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“A Drunken Ramble” (V x Reader)

okay this isn’t a request, but i had a burst of creativity after something similar happened to me lmao. it wasn’t a confession, but my friend sent me a video of my boyfriend rambling drunk about how great he thinks i am. it was the silliest and purest thing i had received honestly. i chose tae for this bc i can SO imagine him doing this weird but cute thing - he’s a puppy lmao.

Name: “A Drunken Ramble”

Character: V // Kim Taehyung (BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,159

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“Be responsible,” you replied cheekily, trying to maintain some kind of control of your best friend. You chuckled as soon as you saw two emojis: the little face with the tongue stuck out. You shook your head, placing the phone down beside you and throwing yourself back onto your bed. You sighed. You were being truthful, however. No matter how far away you were from Taehyung, you always wanted to make sure that he was safe. This time, he was relatively near yet you still worried. He was older than you, not by much, but still older. However, you still felt the constant need to mother him and you were never sure whether it was to assure yourself or him. Since it was the kindest and charmingly strangest man you had ever met, you wanted to preserve that persona. He had sent you a message earlier, your heart pounding a little as the phone lit up to see his name on your phone. He was going out with the other 6 members of BTS, all of whom you were close to as well. They would look after him so you weren’t as worried, especially with responsible, parent-like members Namjoon and Jin. So, you took a deep breath, and allowed yourself to fall into the depths of sleep.

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