprogramming me, or whatever it was. I knew it was linked to the spirals on the desk, that pattern. I had to look away. But they were so beautiful, so pretty… I just wanted to look at them a little longer.

“Yes, good girl, Andrea.” The doctor said, smiling evilly at me. “Just stare at the pretty spirals a bit longer, let them sink into your mind…”

“I… uh…” I said. My mind was racing. Such beautiful shapes, so pretty… the spirals going round and round, boring into my mind. It would be so easy, so nice to keep looking at them…

“You don’t need to know the specifics, Andrea, but Kate and I have been very busy.” Dr. Matthews said. “As it turns out, I used to have an animated computer program, but- the spirals can be embedded anywhere. Any image, any picture, can be turned into reprogramming device. Isn’t that interesting?”

“Uh… nuh… no…” I said. I wasn’t even able to think. I could feel myself disappearing, feel myself being swallowed up by the spirals, the wonderful beautiful spirals that swung back and forth, back and forth, owning me, taking up my vision…

“You should take off your shirt, Andrea.” he said. Slowly, mechanically, I took off my shirt, bringing my hands up to my nipples. I didn’t know it yet, but my hands did…

He was my new Master. 

While I’m in a grumpy contrarian mood, allow me to voice my skepticism over this and the amount of good it will do.

Children understand that dolls are not real. No little girl actually expects to look like Barbie, because Barbie is eleven inches tall and made of plastic. Her bust-to-waist ratio is unrealistic, but so are her head-to-shoulder ratio, her cartoonish facial features, and her ability to be simultaneously a doctor, a rock star, and a mermaid.

Not that I think diversifying the body types of the dolls does any harm, mind you - I just think it’s silly to make such a big deal out of the physical attributes of a doll that everyone knows is fake when there is an endless sea of photoshopped images of women out there masquerading as reality.

Because that same little girl who likes playing with Barbies is also walking past the Victoria’s Secret ads at the mall and the fashion magazines at the grocery store checkout, and unless someone’s explicitly telling her so, she’s not likely to realize that those images of women are as fake as her dolls.

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Doctor Who Gifset The Girl in the Fireplace-I bet she did have a star in mind, I bet that she chose her star immediately after he told her to go to the window. She would have looked out at the night sky, and found her star.  Upon looking at it she would have thought to herself, “That star, a star he could probably name. That little tiny speck of light in the sky, that one star, is the one I will see with my Doctor my ‘lonely angel’.” And she goes and packs her bag eagerly, but when she comes back to the fireplace he is nowhere to be found in it. The fireplace is just a normal one burning wood as it is suppose to do. But every night she would look at that star her chosen star in the hopes that he might one day return to take her to it, but he never does because what seemed like a few moments on a spaceship to him was years to her, and by time he did return he was too late. But I would like to believe after she passed that she went to that star her one special star the Doctor was supposed to take her to that one time once long ago. 

How Far Along: 34 weeks, so just 6 more weeks to go.

Sleep: I at least sleep like a champ from 8pm to 12am.

Baby Purchases this week: A hamper for Madison’s room and some baby bath towels.

Best moment regarding baby this week: Noah will now lift my shirt to kiss my belly when I ask where his sister is.

Gender: A little girl. ❤️

Movement: She is a night owl. 😳

Food Cravings: Nothing really, but I wouldn’t mind boba right now.

Food Aversions: I told Matt last night that his toast made me want to throw up. It was random, but in general I didn’t feel too good last night.

How’s Mama? Getting uncomfortable, but getting back into a work routine has been a good distraction for me.

What I am looking forward to: The doctor’s office to call me in. I am getting hungry!

I thought volunteering in the pediatric ward would be horrifically sad, but not only are these kids total badass fighters, they are also really funny. I gave one little girl a doll and a toy doctor kit and we performed a little mini-surgery to let her know what was going to happen to her. She liked it, and she understood it better so she wasn’t scared. I think I totally found my calling. 

ID #70894

Name: Emani
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hey so I’m Emani and I’m looking for a penpal because I’m not great at making new friends with the people currently around me. I’d love snail mail, but emails cool too and I don’t mind where in the world you are.
I love reading with a passion and I’m pretty much tumblr trash lol. My biggest obsessions are Supernatural, Girl Meets World, Doctor Who and just about anything DC (especially the villains).
I love deep conversations about people, religion, the nature of the universe, ect. So basically I like to talk about any and everything. I’m also kinda long winded (sorry!)
I adore music, listening to it and performing it, as well as theater. There’s no real preference I have for music, I pretty much love it all. Currently I’ve been pretty hooked on Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, Twenty One Pilots, 5 Seconds of Summer and Halsey. I also love Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Carrie Underwood and John Legend.
Yea I guess that’s all I’ll say. If you want to know more go ahead and contact me!

Preferences: I think age range should just be from 14-20 ish, but that’s it.