Çevremde, güzel yürüyüş yapılacak yerler var; yıllarca her gün, hatta günlerce yürümüş olmama rağmen, bu yolları tüketemedim. Tamamen yeni bir manzara harika bir mutluluk kaynağıdır; ve ben her öğleden sonra yeni bir manzarayla karşılaşabiliyorum. İki ya da üç saatlik bir yürüyüş beni, görmeyi beklediğim kadar ilginç bir yere götürebilir. Daha önce görmemiş olduğum tek bir çiftlik evi bile, en az  Dahomey Kralı’ nın toprakları kadar güzel bir manzaradır. On millik bir alanda bulunan manzaranın sunduğu imkanlar ya da bir öğle yürüyüşünün sınırları ve yetmiş yıllık bir insan hayatı arasında gerçekten keşfedilebilir bir uyum vardır. Bu, sana asla tanıdık gelmeyecektir.

( Henry David Thoreau, Yürümek, 1849 )






[ Ankara, Çamlıdere, Bükeler, 18.07.2015 ]

Dahomey and the Royal Palaces of Abomey
  • Dahomey and the Royal Palaces of Abomey
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class

The idea for today’s podcast came … from Tumblr. We became interested in the Abomey after seeing a reblog about the royal palaces there. Each Dahomean king built one, following the architectural style and ceremonial elements of the ones that came before. In later reigns, bas relief sculptures recorded the history of the kingdom and its people.

What the post didn’t mention was the transatlantic slave trade, which is where the kingdom got most of its wealth. 

Here’s a link to our notes and research.

Photos by Dominik Schwarz (Own work), CC BY-SA 3.0 

A small list of African deities

ALA/ALE - Nigeria. Earth Mother and creator goddess. Community laws, morality, and oaths.

ASA - Kenya. God of mercy, surviving the impossible or insurmountable.

FA - Dahomey. God of personal destiny.

FAMIAN - Guinea. God of fertility and protector against demons.

KATONDA - East Africa. God of judgment, and against all odds, and divination.

MBABA MWANA WARESA - Zulu. Goddess of the rainbow and crops.

MUKURU - Southwest Africa. God of rain, healing, and protection.

MUNGO - Kenya. God of rain.

NYAME - West Africa. God who prepared the soul for rebirth.

OGIJN - West Africa. God of iron and warfare, removal of difficulties, and justice.

OLORUN - Yoruba. God of truth, foreseeing, and victory against odds.

RUBANGA - Banyoro. God of fertility, children, harvest, health, and rebirth.

SHANGO - Nigeria. God of storm and war.

WELE - Bantu. God of rain, storms, creativity, and prosperity.

YEMAYA - Yoruba. Goddess of women and children.

Yet another windfall from Conway’s Little Big Book of Magic

Now we deal with the question, does blackface beget blackface? To elucidate, does Bert Williams enaction of psychic violence by presenting a stereotype beget stereotypical behavior?

Can we read a disinterest in Williams or perhaps a double consciousness that presents an illusory Blackness to the White audience members and a satire of stereotype to Black audiences?

I am not accusing Bert Williams of being an ethnic theater espionage artist, secretly mocking the establishment of blackface minstrelsy, but I am saying there is more to be evaluated in the subconscious response to a Black man painting himself into a Black everyman and then presenting an archetype whose existence is defining by constantly being let down and abused by the world around him.

(part 3 of 3)

(photograph of Bert Williams in blackface via Library of Congress)


Hoy es la fecha de la metresa Anaisa Pyé! Gracias a la misericordia y los misterios! Ayibobo!

The town of Blackpool presents the Foley’s Carnival and Circus Act! 

With more than 40 years of experience in bringing joy, laughter and thrilling entertainment to people around Europe, the FCCA has decided to grace Blackpool with its presence during the last few weeks of summer! There are plenty to do for everyone! We have carnival games, street food stalls to keep your tummy happy and of course the circus act! Come see the famous snake dancer, Madame Dahomey, the Foley Flying Cousins and many more! And if you’re more than ready to take on your fears, the Murky Haunted House welcomes you to its doorstep. 

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A Natural Born Gambler (1916) - 1st Black American to Write/Direct/Act in own movie - Bert Williams (by changebeforegoing)

One of the various curiosities about Bert Williams insistence on remaining in Blackface is that he often appeared (pre-Zeigfield Follies, exclusively appeared) on stage with casts of ONLY other Black people, none of whom were wearing Blackface. In this film, you see Bert Williams pouring a drink at a counter in Blackface (you can tell by the painted lips) with a bartender who is exactly the same shade as Williams.

A lot of newspaper reviews of the first all Black musicals on Broadway critiqued the casts for having so many gradient skin tones, from passing-White skin to very dark skin. Bert Williams was a Caribbean man with mixed-race heritage that led to him having very light skin. Perhaps he “Blackened up” not because he was so committed to Blackface as an art-form, but because he wanted to be clearly identified as “Black?”

  More questions than answers.


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Students research bats at Dahomey

The biology summer class Wildlife Techniques recently participated in a bat
mist netting event at Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge with the U.S. Fish
and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Dr. AHM Ali Reza, assistant professor of wildlife management, partnered
with Becky Rosamond, wildlife biologist from USFWS, to conduct the research
at Dahomey.

“The main purpose of this recent field exercise was to provide the students
with hands-on training in wildlife ecology,” said Reza. “Many of these
students will work as wildlife professionals either by getting into a
graduate program or by taking a job with state, federal agencies or NGOs
immediately after they graduate from Delta State. These type of experiences
will better prepare them as qualified wildlife personnel while working with
different wildlife species.”

The trip to Dahomey focused on the diversity of the bat population, as well
to monitor any infectious diseases the bats may carry. With a team of about
10 students, Rosamond and Reza worked until midnight catching bats in the
high humidity and mosquito-infested forest.

“The goal is to learn more about the bats, the only flying mammalian group
of animals on the planet,” added Reza. “The team managed to catch a few and
examine them up close.”

The wildlife management program at Delta State offers a number of courses
where students receive professional job training. For more information on
the program, contact Reza at 662-846-4242 or

The Dahomey Amazons, an all female militia. They were lifelong virgins and any man who tried to touch them was killed. Their motto was Conquer or Die. They had to endure insane tests of stamina such as scaling a wall covered in thorn hedges without showing pain. At their height, there were 6000 of them, and they conquered all of Benin and most of NIgeria.


1)1990-Dozens of Muslim militants surrendered & freed 42 hostages they had seized 6 days earlier, in a failed attempt (led by Yasin Abu Bakr) to overthrow the government of Trinidad & Tobago; 2)1963-Artis Leon Ivey Jr., known as rapper Coolio, was born in Compton, CA; 3)1961-Whitney Young Jr. named Executive Director of the National Urban League; 4)1960-Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, better known as rapper/activist/radio host Chuck D of the group Public Enemy, was born in Roosevelt, Long Island (NY); 5)1960-Dahomey proclaimed independent, later renamed Benin; 6)1954-Trevor Berbick was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He briefly held the WBC Heavyweight title in 1986 before losing it to Mike Tyson. He was also the last man to fight Muhammad Ali in 1981; 7)1941-Ronald H. Brown was born in Washington, DC. He was the first African American to serve as the Secretary of Commerce; 8)1920-First international convention of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association opened in Liberty Hall in Harlem. Next night, Garvey addressed 25,000 Blacks in Madison Square Gardens; 9)1895-Benjamin E. Mays, well-known educator and former president of Morehouse College, was born in Ninety Six, SC; 10)1879-Mary Eliza Mahoney was the first African American to graduate from nursing school; 11)1874-Businessman Charles Clinton Spaulding of the North Carolina Mutual Life Ins. Co., was born in Columbus County, NC; 12)1869-First African American veterinarian Augustus Nathaniel Lushington was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad; 13)1867-Blacks voted for the first time in a state election in TN; 14)1838-Slaves in Trinidad & Tobago are emancipated; 15)1834-Slavery outlawed in British empire. #BlackHistory365 #BlackIsBeautiful #PhotoGrid