Aranyani Dragonserf - Mordrem Reaper

With the death of Mordremoth, she’s become little more than a pestilence on Tyria, angry at her master’s death and terrified at losing her calling.

Armor / Colors:

Grenth Hood / Shadow Yellow

Wingled Mantle / Shadow Yellow & Toxin

Inquest Vest / Shadow Yellow & Abyss & Toxin

Wurmslayer’s Wristguards / Shadow Yellow & Abyss & Toxin

Ornate Guild Pants / Shadow Yellow & Abyss & Toxin

Heritage Shoes / Abyss

Castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) from Maria Sibylla’s Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium

In 2007 edition of Guinness World Records the castor oil plant was named the most poisonous plant in the world. Just 4-8 seeds are enough to kill a grown person. The toxicity of this plant is due to the ricin it contains. Ricin is a chemical compound that inhibits ribosomes in the cells. As ribosomes are the molecules which produce proteins in the cells, once ricin interacts with ribosomes the protein production stops and it eventually kills the cell. 

Extracts of castor oil plant have been widely used both as medicine and as poison. Under the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention ricin is marked as a schedule 1 controlled substance. Over the course of history ricin has been considered for use as a biological weapon as a part of bombs and bullets. In medicine ricin has been used in experiments involving cancer tumor treatment and improvement of vaccine immunogenicity. 

ex-psychologist buddies

so many Bat-villains worked in psychology. I wonder if Gotham City University just had to start putting a disclaimer on their course: “Warning: taking this class increases your chance of being a super villain by at least 30%” 

The Werewolf Virus

The werewolf virus, while harmless to muggles, reacts with the magic in a witch or wizard’s blood and causes a build up of a unique toxin throughout their body, particularly just under the skin. When activated by enough moonlight (approximately 0.2 lux brightness) the toxin breaks down, causing the person to shift into a werewolf in the process. 

The witch or wizard will remain in wolf form until the toxin is fully broken down - normally between five and ten hours - or until the sunlight, being of a different magical frequency, puts an abrupt stop to the process. 

The toxin takes a while to build up, roughly a month, before there is enough of it in the body to react to the moonlight and begin to break down. The more of the toxin in the body, the less moonlight is needed to begin the transformation. 

As moonlight is required to cause the transformation, werewolves have starved themselves of it in the past. However, as the toxin continues to build up there is eventually enough that even a bright half moon will trigger the transformation. If they still do not transform, letting the toxin break down, the toxin build up corrupts the neurons in the brain sending them mad. This is why the wolfsbane potion is a better solution as it allows the toxin to break down safely.

Hold your heart. Cradle it. Protect it from life’s pain. Keep it away from the toxins and negativity. When kept safe, allow it to grow and develop a deeper love for all of the positive gifts in the world around you.