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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
—  Pablo Picasso

blue night radio ♡ 170329
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go young bae: what is blue night to jonghyun today?
jonghyun: stretch marks. why do you think we have stretch marks? it’s when we grow all of a sudden. it’s hard to get rid of them and, even if you try to revert to your previous image, i think what remains is those marks. to that extent …, when there’s a sudden change that cuases growth, even though it causes me some pain, isn’t blue night something that leaves me with that much? growing pains, growth, and evidence of it? (…) i think i speak really well.

peregrineroad replied to your post “me: i wanna draw my brain: how about you think about the consequences…”

As for suggestions…caped superhero of your choice’s cape catches fire, how do they react?


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What are the best websites (other than DeviantArt) for posting webcomics??

Well it depends– Deviantart is better for fan comics.

For original comics, you’re in for a whole lotta variety. However, to have the most control over your work you’re better off making a comic website for yourself.

Wordpress is a common site that a lot of comic artists use. Even if you use it for free, you still have a lot of wiggle room to customize the site to your needs.

 Wix  is okay– it gives you more creative freedom but this site is better for portfolio building more so than hosting your comics. 

ComicFury- I tried this for a while. This is good when you’re jut getting started, but you’ll have to resize your images to 8 x 11 considering the site doesn’t resize your images if they’re large. 

WebToon-  This is also a good starter one as well!

If you want a better list, you can use some lists I found on Google! Here

Hope that helps! 

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i dont know how to turn it properly into an art meme but like.... i feel like there needs to be some sort of "submit runway fashion and i'll draw taako wearing it" sort of art challenge

google vogue poses and send me your favorite image is my personal favorite iteration

i mean all you gotta do to make it a meme is write that shit in header text and there you go, easy breezy covergirl

april is nearly upon our inceptionkitties and it’s time for... #springcleaningkitties!

this saturday april 1st and sunday april 2nd we are collecting your silly/sensual/scandalous pictures and videos of inceptionkitties BATHING!

send us all the groomings… paws, back legs, buttholes… 

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  • no more than three pictures or videos per inceptionkitty
  • posts will only be accepted over the weekend in your local timezone
  • tag us: #inceptionkitties AND #springcleaningkitties or use the submit function on our blog
  • caption your images with the names of the inceptionkitties clearly in the body of the post
  • have fun!!! and try not to get killed by catching your cat in a compromising position.