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Shooting outside Commons after police officer stabbed and car ploughs into crowd on Westminster Bridge

A police officer has been stabbed and a suspected assailant shot outside the Houses of Parliament, shortly after a car rammed into members of the public on Westminster Bridge.

One woman has died and a number of others, including the police officer, have been hurt, according to a junior doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital. Some were described as having “catastrophic” injuries.

At least three gun shots were heard by those inside Westminster, and proceedings in the House of Commons have been suspended as police deal with what they tentatively described as a “terrorist incident”.

The deputy speaker of the Commons, David Lidington, announced the suspension in the House, saying a police officer had been stabbed and the “alleged assailant shot by armed police”.

Early reports indicate the car, which mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge and mowed into around a dozen people, was the same vehicle which then rammed into the gates of Westminster just around the corner.

Security sources described the suspected assailant as a middle-aged Asian man, who is understood to have left the car before attacking a police officer with a seven-to-eight inch knife.

The police officer was seen wounded but moving, after falling to the ground clutching his arm or shoulder. At least one man was seen running towards the exit of New Palace Yard, underneath Big Ben.

Police were seen shouting at him, presumably to stop. Shots were then heard. It is unclear at this stage whether one or more men were involved.

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Hi, I am big fan of MMFR now and find your writings very interesting. I am very confused why at the final battle Max and Furiosa not used any gun to self protected at all. Max do have some round at the beginning and then looking for bullets to refill. Seems very strange as he does not plan ahead at all (?) Or maybe I miss something?

Eh, I was originally gonna be flip and say “because ripping someone’s face off with a harpoon is way more badass” but then you got me thinking about guns in Fury Road. If I wander a bit far afield from what you were originally asking, hopefully it’s to interesting places.

For a movie that’s almost constant action, guns don’t play as big a role in the combat of Fury Road as you might think. In the world of the Citadel and its allies, Before-time pistols and rifles are kind of an elite weapon. Warlords and Imperators have them, but War Boys and Polecats mostly don’t. They have car-mounted machine guns and harpoon launchers, and all kinds of DIY weapons, some of which fire projectiles, but they mostly rely on throwing shit with their bare hands. (Given this, the fact that Furiosa has not just one or two but something like nine guns in her rig should tell you something about her status.)

Fury Road is also not one of those movies where the heroes have magically regenerating ammunition–in fact, being low on ammunition is a major plot point. So it’s possible that when Max is hunting around for more ammo after shooting at Slit, there just isn’t any left in that caliber. But more generally, if you don’t have infinite bullets you’re going to use your guns when they’ll be most effective.

When thinking about self-defense, remember that this is Fury Road, so no one fights alone. Furiosa is used to fighting with a team. So for the first part of the battle, when she’s driving, her self-defense is actually other people. She does plan ahead for that part of the battle, by stationing her kinswomen–who all happen to be really good shots–all over the rig, and on a moving bike that can weave around and pick people off. 

Even though Furiosa is also a good shot, she’s already using her strongest weapon in this situation, which is a giant fast murder truck that she’s really good at driving.

In general, Max and Furiosa use guns and other projectile weapons when their targets are at range. Furiosa uses an explosive crossbow bolt on the Polecat who kills Keeper, and Max (rather rudely) uses the ramrod from one of the other Vuvalini’s rifles to shoot Chainsaw Polecat before he can attack Furiosa.

But the final battle, more than any of the other action sequences, involves a lot of boarding of vehicles and a lot of hand-to-hand fighting. Except for Babyface McStabby, who has some kind of crossbow, most of the Polecats have melee weapons. None of them seem to have guns.

If a Polecat is swinging some weaponized garden equipment at you, it may be more effective to whack them with the heavy metal boltcutters that are already in your hand than to take the time to draw a gun, even if you have one. One of the things that makes the fights in Fury Road exciting is that anything can become a weapon, and in hand-to-hand combat an everyday object may prove more useful than a gun.

You may ask why Furiosa doesn’t take a gun with her to the Gigahorse. Maybe she thinks there are enough weapons on board that she’ll be able to figure something out. Maybe she doesn’t really have much of a plan at that point other than to stay alive long enough to fuck some shit up. She says “I’ll get him out of our way.” There are many potential ways to do that, although because of action movie conventions we know she is probably going to end up killing him. I think at that point it’s clear that she’s ready to die. So self-defense in that moment isn’t really about her long-term survival, but about living long enough to finish the mission. Similarly, Max launching himself at Rictus is more about him distracting Rictus from Furiosa than Max necessarily winning the fight.

Regarding “thinking ahead” more generally, one of the other things that’s great about the action sequences in Fury Road, and all the Mad Max movies, is how much unintended consequences and pure dumb luck come into play. To pick just one small example: Furiosa brakes to stop this Polecat from attacking Max:

But that means Babyface Polecat is able to hang on to the Rig and come back to stab her…

…which he probably wouldn’t have been able to do if Toast had been in her seat on that side of the Rig and/or Keeper hadn’t been dying.

Fury Road is full of examples like this, and this sense of chaos and unpredictability is part of George Miller’s style of action. Here’s a really good short video that goes into this idea some more:

From a character perspective, what this means is that characters can make an elaborate plan (how long did Furiosa spend planning every aspect of this escape?) and things will probably go sideways and they’ll have to think on their feet anyway. The race back to the Citadel wasn’t part of Furiosa’s original plan at all–24 hours earlier she was going to the Green Place, expecting never to see the Citadel again.

What makes Max and Furiosa great warriors and survivors is their ability to improvise, react quickly and not panic, fight with what’s around them, and make shit up as they go along just well enough to stay alive.

person: josh is such a psychopath so i’m happy he died, what an asshole


One Day

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Words: 611
Plot: The X-Men buckle up and hit the road for their summer getaway: Jean’s family summer cabin. But will Peter have the courage to tell the girl of his dreams how he feels?
A/N: You asked for Friday Can’t Come Soon Enough. The good news is; it’s on its way. The bad news is: I still haven’t seen Apocalypse in a while. Buckle up though, because I’m going to take you on a multi-part series of summer lovin’ feat all of our faves.

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The August sunlight filtered through the windscreen as Scott’s car pulled into the driveway; the sound of gravel cracking against the tires jolting Peter out of his tired stupor, his silver hair tossing around as the car mounted the pavement.
“Wakey wakey, boys. Looks like the girls beat us to it” Scott announced, pulling the car to a stop and taking the keys out of the ignition.
“I told you you should’ve let me drive, numbskull” Warren sighed, his hand already on the door handle.
Scott shook his head.
“I’d rather take my chances of being late, thanks. Grab your shit, guys.”
In seconds, Peter was standing out the front of the summer house. It was huge; Jean’s ‘summer house’ made his suburban place look like a trash can. White slats and big bay windows, with a lake stretching away from the treeline.

Enough room for a bunch of twenty-somethings and enough beer to poison a whole river? Seemed likely.
“Peter, which bag was it that was yours?” Kurt asked, huffing as he dragged an awkward-looking suitcase towards him.
“I’ve just got the backpack. I travel light.” Peter nodded, slipping his headphones down to his neck.
“You guys head in, then. We’ll drag everything else out of the car.”

Opening the front door, Peter found himself in a huge, open-plan area. A modern kitchen greeted him, with a living area and a huge television at the back of the room. The back wall was entirely glass; giving way to the beautiful view of a grassy garden and the lake, glittering in the afternoon sun. A tree swing hung on an overhanging branch, and Peter could swear he thought he saw a hot tub on the way in.
Sprawled across the sofa, Jean flipped her hair over one shoulder, pooling through a book on her lap.
“Sup Jean” Peter waved sheepishly, darting to the fridge and grabbing a cola.
“Hey Pete. Was wondering when you guys would finally show up” she laughed, setting her book down in her lap “where’s Scott?”
“Getting the stuff out of the-”
“It was rhetorical, Peter” Jean smiled, tapping her forehead with her fingers.
Peter smirked, sipping the cold liquid as he leaned against the countertop.
“She’s gone for a swim with Jube, by the way”.
Peter swallowed.
“Who?” he asked, his cheeks flushing with warmth.
“Who do you think?” she asked, before adding “also rhetorical”.
Peter shuffled awkwardly, setting his cola on the table and pushing his hands into his jeans pockets.
“Right. I’m off on the tour, then”
Jean waved him off, getting up to go and find Scott
“Later speedy.”

In a flurry of silver, Peter was outside; the trees dappling the sunlight against his face. The water glittered softly; gentle waves refracting the evening sun.
And there they were.
Jubilee was to her right; her dark hair pulled back into soft pigtails, sunglasses balanced on her head. She was sipping some sort of beverage from a bottle, her lips pulled back into a smile.
(y/n) was silhoutted by the sunlight, golden rays outlining the colours in her hair. Her makeup had smudged slightly from the water; her eyes looking smokey and dramatic. She was leaning against some sort of bodyboard; using it to rest on as she drifted in the water.

“What’s up Silver?” Jube cooed, raising her beer and pressing it to her lips.
(y/n) shot up, her eyes falling on Peter’s disheveled appearance.
“Hey Pete!” she called enthusiastically, her face flushing with colour.
Oh, but she was beautiful.
And out of his league.
Like; way, way out of his league.

One day, he’d tell her.
One day.