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I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Part 7

Thorin paced back forth in front of the room that the woman was in. Every few minutes he would stop and face the door, glaring at it, as if that would wake her up. He glared through the door, at Oín and the mystery woman, waiting for the moment she woke.

“Get that stupid glare off of your face. When she wakes up, so help me Mahal, if you go in there and start screaming at her, Thorin I will kill you.” Thorin turned his glare away from the door, and focused it on his sister.

Since the woman had fainted, at the sight of the hobbit, his sister had been fiercely protective of the woman from the outside world. She had took control of the situation, barring the prying eyes of the dwarrows and dwarrowdams who heard the commotion.

“How did she get in here? I thought no one could enter or leave?” Thorin spared a glance at the two princes and then turned back to the door.

“Somehow she managed. Which means that she can probably come and go as they please. Which also means, Thorin, that you will not screw this up!” He felt his sister’s glare upon the back of his head, but ignored the heated look.

He focused on the door, and what could be happening inside as Oín checked her over and made sure she was okay. Beyond that, Thorin didn’t know if the old dwarf was waiting until she woke up, or if he would leave the room and leave her in peace.

“The doors opening.” Thorin stepped up the door and stared right at the healer and Bilbo, wanting every detail possible about what went on in there.

“Stand back, Thorin!” His sister dug her nails into his arm and yanked him back away from the door.

“The lassie is fine. She has a small bump on the head, but she’ll be fine. She should wake within the hour.” Thorin nodded and looked into the room before the door closed.

The woman was lying on the bed, her hair that was in a bun at the nape of her neck, now falling out of it and around her shoulders. She was a very pretty woman, Thorin wouldn’t deny that, and she was a nice change from the dwarrowdams he had seen for the past 100 years.

“Until she wakes up, perhaps we should go and talk, Thorin?” He pulled his eyes away from the woman and shut the door. He turned his back to the door and faced the company that stood before him.

“We will go and talk. And when she is up we will ask her how the hell she managed to get in.”


Where was she? What happened? She was lying in a bed. Why was she in a bed? The last she had remembered was standing in the great entrance of Erebor. And then a hand on her shoulder…a hand…

She opened her eyes and shot up in the bed, her wide eyes taking in the details of the large and lavish room. If she was still in Erebor, and not dead and dreaming, than she must’ve been in a room meant for royalty. Judging by the designs and the rich colours in the room, paired with the size, she must’ve been in a room for royalty.

Which seemed to bring even more questions. If she wasn’t dreaming, or dead, than someone must’ve carried her here. And if someone carried her here, than the city wasn’t dead like she thought. There were people here, dwarves that have been trapped here for 100 years.

“I have to get out of here. I have to get out.” She threw the blankets off of her body and jumped out of the bed, searching for her bag.

She found it sitting on a table in the room, and when she grabbed the pack and lifted it to rest on her shoulder, she heard a knock on the door, and then the door creaked open.

She threw the pack over her shoulder and turned, facing a few Dwarves who scrambled into the room. She licked her lips and took a deep breath, reaching for the small dagger she had stashed in her bag.

“Hello. It’s okay. We won’t hurt you.” A woman was in front of the dwarves behind her, flashing a smile.

The dwarrowdam in front was a beautiful woman. She had long dark curly hair, longer than her own, with striking blue eyes. Her jaw was strong but feminine, and along her jaw, was some fuzz and facial hair.

“My name is Dís, and these are my son, Fili and Kili.” As they were introduced, she looked from dwarf to dwarf.

Fili was blonde, a stark contrast to his brother and mother. He had blue eyes, matching his mothers, and a beard, with two moustaches on the sides of his lips.

Kili, was more like his mother, with dark hair but with brown eyes. He stood just an inch shorter than his brother, and had less facial hair, but looked just as strong.

“We don’t want to scare you, but you’re the first person who’s been able to enter the mountain in 100 years.” The way Dís spoke, while trying to keep her voice even, was clearly excited.

“I…” She opened her mouth to speak to the three Dwarves in front of her, but closed it soon after.

“The city of Erebor is a legend. A fairytale. It’s not supposed to exist and then when I saw it…when I saw the gates…I just wanted to see if I could enter it. And then…I could. And I was standing there in the entrance to the city and everything looked amazing and I didn’t…” She didn’t realize she had been crying until she felt her face get red and her cheeks get wet.

She wiped at her cheeks hurriedly, not wanting to seem like an emotional child in front of these Dwarves. They were ancient, compared to her, they were easily, at least, 150 years older than her.

“Hey it’s okay. You don’t need to apologize. No ones mad at you.” As she felt arms wrapping around her, she continued to cry on the shoulder of Dís. She didn’t know Dís, had met her moments ago, but she felt comforted.

“We are really, truly happy you’re here. We haven’t seen anyone new in 100 years, and if you got in, than you can get out and maybe help us break this curse.” She sniffled and pulled away from Dís, as her tears started to dry after a few minutes.

“We’re not angry with you. We’re happy.” She looked at the dwarrowdam in front of her, the woman reminding her of her own mother, and felt a pang of loss.

“Can you help us? Please?” Dís looked at her, and she looked back, and the her eyes moved beyond Dís, to look at Fili and Kili.

“We need to break the curse but we don’t know how. Can you help? We’d be enternally grateful.” She licked her lips, only sparing s moment to think about it, and then nodded.

“Of course I’ll help.”

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Wow, can Pyrrha already tell Penny is a robot? I figured she might’ve had to get closer to her. 

Or is she scared because of what she did to Jaune?

What is going on? I thought Cinder told you to lay low. I was happy we weren’t going to see your stupid face for awhile.

Penny’s fighting style is like she’s dancing and it’s so cute.

Alright. That’s it.

I won’t be happy unless Mercury dies at the end of the show.

i fell for you. hard. the night we broke up, before we had sex and we were laying in your bed talking i almost told you i loved you. i felt alive when i was with you. i felt unstoppable. time didn’t exist. i was the happiest I had ever been. i would’ve done anything for you. and now it’s gone.

my walls are back up. i can’t help it. my heart just wants to protect itself after all the instances of betrayal, and not just from you. it’s so hard for me to open up to people and now it’s even harder. i don’t want to get hurt again. my heart is tired, i am tired.

i know i told you i was fine. and i project myself as fine so people will stop asking if i’m okay. but i’m not okay. i told you i was fine because i missed seeing your stupid face and talking to you. i miss talking to you so much. laying in your stupid bed for hours and cuddling made the rest of the world disappear. i miss the way your skin felt on mine. your warm chest but always freezing cold hands. i miss holding your hands and pulling them closer to my chest to try and warm them up. i miss your hugs. the way you’d pout your lips whenever you wanted me to kiss you. the way that even if i was having the worst day ever, if i just hung out with you for 10 minutes between classes, everything was all better and it was as if i had never had a bad day in my life before.

i was falling for you and i knew it. i didn’t stop myself because you said we’d be in a relationship someday. and things were going so well once we got back to you that i never saw it coming. you lead me on. you made me believe that i was going to get something out of this. it doesn’t matter when you decided that this isn’t what you wanted, but the fact that you waited to tell me until i had forced it out of you.

i can’t be mad at you for coming to that decision, but i am mad at you for not telling me as soon as you had decided. because if you did truly figure out this isn’t what you wanted over the summer, then why didn’t you tell me right away? why did you keep the relationship-y plans with me and still agree to do them? i know this isn’t a simple conversation to have over text, but you didn’t tell me until i asked. and that hurt me. a lot. it’s been an entire month since our breakup and it still fucking hurts. you’re so fucking stupid for giving up what we had.


the dregs meme: [1/5] scenes

“What do you like?”
“Music. Numbers. Equations. They’re not like words. They … they don’t get mixed up.”
“If only you could talk to girls in equations.”
There was a long silence, and then, eyes trained on the notch they’d created in the link, Wylan said, “Just girls?”
Jesper restrained a grin. “No. Not just girls.”

yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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Stiles and Lydia awkwardly sit at a coffee shop in Beacon Hills the day after the pack’s big win. 

“So,” They both start and then Stiles laughs, clearly uncomfortable, “You go first.”

“I’ve been thinking,” Lydia says, slowly and deliberately, “And I think that this, us, just isn’t working.”

Stiles lets out a sigh, “Oh, thank god.”

“You feel it too?” Lydia asks, letting out a breath and relaxing into her chair.

“It’s like kissing my sister,” Stiles says, “No offense.”

“None taken, I completely agree,” Lydia takes a sip of her coffee, “Plus, after seeing you with Derek. Well, it’s just a little obvious that you’re more into him than you were ever into me.”

“I, what? I’m not into Derek! You’re into Parrish!” Stiles word vomits, then lets his head thunk onto the table, “Is it really that obvious?”

“I think the only person who doesn’t see it is Derek,” Lydia smiles, “And I’m not into Parrish, I’m into the idea of getting the hell away from Beacon Hills and finally going to MIT.”

“Good, you deserve better than this shit town,” Stiles says, “We both do.”

“You deserve someone who makes you smile.”

“Look, Lyd, we both know I don’t have a chance in hell with Derek Hale,” Stiles runs his fingers through his hair, “He’s so out of my league I think we’re playing different sports.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Lydia tells him, standing up, “And maybe ask him how he feels about all of it.”

“Yeah, right, I’m just going to walk up to Derek and tell him I find his asshole tendencies charming and that I want to kiss his stupid face,” Stiles says and then stops when he sees the look on Lydia’s face, “He’s right behind me isn’t he.”

“I’ll see you around Stiles,” Lydia says, then adds, “Derek.”

“So, you find my asshole tendencies charming huh?” Derek slips into the seat that Lydia vacated. 

“Please leave me here to die in shame,” Stiles says into the table.

“But then how would I kiss your stupid face?” Derek says and Stiles looks up to see Derek grinning at him.

He smiles back. There’s a whole new world of possibilities in their smiles. 

random life tips

hello everyone!! since I’m not a pro at studying (I just do my best) I thought I would share with you some of my go-to tips to have a better day/week/month/life 😊

  • wake up early!! this may seem typical but I used to sleep in a lot and when I started waking up earlier I noticed a big change.
  • clean your face daily! every morning and night clean your face and moisturize. just create a skincare routine and stick to it! also, use a day per week when you have time to relax and put some masks and exfoliate your face and body.
  • this may seem stupid but dress clothes you like and put on some makeup! but most important when you feel like this is not your day. when we’re feeling bad or a little sad we usually throw on some sweatpants & a sweatshirt and don’t use make up and even though it may seem stupid, if you push yourself to wear your favorite outfit or put a little bit of makeup you will see yourself looking better and this will make you feel better during the day (I promise)!!!
  • eat breakfast! brain food guys!!! this is the most important meal of the day. as a Spanish phrase used A LOT by my mom says “eat breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and have dinner like a poor man” (desayuna como un rey, come como un príncipe y cena como un mendigo).
  • make to-do lists: yeah, make to-do list for everything you need them! this will help you to do everything you must do without leaving any task (which would happen to me when I didn’t write out what I needed to do)
  • shower every night! okay if you prefer taking a shower in the morning is up to you but showering at night relaxes you and helps you sleep better
  • talk to people everyday (even if it’s your parents) you need to talk guys and tell someone how you feel and what happened during the day (those days I don’t talk to my friends/family I feel super sad and I don’t know why?)
  • listen to music that makes you feel alive!! I have this playlist where I put every song that makes me feel something. I think music is so powerful and can help you change your mood in a few secs
  • go out to nature! since I live in a city it feels super great when I get to spend some time out in the woods or the beach – go running, swim, take a walk or just sit, breath fresh air and enjoy!
  • dance, dance, danceeeeeee!!! hahah it doesn’t matter if your dance moves are worse than a potato but dance, jump and let go!
  • treat yourself with your favorite meal every now and then. I love eating so whenever I get to eat my favorite food it’s a happy day for me hahah :’-)
  • talk to your reflection in the mirror. tell yourself how great is your hair today, how glowy is your skin and how beautiful are you! do it every day, it’ll help 😊
  • sleep enough hours! when I don’t sleep a healthy amount of hours I feel super tired and I get angry super easily, so sleep well and wake up to a beautiful day!
  • journal and write daily or when you feel like you need to! write what you feel, what happened in that day, write your goals, quotes to summarize the day, the dreams you had last night… I don’t know! just let your mind go and write and/or doodle I promise this helps :-) 

well I hope this helped at least some of you!! thank you if you’ve read this!! xx

pretty boy ☾ peter parker

summary : you think peter is very pretty, and your duty as his girlfriend is to tell him every chance you get.

wc : 1.4k 

  Peter Parker has freckles. They’re countless in amount and infinitesimal in size, but they’re spread across his sloped nose, his cheeks, and some of them are scattered across his shoulders from the days he spends at Rockaway Beach in the summertime sun not because he likes the beach, but because you do and you drag him there almost every day throughout July. He doesn’t mind. He can’t have you taking the train there alone, and he’d rather spend time with you in the sweltering heat than leave you by yourself. If you’re sitting close enough, the way you are right in this moment, you can count each one of those stars on his cheeks and play connect the dots with a ballpoint pen, if he’d let you. He most likely would. Peter would let you get away with anything. If you were to try to kiss each individual freckle that was settled there on his skin you’d be pressing your lips to his cheeks for hours on end. He’d like to see you try such a thing. 

   Peter Parker also has the sweetest brown eyes you’ve ever had the pleasure of gazing into. They were warm and kind and they felt like home whenever he turned them on you in that loving way he held. You love the way he looks at you, often and bright with happiness. You haven’t stopped looking at him since you started all those months ago, you couldn’t anticipate a time when you would. He doesn’t mind the permanent way his eyes settle on you, but it’s the way you’re always looking at him that makes him blush and turn his face away. He’s not much to look at, in his opinion. 

    He whines a little when he catches your eye again, trained on him like a reflex once again. His face glows a red the color of a ripe strawberry as he spins around in his chair and stares at the peeling cover of his science notebook. “What’s wrong, pretty boy?” You grinned when he flushed a deeper shade of crimson, still evading the smile that crept across your face. 

   “Y/N,” he whines once more, the heat creeping up toward the tips of his ears. He turns toward you, holding his cheek in his hand and keeping his elbow propped up on the swivel chair. “You know I get all,” he squirmed around in his chair, “flustered when you call me that.” The admittance came with a great reluctancy on his part, but it only made you smile more as you walked across the room and cleared away the clutter of his desk, taking a seat there so you could continue your study in Peter Parker. “I’m not pretty.” 

    “Shhh,” you chastised, using your foot to spin him back around. “You’re very pretty, Peter.” He stretches out his hand, waiting for you to grab it and hold it as careful as always. He presses a kiss to your knuckles whenever you hold his hand, he knows you think it’s the sweetest thing ever and that every single time he does it, you swoon like it’s your first date all over again. He’s big on holding hands. It’s intimate without being too much, and the teachers can’t really scold him for holding your hand the way they can for kissing you against the lockers when you both think no one is around. Still, he kisses your hand, and you close your eyes, smiling shyly. Then, you say, “How’d I get the sweetest, prettiest boy in the universe to be mine?” 

   “Oh, god,” he takes his hand out of yours and covers his cheeks with them, feeling the warmth of his skin against his palms and squeezing his eyes shut. He can’t believe what you’ve made him. A blushing mess undone the moment you call him pretty, sweet, yours. “Feel my cheek,” he demanded, grabbing your wrist and pressing your palm to his face. You laugh. 

   “You’re burning up, babe,” you say, patting his cheek. “I can’t help it. I have to compliment you. All the time. Every hour of every day.” You tap a finger against his cute nose. 

   “I would compliment you but every time I try you swoop in and render my speech incoherent with that little nickname you have for me,” he kept his fist against his cheek as he stared up at you, your legs dangling off his desk as you extend your hands out for him. He takes them, presses them to his cheek. 

   “What nickname?” You question innocently. “Oh, oh, oh, I know which one. Pretty boy.” You held his scrunched up in embarrassment face in your hands, squishing his cheeks. “So pretty.” 

    “I’m gonna spontaneously combust.” The words came out muffled because of the position his face was in, but if he were being honest, he could feel himself light up every time you said he was pretty, as amusing as the word was to him. Even if he doesn’t think he’s much- anything, really- to be fond of, he’s happy, so happy, that you disagree. 

   You call him pretty boy every chance you get. You seize the opportunity with pride, throwing a wink his direction when you can because he has the dopiest little smile on his face for the rest of the day even if he feigns irritation in the moment. 

     You greet him every morning outside his apartment building with a cup of coffee in your outstretched hand and a sweet smile curling at your lips and a, “Morning, my pretty boy,” and Peter starts his school day with a blush, his arm around the shoulders of the girl that he loves. You lean up to kiss the corner of his mouth. He’s invincible. 

    Then, you see him in chemistry class, goggles strapped to your face and a stupid apron around your neck. His heart still stops when he sees you. You slide in the seat between him and Ned, pulling at his goggle strap before it snaps back to his head as gentle as you can manage. “Did you finish the lab conclusion, pretty boy? I’m stuck on the last sent- Ned what happened to him?” You turned to the other boy, eyebrows raised in confusion because Peter is motionless and the redness is spreading all over his neck. 

   “You called him pretty again,” Ned replied, stretching his hand across the table and waving it in front of Peter’s face. “He’s probably just offended that you didn’t greet me with a compliment.” 

   “C’mon, Ned, you know I think you’re gorgeous.” 

   “I’m actually not deaf, guys.” Peter nudged you playfully, rubbing his cheeks with the sleeves of his gray sweater. You ruffle his honey hair. 

  “We know,” you answered. “Ned’s stunning, obviously-” Ned grins at this- “but you’re forever the only pretty boy for me.” Peter scrunches his nose up. Then, he takes off his goggles, placing them next to the looseleaf paper that has his neatly compiled lab report scrawled over the page. He leans forward, scooting his chair close to you so he can remove your goggles, too. He takes your face in his hands and kisses you quick. He’d put more passion into it if the teacher wasn’t standing across the room, looking for any excuse to separate the two of you. Every teacher was the same. He pulls back after a second, his hands lingering on your cheeks when he gazes at you. 

   “I love you, you beautiful and lovely and wonderful girl of mine.” Triumphantly, he removes his hands and places them back down on the desk. He catches it before you turn away toward Ned, and for a brief and fleeting moment, it’s there on your cheeks. “Oh, oh, what’s that I see? Is that a blush?” He jumps around to Ned’s spot, a stupid, prideful grin on his face as he savors the moment for himself, commits the pretty sight to memory. “Pretty girl, are you blushing?” He pressed his hands to against your face, pinching your cheek gently, lovingly. You punched him in the arm, a warning behind your eyes, but Peter didn’t care in the slightest. 

   “Yes, you big idiot,” you mumbled. “Happy now?” 

   “Oh, I’m very happy.” 

   “I hate you.” 

   “Do you really?” Peter raised his eyebrows, resting his palms against your shoulders and rubbing his thumb along the place where your collarbone peeked out of your shirt. 

   “Of course not,” you said, a grumble in your tone. “I love you and your pretty boy face, sweet little freckles and all.” You poked a couple of his freckles and kissed the one by his mouth. Peter sighed, still smiling brightly because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pretend to be annoyed at you when you called him that name. He’d wear it with like a badge of honor, grateful for it. He had an effortlessly gorgeous love that thought he was the prettiest thing she had ever laid her eyes on, so what more could he ask for? 

Daddy’s Little Girl

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: dont the title gives it away? it’s such a cliche, i cant lmao

Word Count: 2330

Warnings: nsfw af! daddy kink, thigh riding, dirty talk, unprotected sex (practice safe sex, y'all)

Author’s Note: old fic; i remember writing this, and i was shook™ at how much dirty it turned out to be lmaoo enjoy! and don’t forget to write back to me ;)

Masterlist Here (coming soon!)

Bucky Barnes is a light sleeper. The Super Soldier’s super ability to hear is one of the reasons why he wakes up with dark rims under his eyes for most of the mornings.

But ever since you both started sharing a bed, that habit of his was fading away. You’d make sure you were always snuggled up to him, giving him a sense of assurance that you’re here, with him. And then even the slightest noise stopped to disturb him

That was until tonight, when the sweet disturbance was caused by you.

You had your back pressed against his front. His face buried into your hair, as he smiled and inhaled your sweet shampoo. The metal arm wrapped around your waist as you both inhaled and exhaled together, almost as if you both had practiced it.

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Wylan Van Eck & Jesper Fahey: fav moments from Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom

“Nina might not be able to put you back, you know. Not without another dose of parem. You could be stuck like this.”
Why does it matter?
“I don’t know!” Jesper said angrily. “Maybe I liked your stupid face.”