We did one scene. A big big scene, a sort of six or seven page scene. With lots of the cast in it. And what we always do is have a, what we call a crew show, where it’s been rehearsed, for most of the morning, and then we show it for the crew before we actually film it. And we did this particular scene and at the end there was a silence. And then everyone just burst into a round of applause. It was extremely affecting and strong stuff, so. Very exciting.
—  Mark Gatiss, SDCC 2016 x

SDCC interview with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat talking about S4. [x]


Vienna Bedroom UPDATED

I have recloned the pillows, blankets, bed skirt, and headboards for this set.

The sims should no longer get a confident moodlet in the presence of the headboards and I hope those who’ve had issues placing the blankets and pillows will find that this update fixes that. I also fixed an the medium lod for the bed skirt.

The dresser, end table, finial, book end, and mirror didn’t need updating. 

I have play tested and had others beta test, so I hope I’ve fixed all the issues, but let me know if I didn’t!  

Remember, if you don’t have the bed skirt, you wont have anything to place your separated mattress on! Look on my bedrooms page if you need some separated mattresses. These blankets and pillows etc. are decorative, you still need to place a mattress underneath them so sims will have a place to sleep.

If you downloaded items separately download these (let the new files overwrite the old ones in your mods folder):

Bed Skirt

Wooden Headboard

Fabric Headboard

Patterned Pillows

Plain Pillows

Patterned Blanket

Plain Blanket

(dresser, end table, finial, book end, mirror) << for those downloading for the first time :)

If you downloaded the merged file download this one: (let the new file overwrite the old one in your mods folder)

>>merged file<<