I had someone ask a Fair Isle question, and I wanted to share this bit of magic.  When I’m doing two-color Fair Isle, I always hold one color in each hand.  Using this video’s method of trapping the floats means that you don’t wind up with giant spaghetti strands on the back of your knitting.

And remember:  knit Fair Isle loosely.  Those floats need to be nice and un-tensioned across the back of your piece or else the whole thing will pucker in.

If there’s one request that disney should listen to for Descendants 2, I hope they don’t follow what Dove suggested. She wanted to go back to the isle, where she would meet a boy and then have to choose between good and evil (she also said between the boy and ben.) 

My heart would break if they did that because tbh I don’t care about her boy troubles. I’d much rather get to learn more about the other characters, and have a plot that involves more than love triangles. You’re great Dove, but no thank you. However, the core four did all agree on going back to the isle, so that could be interesting.