Ash’s Witchy Giveaway

I’m so excited to finally be doing this!

It’s taken me longer then expected to get everything together, but this is in a way me saying thank you for all the new followers I’ve gained the last few months, seriously thank you. 

Okay! On with it. You get:

-a miniature pocket tarot deck

-2 color drip candles

-an interchangeable charm necklace (4 charms included)

-a bottle necklace with amethyst crystals

-1 handmade wand 

-2 different traditional incense packs

-a very cute pentacle necklace (I have the same one we can be besties)

-a beauty glamour bottle charm

-a protection bottle charm

-a sun and moon infinity scarf

I will also be including little notes and descriptions for the things I made so you know what’s all in them,and there will also be a few more surprise items since I’m still adding to this everyday. 


Only reblogs count, and you can reblog as many times as you’d like, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING ME that being said it would be very greatly appreciated if you did. 

I will be picking a winner at random on September 25th

So please make sure you check your inbox if I don’t get a reply within 24 hours I will pick a new winner (make sure I can message you as well in the first place)

I can only ship to the US (lower 48) I’m sorry

one more thing: please don’t tag this as a giveaway, otherwise I run the risk of staff finding it and taking it down.

Okay! Good luck guys, I’m really excited for this and have put a lot of work into this little giveaway and will continue to do so. 


Hey, Strange Magic fandom!
Did anyone put any of our beloved fairies in the jar, yet?
I’d really love to see Bog/Marriane or Dawn/Sunny participate in the “Bottle Meme”.
Basically you just draw the characters inside this jar. They can just be standing there or doing something.
I only heard about the bottle meme today, but if you google it you can find information on it and examples. Just thought I’d let you guys know in case any of you amazing artists need something to do!


never forget

Physical Healing Bottle Charm

I created my own based off liberumbrarum ‘s recipe.  ( )

I made this in hopes it will help my knee to heal smoothly and rapidly! 

Materials I Used

 -Vitamin E Oil - For it’s various healing properties

-A Paper from my Book Of Shadows with “knee” written on it

-A purple thread to hold the paper closed as it is known for being a color associated with peace, healing and strength

-Rosemary for its medical attributes

- A white candle to represent my bones

I think this was a success (for a first time bottle charm) and I hope it will guide me to a successful and speedy revocery.

Check out the link above to liberumbrarum ‘s original post to get the full instructions.