in your interests

ok pls m is f’s older brother’s best friend. f just graduated from college and is moving to m’s city. so f’s brother calls m and asks him to help f move and keep an eye on her while she is living there! so m begrudgingly goes to f’s apartment to help her move and shows up to see f and is totally blown away! f is beautiful and smart and confident and bossy and totally different than m remembered! and now m doesn’t mind having to help f!! so m is flirting with her the whole time and f isnt having it??? bc she just thinks he’s a fckboy??? and m is but he’s really taken by f??? and although f doesnt like like him they start to fool around ??? and m starts to fall for f?? and f is kinda confused and doesnt want to get hurt??? even though m is so sweet to her?? and fluff and angst and !!!!!