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Leafy’s gonna drop an irl skit tomorrow. I’m not ready.

I’m so excited (not just because of his face, tho it is always a plus in my book) but for the content!!! i’m so fucking pumped and i love that he wants to make his content more diverse adding more shit to his commentaries and doing parodies and bringing back his talkish vids and im just so happy and just loving what he’s doing with his channel 

(side note: he’s delaying videos because he wants them to be better quality. praise)

And here they are! All the rivals!!!

better quality here 

So a couple of days ago, @yanderedev gave a like to a couple of things I  made and once I was done fangirling i decided I just had to do something better! I had been giving it some thought for a couple of days and today I see the new rival introduction video!! It was just too perfect! So yeah, i’ve been working on these girls all day! In the next couple of days i will give each one her own animation but yeah I am so hyped right now! man these girls are the best I don’t want to kill any of them!

More Yandere stuff

So when I moved over here almost a week ago my already semi-broken laptop broke down even more, luckily a couple days ago Em got it fixed enough to use (though still on its last legs), but then I got a disc stuck inside it which prevents me from using it…

I should just look at this as a sign to finally get a new laptop that’ll work; it’s been six months of struggling with this dying laptop anyway.

The last time I looked into getting a new laptop I was interested in these two:
- Dell Inspiron 15 7559
- HP Pavilion 15-ak010nr
If anyone more knowledgeable on laptops know of similar or better quality ones that are better priced please let me know.