(tf the suzaku strangling lelouch moment has always been put in fanfics and doujins im glad its in the canon now XD)

but this moment T^T if someone could just translate this scene…

Cosplay Vs Character 2: Maestro Delphine Eraclea from The Last Exile!

I love this crazy lady’s design. I think bad guys tend to get the best designs, definitely why I do so many of them! This was made back when nifty new craft supplies didn’t exist, so I had to carve all of the red accent parts from foam! The hat is foam and cardboard!

I would like to do one more shoot in this before retiring it. This photo was taken by LJinto!!


Gekidan EXILE part 2

Gekidan EXILE durint the time Keita Machida was still with GENERATIONS

After a few of their members left the troupe for other activities and join groups (Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS, GENERATIONS), Gekidan EXILE dropped the two teams system based in the Hanagumi team and the Kazegumi team, and merged the remaining members in one. In February of 2012, the group was formed by Sho Aoyagi, Shintaro Akiyama, Kyousuke Harukawa, Yousuke Isomura, Yuuta Ozawa, Nobuyki Suzuki and Keita Machida, whom would come back after dropping from GENERATIONS.

Machida Keita re-joined the troupe after a long period innactive with GENERATIONS due to an injury

Then three new members would join the group, Hayato Onodzuka, Shuhei Nogae and Masayasu Nagai. Hayato and Masayasu had been contestants at the VBA 2, while Shuhei had just came back from Toronto (Canada), where he had spent the last 6 years trying to make it in the music scene. Shuhei  had a side career as an MC under the stage name SWAY, with three indie singles launched online: NOT VINTAGE (produced by Shikro), HERO (produced by The 3 Systems) and Blue (produced by SUNNY BOY for TINY VOICE PRODUCTION) and he had just launched an indie album, with the label File Records, titled The “S”.

from top to bottom: Hayato Onodzuka, Shuhei Nogae and Masayasu Nagai at the time they joined the troupe.

Sway’s (Shuhei Nogae) indie album.

The plays of that period were (2012-2013):

Hounangumi Vs. Gekidan EXILE Atakku Nº1 – August 9th 2012

Kagemusha Dokuganryuu (The shadow of the eyes of a dragon) –October 2010

SADAKO –Tanjou hiwa- (SADAKO – the birth of a heartbreaking story-) – May 2013

Sayonara Saiko-kun – from May to June of 2013

Atakku Nº1 – from August to September of 2013

In May of 2013, alleging personal motives, Yousuke Isomura left the group as well as LDH, in the middle of one of their plays and without giving any satisfactory explanation, something that made believe he had some bad issues with the group members or, perhaps, the company.

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