after having given away some backstage passes to
a few fans (and ross, of course), yoshi had quickly decided
he wanted to meet all but the most important one before
the show. so he did. and after the show, coming off the stage
all sweaty and hyped up, he finds ross just where he needs to
be. he’s panting from the last song of the encore and from his
short run to the taller lad, smudged eyeliner adorning his
heterochromic hues as he looks up excitedly at the male. 
was that as good for you as it was for me??  

angelyoons  asked:

6, 10, 12, 14 :)))) also stay strong in school gurl ur gonna do great :))

HI LIV LAJFKLJLKRJF weeps thank you i’m gonna need the strength for this term T_T good luck to you too!!! i hope you are having lots of fun!!!

6. What song I love my bias the most in: omg this is a tough one… i have a few i think and i’m bad at narrowing things down LOL so i think it’s split between his lines in the girl medley, his lines in popular song, and his lines in when i grow up??

10. My favourite fact about my bias: lol i like that he’s lazy and not afraid to admit it. i also like that he’s not afraid to say he’s nervous or be shy about his singing. i know he’s not trying to be excessively modest about his voice or anything. jeonghan is genuinely concerned that his voice is not good enough and it breaks my heart that he gets so shy/reluctant to sing even though he’s in vocal unit and has a beautiful voice. it means the entire universe to me when he’s working so hard and singing even just little bits of songs that he likes ;__; or if you watch fancams of him and you see him mouthing the words to the parts that aren’t his;;; that’s what really makes my heart get all fluttery.

12. If I could buy my bias a gift, I would give them _____: mmm i think i would get them a journal? maybe a handmade card too? i just want to give them something meaningful and useful. i think he’d use a journal when he’s not busy sleeping or working so he can doodle or write or maybe write down coffee thoughts when he goes to cafes;;

14. My favourite picture I have of my bias: liv lviviliLIVVILVVIVIVLVIVL LIV I’M SO GLAD I GOT THIS QUESTION AGAIN because i have 570+ pics of him on my phone rn and 350+ on my laptop :’^) and i’m just literal trash (bc i didn’t even count the ones on my ipod)

cr. i forgot who T_T i just saw it on twitter…

cr. one shot (LOOK AT HIS FACE WTF)

cr. shine on (I LOVE HIS FASHION T_T but also this photo is named “I’M CRIyGNGG OH MYOGUD” on my laptop :’^))

i have so many more i want to share but i feel that it is not the time to spam my endless collection of jeonghan….;;;;;;


(to the tune of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’)









reasons to love rap mon

because i don’t see enough love for this man-child 

  • his love for the maknae line
  • the way he never fails to treat the older members with respect
  • armS
  • the way you can see him in a couple of bangtan bombs and bighit photos reading fanmail quietly to himself
  • that ‘feelin it’ face he has when he dances
  • his hard work, (like seriously, does this man ever stop working??)
  • his #kim_____ tweets
  • his love for fashion and the way he wears what he wants and doesn’t care what other people think
  • his vocals in the RM mixtape and let me know
  • his really big smile that is like the most sincere smile in the entire world
  • the way he rocks every hair colour (bruh even bright red)
  • the way he deals with haters so maturely 
  • the way he can go from calm, serene rapping in one song to aggressive emotive rapping in another
  • how adorably nerdy he is in reality
  • the way his english helps to get the international fandom a lot closer to the group
  • how good he looks wearing the colour black
  • the way his voice cracks sometimes
  • the way he looks so godly when he’s performing

“I was surprised, actually, to discover that George was so attractive in person. I’d always thought of Paul as the cute one, but up close George was ruggedly handsome, even striking, with his long hair curling up just above the shoulders, his face smooth and clear, and those dark, intense eyes.” - Chris O’Dell

“[After seeing The Beatles at the Royal Albert Hall on 18 April 1963 while critiquing the bands for the Radio Times] The Beatle she liked the look of most, when she caught sight of them in the corridors afterwards, was George.” - Hunter Davies about Jane Asher

"He was very, terribly good looking, but really funny as well and just enchanting.” - Pattie Boyd

“I have big photographs of George behind me when I do the song ‘Something’, his song, and I look at them, and it’s so sad because he’s not here. But it’s lovely to look at those pictures and think: God, my mate George, isn’t he a good-looking boy! You think all the things you couldn’t think when you were a kid (..)” - Paul McCartney

“(..) I know a good-looking chap when I see one, and George Harrison was way beyond handsome” - Mark Radcliffe

The only good looking one was George Harrison” - Angus McBean

“The most handsome but underrated Beatle, he came into his own as a solo artist and film producer.” -  The Guardian

  • Ok but one of the things that I really love about Troye Sivan's music is that most of his songs don't have gender specific pronouns in them so they can apply to everyone. Also it means there isn't the problem of straight people trying to change the lyrics so the whole world knows they're straight. He is a good bean
fun 5sos soundcheck question ideas

bc they repeatedly say not to ask dumb questions yet no one seems to listen smh so here’s a list of GOOD, INNOCENT (hopefully), FUN questions :)

- “why y'all not letting calum have a moment this tour? last yet he had the everything i didn’t say intro and this year all y'all got something extra but calum got nothing. why you gotta do him dirty like that?!”

- “calum, what’s ur fave song to play on bass that isn’t one of your own?”

- “calum, since you’re interested in poetry, do you think lyricism is a form of poetry? and what kind of poetry do you find most intruiging?”

- “calum, i really love your tattoos. i know some of them have special meaning but i’d love to know more. can you tell us the meaning behind your [insert specific tattoo] tattoo?”

- “calum how do you make your skin glow like that? reveal ur secrets”

- “calum, i really admire you as a bass player and i truly believe that you are one of the best young bassists in the world right now. do you have any advice for people who look up to you in terms of playing bass?”

- “calum, what’s your fave lyric you have ever written?”

- “calum, what’s your fave drink on a night out?”

- “who the fuck runs your tumblr and why did they reblog porn?”

- “calum, what’s your fave part of being a professional musician?”

basically just give calum attention bc god knows he deserves it. and also #Investigate who the fuck runs the 5sos tumblr bc we all deserve to know.

I admit that although the fandom has achieved some big things during it’s time I thought getting Jensen to number one would be beyond us because it’s a HUGE deal and there’s so many big name artists out there and here’s our little unicorn rock star with his whiskey and chocolate voice amidst them all singing his heart out to ‘Simple Man’.

I didn’t think it could be possible until I saw that #getjensentonumber1 had been trending on twitter already, until I saw a post that said he was at no.30 in the itunes Rock Genre chart before most of America was fully awake, until I listened to the whole song and realized all over again how beautiful and soulful his voice really is.

Now I’m wondering…maybe we could pull this off. What an amazing thing to give back to him in return for what he’s shared with us.

We can at least give it a good fandom try.

So spread the word. Reblog. Tweet the hashtag Jason Mann’s came up with in support of his buddy #getjensentonumber1 and download ‘Simple Man’ from ‘Covers with Friends’ now, available on itunes and amazon.

Jason Mann’s whole album ‘Covers with Friends’ is awesome by the way.



drop beat dad

So there were totally a bunch of little details dropped that people are already pointing out as they should.

But the thing that gets to me the most about Steven is that he wants to be a roadie.

Steven, whom we know is a very talented ukulele prayer and can carry a tune pretty well and is a pretty darn good performer as we know from Sadie’s Song, wants to be in the background because he gets happiness from helping and promoting others.

This child is too pure.


Leslie Odom Jr.: Worth The Wait (Broadway Style Guide):

“I’ve never seen anything like it. [Lin] would put a song in front of me that never changed. It came out of him in the most perfect,” Odom says. “All I wanted to do was inspire him to keep going because I loved it so much.”

And that’s a good thing because performing eight shows a week can be taxing. (When Odom realizes he gets to go to the chiropractor after our interview, he practically shouts with glee.) This is the longest run Odom has ever done onstage, but his passion for the material keeps him going. Not to mention there’s usually a long list of A-listers—everyone from President Obama to Beyonce and Jay-Z number among fans—in the audience.

“Every single night there’s someone out there that you care about whether you know it or not,” Odom says. “I don’t like to know who’s in the audience, but there’s somebody in the audience every single night that you want to impress.”

And he’s obviously impressing, as Hamilton is opening more and more doors for Odom. When asked how he fills his days, he hesitates because he doesn’t want to sound “douchebaggy.” “Life is not normal right now!” he says, hesitantly adding that most of his days are full of meetings, brainstorming sessions, photoshoots, and other exciting endeavors. The one thing he’s diligent about is the gym: He works out with a trainer three days a week at Drive 95 in Soho. “Next to the show and spending time with my wife, it’s my favorite part of the day,” he says.

Sunday nights and Mondays (his day off) are “sacred” for him and Robinson to spend quality time together, and takeout and a movie is usually the activity of choice. The couple have also learned to treat industry events, like galas and openings, as date nights and love the excuse to dress up.

Odom names designers David Hart, Canali, and Dsquared2 as some of his favorites for the red carpet. Hart dressed him for Hamilton’s opening night, and Odom wore a Dsquared2 suit when the cast performed at the White House a few weeks ago. As far as whose style he admires, he looks to other Broadway vets like Robbie Fairchild, Billy Porter, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Christopher Wheeldon.

However, Odom’s fashion secret is his tailor. “You can buy a jacket from Uniqlo for 40 bucks, get it tailored, have the buttons changed, and it’s something that can actually last a really long time,” he explains. “It’s a way that you can look great and feel great all the time, but you don’t have to spend money necessarily on the piece of clothing—you can spend money on the tailoring,”

Odom actually had a jacket made for Hamilton rehearsals: a black, three-quarter length, lightweight trench. He wore something similar while guest starring on Person of Interest around the same time and wanted a piece to get him into the Burr character. However, Odom doesn’t want his clothes to be the first thing that people notice about him.

“I like being a man with a certain amount of elegance and grace; those things are really the most important things to me,” he says. “But obviously, I want to be seen before the clothes I’m wearing.”

more photos & interview in the full article! for more about Leslie’s gym routine – including him stepping into a giant cryo chamber – check out this feature.

previously on Broadway Style Guide: Christopher Jackson & Daveed Diggs

Reasons to love Bang Yongguk ( a few at least)

-He’s aegyo might be cringe worthy but you gotta admit it’s damn adorable
-Most precious leader
-Very handsome
-Has amazing tattoos
-Good fashion sense
-Proud father of B.A.P
-Have you seen how proud he looks like looking at the other members…????
-Amazing song writer 👌👌
-Produced the whole MATRIX and Carnival album and other B.A.P songs!!
-Loves Black and White pictures
-Posts things on his SNS in caps lock, it’s cute
-That gummy smile man it’s so cute!
-His hands are so elegant man
-His rap is just 👌👌💯💯
-His deep raspy voice man, I could hear him talk for hours
-Cares a lot for the other members
-Very quiet but very wise person!
-Camera shy
-Looks shy and quiet out of stage but on stage he’s very 💯💯👍👍👌👌
-His love for kids it’s adorable, seriously
-He even made an instagram for his dog
-Has a huge love for Tigger
-Can rap but also sing and when he sings it’s just perfect
-A very super kind person seriously
-Helps everyone he can all the time

Bang Yongguk is the most precious leader ever, seriously there’s so many reasons to love him

  • Song of Forgetting
  • Brian d'Arcy James, Jennifer Damiano & Jessica Phillips
  • Next to Normal (2010-05-17)

*Not my audio*

Song of Forgetting - From Next to Normal on Broadway, May 17th, 2010

This rendition of this song is probably the most heart-breaking one that I’ve heard so far… It was Brian’s first day back in N2N so that’s probably why it’s particularly emotional.

He sort of is .. everything. I don’t really know how to explain it. He covers a wide range of emotions and personalities. Sometimes he’s super thoughtful, and other times he’s obviously pretty crazy, and running around, and just going off the handles. Not in a bad way for the most part, I would say, and he’s a guy that definitely has a good heart.

What I like about him is he really is quite artistically driven. I’m very thankful for that. He is the main writer in the band and even if it’s more of a pop song he tries to maintain artistic integrity. A lot of the times it’s hard to do that. When you listen to the radio now a lot of music has changed from that, so he tries his best to maintain an artistic approach even if it is through a more minimalist pop song.

He’s sort of all over the place. What I like is you never know what to expect. He’s quite witty and a smart guy, so a lot of the times what comes out of his mouth, it’s comedy. It’s nice to always be laughing.


- Ian Casselman

(What is it like working with someone like Josh? How would you describe him?) (x)

When they find out you can sing well:

J-hope: He’s so surprised by your beautiful voice that he falls out of his chair.

Jimin: He’s teasing you. “You’re voice isn’t as good as mine.” He wouldn’t admit it, but he loves your voice.

Jungkook: He’s cheering you on backstage. He’s even trying to do the fan chants for your song.

Jin: He’s so proud. He’s encouraging you and hoping you make the most out of your career.

V: He’s hugging you before you’re even off of the stage. He’s so proud and isn’t afraid to show it.

Suga: He can’t believe that you sing that well. He’s walking away from the stage trying to get out of shock.

Rap Monster: He is an ultimate fanboy. He can’t contain his energy when he hears you hit a high note.

Thanks for staying so patient with us since school has started. And thank you for the anonymous submission:

gifs not ours

submissions welcome!

-admin skates and snapback

i love that he gave us his Spotify account name so we could listen to the music he listens to, so we could be able to get to know him better.
it turns out that most of the songs i put on this blog (can’t see on mobile) are on that playlist.
i love so many of the songs that he has on that playlist i would just love to lay on the couch with him blasting this playlist for ever.
that’s what pure bliss sounds like to me :)

“Before Glee, I used to play in a lot of bars and restaurants,” Darren Criss said behind the piano at the Beverly Wilshire for Taste for a Cure. “I would play certain songs so people wouldn’t get up to leave, which is exactly what I am doing to you now.” There were a few valet-dashers bur Criss was so terrific that most butts stayed firmly in seats especially when Criss brought fellow Glee-er Lea Michele onstage with him to sing “Over The Rainbow.” He actually auctioned her off (a song and a pic with a fan) and got $5,000 from the gala’s co-chair Dana Walden. It was very sweet, and a surprised Michele fumbled over the tune’s words and pitch a bit. “Don’t ever make me do that ever again,” she said hitting his arm. All for a good cause.
—  Glee’s Darren Criss Auctions Off Lea Michele at the Jonsson Cancer Center’s Taste For a Cure (

ABC of Jung Jinyoung

↳ C is for COMPOSER

(Bling Girl, Wonderful Tonight, Baby I’m Sorry, Feeling, Wonderful Tonight Unplugged Remix, Baby Goodnight, Because of You, Beautiful Lie, Intro- In The Wind, Tried To Walk, What Do You Want To Do, What’s Happening ?, Good Love, Intro- Prologue, Lonely, Love Then, Baby,Pretty, Who Am I)