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Maestro Hux of the Erste Orden Sinfonie has survived the big gala concert and won over obstreperous piano virtuoso Kylo Ren and hopefully his board of directors too. But now Ren’s gone back to New York, and mysterious rumblings from the wings suggest that perhaps not all is as serene as it seems.


This is for @ceruleancynic, with an enormous amount of love.

And because I’ve never been asked so many times for a sequel by so many people, and because let’s face it, I wanted to come back to this too.

Thanks to my section leaders: @byzantienne, @saltandlimes, @crashwong, @zombiebrainsoup, @kat2107, @schaloime, @skylocked, and every single one of you who boosted, recced, liked, commented (OH THE COMMENTS, I adore you all), kudosed, painted, or just came and talked to me about it. This was my own personal Unfinished Symphony for seven months and it would never have gotten over the line without you.

Bestest Friends in the Whole World

Yet another lovely commission from the great @bonkalore of Flora, tooth fairy in training, and her baby dragon Figgins (who’s frankly getting a little too big to be sitting on her head, but she still loves him!). He followed her home one day, and they’ve been best buddies ever since! Once again, a big thanks to Bonkalore for the awesome artwork!