She build an empire
of flowers—
that bloom
inside her heart,
and picks out
and leaves
every piece of it
wherever place
she goes
whoever person
she meets.
—  ma.c.a // Garden of Love

Forgive them. Not because they asked for your forgiveness. Or because they deserve it. Or because the pain they caused you is not worth it. But because you cannot truly move on without forgiving. It shows your level of maturity and your ability to understand that life is not always fair. And that someone’s behaviour speaks of them, not you. Your forgiveness speaks of you, not them.

when i think about it i have seen myself become less nice in a lot of ways over my time on this website…. like thats not @ anyone just a #realization but like… idk. i want to be a good person. i really do. but its fucking hard? and there are so many bad things in the world like truly terrible awful shit and it’s not fair and…….anyways there hasnt been a good new meme in awhile im not distracted