You clenched your fists against your thighs as you sat on the couch, eyes blankly staring down at your lap as tears rolled down rapidly. 

Mingyu’s work had always took long. But after hearing and seeing what was happening behind his office door, you doubted his love. 

You went to visit Mingyu twice, to bring him lunch. 

The first time, you heard a woman’s voice talking to Mingyu as they both were laughing. You were knocking on the door but was stopped when you heard Mingyu telling you to leave, not even bothering to open the door. 

The second time, the same woman’s voice was heard. They were, again, laughing and talking nothing business-related. 

Right now, Mingyu was at work. He always left early, seeing you for less than an hour and barely talking to you, and came home late, mostly frustrated and stressed– always taking his anger out on you and yelling at you. 

You sniffed and buried your face into your hands, sobbing loudly as you recalled last night and what you found. 

On Mingyu’s white dress shirt, the collar had a red lipstick stain. You were staring at it in disbelief, but as you recalled the moments of hearing a woman’s voice with him, you were done– done with your heart in pain. 

You wiped your tears and stared at the ring on your left hand, clenching your jaw as you stared at it bitterly.

You slowly stood up and took a deep breath, walking upstairs and getting ready for bed. 


Mingyu pushed the woman away from him and hissed, “I’m an engaged man!” 

She stared at him, dazed, before her eyes widened, “w-what-” 

“I am in a relationship, so please, leave me alone. I didn’t yell at you yesterday because you were drunk and didn’t know what you were doing but since you’re wide awake, I’m taken– sorry,” Mingyu breathed out, rubbing his temples.

The woman stared at him in shock as he grabbed his coat and bag, glaring at her. 

“The actions you’ve been doing have been terribly inappropriate.” 

With that, Mingyu walked out and closed his eyes, controlling his breathing before sighing softly as if breathing out the stress and frustration he had built up. 

He thought of you and frowned sadly. 

He hasn’t been treating you the best and he felt so regretful and mad at himself. 

He looked up and found himself in front of a small flower shop. A small smile graced his lips as his heart slightly fluttered at the thought of you. He was planning on apologizing and gaining kisses and cuddles from you. He missed you so much and he was planning to spend the whole night with you in his arms. 


You stared blankly to the side in bed, blanket up to your chin. You blinked slowly, not even fazed when you heard the door from downstairs click open. 


Instead of shuffling and the sound of food being microwaved, footsteps were heard and you hear the door to the shared bedroom you were in, open. Your eyes immediately closed, pretending to be asleep.

Mingyu placed the flowers on the night-stand, sitting next to you in bed, shaking your shoulder. 

You slowly opened your eyes and found Mingyu smiling softly at you. He slowly pulled you up and hugged you. 

Your eye twitched as you caught a slight whiff of perfume, that was not yours, on him. You slowly pushed him away and looked down.

Mingyu sighed and whispered, “I’m sorry… You’re scared aren’t you? I’m sorry for taking out my anger on you. You know, I feel really regretful and I didn’t mean what I said–” 

“Mingyu,” you softly spoke, looking up at him.

What he expected was a soft, understanding smile, and warm eyes. 

What he saw was a slight frown and cold eyes that had a tinge of pain. 

“Mingyu– let’s cancel the engagement.” 

His face fell as he stared at you with wide eyes. 

“N-No, you don’t mean that… You don’t mean that, baby, you don’t… I told you I’m sorry and I know sorry isn’t enough but bab–” 

You shook your head as your eyes stung, “no Mingyu… I mean it,” you whispered, looking down at your ring finger and taking a hold of the ring. 

Immediately, Mingyu stopped you and shook his head rapidly, his eyes getting teary, “no, no, no… Don’t do this… Please don’t leave me… Don’t…” he croaked.

His face showed pure hurt and his eyebrows were furrowed. His eyes were slightly glistening as his pupils were shaky, looking at one of your eyes to the other. 

“I’m so sorry… Don’t leave me please… I need you and I love you… I love you so much… I love you…” Mingyu pulled you into a warm embrace, his face buried in your neck as his arms were around you in a firm grip. 

“I love you… I’m sorry for not being here with you and for yelling at you… I’m sorry for everything I did wrong–” 

“Mingyu, please…” 

“No! Stay… Stay with me…” Mingyu spoke shakily as his shoulders shook slightly. 

You felt his pain and you realized he was genuine and that he still loves you. You slightly smiled but sighed when you thought back. 

“Do you love me more than the woman that you were always with in your office?” You whispered.

Mingyu’s eyes slightly widened but stayed in the same position. 

“I told her I am in a relationship.” 

You slightly pushed Mingyu away, making him panic and ready to latch onto you again. However, when he felt your hands on his cheeks, he stared into your eyes and gulped.

“Mingyu… Please tell me everything. Why she was in your office all the time and there was a lipstick stain on your collar.”

So he did. He told you how she thought he was a single, young man working that needed assistance. He told you how he was the only one left in the building when that woman got drunk and needed someone to take her home, thus, leaving a stain on his collar as he picked her up and carried her. 

He explained and throughout the whole time, his eyes were on yours, sincere shining. His arms were still around you as he leaned in closer as he spoke his last word. 

“And you’re the only one I love. I love you. I love you so much… Please believe me.” 

You softened and slowly pulled his face closer, pressing your lips onto his as you closed your eyes, a tear slowly rolling down your cheek.

This time, it was a tear of happiness. 

Re: Tonight’s ep of Agent Carter

On the one hand, it goes against my idea of her character that Peggy–Peggy Carter, who responds to the idea of Steve’s unfaithfulness by shooting him, whose answer to racism is to obliterate it with her fists, who breaks in and kidnaps and commits felonies in the name of good–was ever less than she is now. That there was ever a time when she would have settled for what society dictated for her–that there was ever a time when she would even want to. That she would ever allow her fiance to tell her she wasn’t going to take a job and then listen to him. That she would smooth her edges enough that her own fiance didn’t even suspect that she was a woman who could drink men under the table, lie with the best of them, and not only survive but excel as a spy during wartime.

My idea of women like Peggy Carter is that they came out of the womb fighting and never stopped. That they never bowed to societal pressure like the rest of us–or, if they did, they never stayed down for long. They steamrolled over everything that came in their way and never gave any fucks.

But to think that even Peggy Carter had a period of time in her life that was similar to mine, where she was too frightened to be who she was in the face of expectations and mores, can be inspiring. I often feel that women like Peggy are so far ahead of me that I’ll never catch up, that I’ll never be that badass and confident and self-actualized because I’ve lost so much time trying to conform to society when I should have been learning to be myself. But apparently even Peggy went through that, and at the end of it she came out better, stronger, and fearless. She went through it and became Peggy Carter, who follows her own rule book and meets every obstacle with unstoppable force.

Maybe strong, badass women who give no fucks aren’t born. Maybe they’re made, and they make themselves. If so, what an inspiration to the rest of us.


i am so lucky to have someone i admire and aspire to be who not only takes time out of her ridiculously busy schedule to meet people whenever she can, but also  l i s t e n s  to every single person she meets, whether they are telling her their stories with words or through letters. she deserves nothing less than all the  s u c c e s s  in the world. i will always be a constant in her life because she has always been a constant in mine.

g r a c e  h e l b i g  is proof that comedy can and  w i l l  change your lifei am so grateful.

too much like a prayer: a remus lupin mix

tracklist: 1. How Do I Tell a Girl I Want to Kiss Her?-Modern Baseball: “She’s on his mind day and night,/Thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise,/He needs her more than she needs him./Won’t fight, no just walks away./Won’t tell his secrets just keeps them safe./That’s why she’s, she’s not just another face.” // 2. Love in the Time of Human Papillomavirus-Andrew Jackson Jihad: “My lungs will grow cancers/And my back it will grow achey
I will buy us an acre/Of some land in the city/We could live there together or I’ll live alone less happy/But I’ll live… Unfortunately.” //
3. From Eden-Hozier: “Honey, you’re familiar like my mirror years ago/Idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on its sword/Innocence died screaming, honey, ask me I should know/I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door.” // 4. Anna Freud-the National: “Your independent declaration sounded too much like a prayer/But I’ll wake up and wait there for you/I’ll wait there for you/Anna Freud/No confidence in Anna.” // 5. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)-AWOLNATION: “I’ve been running from it all my lifetime/There’s nothing wrong with you, I’m searching for my right mind/Oh, you should’ve seen it they were resting on the restless/This happened, literally - woke up I was headless/Ima make a deal with the bad wolf so the bad wolf don’t bite no more.” // 6. Jesus-Brand New: “Well, Jesus Christ, I’m alone again/So what did you do those three days you were dead?/‘cause this problem’s gonna last more than the weekend./Well, Jesus Christ, I’m not scared to die,/I’m a little bit scared of what comes after.” // 7. Lipstick Covered Magnet-the Front Bottoms: “Pretend that this is fake/It helps to kill the pain/All that you want is different/All that you’ll get is same//I’m scared I’m gonna die as lonely as I feel right now.” // 8. How Do You Tell a Girl You Really Like Her Eyes?-Cyberbully Mom Club: “How do you tell a girl you want to talk to her for hours?/Without sounding like the biggest, dumbest coward?”



Landilizandra was less than thrilled with the recent turn of events. She should have known telling her grandmother, The Most Esteemed Lung Xuan Lionia, about Valka and her family, but at the time she could see no harm in it. How was she to know that her grandmother would take an interest in injecting a bit of dragon’s blood into a line which had produced a human Alpha? Usually she was only interested in her own race.

“Don’t slouch, dear,” her grandmother scolded. “Your bride will be here soon.” Landilizandra blew out a bit of smoke and sat up straighter, feeling impossibly small next to the six hundred foot long elder female.

“Yes Grandmother,” she said, looking up to the sky, waiting for Lynorra to arrive, and part of her wondering is Valka was watching from the next world and laughing.

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may i ask what is childhood depression..?

childhood depression is less common than adult depression but often misdiagnosed as puberty or pouting because “oh y’know, kids whine all the time” but it turns out that surprise kids are just as capable of not being able to produce sufficient serotonin 

it’s easier to tell when a child is depressed (weight loss, frequent crying, daytime sleeping) though most parents deny that their kid is depressed because their kid being mentally ill is understandably scary to them and it’s heartbreaking to see your kid take pills every day for something they can’t control

those under the age of 18 are considered “black box” patients and have to be under very close watch while on antidepressants so a lot of doctors are hesitant to prescribe them to kids and i’m rambling because i wrote an essay on this once

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!!!! IT WAS YOU WHO WROTE THOSE GORGEOUS GATSBY FICS!!! OH MY GOSH. oh my goodness oh I just have to say THANK YOU! "Pursued and the Pursuing" is one of my absolute favourite fics ever. Your writing style is just... I hardly have the words for it. Breathtaking, exquisite, beautiful. You have such a way with words. Thank you for sharing them with us!!

Anon, this is going to sound a bit odd, but I really needed to wake up to something like this (yesterday was…less than great; I’m sort of struggling with everything hurting too much to even think about writing right now)! Thank you for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed reading. Those Gatsby pieces, both “The Pursued and the Pursuing” sequence and the stand-alone “Behind Us, Reflected,” were one of the most intense summer writing flings I’ve ever had. They were there for a few months, too urgent to ignore, and then seemed to decide I’d fashioned what they were after. I keep hoping I’ll see them again sometime, though. I’d like to know how Pam and Sylvie in particular are doing.
Juniper & Oak Divination - Readings as low as $1.00 USD
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For those just tuning in, my family is in the middle of a last-minute move. We’re a queer pagan polyamorous trio, and we could seriously use some cash as we move to a better place.

We have less than a week left until we hand in the keys and leave this miserable place behind. I have enough to cover the uhaul and gas, but there’s no telling when we’ll be able to find jobs. Every reblog is extremely appreciated, and every dollar helps!

I am admittedly a little behind on readings, but I’m going to be taking some time later this evening to get caught up.

Example readings and customer reviews can be found on my divination tumblr @juniperandoak.

34069) I’ve been getting healthier, less [x behavior], yoga, and overall taking better care of myself… I thought it would make me happier. But I’m more depressed than ever. I don’t do anything with my friends, I can’t tell if I am pushing away or they are. I feel so empty… I feel like I’m losing everyone when I should be happier. I feel like I’m getting worse… And I have no one to talk to about any of this… No one has time for me anymore. Maybe if I lost weight faster they’d love me again…

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Any advice on how to get good grades- please don't give the usual "time management" and "the right mindset" etc etc. Please tell me there is hope for me.

well u rly have to go off of social media & hang out less w/ friends for a while to concentrate - but rly u need the motivation more than the time management & mindset shit!! pay attention in class, take detailed notes in outline format, read over the textbook several times w/ highlights, but rly study more than necessary for tests bc u never know whether its gonna be hard or not, & u should be fine bc i study this way & get straight A+’s :)))

Like, all I want is to have a drink… or a few. Not get smashed, but like decently tipsy. I want to forget all the couples around me, forget how my mother told me I need to stop being so “angry” (which is just anxiety and passion about subjects coming through as perceived anger) otherwise I won’t ever find a guy… I’m so tired of feeling like this. I am fine not being in a relationship completely, I just miss the closeness of having a significant other. The best friend you can tell anything to. Kiss randomly, not judge you, but give you butterflies…and love you unconditionally. That’s what I miss. I miss being in love.

And what sucks is it takes a long time to form that. And to find the right person. I don’t want to mess it up again. I don’t want to settle for someone less than exactly what I want… what I feel makes me happiest in the long run.

But I’m so freaking impatient and depressed (because of other things in addition to this making the situation way worse) that I just want to run away and…I don’t even know. Start over?

Of course, a Cornell study indicated that couples who met online received less support than those who met in more traditional ways, so if you need to tell your parents you met your fiancé at a church, God bless and godspeed. But take heart: Meeting on Tinder is going to be seen as unbearably quaint and adorable by the time your kids and grandkids hear the story. In 50 years, dating apps will be implanted in your temple, not your smartphone, and will come with facial composites of your potential babies and an ongoing scorecard of how well the date is going. When you tell a child in that kind of world about Tinder, they’ll say, “My grandparents only saw five photos of each other on communication devices that they had to carry around with them at all times and they still went for it! Love is wild! Love is true! The past was so fucking cute!”

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We're mutuals on here but I'm really embarrassed so that's why I'm anonymous but I need to vent. I posted a picture of myself on my blog this week and I've never posted any before (just my avatar, but not even that now) because of like lack of confidence and stuff, and in less than an hour I got nine messages telling me that I'm ugly, disgusting, and my nose is huge, and I should kill myself. I've never been anything but kind to everyone in my life & on this site too. I just don't understand.

Listen people are complete assholes like all the time no matter how good of a person you are. You don’t deserve that and please don’t take any of that to heart because I’m sure it was some trash ass anon who doesn’t have anything to do with their lives. Stay crute boo ✊🏽

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((Recently in my Adventures in the Frankenstein Fandom, I came across a blog for the Creature. They seemed pretty solid and then I read their rules and they basically said something like, “I don’t tag triggers because if you have triggers related to what I post (ex. gore, body horror, etc.) you need to reexamine your life and why you are following a horror blog.” 

Oh. My. God.

Just tag the fucking triggers. It takes two seconds, makes your blog more accessible to people who like your writing style but don’t want pictures of (example) dead bodies on their dash, and it makes you three thousand times less of an asshole than telling people to suck it up. Because I guarantee you, you are a vinegar person if you approach the world that way: you won’t attract many (or any) flies.  

I just. Do not understand people who have bad attitudes about triggers and squicks? Like. I know real life won’t shelter me from things I don’t want to experience. I think everyone  knows that. But if you have the power to make the world a kinder, less traumatic place for others, why wouldn’t you? 

Because you’re an asshole. That’s why.

Seriously. Even if something is just a squick for you and you’d like to blacklist it, tell me what tag you’d want relevant posts to go under and I will happily make your world a little safer, a little gentler. We’re a community of peers and we should treat each other with kindness. 

Even within the horror community. Tag triggers and squicks. Be nice. Don’t tell people they have to leave the fandom if they have triggers. ))


So as some of y’all may know, the Shawn Mendes world tour tickets came out to the general public today.

So this was the first time ever I was going to buy tickets online by myself. My laptop lagged less than ten seconds and Ticketmaster kept telling me that I had to lower the amount of tickets I wanted, but even when I lowered it down to one, it still wouldn’t let me buy any.

So after about 10 minutes, I decided that I wasn’t going to be getting one of the 25 free meet and greet tickets and even getting concert tickets was going to be hard. That being said, I decided that I’d take a 10 minute break and come back to check.

Of course, it still wouldn’t allow me to buy tickets. So I went to Ticketsnow, because it’s a reliable resale tickets website.

LESS THAN 30 MINUTES AFTER the tickets went on sale, over 430 tickets were being resold, all for more than the original price.

The original price for $40 (not including taxes, etc.) for any and every seat. Now, to get the resale tickets, the cheapest are $78. That means that the prices practically doubled.

Now, I get that that is what resale does. You buy tickets, and you sell them for more. I just really wish that you could only resell tickets if you bought them believing that you could go, and then realizing that you couldn’t. That you couldn’t just buy tickets with the intent to just resell them for more money.

THE WORST PART IS: The meet and greet tickets can be bought now. Those 25 FREE meet and greet tickets that were given out to 25 people? Yeah, well, you can BUY them now. For over $2,000.

No one sells meet and greet tickets unless they know they can’t go, or their intent was to buy them for cheap (or for free) and then resell them for a crap ton of money. And if you’re going to sell a meet and greet ticket less than 30 minutes after you could possibly have gotten it, and then sell it for $2,000 when you got it for FREE… I can almost guarantee that the purpose of getting that meet and greet ticket was not to meet your idol.

The thing is, I’ve been a fan of Shawn Mendes for over a year now. I saw him open up for Taylor Swift and perform at the Oakland Jingle Ball. Both of his performances were AMAZING. He is super talented and I am, honestly, proud to call myself a fan of his.

I try to learn his songs on guitar. I have his Revisited album and his EP. I have sheet music to all of the songs on his original album.

And every night as I’m falling asleep, I play his music, because it soothes me and makes me happy. If I’m sad or upset for some reason… If I’m starting to have a panic attack or my insomnia is getting to me badly, he is one of the musicians that I will listen to, to calm me down and to make me happy.

There are TRUE fans who would love to meet Shawn, or at least see him live. There are people who deserve to see him WAY MORE more than I do. There are fans who have never seen him live and would love to have that opportunity.

Buying tickets with the only purpose being to resell them is low. Upping the price of the ticket by doubling it, or making someone pay more. Getting a ticket or a meet and greet for free and then selling it for a buttload of money. Robbing people of the tickets they deserve that you couldn’t care less for. Only caring about the money, and not people’s happiness. Reselling the tickets for an outrageous price because you know someone is going to be “desperate” enough to pay for it. To me, that is low, and disgusting.

Now, I know that not everyone who resells tickets buys them only to do that. I know that there are people that do that because they REALLY need the money. So yes, there are exceptions. I just think that it is so unfair to resell them only because you want (not need, but want) more money, when there are people who want the tickets more than you ever could.

Maybe this is unfair. Maybe I’m not thinking clearly. Maybe I need to take a step back. Maybe I need to breathe. Maybe this, and maybe that.

But what I can tell you for sure is this…
I am just tired of only being able to get tickets at outlandish prices, because people want the money.

Whelp, maybe that’s just my two cents.

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I'm not sure if you already know this or if it could even help you but for my medications, my mom bought empty capsules (you can find a 1000 bulk bag on amazon for $16) and I put my smaller pills into them. You can fit like 2 or 3 and it should make it easier to take them and it's less time consuming than trying to take them all one-by-one. (sorry if I didn't send this right i'm sorta new!)

I am so sorry this is such a late reply omg, I just found this in my folder, I actually don’t have an issue with thank the Lord but for any of my other followers ! Thanks for telling me hun!

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" Bro, I need dating advice. How do you ask someone out? "

     “Well, it depends a bit. If you want a date with someone who is unaware or seems to be unaware of yer interest, or perhaps shyer in personality, it would probably be wise to ask for a more simple setting, such as having lunch one day, so you would have the opportunity of spending time with them and look for signs of simply wishing to remain friends or becoming more than that.

     “If your interest’s personality is less sensitive or strong willed, however, you could ask for… well, dinner or visiting something that would be of greater interest to both of you. In any case, take it easy at first. Your heart will tell you if you want to move on to romance after y’ know them well, or not if it would be better to remain friends.

      ”As for the actual asking part, you are quite talented at tones of voice, so I’m sure you can handle casual inquiring. It does not have to be a fancily given request, more of a suggestion really.”

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Did you like using asse? I want to exchange and I'm considering them and rotary

I liked using ASSE. My experience with them had no hardships, and everything worked out with them.

But my friend had a bit more trouble. I’m not sure if it was ASSE or JFIE (the company that takes care of you while in Japan) that took very long with their host family.

The reason I chose ASSE was because it was less expensive than other companies like AFS at the time (the price might have changed I’m not sure).

The staff was kind to me and helped me/my mom when we had questions. Just make sure to speak politely, and turn in your application and other documents in on time, when they tell you the deadline!

Save the Date (Live Stream)

Because a number of people have asked that I let y’all know beforehand when I plan to stream, I figured I’d try this and see if the stream ends up less empty than it usually is XD

I plan on streaming this Friday (29 January 2016) with an unknown start and duration time.  I will put up a link when I start and I will take it down when I stop.  You can also refer to THIS deviation on my DA account which will tell you whether or not I am currently streaming.  Truth be told, the stream will probably start late in the day (around 4-6pm Eastern)

Assuming things go as planned and I get all my comic work done earlier in the week, I will be working on commissions during the stream and quite possibly take a break to do personal art in between.