[Left] Matthew Josephs (1831–1901), a 19th century Jamaican teacher, and [right] his son Hector Archibald Josephs (1871–1936), the first black Jamaican to be appointed Assistant Attorney General (1912) and Attorney General of Jamaica (1914–1916, 1919) and Attorney General of British Guiana (1925–1936), and the first black Jamaican KC (1911). According to Matthew Josephs their family history in Jamaica started in the 1780s when an Igbo [”Eboe”] nobleman and general named ‘Agullon’, Josephs’ grandfather, was captured from somewhere in Igbo land and taken to Jamaica where he married a woman from Dahomey. [I was thinking rather than ‘Agullon’ being his name, it could be his home, that is Agulu in present day Anambra State, you can see how Ágụ̀lụ̀ could be transcribed as ‘Agullon’.] [Matthew Josephs autobiography snippets +], [Hector A. Josephs Bio +].

sapphicaquarius  asked:

Ooooorrrrr, you could go the way of the Dahomey Amazons, who were originally just the Dahomey king's harem but eventually they became so numerous that he figured he might as well make them more useful by training them to become his elite guard. They continued to grow in number until they became their own military division that even gave the European invaders a run for their money. You could go for a mix of both spies and guards and create an Imperial 'Queen's Women' division or something...

The Nubians and Scythians were pretty famous for their warrior women as well—and given that I based her majesty’s cavalry captain on the Scythian horsewomen, I can see merit in the idea. I already have women soldiers in the queen’s army, but having an elite Amazon corps might present some interesting story ideas. I’ll give it some thought, thanks!