Story time

Once upon a time my parents took a very young Oranges to see a lady who was employed by the indiana school system to test me. I was homeschooled for most of my elementary years so I would be taken to see these people from the state, and they would test me to see if I lived up to the state standards. In the test was a section where you had to draw a scene from a story and then write sentences explaining it next to the drawings.

So, naturally, I drew a story about Gali getting her final kanohi and the toa celebrating. And I had to explain it to the lady. It was very hard to draw because the room they gave me was super small, so I drew outside of the given area so I could get all six toa in.

wait until you heard what I drew on my SAT answer sheet

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1. What is your greatest wish? 

World domination.

2. What will you do if one day you find out the one of your closest friend here is actually your bias? (lol~ okay, wild imagination i know.)

Don’t get my hopes up (Oppa, that you? OoO)

3. Do you have a tattoo? If you don’t would u wanna get inked?

No and no and icky.

4. Fave number and why?

Three, nine, seven (maybe those.. I haven’t thought much). Cosmic significance.

5. Fave food? :D

Will you make it for me if I tell you? Rather then fave, I’ll tell you what I want to eat: … actually, I don’t know. I want water.

6. Would you rather be sexy or pretty/cute?


7. Best thing in a guy is?

Depends from guy to guy, I guess.. oppa is fabulous. 

8. Can you ride a bicycle?

Yes. I could (I assume I still can).

9. Skydive or scuba dive? why?

How about dive?

10. What do u often say to yourself?

Nothing. I don’t talk to myself.

11. Top 3 ships? 

KaiD.O, Kaido and Kaisoo, lol. (closet Baekyeol shipper - they are like a lifeboat on the Kaido express).

This needs to be stopped, so not tagging anyone. Lol

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Do you personally have a favorite fic? Or at least a few if you can't decide?

Of course I have favorites! I haven’t posted them in a long time so here’s a (kind of) updated list:

Favorite Complete Fics:

The Commitment | AnExhibition

Come In From the Cold | turtleback

Among the Dead | sociallyawkwardpenguin

Slow Burn To Happiness | Harrytoad

Fall Apart | lespetitesmorts

Going Once Going Twice | Crackinois

Headaches | reagancrew

Pain In the Neck | AnitaPlant

Too Close | DrKCooper

Taste | J. D. Roxburgh

Yellow is for Friendship | ThePriceIsMeg

The Perfect Storm | futurebwaystar411

Hear Me | Normal-Is-Overratedx

Cold Summer Heat | whitebordeaux

The Space Between | milk3002

Movie Night At Maura’s House | RizzlesFandom

The Diary of Jane | Argyle.S

Favorite In Progress Fics:

Just Like Heaven | DetectiveMcGeek

I Want You To Want Me | EppieG

Wet Dream | ForHerAlways

Icarus | Light My Words

Tattooed Soulmates | ForeverRizzles

A Weekend Out | CSIBradley

True Blue BCU | propertyofjanerizzoli

Newlyweds | Broadway007

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1) If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
   oooohh, so hard. I guess i would with “whenever i need a wish the most i would have it handy”???? idk if that makes sense  

2) Any hobbies? 
   Playing different instruments, drawing, tumblering, sleeping, eating, and stalking people

3) A dream you have always had?
   to be happy for life, or not have a care in the world. 

4) Favorite cereal? 
   Kellogg's Krave 

5) Fictional character you relate to?
   Nagisa Hazuki from the anime Free!

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My questions: 1) your favorite color 2) your favorite movie, show, or anime  3) describe your favorite article of clothing 4) do you have any posters in your room? if you do, which one out of all is your favorite one 5) do you have an interest in Star Wars? 6) Any plans for the day? 7) can you swim?


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cumtomeluhan zicoisbae


30° dia: Turquia (41° lugar no ranking de perseguição)

A Turquia sempre foi um palco de grandes mártires da histórias. Homens e mulheres que apesar do radicalismo islâmico, conheceram Jesus e teve um encontro com ele, vivendo suas vidas para Cristo e correndo riscos de prisões, torturas e até a morte. Eis aqui, um dos maiores mártires desse país. Em Edessa, havia um sumo sacerdote que havia se convertido ao cristianismo chamado Sharbil. Através do seu testemunho houve um resultado de centenas de conversões, e então ocorreu um avivamento na igreja de Edessa. Não demorou muito para que Sharbil fosse levado diante das autoridades romanas. Ele deveria voltar a sacrificar aos deuses ou sofreria as conseqüências do decreto do imperador Trajano. Apesar de ser interrogado várias vezes e sofrer inúmeras torturas, Sharbil se recusava a negar o Rei Cristo. Nas semanas que se seguiram, foi açoitado por dez homens. Ficou pendurado pelos pulsos até que estes se deslocassem. Foi perfurado pelo lado e pelo rosto e recebeu açoites na barriga. Teve o rosto queimado por velas. Perfuraram–lhe os olhos com pregos. Ficou pendurado pelos pés e foi novamente açoitado. Teve os dedos esmagados por pedaços de madeira. Foi cozido sobre uma grande chapa de metal Teve vários ossos quebrados. Tantas outras torturas sofreu até que seu corpo ficou tão ferido e mutilado que não havia mais nenhuma parte intacta. Apesar de tudo isso, todas as vezes que era levado a julgamento, defendia eloquentemente a fé cristã. A intenção do juiz não era matar Sharbil, mas somente torturá–lo a fim de fazê–lo arrepender–se, para servir de exemplo a todos que quisessem desobedecer ao decreto de Trajano. No entanto, a perseverança de Sharbil cansou o juiz e seus executores que, percebendo não haver mais como torturá–lo de tão desfigurado, acabaram decepando–lhe a cabeça com uma espada. Da mesma forma, ainda há cristãos iguais a Sharbil que necessita de nossas orações. Neste último dia de oração, interceda não somente pela Turquia, mas por todos os países perseguidos. Que Deus proteja e encoraje a Igreja Perseguida. Deus abençoe. Deus para as nações.

Festival Do's and Don'ts.

Let’s get right on to it. If you are reading this you are not at Glastonbury, and sadly this is not a pre-scheduled post, so I too am very much experiencing those Glasto blues. However, let us not get too down in the dumps, as many of us are still attending other festivals this year. So in true Festival spirit, here are our top tips for all those in search of mud, music and flower crowns.

Do NOT bring a suitcase, at first it may seem to be the only way to pack the long weekend essentials without breaking your back, but I assure you some light back pain is a lot less painful than slugging the suitcase through fields of mud on a Monday morning. Also remember you will most probably be tired, a little hung-over and have unnatural cravings for clean running water and soap. Trust me when I say, WORST. IDEA. EVER. Speaking of soap and water, baby wipes are your new best friend. If you have a limited supply do not advertise these to your fellow campers! Unless your willing to take bribes in the form of alcohol and spaces in toilet queues.

Hooded rain mac, it may not look too fancy at first but when the sun comes out again your hair will still be “on fleek” and your haters hair, well not so good. The girl pictured below knows its the truth. 

Pitch your tent before you open your drink and sit down, we know the temptation may seem like too much to resist, but trust me when I say that  a drink and sit down will seem much more rewarding afterwards.

Make sure you choose a good spot to place your tent, the last thing you want is to wake up Sunday morning with your nose confirming, that you are indeed camped less that 10 meters downstream from the Portaloo’s.

Make friends with your neighbours. This is this a great way to make friends but it’s also an added security feature, they are another set of eyes to keep watch on your tent.

Change your socks regularly and keep those feet dry in good wellies. Whilst trench foot may seem like an ailment of old world war’s, this is no laughing matter, we want everyone to come back with all their limbs and toes in tact.

8.   Take a head torch or flashlight, these are paramount for finding a safe way back at the end of the final gig of the night. The last thing you want to do is end up in someone else’s tent, when all you really want to do, is get into your averagely comfortable sleeping bag and rest your head on a pillow made of yesterday’s clothes.

And most of all remember to have fun, dance too much, and make new friends.

So early this morning, I had a thought this morning about why it would be so great to have a future TES game in the Summerset Isles and areas around the Abecean sea.

Each of the Elder Scrolls games has had an environmental factor, a tone that drives the feel of the game and its major themes. Fallout also has this factor– the design of the landscape shapes the emotions that go into exploring it. That’s why the locale is so important to open-world games. For example– why NV was distinctly different from previous Fallout games with its desert/cowboy tone.

In that same way, Skyrim’s oppressive landscape increases the intensity and gravity of battling across it. In Oblivion, Cyrodiil’s rolling countryside has a sense of freedom and adventure, and TES Morrowind’s alien environment add intrigue to exploring that land.

But what about an Elder Scrolls game that takes place in the tropics with beautiful beaches, tidal caves, sky-filling sunsets, and undersea vistas? There’s tons of potential there for an atmospheric that hasn’t been done before in I think *any* Bethesda game. And with it, a unique tone that won’t feel like “oh, another one.” This combined with that aside from ESO we have relatively little lore from that area compared to the constant dirge of lore about the Empire and the Emperors and their historical allies, etc.

I think it would be a great opportunity, and if it happens I’d be glad to see it happen in the age of really nice graphics, full voice-acting, and resources to make some beautiful + moving scenarios (assuming, of course, Bethesda improves the CK and the engine some more like usual)

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Heyo! This might be super random but I'm interested in the way you view some things in the Classic TR universe! Would you say the supernatural exists or that it is explainable (e.g. Verdilet or the ghosts on the Black Isle)? Also, do you think artifacts like the Iris, the Dagger of Xian, or the Amulet of Horus are magical or that they use some sort of technology we do not understand? And in which ways, if any, did Tihocan and Qualopec influence Greek, Egyptian and Incan cultures and history?

                           Hey there anon!

            That’s a very interesting question. Personally, I do not think everything 
        to be physically explainable (e.g. becoming a dragon when stabbing yourself
        with the dagger of Xian, mummies coming back to life, the dinosaurs in the
        Lost Valley,…); though I’m not sure Lara would even give such things much
        thought. During her adventures, she learned that some things are 
        not what they seem to be and that she should trust her instincts
        rather than physical principles. If she didn’t, she’d have died already.

        Since we’re just humans and not omniscient, she has no issue with being
        proven wrong at times either ––– for her, living equals learning, even if 
        she came home with more injuries than normal. Moreover, Lara doesn’t believe
        that everything can be explained through a mathematical formula or a 
        chemical reaction. She’s a very open-minded person in general, thus she
        would never assume to know everything about one thing or another. 

        Same goes for the artifacts she found: She doesn’t really attempt to find
        out HOW they work because it doesn’t matter, she simply accepts that they
        do work, and that she has to deal with them before they fall into the wrong hands.
        Lara doesn’t question her work. It would be foolish for her to do so, especially
        in dire situations (e.g. removing the Amulet of Horus and thereby releasing

        I wouldn’t call it “magic” per se, but I do believe there is more to those
        artifacts than a simple, mathematical equation or modern technology.

       Qualopec and Tihocan called themselves “Atlantean Gods”, although they
       were obviously worshipped by Mayans/Egyptians/younameit. 
       Now remember Underworld–––how there were different names for Avalon,
       but they all related to one place? I think it may be the same with Tihocan and
       Qualopec. Either way, they were idolized and worshipped, so I guess they
       might have supported humans throughout their time on earth. 

        I hope this explanation isn’t too weird! I’m still pretty sick so, yuP. 
        Thank you nonetheless! And feel free to ask anything else you want to know. :)

M: Generally, nations don’t really have “birthdays” but mostly I celebrate my culture around the 15th-19th….ish of July. 

Though, zodiacs were more Rome/South Europe’s thing until recently (apparently I’m a cancer????) but at home, Celt had something similar, with the “Tree Astrology” thing, and I’m a horse in that.
Don’t know about Wight though…