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Matthew 4:19 “Follow Me,” Jesus said. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Isn’t that what Jesus did? Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God, but made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant. He said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Are we ready to follow such a great example?

it’s just really interesting being on tumblr and following all of y’all as someone who doesn’t care about anything dc-related and has no clue what’s going on

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Hi there!! So, my best friend's birthday is today, and to celebrate, I was wondering if you could share some Blue headcannons! (Birthday related or otherwise). She's in love with the lil guy. Thank you!


I’m giving you some fluffy relationship headcanons to show her :)


-He is the sweetest boyfriend ever. I’m talking surprising you with flowers when you get home from school or work kind of boyfriend. He’s also very perceptive. And he’ll always notice when you’re not feeling well. Which means that whenever you’re sad or upset he’ll do his best to cheer you up. Romantic dates, hiking somewhere beautiful or just being lazy on the couch, he’ll do it all for you. 

-He’s also the kind of boyfriend who takes a really big interest in your hobbies. If you’re into dancing, he wants to learn it as well. If you like writing or drawing/painting, he will gladly listen or look at what you’ve made. He’d take a month long class in how to knit if he had to. He just likes having things in common with you. 

- He loves celebrating anniversaries and holidays, and your birthday is super important to him. He goes all out and buys balloons, the best flavored cake in town and so many gifts. If you’re into parties, he’ll hold you one. If you’re not, then you’re spending it with him and your closest friends. It’s still magical.  

-He loves disney and pixar films. And it’s not because he’s a sweet pure little cinnamon bun (he is, but that’s beside the point). He’s into more ‘’adult’’ like films too. But these types of movies hold a big place in his heart. And he loves having sappy movie marathons with you. Making popcorn and other snacks, he’ll spend the evening cuddling you on the couch. He’s really good at making healthy snacks that still taste very good. Since he’s not really into junkfood.

(His favorite disney and pixar movies are: Brave, Ratatouille, Wall-e, Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, and The Emperor’s New Groove)

-His eat and sleeping schedule is always on point. But if you ever catch him being tired he’s the most adorable thing ever. Eyes slowly creeping shut as soon as you stop talking to him. And a voice that’s so quietly unlike him. Keep him up for too long and he will pass up standing, leaning against anything that’s not going to topple over. 

Hey everybody!

I am really sorry for the lack of updates… but currently, I am focusing on finishing the other project, which I mentioned in the last post… it should be up and running in about a month and after that, I’ll get back to this project full time :)
But in the meantime, I have finished the inside of the top of the tower, where you will be able to offer gold to gods so they grant you some of their powers. You will be able to “start a conversation” with the book, where you can then choose from the list of available abilities.

I have to thank everybody for your support and interest, it really keeps me going! I’ll try to make my posts more frequent.

Anyway, until the next update, have a good one! :)

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jaehyun x 62?

Anon said: jeffrey, 62 76?
Anon said: Jaehyun + 62 ;)
Anon said: 62 jung jaehyun?

Send in a number and a NCT member and I’ll write a drabble ^^

62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

It’s three in the morning, and you had just woken up because your bladder couldn’t hold itself for five more hours. And now, here you were, laying on your back on your bed, next to your very awake boyfriend, wondering when you could go back to sleep.

You had class and being awake really wasn’t in your best interests.

“Jaehyun, make me fall back asleep.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?” He asks. You turn your head to look at him.

“I don’t know. Do whatever you think will make me fall asleep.”

Jaehyun goes through several different ideas including getting you a glass of hot tea, giving you a backrub, trying to sing you to sleep, and even holding you to get you warm and sleepy. None of it works, and you’re back to where you were, on your back with Jaehyun next to you.

“There’s nothing else to get me to fall asleep?” Jaehyun is silent for a moment before scooting closer to you, his hand landing on your thigh. He rubs it up and down slowly, and you turn your head to look at him.

“If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?”

“You were leading up to this, weren’t you, you fucker?”

“I saved it for a last resort. I figured you’d go with it,” he says smugly. Of course he thought like that.

You sigh and pull Jaehyun closer, pressing your lips to his once. “You have to do all the work.”

“Fine by me.”


The Ecstasy of Gold—Ennio Morricone

Ok just wanna yell about something I found really really cool in watching the latest Samurai Jack episode.

So you guys know this scene right?


I don’t know how many of ya’ll have seen The Good, The Bad And The Ugly but Ecstasy of Gold plays in a key scene, notably when all three of the main characters have their final and dramatic standoff/showdown and just

…I love Samurai Jack’s artistic and musical composer teams so so much for that 8____8

 @squigglydigglydoo because this seems relevant to your interests

Look man, I feel that encouraging your kids to have interests and hobbies and supporting them in those as much as you feasibly can is one of the best ways to help them develop their ideas about career choice. No joke. Even if supporting their hobbies and interests means doing things you are not interested in, do it anyway, because making it obvious that you value their skills makes them feel good about having those skills.  

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Hi, can you explain what greygender is?

Well, I’m not greygender, so I can’t have a perfect grasp of it, but I’ll certainly do my best.

Much like greysexual, identifying as greygender means that you’re aware of having a gender and experiencing a desire to express it, but only weakly. You’re not completely invested in it; it’s not a dominant thing. It’s not a lack of gender, simply a lack of… interest in your gender, or investment, I suppose? It’s also been described as having a connection with your gender that is indescribable or weak. It’s sort of like agender, but not exactly - it’s the “grey area”. As said [here], it’s a feeling of being gender neutral more because of a disinterest in “participating” in gender.

I suggest to definitely check out the link above, though, for a more comprehensive explanation.


Aesthetic Challenge (tagged by @mathes0n and @rickys-keeper aka gay and gayer)

RULES: make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with ONLY photos you’ve saved to your device! You cannot search and download any items until you are done!

This is silly! I tag @clairvoyants @yaoi-hands-sans @tymorrowland @annadesu @phin-dicated @strawbearii-milk and @msrenai21

I might do a version where I seriously try to replicate my aesthetic lmao

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Do you have a meta on Daenerys' visions in the House of the Undying and what they might mean? I would be very interested in your opinion. - I love your thoughtful insights!

No, but I can make that chapter the next one I look at in-depth, if you like. Thank you very much for the compliment, anon!