Once upon
a long, long time,
you came to me.

You came with a sunset smile
Eyes brighter than the sun
Swirling galaxies in your hair
A touch like silk
Undying fire in your soul
A poet’s love.

Once upon
a long, long time
you came to me,
and I fell over
and over again.

And I realized,
you came to me
only to leave
for good.

—  Lukas W. // You came to me

now this is for @revolutionaryduelist who commissioned me a biolumi dirkjake make out session :o 

his commentary on the subject of dirk and jake being troll in here:

“Jake’s powers make a lot of original character transformation scenarios possible, which is great!

But Dirk is going to be a lot less happy when his boyfriend stops being the lights-up-when-they-like-you type and starts being the shitty blue space furry type.

Eventually enough people bug Jake to transform them into various species OCs that he just builds a machine to do it for him. Skaianet sells it and he makes a fucking killing. Earth C suddenly has to contend with an entire furry sub-demographic added on to the four prior kingdoms.”