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I finished before the stream ended, hooray! A nice cozy morning with some dirty bean water is nice! A cute kitchen, with some plates set up for him and Wishuu’s breakfasts! 

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#129.5 - Magikarp can be found in any body of water they can fit in, all over the world - even in shallow puddles, or occasionally, swimming pools! They are infamous for their pathetic movepool, low strength and speed, and numerous population. These weak and helpless Magikarp do not become mighty Gyarados in a day. Their continuous struggle on the bottom of the food chain is a tough one, and as a result their evolved form is rarely found in the wild. Those that make it to their final stage are very strong and usually unstable, harboring an aggressive temperament. 

Named: Magikarp - ? - Gyarados

It was time to redo the most infamous in-progress Pokemon, but the derpy, classic [Old Version] will live on forever in our hearts.

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my witchy morning routine ♡

i thought it would be cute sharing my witchy morning routine in here, it could be a nice idea to give some inspiration to others and also to know me better since i don’t share much about me in here hehe

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- first thing’s first, i get up and stretch a bit, i open my window and let some fresh air in

- then I go pet my sweet familiar and give him some treats

- i make myself some green tea and add a bit of cinnamon and honey for protection

- i normally drink my tea in my balcony to connect a bit with the nature that surrounds e, if you have a garden then you’re so lucky haha

- i check my daily activities on my bullet journal

- i do my skin care routine (all products are vegan and cruelty-free) and brush my teeth

- i put my workout clothes and jog for 15 minutes

- after that i wind down and take a long shower, i take the opportunity to charge my rose quartz with the running water. i also keep my crystals (the ones that are water resistant) next to me

- then i love to listen to some music and dance in my towel, I’d like to think that’s something Aphrodite would be proud of hehe

- after putting my clothes on, I hop into the sofa and read listening to the sounds of birds (if you have been following me for a while you already know that I’m a big bookworm)

- then I take out my familiar to a park and that’s basically it!

thank you for reading this far, i love all of my followers so much (◕‿◕✿)

note: i don’t go to school for medical reasons until september :( i’d like to do a post about it someday x


Ever since I saw this tin at the thrift store, I knew it had to become a “Swim Through My Dreams” tin. As I often work with water and moon magic, most of the items in this tin have association with one or the other or both and most of the flowers and herbs came from my garden or my parents’ garden. Correspondences are based on my previous researches and my intuition and experiences with the plants/crystals/shells themselves.

🌊🌙🌊 Swim Through My Dreams 🌊🌙🌊

🌙 Soft twilight wool to welcome the comfort of the night

🌙 Lavender - relaxation and sleep

🌙 Hydrangea - protection, dream and moon magic

🌙 Jasmine - moon and dream magic, also it smells lovely and is mood lifting

🌙 Lotus root - peace, calmness, feeling settled into sleep

🌙 Blue Lotus petals - this is actually a water lily, calmness, peace, relaxation

🌙 Amethyst - helps with dream recall (also my favourite bedside crystal)

🌙 Mother of Pearl - moon magic

🌙 Selenite - moon magic, bring clarity in dreams

🌙 Seaweed - to help me swim through my dreams

I plan to charge this under the moonlight and then tuck the tin into one of the drawers of my bedside stand.

For more details of correspondences for a number of the plants, please check out Herbal Riot and please always do further research on any plants or herbs you may use.