In English we know him by his Greek name, Thoth, but this ancient Egyptian god was known as Djehuty or Dhwty. Thoth was the patron of scribes and was considered the inventor of writing. He was usually portrayed as a man with an ibis head, or as a baboon. He was also the god of mathematics, of all the sciences, and every branch of human and divine knowledge. His symbols are the crescent moon, the writing case, the papyrus and the pen.

Mother, all arts and sciences, all branches of knowledge, are your modifications, all women in the world are your manifestations. You alone pervade the entire creation.~ Chandi Path.

All women in the world are manifestations of the Goddess, women who beg, steal and borrow so their children don’t go without, women who go hungry to make sure their families have enough food, women who are victims of domestic violence, rape survivors, women who have to deal with misogyny everyday in order to succeed in life or just exist, women with body image constantly under scrutiny, women unfairly paid, the prostitute, the chief executive, happy women, independent women, ALL women are manifestations of the Goddess.

Ways to increase Eeman: Knowing and Pondering over the names of Allah ‘azza wa jal: 

The knowledge of the Names of Allah and His Attributes that are mentioned in the Book and Sunnah, which signify Allah’s absolute perfection from all angles, is one of the greatest branches of knowledge that causes the increase of iman.

To occupy oneself with learning them, understanding them, and fully investigating them embodies many great benefits. Knowledge of Allah leads to love of Him, fear and reverence of Him, hope in Him and sincerity of action for Him alone. This is the cornerstone of the servant’s happiness. There is no way towards knowing Allah except by way of knowledge of His Names and Attributes and to acquire the understanding of their meanings.

Photo taken by Murshalin Ahmed Shinji

A Nightmarish Feast.

His surroundings were totally unknown. There were trees as large as skyscrapers, the grass was laid out like a carpet before him and the sun was littering through the tree branches casting shadows all around him. There wasn’t any knowledge of the place except to keep walking to get to his destination. What that was he had no idea. He just knew he had to hurry before something terrible came after him. What that terrible thing was and why it was so terrible didn’t seem clear the further he walked. It was almost like he was walking in a giant circle, unable to do anything about it. The sounds of snarling and growling behind him was the only indication he had that he wasn’t alone anymore. And one glance over his shoulder confirmed his worst fears.

It was a wolf. Large and black, eyes shining like little fires in the dark shadows of the trees. It was here for him and only him. He had to get away. He had to get home. Don’t let it catch you, Hummel. Don’t let it catch you. So he ran. He ran as fast as he could. But no matter how fast his legs carried him he didn’t seem to be able to go anywhere. Completely helpless and that mercy of this great beast that emerged from the woods and stalked towards him. There was no warning. Just a howl then he was being pounced on, knocking him to the ground. The next thing he knew everything hurt. Nothing but pain swallowed him up leading him to scream.

“Kurt! KURT!

Being shaken awake by his father, Kurt sat up in bed which was drenched in cold sweat and other things so it seemed since his pajama pants were soaked. He hadn’t wet the bed in years but he knew what the sensation felt like none the less. It was just getting light out which meant that Kurt had cried himself to sleep only a few hours ago since he hadn’t been much in the mood for sleeping.

“I’m fine, dad. I just need to change…I….uhm…” Kurt’s face went aflame with embarrassment and humiliation. Apparently it was a normal reaction though to his traumatized experience. Something he had hoped was also a brutal nightmare that he would wake up from. Secretly he still hoped that it was.

Changing into another pair of pajamas and several pair of underwear just so he could feel secure again, Kurt returns to the freshly made bed where he curls up under the blankets, hugging his pillow to his chest and hiding his face against it where he stays for several more hours. Even refusing to eat what toast his dad made him since his stomach was still sensitive and he had thrown up several times during the night. He wouldn’t be able to eat anything that day and if he was going to be taken away against his will next, he doubted he’d be able to eat for a while. The depression from that thought even had him thinking about how it would be better to die of starvation then live as a werewolf mate.

Information Compilation: Prince/President Gaap

This is a compilation of information about Prince and President Gaap. I do not claim any information except that listed in the UPG section as my own, and have listed the sources accordingly. 

Summarized Information from Traditional/Published Sources:

Gaap is both a Prince and President, who is a fallen angel, previously of the order of Potentates/Powers. He rules over 66 legions of demons. When the sun is in a southern sign, he appears in a human form. He is the guide of the four demonic kings of the cardinal directions, leading them into official meetings. He belongs to the domain of King Amaymon, and can teach you to consecrate things for him. He is a demon of knowledge, being well-versed in all branches of philosophy and liberal sciences. He is skilled in divination, being able to answer things pertaining to the past, present, and future. Though he can grant knowledge, he is alco capable of taking it away, making people stupid or ignorant. He can cause either love or hatred. He can render others’ power useless while at the same time enhancing your own. Thus, this implies that he is a demon of conversion, flexibility, and opposites, being skilled at both sides of outcomes (smart or stupid, love or hatred, and enhancing or cancelling). He is skilled in navigating social situations, aiding in your understanding of body language and tone. He also rules travel, both physical and astral travel.


  • The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum by Johann Weyer
  • Lesser Key of Solomon
  • From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford (2007)
  • From Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly (2010)

*Note: Gaap is not present in the Dictionnaire Infernal

What the Traditional Sources Imply:

The above sources claim that Gaap can make you smart or stupid, cause love or hatred, and enhancing or cancelling. This implies that he is a demon of conversion, flexibility, and opposites, being skilled at both sides of outcomes, also implying diplomatic/mediation abilities. The large paragraphs about him in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and the Lesser Key of Solomon imply that he’s a very important demon.

Jelly’s UPG:

Note: Everything from this point on is my UPG.

Information: In addition to the above, he can also be called on for things regarding all sorts of protection. His soldiers are tough, well-trained, and knowledgeable as well. Gaap himself enjoys getting his hands dirty once in a while, but only if the opponent may be a tiny bit of a challenge or if there are personal reasons (telling a malicious entity that you will send Gaap’s soldiers after him if they do not leave, and malicious entity looks down on/underestimates Gaap is considered a personal enough offence). While he is capable of granting romantic love, he has told me that he is best, and prefers, love in the fame, power, or respect sense; leadership is also something he is capable of granting, but only if he considers you to be a leader/potential leader. He scorns those who are power-hungry simply for the sake of it; power and responsibility go hand in hand, in his eyes.

Appearance: He always appears or has an air of business formality, and is usually well-dressed. He usually appears as a humanoid demon to me (horns, dark sclera, grey-tinted skin but other than that, human-like), but a pleasantly sharp looking one: usually in a suit or some other formal wear. Of course, he will appear in battle armor if appearing for protection/fighting reasons.

Are Gaap and Goap the same?

Gaap has told me that he is not the same spirit as Goap, and that this mix-up is on purpose: Goap does not wish to work with humans at all and looks down on them, so this mix-up is a way to prevent that, by redirecting attempts to Gaap. His words: “Goap is a King of the Direction of West; he is tied to Amaymon as He is East, ruling the Sunrises, and Goap rules the West, thus having ties to sunsets. He is Great and Strong and on equal level with that of Amaymon, yet below that of Belial/Beleth/Bileth. This is possible because the ranks, such as King, also have many sub-ranks such as King, Chief King, Sub-Kings, etc.”