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The truth came roaring in fast and hard on 30 mph winds today. 

They’ve been telling me this for years. They don’t all know each other, but as careful and quiet observers they’ve all said the same exact thing.

Still, I just didn’t get it. 

The Universe, finally having had enough of this absolute utter nonsense, roared in with some of the strongest winds we’ve had in usually tranquil Eagle Rock since we moved back to L.A. She tore down trees, ripped down heavy limbs, and threw my very, very heavy potted plants clear across the yard. 

Do you hear me now 

The shroud had fallen away and the truth lay open and exposed for the whole entire world to see.

Suddenly, I got it. And, I can only feel pity. 

With clarity comes a new beginning. I think I’ll burn some sage to help clear out the old energy. 

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is suicide squad/marvel 2017's superwholock

Heheheheh Suicide Squad AU Dark World Style ^~^ Harley as Loki & the whole entire Sue of Side Squad being thor (: also technically as a harley/shot shipper it’ll technically be thorki but they’re not really related so it’s coõ. in the end harley (Loki but with ponytails that are dyed red like the arkham games) goes and saves the world (she makes lots of sassy remarks xD) but then fakes her death (like loki but instead thor is tricking to shoot her n she’s like SIKE HO!! XD) and then takes the throne aka becomes like, a second amanda w/aller but so much more powerful xD !! the squad (Thor) has NO IDEA

“Why did you drag me all the way out here?” Juliette whined as Sebastian pulled her hand.

He just laughed, “Jules, stop complaining. We are almost at the spot.”

“Babe, the kids are at home–” 

“We’re here!” Sebastian shouted abruptly, interrupting Juliette. 

“I’m still really confused why we were here, Bas. You know I love you but Wren and Wyatt have a field trip tomorrow. I have to get home.”she babbled on. 

Sebastian knelt down, and reached into his side pocket. Shocked, Juliette went silent. 

“Juliette Rose Frailey, I love you with my entire heart. You are my whole world. I love it when you talk for hours about absolutely nothing. I love the way laugh about almost everything. Juliette will you marry me?” 

She began to tear up. 

To the boy who once felt like home….

Should we take it back to where it all started? A simple sleeping with sirens post, which lead to a few messages, that lead to talking about warped tour and then that lead to July 6th, 2012. The day I officially met you, the day of warped tour. Now we know we had known of each other and briefly seen one another but never really spoken. But on that simple day all that changed, and who knew my whole entire world following that day was going to change as well. July 6th, 2012 was one of the best days ever, I had so much fun and was so happy to have been there and gotten to know you, I remember having to leave early and you telling me you got glass in your foot and I wanted to rush back to make sure you were ok, you told me not to worry and you were fine. I was certain we weren’t going to speak again after that because that’s normally just how things go. Turns out I was wrong, you surprised me and invited me to a party, that’s where I met your brother and Jake Lee, the beginning to a beautiful friendship I have to this day with your brother and a quick end to one with the kid you called your friend. But oh the memories from that party, leaving to go beat a girls ass, almost killing your brother and Brian, trying to hide alcohol. The typical high school party things. Then sitting by the pond listening to John Mayer and me telling him you can’t swim in a deep sea of blankets because I tried, the smile that came across your face in that moment had me overwhelmed with joy. I remember so many good things, and I choose to remember those over the bad, our journey was tough, but I think in the long run you and I were tougher. Although sometimes you chose to win the argument over the person it never changed the love I had for you, I still wanted you, every inch and bit of you, I wanted to be that girl who made things better and made you happy. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been that girl for you and I’m sorry for trying so hard, when you were ready to go, I should have let go. I’ve learned that now, sometimes holding on tight hurts more than letting go, id love to tell you that’s why I let go this last time but it wasn’t, it was because I wasn’t the only girl and in the end you chose her over me while I was still choosing you over everyone and everything. In that moment I realized you were no longer home to me, you were the abandoned spooky house you were told to stay away from as a kid, you were the guy you promised me you’d never be in the beginning. I realized in that moment too, the “I love you” that you had fed me for five years was all just empty like you said, so I had to let go. I should be mad, have rage when I hear your name and wish horrible things on you, but I hope you know that’s not it at all. The day after I let you go, I let it all go, no hate, no pain, nothing but wishing you well. I even told you that when you sent me videos of you kissing your ex on Emily’s Snapchat. You weren’t happy where you were, and I was trying too hard, I still wish you the best and hope you find peace and happiness in all you do. I wish things were different, I wish I could have come home, but the lights were off and that was my sign to go.

So sweetheart best of luck to you in all you do, I’m sorry for all the pain I caused, I’m sorry I couldn’t fix things and I hope you remember the good always. I really do hope a girl comes along one day and gives you everything I gave to you and so much more, you deserve it. Me and Kaiser will always hold a special place for you in our hearts. So this time I guess Goodbye sweetheart, thanks for the ride.

And if you ever do me one last thing, let it be that you remember you are stronger than you think and you are capable of doing anything you set your mind and your heart to!

“True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It developed after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, and laughed together. You choose if you make it last or let it go.“


Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in the world JACKSON WANG!!!🎉

I haven’t been here for long but it feels like ive been here since the start. Jackson baby i love you so much words can’t even describe it. I know you wont see this,but i hopw you have such a wonderful day. Always be with that beautiful and wonderful smile that lights up the whole entire world. Stay healthy and get lots of rest!

Happy Birthday Cupcake!!❤

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what do you think is most attractive in a person?

“Personality. And yea I know how stereotypical that sounds. But it’s the truth.

You can have the nicest body in the whole world and a face that makes an entire room notice you but it’s not worth spit if the only thing coming out of your mouth is nothing but venom and garbage.”

First Kiss With Sana

Requested: First kiss with Sana from twice.

A/N: I’m complete Sana trash. She is my wifey in Twice. She is just the cutest little thing in the whole entire world. I’ve been feeling gayer than most days. I wish we got more requests with girl groups (we do Red Velvet, Twice and Mamamoo). Thank you for requesting and I hope to see more of this anon soon!

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The rustling of papers and the sound of pencil on paper eased your heart. It was the sounds of home and comfort that allowed your mind to think freely. Your only wish that the sound wasn’t being produced from homework. You clicked the pencil onto the textbook and bit your bottom lip, something that you did when you were thinking. It was only recently brought to your attention by your closest friend, Sana. You grew up with her. The best memories shared between the two of you were playing family in the backyard or finger painting your younger siblings face. Now, she was a famous singer with no time for the two of you.

A tap on your arm made you look across the bed to the young woman who was laying on the bed. Her eyes were looking at yours as she held her phone. You wished you had more time with her. The one occurrence you had any time for the two of you, you had a pile of homework and she had a ton of work to do. Sana looked down at your workbook and grabbed it. Her beautiful eyes scanned the page. You sat there and watched her movements. The feelings you felt for her were a secret you shared with yourself. You were worried the friendship you had would be destroyed if she didn’t feel the same way that you did.

“Take a break, you need one.” She gestured towards your tired eyes. The both of you laughed slightly. You watched as she moved your work to the floor. She let them slam to the floor. The dorms were empty except for the two of you. She made a groan and crawled into the bed and laid down. You followed through until you were laying shoulder to shoulder with both of your heads on the pillow. She turned to her side and grabbed your hand, playing with your fingers. Your heart exploded in your chest.

“Sometimes, I wish things were like when we were kids. I wish we could just run down the street to each others houses and make mud pies and bake cookies with your mom.” You looked at her and narrowed your eyebrows at her confession.

“Are you not happy here? You worked so hard for all of this.” You gestured towards the dorm room and everything else that she had. She quickly nodded but shrugged right after.

“I’m not unhappy about what I have or about music. I just… I don’t know.” She let go of your hand and sat up, her hair laying on her shoulders and back. You sat up with her, your hand resting on her leg. Something was eating her insides up. She wasn’t normally like this. She was a loud, fun-loving person with a large sense of humor. She was your personal sunshine.

“Just tell me Sana.” You smiled and moved hair away from her face.

“I feel unhappy because while I’m here, trying to give my heart and soul out to music, my heart and soul belongs to a person.” You look away a moment, trying to comprehend the fact that she loved someone. Turning your head, she looks at you and swallows hard. You open your mouth to speak but instead you are cut off by the feeling of lips on yours. Everything began to melt. Your heart was racing and you felt your hands get clammy. Closing your eyes, you put your hands on her cheeks. Kissing her back felt like everything your life was being fixed. It was magical. You felt so much energy in your body you would run up and down the street with a smile on your face. Sana gently moved away from the kiss with a blush on her cheeks.

“I-I didn’t k-” You calmed her down by pulling her into a needed hug. Her head rested in the crook of your neck and her arms wrapped around your torso. The tension in her body seemed to be released. You could almost feel the joy radiating off of her.
“I want you to be happy.” You whispered as you rubbed her back.

“I’m happy as long as I’m with you.”

~admin ryu

You know The only person i know in this whole entire world that has a heart shaped mouth like Viktor is Marina (Marina and the Diamonds) O_O like have you seen her mouth, its #perfection i use it for reference a lot


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“shout out to my best friend for being the best person in the whole entire world and pretty much my soulmate. <3333 ″

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Fanfic thing - clusan 1

send a number and character for a short fanfic | accepting

prompt: Do you love me?

about: Susan is not sure how to respond when Clara asks if she loves her. 950 words.

It is a simple question, really. ‘Do you love me?’ Susan goes to reply immediately – to say ‘yes! Yes, I do!’ – but bites back her words before she is able to get them out. To stall she brings the mug of hot chocolate to her lips and refuses to look up, feeling Clara’s eyes on her back. Why can’t she just answer her? She already knows what she wants to say, so why doesn’t it just come out already? What’s holding her back?

Well, she knows what is holding her back. That much is obvious. She is scared to say it. Scared to admit any actual feelings toward the human who Susan is rather sure is now growing either irritated or concerned. There is this tight feeling in her chest and she is able to concentrate on the rapid beating of her hearts, momentarily recollecting several instances in which she felt this same feeling. The rush she got when leaving Gallifrey, the terror of the Dalek Invasions, when Alex died. All are vastly different events, but they all bring back that same feeling of worry; of fear.

But why is she scared? Rationally there is nothing to be scared of. It is a few simple words. She could lie if she wanted; it would make no difference. Words are not anything to be scared of; they mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Actions speak louder than words as it is, but that logic doesn’t matter to Susan’s subconscious. She is scared of something – she is not sure of what – and she knows it has to do with saying that she does, indeed, love Clara. It has to do with admitting that she cares for her.

It has to do with allowing herself to be vulnerable.

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Brittney and I are officially going to Thailand!! We booked out flights on Tuesday and last night we booked an airbnb. I honestly don’t think it’s hit me yet. I feel so much better that all the money I am spending is coming out of an envelope… it is seriously so much less stressful. I have been saving up for some kind of trip like this for four years and I am super proud of myself for being consistent with that even when I had no idea what I was saving for. Well now it is here. I am going to the country I want to go the most out of the whole entire world. We are making it happen!! 

Some things we are (hopefully) going to do:


-monk chat!

-markets of course!

-elephant sanctuary

-maybe tigers?? if the sanctuary is ethical

-maybe the grand canyon?


Some things about me!

When I am in my little space I am this many!(3-5, kind of depends)

-My very very faaavorite color is pastel pink!

-But I also really really like mint green and pastel purple too!

-I love love LOVE to sing!

-It is my very most faavorite thing to do in the whole entire world!

-My favorite movie is Lilo & Stitch!

-I even have a Stitch plushy that I got as a gift!

-I sleep cuddling my Stich plushy every night!

-When I sleep I curl up in a ball.

-I don’t get to be in my little space very often :( that’s why I made this account! :)