NCT Reaction - Crying because you are happy to be with them

Mark: He’d be very surprised. ‘Why are you crying, Babe? Did something happen?’

Haechan: Haechan would probably don’t know what to do, he thinks leaving your side is the best thing ‘cause he’s doing things worse.

Jaemin: He would be very surprised at first, but as you told him why you are crying, he would blush a lot and would laugh nervously.

Chenle: This little guy would be very confused. ‘Why are you crying? Of course I love you!’

Renjun: As you told him what’s going on, he would blush really hard. ‘AHH, What are you saying??’

Johnny: Johnny would not understand why you are crying, but he would try to comfort you. ‘Stop crying, I have a gift for you!’, but you are just crying even more.

Ten: Ten would be more innocent than the NCT Dream Kids. 'What’s going on here??’

Taeyong: As you tell him why you are crying, Taeyobg would probably tear up, too. He’s very emotional.

Yuta: Yuta looks at you as if he has seen a ghost. Like Haechan, he just leaves your side. 'I’ll come later again, okay? Try to soothe yourself down while I am gone.’

Doyoung: He would try to comfort you, and when you told him why you are crying, he would kiss you 24 hours a day. 'You are so sweet!’

— Hello. Took me some time, but this request was hard. Didn’t really know what to write. Hope y'all like it, if you are finding mistakes, just tell me. Masterlist will be added soon.

All the Love. -K.

(February the 25th, 2017)