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I’ll ask you this favour, man to man…

yeah but like in recent episodes of strong woman do bong soon you can literally see the differences starting to show when it comes to the interactions between bong soon with gook du and bong soon with min hyuk. there hasn’t been any “heartbeat” and over adoring moments that she normally has when it comes to gook du, and she isn’t as excited about talking to him/expecting his calls and sometimes is even the first to hang up without making a fuss about it. you can clearly see from her point of view that min hyuk is slowly but steadily climbing on top of her list and bong soon herself is starting to accept that maybe that sort of change is good for her. one step is all it needs.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Final Thoughts

I loved this drama. 

I know it had some issues - personally, for me it was mostly the amount of time spent on the mobsters, sometimes I felt like those bits went on for too long, when I would have liked more Bong Ki or even more Gook Du - but I loved it from the first episode. 

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I really enjoyed the pace of it all, the characters progressed at a steady pace and so we got to enjoy this last episode that was ALL sugary and sweet in all the best ways. 

Bong Soon was such a good character, and I loved how she grew confident. Min Hyuk became less lonely and he found himself a person to love and a family to love him. And their relationship? as I mentioned before, it’s one of my favorites ever. It’s just so healthy. And they said some truly adorable things to each other: 

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“Can I be honest? I’m not fine”

“Thank you for coming into my life”

“I just like looking at it” (Bong son referring to Min Hyuk’s face)

“I just wanted to see you”

“Please like me” 

“I didn’t know I would love you this much.” 

“Where would I go?” (This one made me cry so hard, you guys! but I won’t spoil the context).

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Seriously, I just love them together Min Hyuk just adores her and he has no problem showing it. :D

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Now, I did’t like Gook Du much at the beginning, but he really grew on me since he learned Bong Soon’s secret and handled it pretty decently. He realizes his and Bong Soon’s timing has always been off, and by the end, much as he loves her (and for how ever long it turned out that he did), he just wants her to be happy and to keep on being friends. 

Also loved that final scene with Bong Ki. I wish we had seen them together more often. Also, Gook Du and Min Hyuk had such good bromance potential. I can totally see them becoming friends one day.

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Let me start off by saying that Strong Woman Do Bong Soon isn’t a perfect show. It’s got flaws but I swear to go if I hear someone say how Bong Soon became a damsel in distress after what happening in ep13 I’m gonna flip.

Jesus christ people, here we see Bong Soon, saving her best friend and in the process accidentally hurt this security guard and we literally see the physical toll it is on Bong Soon as her powers disappear. Ya know what she does next?

As fucking Jang Hyun torments her about hitting him, she struggles to get up and slowly walk towards him and he has a god damn rifle pointed at her. And what does she do? She steadies the rifle RIGHT AT HER.

We as the audience don’t know if she’s bulletproof, we don’t know that and I’m sure she doesn’t either but if it saves her friend, she’ll do it.

You know what Min Hyuk did? Like what Gook Du did when that gangster tried to attack Bong Soon, he jumped in between them. Was Bong Soon a damsel in distress then? No.

What Min Hyuk did would what Bong Soon would have done for anyone else.

Fight me if you believe she was a damsel.