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Guys, listen up.

What if a new attraction is added to the Egypt section, and it’s no other than Queen Nefertiti. (Or Queen Neferbitch, if you ask Ahk).

And then at her first night at the museum the first person she meets is Larry and she goes all heart eyes (You can tell Ahk is a jealous little brat).

She goes all seductive and is like ‘Lawrence Daley, Guardian of Brooklyn, would you mind give me a tour of your museum?’ and Larry, as the goodhearted but naive dude he his agrees gladly and Ahk is fuming.

Ahk grabs one of Larry’s arm, stares angrily at Nefertiti and is like ‘Keep your hands off MY guardian, your overrated harpy’ and Nefertiti glares right back, with an eyebrow arrogantly raised, and is like ‘Well, at least my name has gone down in history, unlike yours, your spoiled, whiny, mama’s boy.’

And Larry is seriously confused as the two rivals screams at each other and is just like ‘Guys, please, stop.’

I don’t wanna steal your freedom
I don’t wanna change your mind
I don’t have to make you love me
I just wanna take your time

I don’t wanna blow your phone up
I just wanna blow your mind
I don’t have to take your heart
I just wanna take your time

—  Sam Hunt

Requested: hi, this is long request but its been on my mind for a while. could you do one where your on tour with shawn. where shawns at rehearsal so you’re on the tour bus waiting. you try to stay awake to see him once he finishes but you cant so you fall asleep on the little couch thing in there curled up in his sweater listening to his album on your phone. he finishes his rehearsal comes back to see you sleeping (he smiles) moves you to his bunk and falls asleep with his arms around you. Please 💓


You’re on tour with your boyfriend. Its really great that you get to see tons of cool places and you get to travel with him, but sometimes it can get really boring. You spend a lot of time waiting for him when he’s doing press or rehearsing. Tonight is no different. It’s already midnight, but Shawn is still in rehearsal. You’re waiting for him on the bus because you want to stay up to see him when he gets out. You’re watching videos on your macbook, when you realize you’re cold. After looking everywhere for your sweatshirt, you can’t find it. However, you find Shawn’s laying on the counter where he left it. You pull it on and breathe in his scent still on it. You close your computer and curl up cozily on the couch. While you wait for Shawn, you decide to play his album on your phone. You don’t realize you’ve fallen asleep until you hear the bus door open and voices come onto the bus. You open your eyes to see Shawn smiling down at you.

“What are you doing out here, babe?” He asks you since you’re on the couch and not in your bunk.

“I wanted to wait for you to come back before I went to bed,” You answer sleepily.

“You’re sweet.” He replies, leaning down and picking you up into his arms. He carries you to his bunk and kisses your forehead. “I’ll be right back.” He says before disappearing. You’re about to drift back to sleep when Shawn returns. He had changed and brushed his teeth, now he crawls in next to you, both of you barely fitting on the skinny bunk. He takes the outside so you won’t be the one to fall of the bunk.

He wraps his arms around you, and holds you close to his warm body. “Goodnight (Y/n), I love you.”

“Love you,” You manage to mumble back before drifting off to sleep.

Brad blurb - a lazy day

Requested on wattpad

On days when neither you nor Brad want to do anything productive, you’d spend at least an hour lying in bed together after waking up. Brad’s arms would be wrapped around you, loosely but securely. He’d rub his hand and fingers up and down your spine slowly as you two spoke of random topics that came to mind. You’d talk about new music and touring, your work and school, how much you loved each other, and even the weather.

When your stomachs start to growl, you’d both trudge to the kitchen slowly, already missing the warmth of the bed. You’d whip up some pancakes from a mix and go to the living room when they’re done. You and Brad would cuddle on the couch under a blanket whilst eating your brunch and watching cartoons. You’d laugh at the silly shows, and snuggle up against one another.

After watching TV for a while, the two of you would break out the board games. Brad would let you win, just to see the big smile on your face when the game was over. He’d grin at you, congratulate you, then challenge you to another game. After winning your third or fourth game, you’d grow suspicious of him letting you win. He’d deny the accusation, of course, but you’d know he’s lying. It would make you smile, though.

After having a simple dinner of ordered pizza, you two would spend the evening in the bath. There would be candles lit all around the room and faint, relaxing music playing in the background. You’d both be so relaxed and calm from your lazy day spent inside that you’d go right to bed after the bath and fall asleep almost instantly in each other’s arms.

Oswald Cobblepot x Female Reader- Soaring (Rated M smut)

It’s your anniversary and you surprise Oswald with a helicopter flight over Gotham City, not realising he has a fear of flying. So you decide to ease his mind on the journey.

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Warning- Smut, Oral Sex (blowjob)

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INDRID: meet the girl and take the tour.


That’s exactly what you’re doing right now! Or well, you just texted Mishka double checking that you got the time right. You think you did - you’re nearly always punctual, unless a case causes you delays. The two of you only spoke briefly over trollian, to set things up; you want to make a good impression. You may be the higher blood, but that also means you have an example to set!

You look in one of the glass pieces nearby to try to check your reflection. No good; your face is all distorted. It’s funny to peer at, though, and you smile slightly. You chose to not wear facepaint for the date; some people are odd about the church, and well, you can’t entirely blame them. Besides, you’re off work right now; being an honorary member hardly matters.

Your dress is fancy, but not excessively so, and you intentionally bought one with some blue close to Mishka’s color to compliment her. Hopefully she likes it! Or will it come off as too much? Well, fretting won’t solve anything. You don’t want pressure her into anything, that’s all! She ought to feel like she’ll have a good time, no matter what happens.

You see the lobby door open and a crack of moonlight shine through, your ears perking up. You unconsciously pat your hair, making sure it’s still in place.


03. Daybreak [Taehyung, Smut]

taehyung x reader

request by Anon: Taehyung, Smut, [ Touch - Writer’s Choice] + “Let me show you how much I missed you.”

[!] Daddy kink, mild dirty talk, overstimulation.

     You wake to the feel of fluttering eyelashes against your neck; the delicate touch making your skin prickle into goosebumps just before you feel lips connect against your sensitive flesh. Keeping your eyes closed as you wade through your sleepy haze, you indulge in the feel of large hands skimming along your every curve. As it travels inch by inch, you’re reminded of why you had not a thread covering you, due to the night before. Vivid memories of Taehyung bloom against your dull mind, of him /finally/ coming home from tour and /finally/ capturing your lips with his own. His words of praise still danced along your skin, his admirations of /how beautiful you were/ still making your heart hammer within your chest.

    Taehyung moves his lips down your neck, savoring the sweet taste of your skin under his tongue while his hands find the apex of your thighs. With a gentle touch, he pushes your legs apart to draw lazy circles around your clit. Still sore from the previous night, you can feel him grin against your throat when he’s met with your sharp intake of air. The heat that had consumed your skin from the prior evening is quick to find its way along your every nerve, making you lightly whimper as Tae comes to drink the noises eagerly from your lips. Every noise you make has his skin tingling in the best of ways, as though the stars inside of him stirred just for you.

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Have a burning question for Duran Duran?  Want an answer?

In advance of the release of PAPER GODS out on September 11, John Taylor & Roger Taylor will be answering questions from you Tuesday 8/4/15 @ 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST / 5 PM GMT. Send your questions about Paper Gods, the tour, or anything on your mind here, and they will answer either 10 or 50 or 9000 of them on Tuesday!

Critics pretend to get it and bitches just don’t fuck with him - Huey

My absence of fucks
Was a problem that we ain’t ever really get to solve
We just smashed and we scuffled - Mantra

And I don’t know who house to call home lately
I hope my phone break, let it ring
Toe to toe with the foes, new and old - Faucet

I just want my time and my mind intact
When they both gone, you can’t buy ‘em back - Grief

Raised up where every mouth that speak the truth get taped shut
Peep the evening news, my nigga, we don’t do the same stuff - Off top

Feel this cage when that acid fade
Face the same but your mind has changed - Grown ups

Brick out on the tour, got kicked out of the morgue
Spit cattle manure shit, shit, rally the Horsemen
Tally the corpses - AM // Radio

Falling victim to myself, middle finger to the help
When it’s problems I don’t holler, rather fix 'em by myself - Inside

I never was defenseless
I never hugged a fence
I pick a side and trust in it - DNA

Put your body down in water like a Lipton tea bag is
Switch to different fucking whip to let them piggies speed past 'em - Wool

- Earl Sweatshirt - I don’t like shit I don’t go outside

fallout starter (open to all)

*your muse has just reached a rather large settlement and quickly was greeted by a woman with a smiling face* hello and welcome to conkurd please if you would not mind a tour please fallow me.* your muse was soon greated with the sight of four heavily armored settlers kicking in the door of a place* oh dont mind that its just srgt rex enforcing the law

Change Your Ticket | Luke

a/n: in which I continue to be Bad at Endings.

masterlist | request

It had been 3 weeks of shuffling from city to city; different hotels, different venues, different middle of the night adventures. But your time was up and reality was pushing it’s way back into the forefront of your mind. He only had a month of tour left and you’d lasted longer before, but your rational side refused to show while you were laying in bed, a heavy arm anchoring you to the body pressed against your back.

You peaked over at the clock on the nightstand, naively hoping you were wrong and you still had a day left. “Don’t go,” Luke mumbled in your ear, voice full of sleep. A small smile played on your lips before you groaned lightly at the thought of being home. Alone. Miles away from your dumb boyfriend again.

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