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It’s ya boi, back at it again writing a post for the first time since I started grad school! (I’m so sorry I have been neglecting this blog, I’m dying here). For my triumphant (and likely brief) return, let’s take a look at Slowbro, the loveable “Hermit Crab” Pokémon.

When a Slowpoke is bitten by a Shellder, something amazing happens. It becomes bipedal, stronger, and smarter. In our Slowking analysis, we explained this with the neurotoxin apamin, a substance which increases brain power. Shellder injects apamin into the slowpoke, which causes these changes. Slowking is bitten on the head, so the toxin is injected directly into the brain for more drastic effects than when injected through the tail, as is the case with Slowbro.

That explains what happens to the Slowpoke in this relationship, but what about the Shellder? When a Shellder bites onto a slowpoke, it never lets go. Once bitten, the Shellder becomes so inseperable from the slowpoke that it is no longer even considered a separate pokémon. The best real-world of this kind of fusion lies with the formidable anglerfish.

The angerfish species has a very peculiar mating ritual. The female anglerfish, pictured above, looks nothing like the male anglerfish. A male anglerfish is less fish and more like a parasite. To reproduce, the male will bite and attach itself to the female, much like a leech or a Shellder.

Then, they fuse together. The male anglerfish starts to melt, until their skin joins together and their blood vessels connect. Instead of eating, the male anglerfish now absorbs all nutrients directly from the female’s blood. In return, the male supplies his sperm so the female can fertilize her eggs whenever she wants.

This is likely similar to Shellder’s experience with Slowbro. After biting down on Slowpoke’s tail, Shellder begins to fuse with Slowpoke so it can absorb nutrients directly from Slowpoke’s bloodstream, eliminating the need for Shellder to have to hunt for its own food. In return, Slowpoke receives a steady supply of apamin, which makes it stronger and smarter.

When Shellder bites onto a Slowpoke, the Shellder fuses into the Slowpoke until they aren’t even separate pokemon. The Shellder absorbs nutrients directly from Slowpoke’s bloodstream, and Slowpoke receives a supply of the neurotoxin apamin to make it smarter and stronger.

If we really want to improve the health of Americans, we have to stop worrying about fictional “toxins” (you know, the kind you have to go on a diet to “cleanse”) and start worrying about actual toxins like lead in water, hazardous building materials, and pollution from coal factories and landfills. If we want to protect the health of children we don’t need programs like Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” where we teach kids that their body size is the problem and that health is their individual responsibility, we need programs like Let’s Move You to a Habitable Neighborhood (I made that up). Or better yet, let’s move the corrupt politicians, contractors, developers, and corporations out of your neighborhood and all neighborhoods. 

But let’s be honest, it’s much more comfortable to believe that poor Black, Latinx, and Native kids are just being fed too much junk food and not getting enough exercise than it is to admit that we are making them sick with environmental racism.

Alteans being resistant to most earth toxins and poisons is the one hc that would make for the most coolest and messed up shit tbh.

On one hand you can have Allura handling poison dart frogs and everyone’s like freaking out but they realize that she’s immune so she holds them just tight enough they won’t jump at the paladin’s faces so they can get a closer look at the pretty little things.

On the other hand you can have them catch Allura pouring windex in a glass of ice and taking that shit down like shots like it’s gatorade and Lance faints, Hunk is screaming, Pidge is screaming, Shiro is freaking the fuck out and calling 911 and Keith is on the couch fucking asleep. And Allura wondering wtf is going on because she’s had like six of these drinks last week and she was fine so she doesn’t know why they’re all freaking the fuck out and taking her to the hospital.

Science Fact Friday: Tetrodotoxin, ft. a small gif because I’m avoiding my real obligations.

Why does tetrodotoxin not affect its host? More studies need to be done but at least a few species possess mutated sodium ion channels. The tetrodotoxin can’t interact efficiently with the altered channels.

Another interesting tidbit: Animals with tetrodotoxin can lose their toxicity in captivity. It is suspected that the animals accumulate the toxic bacteria as a side-effect of their diet. After several years of captivity on a tetrodotoxin-bacteria-free diet, the bacterial colonies living in the animals die, residual toxin is cleared from the system, and the animal is safe to handle.
Meat industry blamed for largest-ever 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico
A new report shows toxins from suppliers to companies like Tyson Foods are pouring into waterways, causing marine life to leave or die.
By Oliver Milman

The global meat industry, already implicated in driving global warming and deforestation, has now been blamed for fueling what is expected to be the worst “dead zone” on record in the Gulf of Mexico.

Toxins from manure and fertilizer pouring into waterways are exacerbating huge, harmful algal blooms that create oxygen-deprived stretches of the gulf, the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay.

Meat Is murder for animals, the environment, your health - mind, body, & soul.