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JOSS, WE WANT OUR BABY BACK #PietroMaximoffDefenseSquad

joss is out of this universe and so far he’s got nothing to say, right now in russos we trust

looking for some weekend plans? head to brooklyn! the businesses around franklin street in greenpoint are having a sidewalk sale this saturday afternoon. expect vintage, furniture, special sale and discounted items, as well as plain ole “general junk.”

  • date: this saturday, june 8
  • time: 12pm to 6pm
  • location: around greenpoint avenue and franklin street
  • transportation: g train (greenpoint ave.)

participating businesses include alter, bklyn curated, dalaga, dandelion wine, in god we trust, kill devil hill, m. carter, mahps vintageold hollywood, maxx and unicorn, the parlour brooklyn, phin & phebes ice cream, pie corps, sodafine, spina, and word.

Not a chance that I’m underestimating bayern just because we got a 3-0 lead I don’t trust football

let’s be honest

we all thought 2015 was going to be a reaLLY good year for directioners

well shit all we got was trust issues bYe


I am too traumatized- because of what happened to America -to ship anyone with Eadlyn right now…I mean, I adore her and Kile, but I also kind of like Erik and Henri. And we still haven’t got a glimpse of the other boys when they’re with Eadlyn. I don’t know but I have this feeling that Kiera wouldn’t pick the boy that we’re all expecting that she would- which is Kile. But I also have a feeling that she’d pick the boy that we’re expecting that she would. (I know it’s confusing but bear with me.) For example, on the 5th book Kiera will pair Eadlyn with another boy (it can be Erik or Henri or any of the suitors) and then they’ll have romantic dates, kisses and etc. BUT THEN! when we’re already thinking that she’d end up with that guy, turns out, Kile’s the one she chooses. But..I guess we just got trust Kiera on this one. Whoever she’s probably for the best, or the right decision.

Do you guys understand me?

Can you feel the trauma of rooting for a suitor but then he wouldn’t be ‘The One’?



P.S. I still hate you, Ahren. (kind of)

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please delete those posts about Ben's address (or at least make them private), please trust me, even if you erased the names of the streets you are getting yourself in huge trouble. major nannie already sent the screenshots to Karon and this is different than some stupid gossip. trust me, we've got same case rn, this is enough evidence for them to ask for restraining order, this is going to be in your legal registry, you're going to have problems with college application or future employment.

I live in the US so there’s no problem there with the restraining order there’s a whole ocean…and what if nans send the info to Karon? Cause I’m so likely to waste $1,000+ on plane tickets alone to see a street? Those nans need to chill down because quite frankly, no one wants to see BC’s house. There are limits and we don’t have a history of sending parcels straight to his door…

Also…How can a realtor tweet his relative address and not get tattletaled to Karon and _____

I spammed on Twitter but here are my random Eurovision thoughts

with a lot of “ehy, that’s my country” because that’s what Eurovision is for after all

  • I’m happy Sweden won, he’s great
  • I’m also happy because Russia is too homophobic and Italy is too in disarray to organize an Eurovision….we trust you Sweden.
  • I wish Australia and Georgia got more points
  • United Kingdom too, with their Just Dance song
  • I’m italian but I didn’t like Italy song because the lyrics were embarrassingly sappy
  • And what’s this love story between Italy and Israel?!
  • Greece, Malta, Albania and Romania gave many points to Italy…lol, biased much?
  • San Marino didn’t vote for Italy WHERE YOU THINK YOU ARE, this house isn’t a hotel, you know

this was fun, good morning Australia and good night everyone else <3

i talk too much like omfggggg

someone asks a question and i go into it with a reply, my opinion, dreams and goals for the future and my entire family tree

even offline I am just….someone shut me up

i am too outgoing xD

We’ve been trying for a long time
To say what we want to say
But feelings don’t come easy
To express in a simple way

But we all have feelings
We all need loving
And who would be the fool to say
That if you

Hold me in your arms
I won’t feel better
If you hold me in your arms
We can brave this storm together

We both know there’s a problem
A problem that we’ve got to face
So put your trust in me, lover
Noone’s ever gonna take your place

‘Cause we all have a problem
We all have fears
But there’s always got to be a way
Yes we all have feelings
We all need loving
And you would be a fool to say
That if you

Hold me in your arms
I would feel better
If you hold me in your arms
We can brave this storm together

You only have to hold me
Touch me to make me feel so good
You only have to hold me                                                                                  Hold me in your arms

The Writeblr community Tag

I got the idea from writtenbybella, who said to try it out if you’re a writer. Go and check out her blog - she’s an amazing writer and a lovely person. =)

Name: Isabelle/Izzie

Genres that you write: Fantasyyyyyy. :P

Wip:  I sort of have three. One needs to be re-written, the next is the sequel and the one after is the start of a separate trilogy which is set in the same world. I’m mainly just doing a lot of world/character building at the moment. =)

Favorite books: That’s really hard - I have so many!! The Lord of the Rings trilogy is definitely up there, alongside the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage and the Harry Potter series. Ooh, and Fly By Night/Twilight Robbery by Frances Hardinge are also AMAZING. =)

Favorite Author: Again, soooo many. :P Maybe JRR Tolkien and Angie Sage? 

Favorite Characters:  Pretty much all the characters from the Septimus Heap series. XD Angie Sage has a real talent for creating vivid and loveable characters.

5 things about you:

1. I have been writing or at least telling my own stories since I was about two - my mum and I used to sit in the garden telling stories to each other. :P

2. I’m also a musician who sings and plays the piano, flute and church organ.

3. If I could bring any TV show back I would bring back Merlin because the absence of that goddamn show has left a huge Merlin-shaped hole in my heart that still hurts. A lot.

4. I have a hamster called Holly, two fish called Splodge and Rex Newfish, and a border/cairn terrier puppy called Lottie who is an absolute scamp. XD

5. For some reason, I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt when I was little. Like…I had an Ancient Egypt-themed birthday party for my eighth birthday. Don’t ask me why. I really don’t know. Though…it is still pretty interesting. :P

I tag knifewing andymasterpc in-fame-we-trust - you’re the only people I know who are writers, though I’m sure there are many many others of you! =)


My heart belongs to my Airman! I can feel our relationship strengthen! It may be really hard sometimes but the times that it goes perfectly as it could, really is worth it. This kind of relationship isn’t for the weak hearted. It’s a lot of time, dedication and patience.. Trust is a huge thing as well. You got to trust each other and your heart. We’ll make it through! Soon I’ll be able to come visit you! Not much longer! Love is kind, love is patient. Love is anything but easy, but we promise it’s worth it! My love for you is deep.. And I promise I’ll keep you afloat!

Call this whatever you want

All we care about is the money and social acceptance
Hope you realize that won’t get you heaven?
Where is the compassion theses days?
Is the generation hopeless these days?
Man it got me feeling so blue
We can’t trust cops in America because
If you are black they shoot and kill you
No questions asked
The World is full of anger and pain
When is the last time you stopped and took a breath
How can we when the situation is always death
Do you hate humanity like I do?
Probably don’t if your white because
Humanity is only for you.

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Ooooo okay! 17, 31, 36 ^_^

  • 17:Talk about someone you want to be friends with.

Someone I want to be friends with ifk if I should make someone up or say someone real that I am not friends with yet…idk I guess I would want to be friends with someone who shares my passion of theatre and music. Someone who can talk to me about anything like its no big deal. Someone that can say “hey, come on over. I have X and we are gonna do Y be here in like 5″ I want a best friend that we can mutually trust 100% (wow that got deep) NEXT

  • 31:Talk about what you think death is like.

I believe that death is another constant in this life. Its the light at the end of the tunnel and you are a train, You can race there going full steam ahead not caring about how it affects the other trains around you, or you can let the engine mellow a bit and take some breaks along the way trying to prolong your trip through the tunnel. Either way we all get there. And in the end we all get the same result. The end of our ride. Its up to us to decide how we take that ride and who is along with us.

  • 36:Talk about your guilty pleasures.

My guilty pleasures would be taking something apart, something mechanical, and removing every single nut, bolt, screw, everything, and documenting the entire thing via pictures/video. then cleaning everything (and I mean really scrubbing at it) and putting it back together. The intense hyper focusing and the “zoning out” that happens to me when I do such things, is the greatest therapeutic thing I can do.