Regarding mental illness in Dragon Age

There might be happy and well-adjusted people somewhere in Thedas, but we certainly don’t encounter many of them! 

Almost every single NPC we meet has experienced at least one traumatic event sufficient to cause PTSD. 

On top of that, the oppressive political/economic/social systems in Thedas are inherently abusive to the vast majority of the population and thus there is probably quite a lot of complex PTSD as well. (For those unfamiliar with the distinction, complex PTSD is emotional trauma caused by being trapped in a long-term abusive or otherwise threatening/harmful situation versus regular PTSD is usually tied to specific significant events.)

Furthermore, the people of Thedas have almost no resources to cope with mental illness:

1) The scientific study of psychology (as distinct from general philosophy) is a post-Enlightenment endeavor whereas societies in Thedas are still in pre-Enlightenment stages of development.

2) There is little to no understanding of the brain. Thedas even lags behind the equivalent historical era on Earth with regards to knowledge of anatomy and non-magical medicine because research in this area is considered too close to practicing blood magic. 

3) There are no psychiatric medications – those are a 20th century invention.

4) Fetal alcohol syndrome is likely very common due to most people drinking fermented beverages instead of water because the water wasn’t safe to drink.

5) Prenatal and early childhood malnutrition are also likely very common, and cause mental disabilities. For example, the average IQs of iodine-deficient populations are ~15 points (a standard deviation) lower than non-deficient populations.

6) Childhood tragedy in the form of the death of a parent or sibling is frightfully common. At least one in ten women eventually dies in childbirth and only two-thirds of children to live to see their fifth birthdays.

7) There is no universal public education, no child protective services, and very little social mobility. If your family is abusive, neglectful, or otherwise toxic there is likely no one to notice and intervene on your behalf and almost no hope of eventually escaping to a better life. 

Don’t argue over which Dragon Age characters are mentally ill. Argue over whether they are any that aren’t.

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I read somewhere that gender and sex develop at different stages in utero, and they're related to the sex hormones released at that time. Could be why a lot of twins have 1 trans sibling, because the hormones aren't shared equally

It’s very possible that could be the case! I’ve met quite a few trans twins out there, both from sets of identical and fraternal twins. I think it’s so fascinating.

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You're making a fangame? OwO Would you mind telling us about it? It's perfectly fine if you don't, I'm just curious ^^

Well.. it’s in the EARLIEST stages of development right now… nothing’s even been done in RPGMaker yet xD

But, my fakemon region is called Taiyo, and it’s based on the Gulf of Mexico area. It takes place about 10 years before the start of Generation I/III, so it’s going to have a very 1980′s feel to it.

I don’t have much in terms of plot/characters.. but I DO have a Pokedex up, where I’ve put links to all of my Fakemon. :)

Character Dancing Meme ♥
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Keelah Se’lai:

Keelah is slow and sultry with her movements as that is how she was taught to perform by her owners. She was used to entertain her masters and other travelers who would visit the harem. However, because of the abuse she endured whilst on stage Keelah developed an overwhelming fear of performing in public and has never danced for anyone except Jack since. 

A’nya Lhea

A’nya has a little more grace and sensibility when she dances. Taught by her Grandmama she has become a beautiful dancer, but prefers to keep it to herself. She would much rather stay at home and read than perform for a crowd.

Rav Kha:


Rav Kha cannot dance, but this does not stop him from trying.

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CLUSTERTRUCK is a spectacularly chaotic first person platformer in which you have to leapfrog between a herd of stampeding 18 wheelers with an aim of reaching the finish line without touching the ground.

Even in these early Alpha stages of development, CLUSTERTRUCK is a joy to play, a chaotic, infectious and thoroughly addictive first person platformer that’s different every time you play it.  Trucking awesome.

Play The CLUSTERTRUCK Alpha Build, Free (Windows)


Jedi Killer –> Kylo Ren

Character design development from the earliest concept stages in 2013 to the finalized design in 2014.

The Art of The Force Awakens


| Poe |

It seems that the design team had the most trouble figuring out Kylo Ren’s design out of all the characters. It’s not surprising either– they had to create a new antagonist that wouldn’t crumble under the iconic image of Darth Vader.

He starts off looking completely ruthless, then he wears a mask with patterns reminiscent of Revan with some Vader in the mix, full on Vader, full on menacing cyborg, and then… the designs change. We see the artists exploring the face of a young boy, then what looks to be a masked teen with a staff.

I think it must have been later in the concept development stages that they realized they wanted Jedi Killer to be the son of Han and Leia. I think that’s what brought the change from art for a “scary villain” to “there’s more to him”.

“I work every hour that I am awake but not with a fever of tempo. Although I live in the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York, I do not time my scientific experiments to the hectic, jazz rhythm of the hysterical metropolis. I work for the future–build for the future. Just as today I see the realization of experiments carried on 50 years ago, I am now working with a view towards still greater achievements which will come to pass a half century hence.

“That is my method. After experiencing a desire to invent a certain thing, I go on for days, months, even years with the idea in the back of my head. Whenever I feel like it, I play around with a problem without giving it a deliberate consideration. This is the incubation period.

"Next comes the stage have direct effort. At this point the solution is somewhere in the subconscious mind, although it may take some time before it reaches the level of consciousness.

"As my conceived device begins to take form, I make mental changes in the construction, improvements are figured out, and I even operate it. All of this is peliminary work–all in my mind. When machine itself is finished, I slip my imaginary job over it and find they coincide to the minutest detail.”

Nikola Tesla

“Radio Power Will Revolutionize The World.” By Alfred Albelli. Modern Mechanix, July, 1934.
‘Legend of Zelda’ Live Action Series Happening at Netflix
Netflix is developing a ‘Legend of Zelda’ live action series that is being called a ‘Game of Thrones’ for the whole family.

Are you ready for a Game of Thrones-type series that the whole family can enjoy?  That’s Netflix’s intentions with its latest original series.  The streaming service is currently moving forward with a live action adaptation of the popular video game franchise The Legend of Zelda.  The show is now in the very early stages of development.

The Legend of Zelda stands as one of the most popular video games of all time.  The story follows an ordinary boy named Link who must save Princess Zelda and her fantasy world Hyrule.  Just like the Lord of the Rings franchise, this new episodic adventure series will include swords and sorcery, but unlike the previously mentioned Game of Thrones, it will be a bloodless-affair, and is being called light-hearted and very kid-friendly.

Netflix is reportedly working closely with Nintendo, the Japanese game company that has successfully launched more than 20 Zelda games since the original debuted in 1987.  Nintendo is notoriously very protective of its various properties, and has allowed few adaptations over the years.   The Legend of Zelda animated series did debut in 1989, and only aired for one season.  They did allow one feature film to be made based on their titles, 1993’s Super Mario Bros. starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo, which proved to be a big bomb for Disney’s Buena Vista Pictures.

Netflix is currently seeking a writer for The Legend of Zelda, and it will be a while before the show goes into production.  There is also the possibility that either Nintendo or Netflix could kill the series before it ever goes before cameras.  Neither Netflix nor Nintendo could be reached for comment.

Okay, but… why the push to describe it as “a Game of Thrones for the whole family”?  Why not just sell it as a Zelda series?  There’re probably as many fans of the Zelda franchise as there are of ASoIaF/GoT, and invoking GoT is just going to make folks think of incest and sexposition and gory violence, which negates/is negated by the “for the family” bit.



Taxonomy: Animalia, Cycliophora, Eucycliophora, Eucycliophora, Symbiidae, Symbion

Description: Also known commonly as symbions due to their singular genus, cycliophorans are most well described in their feeding stage. They range from 0.04-0.6mm in length, with cilia-lined mouthparts and an adhesive ‘foot’ at the anterior end. This foot is attached to the trunk via a short stalk. The mouthparts are connected to a u-shaped digestive tract, which are broken down and regrown multiple times throughout the feeding stage.

Lifestyle: During the feeding stage of their life cycle, these organisms live attached to the mouthparts of lobsters, feeding on leftover food particles (thus resulting in a commensal relationship). The feeding stage can develop into one of three forms, thanks to the presence of a stem cell cluster behind the mouthparts: the Pandora larva (reproducing asexually), the Prometheus larva (immature male) or the mature female stage. The prometheus will locate a female, then spawn into three smaller males that will fertilise the female. The female will then detach from the female stage, and become essentially engulfed by the developing larva (chordoid) which will then swim away to find a new lobster.

Images from realmonstrosities, 11k2, and animaldiversity. @realmonstrosities has a tumblr page that I would highly recommend following!

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So clearly Prince of Egypt is in development at some stage for the stage musical (which I’d largely given up hope for) and clearly Darren Criss is involved, as is Nikki M. James who I adore beyond all adoration…like, what did I do to deserve this?? I am confused?? This is literally All I Ever Wanted???????????????????????? somebody sedate me

Overall Opinion of Shinoa

Hello! Thank you @ghanamansoor for the 4th prompt. Shinoa shall become the 4th in line to receive her psychological diagnosis from me ahaha XD 

Generally speaking, I think Shinoa is a very interesting person. Being a character in the nascent stages of development, she has vast potential to become a great character as she uncover things about and for herself. Shinoa is also an ‘Onion character’ that needs to be peeled- removing what is seen superficially and unearthing who she exactly is on the inside. 

On the outside, Shinoa is a sass queen who likes to tease and play pranks. She doesn’t seem to take things seriously and always has a very carefree attitude. But there are enough moments to prove that Shinoa, to me, is anything but what she presents to others. Just like Shinya, Shinoa hides a lot of herself beneath a sassy mask. (like brother like sister huh?)

What truly defines Shinoa is who she really is beneath those lenny faces, smirks and witty comments. 

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Rooting the Stems

Stem cells are the ‘mothers’ that give rise to all the different cell types in our body, during development and throughout adult life. Despite growing knowledge of their function and behaviour, how stem cells themselves originate remains unclear. To address this question, researchers studied the hair follicles of mice, pictured above (in blue) at different stages of development, from simple clusters of cells, or placodes, to mature hair buds. Stem cell activity is typically maintained by signals from a group of nearby cells, known as the niche. Yet a different mechanism operates in hair buds, independently from a niche: when a placode cell divides, an asymmetrical distribution of certain molecules between daughter cells causes one to become a stem cell. The molecules involved, Wnt and SHH, are also implicated in skin cancers, so understanding their role in triggering stem cell activity is crucial.

Written by Emmanuelle Briolat

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What kind of internship did u apply for CN? Like what do u do?

Quality assurance for mobile games! I work on all the mobile games and apps CN releases from all the different game studios we work with. QA testers have to do exhaustive playthroughs of the games in all the different development stages on different platforms, find bugs, find how to reproduce those bugs, and then document and track them to make sure the final product is bug-free. We also do the same thing when they make content updates for apps and stuff like that.

while i’m talking: i am so tired of hearing the “kids are resilient” rhetoric when it comes to children being mistreated because no, no actually, children are so fucking fragile.

is it true that some kids can ‘bounce back’ from incidents of hurt, humiliation, and abuse? sure! but it’s far more likely that small humans in a crucial stage of development will internalize that hurt and carry it with them for their entire lives, often developing phobias or triggers related to those things! this is not at all difficult to understand! advocating for people in positions of authority to “be tougher” on children and wield tools like physical discipline and public humiliation to teach them will just turn out a bunch of really fucking neurotic people who know how to fake being well-adjusted moderately well.

children are not, as a whole, resilient. they are like clay. the impressions you make on them will most likely last, so you need to be goddamn careful where you apply pressure.