NCT irl at Kcon2017

Oooohhhh fuck can I just start off with they’re all really fucking attractive and pictures don’t do them justice? Like seriously pictures cannot contain how perfect they are.

Taeil: He’s super cute like really cute. His body is even cute. He’s like right in the middle not super tall but not short. When u look at his face u just wanna smile. Really smooth skin like u wanna rub it, it’s like after u shave ur legs. Has big puppy dog eyes like u finna get lost in them shits sis. His hair is very nice and looks healthy, his hair kinda looks weird sometimes in photos but it really suits him irl!!! Some girl got chosen for Doyoung and Taeil to sing a song to her and Taeil sang a Bruno mars song I’m sorry I really can’t remember what it’s called but you guys know that one Bruno mars love song. His English was PRECIOUS he has a very sweet sing song voice. Everyone melted when he sang the Bruno Mars song like GODDDD boy really can sing well!! He’s a super cute puppy flower boy, he gives off pretty boy vibes 🌸. He was smiling a smol cute little smile the whole time he was very precious and I just wanted to love him.

Taeyong: MY FUCKING BIAS. WOOOW HES SOOO ATTRACTIVE WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? I WAS IN THE RED CARPET TAKING PICS THEN HE CAME OUT AND I JUST I PUT MY PHONE DOWN AND STARED AT HIM I HAD TO EXPERIENCE HIS BEAUTY RIGHT THERE MY MOUTH GOT FUCKING DRY AT HIS BEAUTY. Super nice skin super cute lil sweet heart trying to please everyone fan interaction every time u turn around. When he dances he GETS INTO IT his hair flops all around it’s really adorable! He hits all his moves super sharp and it’s very pleasing to see. He had a solo before all the other boys came out and he KILT THAT SHIT everyone was in shock because it was so good. He was very nervous and I was like abt to cry bc that’s my baby and no. He was talking in English and messed up and he DID THE CUTEST SHIT EVER he just looked at the ground and started smiling and all the boys just patted his back everyone said “awww” tho so I hope that made him feel better. Really a perfectionist, tried his hardest to speak really good English, ohh boy his English voice is cuteeeeee. He kept taking his jacket off because he was gettin hot. Has nice arms, the boys weren’t lying ab those veins girl u can see them from miles away, he has nice hands too. He’s kinda like Taeil he’s not very tall he’s more on the shorter side but very nice thin pretty dancer body. He was so pretty?They had a little fan interaction wheel of fortune thingy and he kept doing all the little popular American dances he was gettin it in. On stage he’s got a very sexy idgaf vibe, but in reality he’s cute and quiet. A fan had the same hair color as him and when he walked by her he pointed to his hair and then hers and gave a thumbs up. In all he really works hard and you can tell he really cares for everyone especially his members, he’s very nervous but once he gets past that he’s super cute and wants to make sure fans have a good time. ALSO HES FUCKING GORGEOUS I CANT EXPLAIN.

Johnny: BIG HES BIG TALL LEAN BUT MUSCULAR BUILD HE’S THE EPITOME OF A MAN. Very tall, I was at his elbow. He was right next to me and I almost fainted he was so hot. He has these little patches that look like irritated or inflamed skin on his left cheek near his neck and under his jaw his makeup artists covered it really well tho so I really couldn’t tell. He has flawless pore less skin it looked really soft and dewy. His hair was actual sex, the pictures don’t do him justice he fucking ROCKS this hair and it makes him give off sexy vibes. When I told him I loved him he gave me the sweetest smile ever and ugh I melted. Very polite baby!! Asked how everyone in my isle was doing and waved to everyone! I can’t get over how nice his body was I just wanted him to wrap me up in his arms so badly they looked so strong, his body is actually pretty wide but he’s lean and muscular, like he could engulf you. Bless those stylists tho bc his clothes fit him really well and he looked very cute. He’s a precious pure baby in a big sexy man body, he was smiling the whole concert everyone was PIPING HIS HEAD YO. He was talking and it got quiet and he was asking the members to show something and asking the girl who got picked for the song to pick a singing member and a girl in my isle screamed “I pick you Johnny” and he couldn’t contain his smile and laughter like he was cracking tf up. Every time it got quiet I would scream Johnny along with 2-3 other people in my isle and he would smile SO BIG. He was really happy, lots of Johnny stans there. His legs are big and long, when he dances you can see how big they are, he was smirking the whole cherry bomb choreo bc everyone kept screaming his name. In all he was extremely extremely handsome I wasn’t ready I had no idea how handsome he was! He’s so underrated please love him he deserves it. He’s a cute shy baby with a sexy face and body like he would treat u so well I can just tell. I really wanna meet him again!

Win win: PRINCE OF FUCKING CHINA. Huge eyes like they’re half his face. Symmetrical face with very nice features. Sort of round face. Good hair, pretty doll lips. He’s sort of on the shorter side and he’s thin but not as thin as Taeyong. He was gettin hyped, there were a lot of win win stans with little signs and stuff. He didn’t speak any English but listened very intently when Mark and Johnny and the others spoke English, you can tell he really wants to learn. I feel like he’s a fast learner. Very articulate and energetic dancer, looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage. Laughs at anything the members say, he really loves them. I was wearing an nct banner on my shoulders and he pointed at it and gave a heart and I thought I died for a sec. He tries to make sure every fan can see him like when they were waving goodbye he took the longest and kept stopping to wave 😂. He’s a cute baby and sometimes it seems like he isn’t thinking about anything? He loves being on stage and dances amazing I was so impressed by him, the other members all dance very well too. He seems very innocent and sweet, he works very hard and does a very energetic stage. Really tho he’s so handsome like prince of China frfr.

Jaehyun: TALL BABY! HANDSOME BABY! PRETTY BABY! MUSCULAR BABY! He really is tall, almost as tall as Johnny. Definitely most muscular in NCT he has BIG arms, you can see through his clothes how defined he is. His voice is deep, like deeper than on the actual tracks. AMAZING LIVE Singer. He sang live the whole time and everyone was amazed. He’s actually very good at dancing!!! A real man!! The type of guy u wanna wife up. Shy but confident, very smiley and cute with his members. His hair is really nice I wanted to run my hands through it so bad. When he was in the isle with me he kept looking around and licking his lips 😫😫. He’s really built so well and his voice sounds like honey. Actual prince. You think he looks good in pictures? Well if you see him in real life your gonna be blown back by his handsomeness.
Actor like chiseled features, looks like his jawline will cut you. Big eyes, small face. He was very pale, but not extremely pale he was just very symmetrical and perfect looking, he looked like if you could create the perfect man. Overall he seemed like a cute reserved sweet heart, once again shockingly handsome and sexy but also very cute!

Doyoung: BEAGLE! THIS BOY IS TALL AND CUTE! THIS BOY IS BOYFRIEND MATERIAL! He has very circular big eyes, he’s pretty thin. Legs r long as fuck they look like they’re his whole body. Sweet high voice when he sings, he sings very well live. When he was singing to the girl i was shocked how nice his voice really was. Cute hair, it’s also kinda thin. He gives off cutesy boyfriend vibes. Aesthetic boyfriend. Model boyfriend. Very well spoken and articulate. Very chic! Once again he seems like a model or something. All his clothes looked like he was modeling them. Cute stage presence equally cute up close. He wasn’t shy at all he just walked down the isle I was like damn ok. He has this sort of happy but chic aura. This boy knows what he’s doing he’s very good. Overall I just wanna walk through ny with him and take aesthetic pictures, such a boyfriend oml.

Yuta: HANSOME! SMART! LIKE REALLY DAMN HANDSOME! He’s a bias wrecker, he damn near stole my heart. Sexy boy fr tho idk if he knows how sexy he is tho. Good dancer too. DEEP DEEP VOICE FUCKKKK. His Korean is really good too. He’s in the middle for height also. When he dances he thrusts his hips a lot. You know that part in the beginning of cherry bomb the “I’m the biggest hit” part? Boy was thrusting his hips super hard. Nice body, also kinda thin but somewhat muscular. Really attractive and handsome, it’s like he commands your attention and leaves you wanting more. More of a smirk than a smile on stage. Cocky and sexy on and off stage, off stage he’s a tiny bit more cute tho. Sexy without trying sort of dancing. Sweater paws the whole night! He wasn’t sweating super bad despite his million layers of clothes. Seems like the school bad boy. Major bad boy vibes. Watch out tho bc then he’ll do some cute shit and steal ur heart. Overall very sexy with a good stage presence, I feel like he’s very cocky but in a good way like it’s hot, MAJOR BIAS WRECKER.

Mark: SUPER CUTE SUNSHINE BABY TRYING HIS BEST HE WANTS TO PLEASE YOU HES A GIFT FROM GOD! When I tell you the cutest most sweetest lil baby ever I mean it. Little baby facial features with big round eyes. His voice is surprisingly deep in real life? Tries to give bad boy sexy vibes on stage but just ends up being a cutie. PROTECT HIM. He can dance very well I would say one of the best dancers. FULL OF ENERGY THE WHOLE NIGHT. His hair was all floppy and bouncing around it was so precious. He was getting down to the wheel of fortune song like he was actually dancing really well to the random tune. He’s just so super cute and smiley UGJ. He will brighten your day. He was nervous and kept stuttering in English and smiling at the floor it was cute. His English voice is so nice to hear it’s like the perfect tone it just sort of flows into you ears. Bouncing around the stage the whole night. TRYING HIS ABSOLUTE HARDEST AND BEST. Really hard worker. Sweating a bit but it was cute. Everything he does is cute. Overall I jut wanna protect him and watch him grow and get more popular, he’s really so lovable.

Haechan: AWWWWWWW CUTE LIL BABY BOY! SOOO EXCITED AB EVERYTHING! When he dances he also bounces around. SMOL! Heart piercing smile! SMIRKING THROUGH EVERY PERFORMANCE. It’s funny because he thinks he’s older than he is and it’s really cute. CUTE PRECIOUS BABY FAT I HOPE IT NEVR GOES AWAY. Sweet baby face and very interesting and melodic voice. I’m smiling while I write this y'all he was so cute in his little shorts. He was so fucking happy and excited just really super precious. He can dance really well too he killed his solo thingy. Really sweet baby you would never know how much of a trouble maker he was. He’s really the cutest lil thing and so excited he couldn’t contain it! God I just wanna protect him.

NSFW Alphabet: Harry Hook

NSFW Alphabet: Harry Hook

Warnings: obviously NSFW, includes a nsfw visual

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A = Aftercare: He made be insane, but after sex he’s a total sweetheart. If you’re too tired to shower, he gets a wet cloth and rubs it all over your skin softly. And after that, he’s next to you and brings you close to his body.

B = Body part: When it comes to you, his favorite body part is your thighs, he loves to kiss them and bite them. And your favorite body part of him are his arms, you just love how his muscles look, you love digging your nails on his skin and leaving marks when he’s making you feel good.
C = Cum: Being on the Isle means there isn’t many benefits, there were really no birth control pills or anything like that, just condoms and luck. He would love nothing more than to cum inside of you but you both can’t risk it, so he loves to cum in your mouth or your chest.
D = Dirty Secret: It hasn’t happened yet, but he would love a threesome with Gil or Uma. They’re his best friends and he thinks it would be a good experience, plus you were excited for it as well.
E = Experience: He definitely knows what he’s doing, he’s very experienced with what he’s doing.
F = Favourite Position (credits to @dominant-edge) 

G = Goofy: It all depends in the moment. When he makes love to you, he giggles quietly when knows he’s making you feel good, but when he’s pounding into you he means business and there’s nothing goofy there.
H = Hair: When he was with you, he never had his hat on. Harry loves the feeling of your fingers through his hair and he went crazy when you pulled on it while you two were making out or when you were having sex.
I = Intimacy: He had his moments when he was romantic but that wasn’t the usual for him. He will tease you all night and he would stop you from cumming multiple times, because he wanted to be inside of you when you did.
J = Jack Off: You were such a tease and you had this habit of using dirty tactics with him, so he had to go take care of it. He imagined you all sweaty and whiny, moaning his name. That works like a charm.
K = Kink: He didn’t know he had it, but he had a daddy kink. He also has a dom kink. Ass kink. Hair pulling kink.
L = Location: He loved going to the beach, doing it on the sand or in the water. Or on the top deck of the ship
M = Motivation: He would get so turned on when you would put on his hook or whenever you were showing off you amazing sword fighting skills. Harry would get excited every single time. 
N = NO: He knew your limits very well, and he would never go past them. You both established a safe word, it was very rare when you said it but when you did, everything was done. He would make sure you were okay and that you weren’t hurt.  
O = Oral: He likes both but he loves giving. He totally loves listening to your screams of pleasure, because he knew he was the one responsible for them. 
P = Pace: If he was making love to you he was going slow. But if that wasn’t the case, he was pounding into you quick and hard.
Q = Quickie: He always had to be following Uma around or doing stuff around the Isle, so before he left you would have a quickie. You wanted him to be content throughout the day.
R = Risk: He loved having sex in places you could get caught, but when it actually happened by a crew member he didn’t like it anymore. He didn’t want to risk anyone looking at you while you were naked.
S = Stamina: This boy could go on for hours. You would be wrecked by the end of the night if you didn’t beg him for a little break.
T = Toy: Somehow he managed to get his hands on a small vibrator that had a remote. He would make you put it in all day and he would tease you none stop.
U = Unfair: You loved going commando, and he loved it as well. He would cheekily grope you and if he could, he would finger you for a bit. And you would be going crazy when he left you like that.
V = Volume: His moans turned you on so much, so your main focus was to make him feel so good that he couldn’t contain himself.
W = Wild Card: read Toy
X = X-Ray: He was most definitely above average and he for sure knew how to use that to his advantage 
Y = Yearning: With just one look, he would let you know what he needed. And the way he was acting was a sure sign as well, he couldn’t hide it.
Z = ZZZ: Since he left you wrecked, you fell asleep really fast. He would bring you close to his body and then he would fall asleep. 

Let's Go Swimming

Request: “A Harry Hook imagine where the reader and him are already in a relationship and they go swimming together and it’s just super fluffy? Thanks you’re great!”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m taking Harry Hook requests/imagines! [Request here]

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It was a boring day at the isle. Usually you and your little crew Uma, Gil and your boyfriend Harry would hang out together and basically do things around the isle but today they just didn’t feel like doing anything.

You were in your room under your covers with a hoodie on trying to take a nap when someone walked into your room. Startled you were about to jump out of your bed until you heard your boyfriend’s soothing voice.

“Hey hey relax gorgeous it’s just me.” He said taking a seat in a chair in front of you.

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Scared a Shoplifter

TL;DR at the bottom!

i caught a shoplifter in the most beautiful way recently and it was just. so amazing. so beautifully set up by the universe. a true blessing to me.

lemme start by saying i don’t scare people at all, even when i try to be sneaky or funny. i’m 5'4", blonde haired and blue eyed, 110 lbs. i don’t strike fear into anyone lmao, so scaring this dude was so satisfying.

i was back in the cooler, behind all the product ya know, and not easy to see at all because of the drinks and all. so i’m bent down, pushing drinks forward and stocking sodas and stuff. i see this dude with a backpack just sneakily putting drinks inside of it. i wait a minute and watch him do this. i moved isle to isle with him as he decided on his drinks to steal. eventually, we were both leaned down and i just say “hey” and he jumps out of his skin, just. i startled the absolute hell out of this guy. he meekly goes “yeah?” i said “it looks like you’ve got a lot of stuff to carry, we have baskets up front at each door” and he stutters a bit before walking away. i radioed to my front end cashier about him and she caught him before he could get out of the store (it would have taken me too long to get out from behind the cooler to get him). it was. magnificent. and i’m still basking in the glory lmao

some guy was stealing drinks while i was back in the cooler stocking, i scared the shit out of him and made sure he paid before he left

Abandoned (Harry Hook Drabble)

A/N: Hey, so this was inspired by prompts given to me by @butterflywingednight and @thilda. It’s basically just Harry’s thoughts and feelings on Uma’s departure for Auradon the night of the Cotillion. I didn’t really mean for it (lbr, I totally did), but it kinda gave way into a poly relationship between Harry/Uma/Gil. If that’s not your cuppa tea, then it could be read as a close friendship/camraderie between the three. I might do a part 2 with an interaction between Harry and Uma, but for now, this is between Harry and Gil (my two sweet boys who I will protect forever). Also, sorry if both boys seem OOC, I was just trying to show the potential vulnerability that Harry possesses and that Gil isn’t as dumb as people think. Enjoy xx


Harry Hook couldn’t tell time, but he knew that much of it had passed since Uma had fled to go through the barrier before it closed. The Cotillion had began at six pm, as the reporters announced to the kingdom over the television. The dusk sky bled into night as the clock ticked on methodically. The young Scottish pirate grew anxious, as he didn’t know what was going on over in Auradon. The last thing he and the rest of the crew saw was King Ben’s gift for Mal, his one true love, before the connection was cut. The Captain hadn’t show face since, and no one knew of her whereabouts. The last Harry had seen her, she was explaining her plan to him, Gil, and the others.

He didn’t enjoy the thought of his Captain over in enemy territory without him, but he trusted her enough to let her leave alone. She was strong and cunning, he knew that. But his nerves weren’t settled, still, as Ursula’s Fish and Chips slowly became vacant as the night wore on. The distant sound of music and fireworks were all that could be heard. All of the other pirates left, trusting Uma’s right-hand man to keep things under control. And that was what terrified Harry. What was he to do now? He has no clue how to run the crew as smoothly as Uma did. Sure, he was intimidating, could keep the pirates on a leash enough to not allow the both the literal and metaphorical ship to sink. But Uma was wise beyond her years, she knew everything about the sailors that she could use to benefit herself, to easily manipulate anyone on the Isle into doing her bidding. She was made to be a leader, a Captain. Although Harry was the son of one of the best pirate Captains (he would say the best, if he knew Uma wouldn’t make him walk the plank), but he didn’t have half the skill that the young sea witch possessed.

Harry was known by anyone who crossed his path to be rash, and a bit unhinged. That was why he and Uma worked so well together; she was there to keep him in check when he became too reckless. Who was going to do that now that she was gone? ‘Not gone,’ Harry thought to himself, ‘she wouldn’t leave us here forever.’ The young lad kept repeating this to himself in his head, if only to appease his worry. But no matter how many times he tried to reassure himself that Uma didn’t abandon him them - no, she was going to come back. She had to come back - Harry couldn’t stop the frown from forming on his handsome face. He began to pace, muttering to himself, his pirate hat abandoned on the bar.

This was how Gil found him not thirty minutes later. He was worried, not only for his Captain, but for the First Mate. The brawny teen wasn’t considered bright by any means, but he knew those two more than anyone. He knew that Harry would be distressed over the mere thought of having to run the crew. Despite his charming facade, the middle Hook child wasn’t always confident. If he couldn’t properly be a leader, he would let his father down, and that was one of his biggest fears. Gil tried to quietly enter the restaurant, but to no avail; he accidently knocked into one of the tables, causing Harry to startle. Gil became even more worried for his companion, because this wasn’t like Harry at all. He was always on guard, even around his own. No one on the Isle could be considered trustworthy.

The two young men stared at each other with deer-in-headlights looks for a few moments before Gil slowly made his way over to the other. “Um, no one’s seen Captain around shore, but Desiree and Jonas are keeping look out. Just thought you should know.” Gil spoke quietly, but the words still pierced the air as if he had shouted them. If it were possible, Harry’s face seemed to fall even more. He nodded, straightening up as if to seem more in control of his emotions. But Gil knew that wasn’t the case. Neither boy said anything as they sat together at the nearest table, their knees bumping into each other underneath. Harry found comfort in knowing the other was there.

Gil was someone he could rely on, someone he didn’t feel as obligated to put on a mask in front of. Gaston’s third son was the most open-minded, non judgemental person Harry had ever met, and that was rare for a VK. Gil was one of the only people that the young Hook felt no need to impress, because he didn’t feel threatened by him. That was hardly the way he felt with Uma. And yet, he cared for them both so deeply. Uma made him feel like he should live every moment to the fullest, like he was a wild animal freed from a cage. Gil, on the other hand, brought him a sense of peace. Harry took comfort in the jokes and sheer happiness from the other boy. They were like his dark and light, night and day; he needed them both to balance himself out. At that moment, Harry needed calm, to not worry. Even just being in the presence of the blonde eased him a little. The warmth of his legs in between his, the sound of his soft breathing filling the still night.

Harry let himself speak, not caring about the emotions leaking into his voice. “I dunno what I’m gonna do. I never… I never imagined doin’ anythin’ without her, ya know? She’s always been by muh side.” Though he spoke softly, Gil heard the worry in his words loud and clear. He looked the Scot dead in the eyes as he replied. “She has a good reason for doing this, you know that. She will not abandon us.” Whether he meant “us” as in the whole crew, or as in Harry and Gil, it didn’t matter. Harry didn’t doubt their truthfulness for a second. He brushed his fingers against the other boy’s hand that rest on the table top, the two sitting in silence, waiting for their Captain to return.

Love Is A Battlefield - Harry Hook x Reader

Harry Hook x Reader [Requested by Anon]

Love Is A Battlefield

139 “Kiss me.” 138 “Don’t argue. Just do it.”  1 “Oh eff you!” “I know you would.”

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“Leave it to my sister to run from all her problems,” (Y/N) whispered to Carlos as they walked around the Isle to Mal’s old apartment. Evie, Jay, Carlos, and (Y/N) had just told Ben how to blend in as a villain and then decides to bump into Gaston’s son, Gil.

“We’re here,” Evie cut off their conversation as she threw a rock at the sign. “All the way up, good luck,” she whispered to Ben as he ascended the stairs. (Y/N) looked around as they waited for Ben and Mal to come down the stairs. Being the youngest daughter of Maleficent had its ups and downs. Since King Ben had only wanted to take four children to Auradon, and Mal was the oldest she was chosen while (Y/N) was left to rot on the Isle. She made do, however, running around with Hades’ son, Hadie, and Diego De Vil, Carlos’ cousin. She was surprised she was never approached by any of Mal’s enemies, but that’s probably because they were scared Mal would come back to the Isle and hurt them.

While waiting for Ben a couple kids stopped here and there to see if it was really Evie, Jay, and Carlos, (Y/N) snapped at every one of them and drove them off. (Y/N) sighed as she stared up at where she knew Ben and Mal were talking at the moment. Soon enough they heard footsteps and Ben came down first, “So…” Evie said expectantly. “Where’s Mal?”

“She’s not coming,” Ben said sounding heartbroken and defeated as he walked away. Evie looked up before going over to the pipe they used to communicate from the warehouse and the ground.

“Mal, it’s Evie, just let us talk for a minute,” she whispered.

Mal yelled for her to go away and (Y/N) stomped over taking the pipe from Evie’s hands. “Listen up, sis. If you don’t get down here right this minute your little sis is gonna show you what an extra month on the Isle can do to you.” Her voice was harsh, but (Y/N) was ticked off and wasn’t playing around anymore. She got the go away yell too.

“Let’s just give her a couple hours to cool off,” Jay said and put a hand on Evie and (Y/N)’s shoulders.

“Uh, guys,” Carlos turned to them. “Where’s Ben?” he asked and they all looked down the dark alley where Ben disappeared. As Evie starts yelling for Ben a figure appears to walk towards them.

“Ben, don’t scare us like that.” Evie sighed and put a hand over her chest.

“Don’t scare you?” the figure drew closer, revealing it wasn’t Ben at all, it was Harry Hook. “That’s my specialty,” he let out a crazed giggle and looked around at the group.

“Harry! What did you do with Ben?” Evie asked.

“Um, we nicked him. Mhm. And if you want him, have Mal come to the Chip Shoppe, alone.” He looked over at Jay. “Aw, Jay, it seems you’ve lost your touch.” Jay went to lunge for him before getting pulled back by Evie, letting out a giggle at the attempt. He looked over at Carlos, letting out a bark before blowing a kiss to (Y/N) and turning around, starting to whistle ‘Chillin Like A Villain’ as he went.

Jay started to climb up to Mal’s apartment, Evie and Carlos choosing to take the stairs instead. “You guys get Mal to go, I’ll have the backup with me next time you see me.” Making a quick trip to the Underworld-esque home of Hades and Hadie, dragging the blue-haired boy along as they stopped at the other De Vil home, grabbing Diego.

“Come along boys, we’ve got work to do.” (Y/N) gave them both a devilish smirk grabbing some old spray paint cans.

When Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and their Auradon friend, Lonnie, showed up at the docks they were greeted by a wild sight. Horns of Maleficent, Crowns of the Evil Queen, Black and White Patterns of the De Vils, and Lamps of Jafar were spray painted on Uma’s ship.

“They’re here!” They heard Gil yell and saw Harry drag a couple people over to the dock. Ben and a gagged (Y/N), yeah her backup had abandoned her.

“Finally!” Uma yelled with a delighted jump. “Huh! Let’s get this party started, I swear I’m cold-hearted. There’s no negotiation I’m not here for debatin’. You need some motivation? Just look at Ben and (Y/N)’s faces then ask yourself how long you think I’ll remain patient! I’ll throw them overboard and let them swim with killer sharks! You either hand over the wand or they’ll be ripped apart!”

“Now let’s all just be smart, although for you that must be hard. You’ll get your wand—no one has to come to any harm! Don’t try to intimidate, your bark is much worse than your bite. Who’s the baddest of them all? I guess we’re findin’ out tonight!” Mal sang, a glint of fury in her eyes as she saw her younger sister be dangled over the edge.

“Let’s go! Bring it on! Better give us what we want! It’s the wand for the crowns! If you don’t it’s goin’ down!” The pirate crew sang watching as Harry drew (Y/N) closer to the edge than Ben.

“Let’s go! Make your move! Peace or war, it’s up to you. Give them up and do it now! If you don’t it’s goin’ down!”  The VKs (and Lonnie) sang.

“We want the wand! Or else they will be gone! Your time is runnin’ out! You should really watch your mouth!” The pirates sang.

“Let’s go! Pound for pound! We’re prepared to stand our ground! Put your swords up, put ‘em up! It’s goin’ down!” The VKs sang.

“Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Make the trade! Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Or walk the plank! Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Uma, Uma, Uma - la - la - la! Make the trade! Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Uma, Uma, Uma - la - la - la! Or walk the plank!”

Gil jumped down onto the deck and gestured Uma’s arrival back to the front. Uma was now face-to-face with Mal once again.

“Okay, look, this is not a conversation, it’s a do-or-die situation! If you don’t give them back to me, I’ll have no hesitation! I’ll serve you right here, and I don’t need a reservation, that way your whole pirate crew can have a demonstration! Release them now, and we can go our separate ways… Unless you wanna deal with me and the VKs?” While Mal was singing Harry had abandoned holding them at the plank, leaving Gil there instead.

“So that’s your big speech, huh? An empty ultimatum?” Uma tapped Harry’s chin as if giving him permission to speak.

“All it takes is one swing and I’ll humiliate them, matter of fact, make one wrong move, and I’ll debilitate them, and if they even starts to slip, I’ll eliminate them! All it takes is one wrong look and I'll—” Harry was cut off by Uma grabbing him by the hook and pulling him back.

“Harry! We get it. Chill.” Harry blew a kiss to Mal as he walked back to the plank where Ben and (Y/N) were.

“Let’s go! Bring it on! Better give us what we want! It’s the wand for the crowns, if you don’t it’s goin’ down!” The pirates sang.

“Let’s go! Make your move! Peace or war, it’s up to you Give them up and do it now if you don’t it’s goin’ down!” The VKs sang.

“We want the wand or else they will be gone! Your time is runnin’ out! You should really watch your mouth!” The pirate crew sang as Harry twirled Ben and (Y/N) around.

“Let’s go! Pound for pound! We’re prepared to stand our ground! Put your swords up, put ‘em up! It’s going down!” Mal threw her hand up, a gesture for Carlos to hand her the wand.

Carlos handed Mal the decoy wand, of course, Ben and (Y/N) didn’t know it was fake and (Y/N) immediately gestured for Ben to do something since she couldn’t speak.

“Hey, we don’t have to choose! We don’t have to light the fuse, Mal, whatever you do, it’s gonna be a lose-lose there’s gotta be a better way, Uma, I promise I’ll give you your chance, you’ll have your say!” Ben pleaded for his and (Y/N)’s sakes as Uma drew her sword up.

“Silly king! You? Give me? You’re gonna give me a chance? Well, not a chance!” Uma yelled pointing her sword at them as Harry leaned his head on (Y/N)’s shoulder, casting them a wicked grin.

“Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Make the trade! Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!Or walk the plank! Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Uma, Uma, Uma - la - la - la! Make the trade! Yo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh !Uma, Uma, Uma - la - la - la!”

“Or walk the plank!” Uma grinned at Mal as she held her sword and Mal held the wand. “Give me the wand!” She yelled their song obviously over now.

“Give me them!” Mal yelled back as she stared at Ben and her sister. Uma looked at Mal and then Harry, seeing the way his eyes slightly drifted to the younger Maleficent child.

“Harry!” She called as he dragged them over, dropping them to their knees in front of Mal. Mal held out her hand for them and Uma held hers for the wand. “Harry,” Uma said again as the young pirate sighed and drew his sword to cut the ropes.

“I never get to have any fun!” Harry said with two quick swings upwards the ropes cut off, he used his hook to cut the gag in (Y/N)’s mouth. Ben and (Y/N)’s hands shot forward to grip Mal’s hand as Uma grabbed the wand. Mal hoisted them to their feet and exclaimed that they needed to move now.

(Y/N)’s eyes lock with Harry’s as Uma tries to break the barrier with the fake wand. Seeing as it didn’t work Uma yells out and snaps the fake wand in half.

A swordfight ensues not even moments later as Mal and Carlos start throwing colored smoke bombs at the ship. Jay threw everyone a sword as the pirates started swinging off the ship right into the fight.

Uma went directly for Mal, Gil went for Ben, Harry went for Jay, and the others were fighting random pirates. (Y/N) was near Jay and Harry’s fight she quickly finished off the pirate she was fighting with by kicking him back into the water. She jumps onto the deck above where they were fighting, seeing Jay be pushed against the railing by Harry.

“Harry!” (Y/N) yelled out, a bit desperate for her friend to not be hurt. It caught him off guard for a moment and Jay held the hook in his hand as he kicked Harry backward, his hook still connected to the end of his sword.

Harry looked back at (Y/N) for a moment, then dropped his sword and beckoned for the hook. Jay, however, had other plans as he went to the side railing and dropped the hook into the waters below. Harry didn’t even think twice as he grabbed his sword and dropped into the waters below after it. (Y/N) ran to the side to look in the waters below, seeing the red of his coat swimming to the other side where Uma was standing.

(Y/N) ran over to where Lonnie was fighting and joined in with her watching as Harry called out to Uma to help him up and she did without a second thought. (Y/N) let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding before she saw Uma go for Mal and Harry go for Ben.

Somewhere during the fight after they threw their last smoke bomb, Mal and Ben managed to get away and Carlos, Evie, Jay, and Lonnie ran through the tunnel back to where their limo was parked. Ben called out for Mal and she looked back to her sister who was holding off a couple pirates. “Mal! Just go!” She yelled out to her older sister, kicking back one of the pirates that got too close. Mal didn’t move from the beginning of the tunnel so (Y/N) took matters into her own hands as she kicked the walkway between the tunnel and ship, letting it fall into the waters below.

“(Y/N)!” Mal yelled as Harry Hook appeared behind her and grabbed her around the waist and tugging her back, the swords falling as she went. Mal took one last look at her sister, her yelling for Mal to go, and turned around running back to the limo.

The dungeon on the ship was damp, dark, and cold. (Y/N) took to the floor instead of the uncomfortable mattress they kept in there. It was quite in the cell except for the creaks the ship made as it rocked back and forth. Suddenly a low whistle of ‘The Elegant Captain Hook’ filled the cell and (Y/N)’s eyes drifted from the floor to the bright blue eyes of Harry Hook. He gave her a wicked smile, the mania obvious in his eyes.

“It’s a shame we had to lock ye up, las. But ye cost us our king, our ticket to freedom, not just for us… no, it was for everyone stuck on this cursed island, including ye,” his eyes shined with disappointment. He went to kneel down in front of her. “Ye know I just want what’s best for ye, las.” He placed a hand on her cheek and she leaned into his touch.

“Are you okay?” she asked him, a small frown on her face. His eyes held immense confusion, but before he could ask what she meant she answered for him. “You went in after your hook, you didn’t get hurt by anything in the water, right?” He slowly nodded at her.

“I’m fine, princess,” he assured her as he pulled her into his lap. (Y/N) turned to look at him, nuzzling her face into his shoulder.

“Harry,” she whispered and he turned his head slightly to look at her. “Kiss me.” Harry’s grip on her tightened on her as his eyes widened.

“No, ye need rest, (Y/N), yer not in your right mind state, love. We can talk again when yer rested up nice and well,” he went to lift her and place her on the mattress but she protested and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

Don’t argue. Just do it.” It wasn’t a request anymore, she meant it as a demand. Harry gave one of his crazed giggles and leaned down, leaving centimeters between their lips.

“On second thought…” (Y/N) growled at him and smacked the back of his head.

Oh eff you!” Harry laughed.

I know ye would.

That was all they said before Harry connected their lips for a short sweet kiss, content with each other’s presence. Harry laid down on the mattress, shifting uncomfortably before placing (Y/N) on his chest, at least she could sleep well tonight.

[I’m sorry for any mistakes in this I didn’t proof read it. Also, I’m incredibly proud of myself for writing this, I got about 2000 words in before I remembered what I was supposed to be putting. Sorry if it seems just there, so yeah, hope you enjoy!]


Imagine for @anilcia

Originally posted by queerauradon

Pairing: Uma x Harry x Gil x Reader

Word Count: 2,517

A/N: I had so much fun writing this :) Hope you like it. Most of it’s under the cut because it got long

“What the hell did you say to me?” The guy growls in your face.

You’re big mouth was always getting you into trouble, mostly because you wanted it to, because getting into fights was something to do on the Isle. Fighting was something your brother had taught you, the act of stamping down submission and punching back with all your might. Now, staring at the guy who had you pinned to the wall, the small spark of submissiveness still inside you was stamped out consciously.

“I said,” Your eyes burn with anger, the stupid anger that leads to your stupid bravery, “You’re a fuckwit,” You spit in the guy’s face, “Who punches like a girl.”

Thats the cataclysm for the guy to drop you, swinging his arm around to deck you. You duck, and kick him in the knees before brining your own knee up. He doubles over.

“This is the Isle of the Lost you idiot,” You hiss, “Physical intimidation works about as well as the tv’s here.”

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My Mouth Tastes Like Bad Choices | Jay x Reader

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Prompt: “My mouth tastes like bad choices.”

Summary: It’s the day after your birthday and classes are not on your to do list. Thankfully, Jay has a better idea of how to spend the day.

Author’s Note: This is the first one shot I’ve written for Descendants. Feel free to request something!

You put your head down on the table, trying to ease the throbbing pain. Last night was such a bad idea. Why you let Jay convince you to sneak down to the kitchen for your birthday, you had no idea.

“Hey babe.” You heard Jay say in a groggy voice as he sat down beside you. You ok?” He asked, concerned when you didn’t respond. “My mouth tastes like poor choices.” You lifted your head up to face him. “It wasn’t worth it.”

You let out a small sigh of content when he wrapped one of his arms around you. “C’mon. You had fun. It’s just like when we used to rob Hook’s wine cellar back on the Isle.” Jay reminisced. You let out a small laugh.

“Yeah.” You sighed. Auradon was great and everything, 100 times better than the Isle. But at the same time, everything was very restricted in Auradon. No parkour off the buildings, no stealing, no sword fighting. Those were things that you loved doing back on the Isle. It was nice to do something familiar.

You and Jay both groaned out loud when the bell rang and students started filing out of the cafeteria. You were dreading classes with this killer hangover.

“I’ve got a idea.” Jay smirked at you. “And what is that?” You raised an eyebrow at him, not in the mood for causing trouble. “Let’s skip today and just hang out in the dorms.” Jay suggested.

“And not go to classes?” You questioned, almost completely ok with the idea. “That’s what skip means.” Jay snickered. You swatted his arm before standing up.

”C’mon. Your dorm is closer.” You grabbed him by the hand, walking to the dorms, not in any rush. “I already asked Carlos and Evie to cover for us.” Jay mentioned, his hand leaving yours and trailing itself around your waist.

“You knew we were gonna skip before you asked me, didn’t you?” You accused, not really mad. “Judging by the way you drank last night, I was surprised you made it to breakfast.” Jay snickered as you both reached his dorm.

“I didn’t drink that much.” You flopped down face down on Jay’s unmade bed. You felt the bed dip down as Jay got it. “It was over ¾ths of a bottle of wine.” You could practically hear Jay’s smirk. You turned over and threw your arm and leg over Jay and laid your head on his chest. “I may have a headache from hell, but that was definitely the best birthday ever.” You grinned, lifting your head up to place a chaste kiss on his lips.

You closed your eyes and listened to Jay’s heartbeat as his breathing evened out. It wasn’t long before you fell asleep with him.


ƁELTANE (Lá Bealtaine)

Beltane, one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals, is the Celtic May Day. Historically widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man, Beltane used to mark the beginning of summer and was when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures.

Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth.

Special bonfireswere kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. The people and their cattle would walk around the bonfire, or between two bonfires, and sometimes leap over the flames or embers. All household fires would be doused and then re-lit from the Beltane bonfire. These gatherings would be accompanied by a feast, and some of the food and drink would be offered to the aos sí (spirits). Doors, windows, byres and the cattle themselves would be decorated with yellow May flowers, perhaps because they evoked fire.

In some parts of Ireland, people would make a May Bush: a thorn bush decorated with flowers, ribbons and bright shells. Holy wells were also visited, while Beltane dew was thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness.

Bonfires All hearth fires and candles would be doused before the bonfire was lit, generally on a mountain or hill.

In the 19th century, the ritual of driving cattle between two fires was still practised across most of Ireland and in parts of Scotland. Sometimes the cattle would be driven “around” a bonfire or be made to leap over flames or embers. The people themselves would do likewise. 

In the Isle of Man, people ensured that the smoke blew over them and their cattle.

When the bonfire had died down, people would daub themselves with its ashes and sprinkle it over their crops and livestock. Burning torches from the bonfire would be taken home, where they would be carried around the house or boundary of the farmstead and would be used to re-light the hearth.

From these rituals, it is clear that the fire was seen as having protective powers. As a matter of fact bonfires were meant to mimic the Sun and to “ensure a needful supply of sunshine for men, animals, and plants”, but they were also meant to symbolically “burn up and destroy all harmful influences”.

Food was also cooked at the bonfire and there were rituals involving it. Everyone present would take an oatmeal cake, called the bannoch Bealltainn or “Beltane bannock”. A bit of it was offered to the spirits to protect their livestock (one bit to protect the horses, one bit to protect the sheep, and so forth) and a bit was offered to each of the animals that might harm their livestock (one to the fox, one to the eagle, and so forth). Afterwards, they would drink the caudle.

Maypole It is a tall erected wooden pole around which maypole dances take place.

The practice had become increasingly popular throughout the ensuing centuries, with the maypoles becoming “communal symbols” that brought the local community together: even poorer parishes would join up with neighbouring ones in order to obtain and erect one.

As revived, the dance consisted of pairs of boys and girls (or men and women) stand alternately around the base of the pole, each holding the end of a ribbon. They weave in and around each other, boys going one way and girls going the other and the ribbons are woven together around the pole until the merry-makers meet at the base. There are also more complex dances for set numbers of dancers, involving complicated weaves and unweaves.

In some regions, a somewhat different Maypole tradition existed: the carrying of highly decorated sticks. The sticks had hoops or cross-sticks or swags attached, covered with flowers, greenery or artificial materials such as crepe paper. Children would take these hand-held poles to school on May Day morning and prizes may be awarded for the most impressive. This tradition is known as garlanding, and was a central feature of May Day celebrations in central and southern England until the mid-19th century.

harry hook x reader

summary: you dated Harry on the isle but he cheated on you with Uma and soon after you were invited to Auradon with the core four.

A/N: yall feel free to send in requests !!! i’ll do any boy from descendants :))

“Harry?” You called out walking in his cabin. You voice was small and shaky as Gil just told you he saw Harry and Uma together.

“Yes my love?” He answered, laying down on his bed in his boxers, “You come to stay the night?” He smirked.

“I came to break up with you.” You stated, your voice picking up more volume.

This caught Harry’s attention, “Y/N, what do you mean you’re breaking up with me?” He stood up out of bed, walking closer to you.

“Gil told me what happened with you and Uma. Next time you plan on cheating on me with your captain, you should be more discreet.” You said trying to hold back your tears.

“Baby, I don’t know what Gil saw but I would never do that to you. I love you.” Harry pleaded, reaching for your hand but you pulled it away.

“Spare me the lies and Tell.Me.The.Truth.” You spoke and Harry looked down in guilt.

“Gil… was right.” He said his voice small and you felt your heart shatter, “But it was a mistake my love. I don’t want to be with Uma, I want to be with you.”

“How many times?” You questioned, when Harry didn’t say anything you added, “Too many to count?” to which he nodded.

“I’m out of here and we’re over. Obviously.” You stated walking out, Harry called out too you but you ignored him running off to your house.

Harry was in a rage. He loved you so much and now he’s lost you and all he wanted to was punch something, so he went off too find the person who causes this.

Gil was in the back, cooking food for the restaurant when he heard heavy footsteps. He knew telling Y/N would get him in trouble with Harry but he couldn’t do that to you, you always looked out for him and he had to do the same.

“What the hell man? Why would you tell Y/N! It’s none of your businesses” Harry yelled, shoving Gil.

“I had too! It wasn’t fair to her. I love you like a brother man but she deserves better than you.” Gil said.

“You go feelings for her or something?” Harry accused.

Gil was slient. He wouldn’t go as far to say he was in love with you but he definitely had feelings for you.

“Screw you, Gil!” Harry exlaimed just as Uma came down.

“What is going on here?! I can hear your yelling from upstairs!” Uma yelled.

“Gil told Y/N about us and she broke up with me.” Harry explained, “Oh and Gil is in love with her too.”

“I’m not in love with her! I just think she deserves better.” He defended himself.

They both ignored him, “I’m sorry about Y/N. You knew this would happen though.” Uma said though Harry could tell she didn’t really care.

The next morning you barely got any sleep, you got ready and walked downstairs to get coffee. Or what the local coffeehouse called coffee, it was pretty gross but so was everything else on Isle.

“Y/N!” You rolled your eyes hearing the familiar Scottish accent.

“What do you want Harry?”

“You. Back with me, where you belong.” Harry stated.

“Then why did you do it? Why would you have sex with Uma so many times? Why?” You questioned.

“We got into a fight and we had hate sex. And that was going to be the last time but then….”

“You just couldn’t resit yourself? You’re unbelievable Harry. I’m so going to accept the offer.” You told him.

“Offer?” He asked in confusion.

“The new king in Auradon wants to “mend ties with the isle” in doing so he’s starting to bring over kids from here. Mal, Jay, Evie, Carlos and I are first up.“ You explained.

"You’re leaving the Isle? Me?” He seethed.

“Yeah, tonight actually.” You walked closer to him. “Look, there’s a chance I might not ever see you again so for a second I’m going to forget you broke my heart.” You told him, he nodded eagerly. And you kissed him and he automatically wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into him more.

You broke apart, “Goodbye Harry Hook.” You said and walked in coffeehouse.

Harry walked away, on his way back back to ship. On his way back he ran into Jay, “Hey Harry! Did you hear about us going to Auradon? Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Y/N.”

And with that, Harry was on him, punching him, kicking him. He was about to use his hook when, “Harry get off of him!”

He looked up and saw Mal and Evie, “What the hell has gotten into you?” Evie asked.

“Nothing.” He said and turned to Jay, “Stay away from Y/N.” Was his final words before walking off, hearing the three of them talk about how “crazy” he was. He just rolled his eyes.

Harry found his way to the ship and was on the upper deck and looked over at Auraodon. He felt his heart sink knowing that soon you would be there, far , far away from him.

Remaining Unpredictable

Requested by: @zlorac
A: Is that a threat or are you flirting with me?
B: Both. Neither. A mixture of the two. I like to stay unpredictable.

Carlos De Vil x Reader (Gaston’s Daughter)

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks omg, I was trying to make this different from all of the other Carlos x Reader imagines out there. I also didn’t proofread so there’s that but I hope you guys enjoy!

(Y/N)’s POV

Why did I agree to come here again? Oh right, to save King Ben because the other VKs lost him. I can’t necessarily blame the others 100% because King Ben can be a little ditzy and naive at times, he believes that there is good in everyone. He’s not wrong about the last part, if you dig deep enough then you’re guaranteed to find good. The people on the Isle of The Lost aren’t all bad, the parents made some bad decisions but the kids shouldn’t have to pay for it. I was the 5th person that was invited to the school with the core four, the interesting part was that I’m the daughter of Gaston.

Back on the Isle I didn’t have many friends, I liked to keep to myself. There was the Core Four and then the pirate crew which my brother had joined. They wanted to take us VKs in small doses so when they chose me, I had to leave Gil behind. Gaston was the Beast’s worst enemy so they chose me, thinking that I’d be more open to becoming an Auradon girl. I had a mission of my own just like the others, I was supposed to get the wand and put the Beast away in the process. The others wanted to get the barrier down. Somewhere along the way we all became friends, our little tight knit friend group was like a safe haven. If there was one thing about the villain kids, it’s that we’re very good at keeping secrets. Mal, Jay, and Evie had been keeping a secret about me and I was dying to find out. Carlos was as oblivious as I was.

Speaking of Carlos, the boy made me crazy. He was so sweet that it made me sick. He was the toothache that the dentist had to take care of when you ate too much candy. He was the sunshine on a cloudy day, he was like a fireplace when it was cold. My life changed ever since we came to Auradon, Carlos started growing on me. I’m not too sure how it happened but he made me feel these unknown feelings. It was hard to breath around him and I wanted to throw up. I just figured that maybe he was repulsing me, maybe getting rid of him would make me feel better, these feelings would subside. I hated when he was with Jane, she was everything that he could’ve ever hoped for. She was beautiful, smart, shy, and helpful. I was loud, ambitious, sassy, sarcastic, and caring when it came to my close friends and family, this included Carlos.

Carlos’s POV

“Are you going to help us or not?” Jay was exasperated with the fact that (Y/N) hadn’t responded yet. “Of course, you need another person who knows the Isle and who can fight.” (Y/N) ran a hand through her hair, (H/C) strands poking out from the spaces in between her fingers. She was lovely even when she was angry. “I’m coming too!” The three of us turned towards the voice and were met with Lonnie, the daughter of Mulan and Shang. She eventually convinced Jay and I with the help of (Y/N).

We made it to the Isle in matter of minutes and then ran to Mal’s hideout. “(Y/N)! What are you doing here?” Mal hugged our friend before (Y/N) said, “I’m here to help. I can take on Harry if you need me to because we all know that my brother won’t be a challenge.” Gil was a really nice guy and he was a good fighter but he was a bit dopey at times. I walked closer to (Y/N) and said, “I’ll cover you.” I was met with a sigh and an eye roll before she disappeared into the direction of the docks. I honestly couldn’t understand why she was so cold towards me. I’ve been nothing but nice to her, she makes me want to grab her and profess my love. The girl is absolutely gorgeous with her alluring eyes and lustrous hair. She was sassy and sarcastic, if I could compare the two of us to a legendary Disney couple it’d be Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. She was headstrong but always went out of her way to help people which I admired. Her hair had a coconut smell to it and her smile outdid the sun.
“Carlos, we have to get going!” Evie dragged me out of the hideout and towards the docks where we’d be met with the infamous pirate crew.

(Y/N)’s POV

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! (Y/N)!”
Carlos was running at an alarming speed towards the end of the docks to where I was. Before he was able to put on his breaks, he ran straight into me causing us to make a ruckus.
“If you weren’t so cute, I would’ve punched you in the face 20 times by now for messing up the plan.” I grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him behind a bunch of barrels as we hid from the pirate crew. We hadn’t gone into the circular entrance to the ship yet and we were supposed to sneak in so we had to lay low.
“Did ye hear that, Gil? I coulda sworn I heard intruders.” The one and only Harry Hook was talking to my brother and looking for Carlos and I, since we had made a scene.
“Hey, (Y/N). Was what you said earlier a threat or were you flirting with me?” Carlos had an intense look on his face as he stared you down, waiting for an answer.
“Both. Neither. A mixture of the two. I like to stay unpredictable.”
His eyebrows scrunched up as he looked down at the ground before whispering under his breath, “I could’ve sworn that she didn’t like me.” A kick to the barrel that the two of us were hiding behind caused me to place my hand over Carlos’s mouth.
Gil peeked behind the barrel to find Carlos and I in a somewhat compromising position since it was a tight space and we were trying to hide.
“(Y/N)? What are you doing back on the Isle? I should tell dad, he’d love to see you!”
I quickly took my left hand and covered his mouth while my right was over Carlos’s, “I know that you’re helping Uma but we really need King Ben back. You most definitely cannot tell dad that I’m back because he’d look for me and make me stay here since I didn’t get the wand 6 months ago.”
Gil nodded in response before looking behind him, checking to see if Harry was gone. “Please help us? You could come back with me to Auradon! We could be the brother-sister duo that we were before and you’ll love it there. Dreams surely do come true.”
Gil smiled goofily while removing my hand, “I didn’t know that my baby sister was such a dreamer. I’m only going to help you because you’re family and because Uma hasn’t been treating me nicely lately.”
So we formulated a plan and all Carlos could do was watch.

Carlos’s POV

So does she like me or not? I need answers and I’m not leaving the Isle until I get them. Everyone thought that I was a pushover and a sweetheart but not today, I was going to be as stubborn as (Y/N) was. She extracted her hand from my face before leading me to the pirate ship where we met the rest of the core four. “Where were you guys? We should’ve gotten started already. Who knows what they’ve done with Ben!” Mal whined at us before marching through the entrance and then began arguing with Uma.

(Y/N) and Gil made eye contact with each other and then let their captivating eyes travel towards my being. The plan was that once Uma got the fake wand, (Y/N) would take on Harry while Gil cut King Ben out of the ropes and got him to the limo. I was supposed to watch (Y/N)’s back and throw the smoke bombs when I needed to. Next thing you know, swords are clanging against each other, people are being thrown in the water, and (Y/N) has Harry pinned on the ground.
“It’s not that easy to defeat me, Lass.” Harry got up and went to knock (Y/N)’s feet from under her but I ran in between, grabbing his hook while he was distracted. “Here boy!” I yelled in Harry’s direction, causing him to stare at me with a horror stricken face before begging me not the throw it. “Fetch.” The silver hook was submerged into the water, sending Captain Hook’s son in after it.

“Why would you do something so stupid!?” All I could hear was (Y/N) yelling at me for putting myself in danger but if I didn’t then she would’ve gotten hurt. “I could’ve handled it!” She swung her sword at a female pirate, defeating her as I said, “The point is that you shouldn’t have to do everything yourself!”
“I could never let you get hurt because of me! I can fight my own battles, Carlos!” I blew up, “All of you guys really need to stop treating me like I’m a lost puppy! I can protect any of you when it comes down to it. I’m not incapable of fighting and doing different kinds of things just because I’m a pushover!”

Lonnie had sent the last pirate over board while everyone else stared at me with an astonished look on their faces. (Y/N) came over and grabbed me by the arm, whispering, “We’ll talk about this later okay?”
“Why later hm (Y/N)? Why can’t we talk right here and right now?” I was over everyone treating me like a little kid. If I wanted to protect (Y/N) then I should be able to do that. I love her and I don’t want her getting hurt. Her eyes began to glass over when she ran towards Gil, pulling him back through the circular entrance towards the limo. “Cmon bro. We’ve gotta go.” Jay pulled me off of the boat and into the limo.

“Get in the car, (Y/N).” I couldn’t see her but I was sure that she was shaking her head no. “I’m not going back with you guys.”
“Do I have to physically pull you into the limo?” Jay asked as she hummed in disagreement
“I’m not leaving my brother again.” Ben smiled and extended an invitation right then and there to Gil.
“Awe man, really? Thank you so much!” He got in and sat next to Evie and (Y/N) trailed in behind him, making no eye contact with me whatsoever. I felt bad, I didn’t mean to blow up back there but I did. I should’ve just waited until we were off the ship.

Before I could fully succumb to my self wallowing, we were back at Auradon Prep. Everyone slowly trailed out of the car but I pulled (Y/N) back before she could leave back to her room. “I didn’t mean to cause a scene like that back there. You just mean a lot to me and I didn’t want you to get thrown overboard or hurt badly or anything. I just wanted to protect you because the truth is that you’re my entire world and more. I’d personally talk to Hades and see if he could help me get you back if I ever lost you. Will you plea-”

Birthday cake. That’s what her lips tasted like. They were soft and molded into mine perfectly. She let me know that I was forgiven through the kiss as she deepened it. I tangled my fingers in her hair while she cupped my face. Her thumbs traced my features while I pulled her closer.

“Hey sis, I was wondering if you could- oh sorry for interrupting I’m just gonna-” Her lips left mine cold as she pulled away, breaking the firework filled kiss. “Um, I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” She rubbed the back of her neck before I pulled her into my warm embrace. She dug her face in the crook of my neck and made me smile. “I hope that you know that you’re mine now.” I smiled down at her when she said, “okay.” She left my embrace once again as she went to go help Gil with whatever it was that he needed help with. “You owe me $5!” Evie said as she held out her hand towards Mal. The purple haired girl huffed before slamming a $5 in Evie’s hand. They had been watching from the sidelines but I was too caught up with (Y/N) to even notice, I’m assuming that the secret was a bet about the two of us getting together. I laughed at my two friends and let a huge smile takeover my face. (Y/N) was finally mine and I had no intention of losing her.

~And just like that they lived happily ever after~

anonymous asked:

Can you make a Harry x Ben head-cannons? please

Of course I can! 

- Harry is probably the most annoying person in the world when he is bored. Sadly, he’s dating a king which means paperwork which means BORING AS HECK. It’s probably for the best he goes somewhere with his crew those days or he’s liable to set something on fire to see what happens. 

- Ben has gotten markedly more sarcastic. He’s always been fun and occasionally made well placed quips, but he’s developing a drier more sarcastic wit. He blames Harry. 

- Like, you know the deleted scene/the scene from the book where Harry dips and kisses Gil? Does it to Ben all the time and it’s hard for Ben not to laugh, Harry don’t bait the paparazzi (Ben, you knew who you asked out). 

- Hm? Oh, yeah, Ben asked him out. Got advice from Uma for how to do that Isle style. Isle style usually involves either stealing or vandalism so Ben had to do some heavy reworking. 


- Harry teaching Ben to sail? Harry teaching Ben to sail. 

- BEN WAS SO UPSET HARRY NEVER LEARNED TO COUNT he tried so hard to teach him. He even still occasionally tries to sneak a lesson into their conversations but Harry rolls his eyes and whoops that paper with numbers on it is now an airplane, hope that wasn’t too important. 

- Harry just refuses to take Ben’s job seriously? Like at all? 

- Ben goes for flattery when it comes to nicknames, because flattery will get you everywhere with Harry. Harry calls him a mutt and makes a lot of ‘dog smell’ jokes. Truly a tale as old as time that one. 

- Harry is the first guy Ben’s ever dated that responded badly to Ben’s ‘romantic boyfriend’ mode - he is NOT some soft Auradonian guy Ben, and he does not want ANY of it. Get crude, blunt, and forward dang it.