in your hair

Eir'melana ‘Mel’ Lavellan a.k.a. The Silver Arrow of Halamshiral

This beautiful portrait was created by none other than the highly-esteemed @mako-art I highly recommend commissioning her. (I am going back for seconds, once I get moar monies) She is a sweetie pie, and she put up with my suggestions, and lengthy descriptions of Mel, (She’s a keeper) ALSO! her style is cute and very detailed! AS YOU CAN SEE!

Black Girl Magic : A Thread✨

Thankful The Universe Created Such Beauty

Cheers to my bf for the idea.

Destroy the idea that dark skinned girls can’t have pastel hair. Burn it. Delete it from your head forever. Fuck the “it doesn’t compliment my skin tone” bullshit. That’s just some lie white kids made up to derail your confidence and keep you from doing what you love


Don’t laugh Bakugou, it’s a serious struggle

Here, have a thing