Stench of the Unburied

Incoherent but functional
Speeding like a dead comet
Purple crushed-velvet waistcoat
Flecked with Maalox and bits of dried vomit
Say what you will for the effort
You can’t fault the technique
Still conscious at sunrise
For the third time this week
But when the blue lights flash
I know we’re going to crash

And outside it’s 92 degrees
And KROQ is playing Siouxsie and the Banshees

Blaupunkt in the dashboard
Cracks in the cylinder block
Heading up the Golden State Freeway
Toward Eagle Rock
Ice chest full of Corona
And Pineapple Crush
It’ll take 20 years
For the toxins to flush
And when the sirens wail
I know we’re going to jail

And outside it’s 92 degrees
And KROQ is playing Siouxsie and the Banshees

Follow the flame to freedom
The flickering lights of armageddon
Find the foot of the ladder way down in the pit
Keep climbing forever
Try to keep the torch lit

And outside it’s 92 degrees
And KROQ, the Rock of the 80s, is playing Siouxsie and the Banshees

from Goths (2017)

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I was reading this thing on how man-eating plants could theoretically exist. They can't possess muscles, nervous system, and organs to achieve motion like we see in fiction. But it could be possible for a plant to use paralyzing toxin to kill it's prey so it rots and enrichens the soil. Maybe there are cryptid plants in that case? Idk. Sounds badass though.

I reblogged a thing for you last night because I couldn’t answer how I wanted. But yes! There is a thing called Cryptobotany. There is legend of a man eating plant called the Ya-Te-Veo or “I See You”. It lives off of large insects but has been known to try to eat humans too. It is said to be found in Central America and Africa.

I’m running out of heartache
Just sitting out the constant doubt in my day
But I don’t know what it is
I’m sweating out the toxins
Is my terracotta heart breaking?

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS! :) You are super nice, and I love seeing you around! Thank you x1000! I really really should be working so this one is super messy and sad and I’m sorry but I wanted to say thank you anyways :c

Plants that aid with sleep and breathing problems.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera emits oxygen at night, this helps you combat insomnia and improves your overall sleep quality. It is a low maintenance plant that doesn’t need much watering or direct sunlight . It also reproduces easily.


Lavender is a plant well known for inducing sleep and to reduce anxiety, the aroma given off by the lavender slows down your heart rate and reduces anxiety levels. Keep the plant in sunlight and water often.


The smell of jasmine has been shown to improve the quality of sleep and increase alertness and productivity. studies have shown that I reduces anxiety levels, leading to a great quality of sleep. Jasmine needs a good amount of sunlight as well as a little shade, the soil also needs to be damp at all times.

English Ivy

It may be beneficial  for those who sufferer from a respiratory problems such as asthma, studies show that English ivy can reduce air moulds to 94% in 12 hours. Keep in a well lit area and keep the soil damp at all times.

Snake plant  

Snake plants emit oxygen during the night, whilst taking in the carbon dioxide from the air inside your home. It also filters out any nasty house hold toxins from the air. This plant doesn’t need much attention as it only needs to be watered every 2-3 weeks and can be placed in any form of light sunlight.

All photos are copyright free, all credit go to the owners of the images. all information sourced from various websites and again all credit geos to the owners of the information.


Fun facts with Quinn! (This is so I don’t have to repeat myself on a regular basis) Everybody should have learnt this in secondary school/ high-school. As we all know all plants take in the the air we breath, removing the CO2 and releasing Oxygen. DURING THE NIGHT PLANTS STOP THIS PROCESS they only take in the air we breathe, this happens because they don’t have the necessary energy to complete photosynthesis. As you can see in the above post I have listed a few plants that can produce oxygen during the night. Please if you don’t believe me go and look for yourself it takes two seconds to look it up on the internet. Also there are no links for this information because I am no longer in college I do not see the need to write a bibliography for a tumblr post if you really care that much about where the information is sourced go and look for it yourself. Sorry for the shittyness but it is starting to grind my gears. With all my love tumblr ~Quinn!

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Wait, ticks are a reason to go to the vet right away? Or did I misunderstand that triage post? I thought it was okay to just pluck the tick. When I worked in grooming, there were these two dogs that always had a ton of ticks on them (they were outdoor dogs and I guess they owners would rather spend the money on grooming then on tick prevention???)

Allow me to introduce Yet Another Australian Animal That Wants To Kill You, The Australian Paralysis Tick, Ixodes holocyclus!

Let me tell you about this little arthropod and what it does. Dogs are most commonly affected, but cats can get them too, especially if they’re regular hunters.

  • Very common tick, especially down the East coast. Does not seem to affect wildlife.
  • Like it says on the tin, this tick causes paralysis.
  • Initially hind limb paralysis or an altered bark.
  • Progresses to being unable to stand, then unable to roll over.
  • Respiratory paralysis can and will occur
  • Cardiac paralysis can occur
  • Fluid build up in lungs (non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema) can occur, coupled with the respiratory paralysis this makes breaking very challenging.
  • If eyelid paralysis occurs, the patient cannot blink and will get eye ulcers.
  • Can’t eat or drink due to impaired swallowing.
  • Every hour before treatment will worsen prognosis and delay recovery time
  • Stress may lead to overheating and death of pet, including even transport in the car
  • Tick may have been attached for up to 7 days before clinical signs noted
  • Clinical signs usually lead to death within 24 hours if not treated.
  • It is not uncommon for dogs to have more than one tick

Short version: This tick paralysis its host, and dogs or cats parasitised by one are likely to die without antitoxin.

Oh, and there is a small chance the antitoxin will cause anaphylaxis.

These ticks may also be associated with Mammalian Meat Allergy in humans, where a previously bitten human suddenly develops allergies to eating all mammalian meats. These allergies can cause life threatening anaphylaxis too, completely unexpectedly.

You know, because what’s a day in an Australian tourist town without a chance of completely unexpected death?

Popping in to bring you some Scarebeast and Riddler.

I like the idea of Scarebeast being a monster to everyone, but to Eddie he’s a total dear and it makes Eddie feel extra special. Look how smug Eddie looks.

He also likes bringing Scarebeast along to negotiations that don’t lean in his favor haha.

Science Fact Friday: Tetrodotoxin, ft. a small gif because I’m avoiding my real obligations.

Why does tetrodotoxin not affect its host? More studies need to be done but at least a few species possess mutated sodium ion channels. The tetrodotoxin can’t interact efficiently with the altered channels.

Another interesting tidbit: Animals with tetrodotoxin can lose their toxicity in captivity. It is suspected that the animals accumulate the toxic bacteria as a side-effect of their diet. After several years of captivity on a tetrodotoxin-bacteria-free diet, the bacterial colonies living in the animals die, residual toxin is cleared from the system, and the animal is safe to handle.

Fear Toxin For Dummies!?

Scarecrow hates this guy! As our expert divulges the top 10 ingredients that supposedly are in Fear toxin and how you can literally make it in Walmart.