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So.... Jeff... told niall to mention babygate...

The point, anon, is that Harry’s team clearly saw the backlash about how they played the fandom after the milkshake tweet and the in your face het promo with Carolina and Tess right after tickets for his tour had sold out. They obviously realized that adding any babygate nonsense into the mix during Harry’s initial album sale period would only hurt him and their sales. People would have canceled their preorders.

Pretty much the day after Harry’s first week us sales came in, suddenly there’s babygate mentions in the press and from Liam and Niall in the usual suspects (the sun, billboard, via Simon jones). There’s been so much inter-team coordination over the past year and a half that you have to be wilfully blind to think what we’re seeing now isn’t intentional.

They easily could have held off on publishing nialls article (also I don’t know if this has been mentioned but look at Niall’s hair on the cover those pictures are old) and pushing that sun article with Liam until after Harry’s promo was over because they knew the kind of fandom backlash that would happen. Don’t forget that Niall is signed with sjpr who also manage louis and who have managed the entirety of babygate.

Sony and Simon Jones are in bed together where these boys are concerned and have been for years and guess what - Sony created and continue to push babygate and Sony also have a record deal with harry and work closely with Jeff.

It’s really not that complicated.

Thoughts whilst listing to Harry’s album

Things popping into my mind whilst listening to Harry’s album:

- Meet me in the hallway: 

*contemplating about your life while staring into the distance*, *running through hallways while laughing carelessly and turning around to see your friends running*, *waiting for your friend to call you to go out*, *walking home after a long day with friends, thinking about the memories you made while walking in the fading sunshine which is blinding your eyes and making everything hazy*

- Sign of the Times:

*Thinking about the times I felt really down*, *giving people second chances because you want them in your life, but being let down again*, *taking a walk with your earpods blasting music, trying to get away from the stress, clearing your mind, blowing off steam*, *standing in the shower thinking about things that have been on your mind for a while, hot tears streaming down your face, sobbing*

- Carolina: 

* Eyes closed, letting your body relax whilst dancing, moving your shoulders and hips, rolling your head back, letting the lights run over your closed eyes*, *your cool friend who doesn’t wear makeup but looks amazing anyway, wearing her hair in messy pony tail on top of her head, wearing high waisted slightly too big levis jeans, wearing her tiny red back walking ahead of you entering a busy club whilst turning around to check out if you’re following and smiles brightly*

- Two ghosts:

*Sitting on a train on a hot spring day, an iced coffee on the too small table in front of you, red lipstick smudges around the rim of the straw, earpods in your ear, denim jacket covering your lap, longs nails with blue nail polish ticking against the glass*, *Coming back from meeting with friends you haven’t seen in a while*

- Sweet Creature:

*Thinking about someone who’s always there for you, no matter what*, *car rides with your friends, windows rolled open, hair blowing everywhere, singing along to your favourite music, milkshakes in the cup holders, sunglasses balances on the tip of your nose, a painting of clouds and sunlight in the sky*, *driving through the countryside, making funny videos whilst laughing*

- Only angel:

INTRO:*Visiting Cathedrals on school trips, contemplating about everything you ever believed in whilst staring at the beautiful stained windows and high ceilings*, *Staring at your favourite painting at a museum*

REST OF THE SONG: *wearing a white shirt that’s too baggy but somehow fits perfectly*, *going to tiny performances in amazingly cute venues*, *Making pictures of the back of your super photogenic friend who’s walking through an aesthetically pleasing building in a capital city*, *Sharing an ice cream with 2 long spoons with the most amazing chocolate sauce ever*, *Riding home after a concert bobbing along to the music with the windows rolled down, not being embarrassed about singing along on the top of your lungs with a shrill voice*, *Hair slapping in your face and getting stuck in your lashes whilst bobbing along to a tune*

- Kiwi:

*wearing old, too big baggy jeans with converse underneath, an old leather jacket tied around your waist, sunglasses propped on your nose whilst listening to music and strutting around town*, *wearing no makeup but red lipstick*, *French bobs and shewing gum while wearing nothing but black and white clothing*, *Going places you’ve never been before*, *Going on road trips with your friends, a vibe of carelessness and youthfulness in the air*

- Ever since New York:

* long train rides whilst reading a new book, having to stop every once in a while to stare through the window and think of nothing whilst some sort of emotion is slowly filling your chest*, *Laying on your stomach in your bed, scrolling through tumblr with a cup of steaming tea next to you*, *That feeling when you think of nothing in particular but you can’t help smiling for an unclear reason*,

- Woman:

*Getting ready to go out, pampering yourself, putting on face masks, slaying your makeup and feeling powerful. Making that perfect wing, finding the right colour of lipstick that makes you feel like a queen*, *Dancing whilst getting ready to go out with your friends, slowly moving your hips whilst applying and blending eyeshadows*, *walking through the dark at night after an amazing night, looking at a star-filled sky while sighing with a feeling of content*

- From the dining table:

*Lazy nights alone in your room, falling asleep for an hour before continuing watching Netflix*, *Sitting on a windowsill with a cup of coffee, staring outside at the cat of the neighbours who’s sitting on the letterbox*, *chilly autumn mornings, warming up the house when you wake up, the smell of your cup of tea, the feeling of sleep still pressing on your eyelids*, *listening to relaxing music in a slightly too hot bath, candles everywhere, steamed mirrors, cold glass of wine*

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for any rvb ship you desire: "What, and you think that this is enough for me? You think that this - whatever this is, you think this is always going to be enough?" FUCK ME UP, IZ. FUCK ME UP.

Request received.

heads inside a dream

Ships: None, Carolina Centric

Warning: Mild RVB15 spoilers for episode 4.

Loose non-spoiler Summary: Carolina has reoccurring dreams.

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but its really curious how the independent article didnt mention kiwi which i expected to get the most attention coz of the intensevely rock vibes as well as the most heat from the press coz of the hard candy lyrics.. its very weird

well i’ll be really honest, i’ve never heard of hard candy being a metaphor for anything, especially not anything like what was going around yesterday, so i’m not surprised that that didn’t get more traction. 

however, i also think carolina and woman are more aggressively… in your face, maybe? about things, where kiwi is so obviously playing around with the rock n’ roll star stereotype, with groupies claiming they’re having your baby and whatnot. so that might be why that one was skipped over. 

Empty Threats & Hollow Lies

So I had so much fun writing Baby Doll and Tell Me that I just couldn’t stop. Therefore, please enjoy the first installment of my new John Winchester x Reader series! 

A little background: Have you ever wondered what John was doing while Dean and Sam were searching for him? Here’s my take on it. 

This story begins shortly before Season 1 of Supernatural. Sam’s away at Stanford, Dean is hunting on his own, and you (the reader) have been hunting with John, but now, you’re embarking on a new romantic relationship with him.

Buckle up, kiddos. This is gonna be a bumpy ride. :) 

CHARACTERS: John Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer (mentioned), Ash (mentioned)
WARNINGS: Smut, language

*Title taken from the song “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.” Meat Loaf originally sang it, but the Celine Dion version is my favorite. 

TAGS: @fandommaniacx, @winchesterenthusiast, @crzcorgi, @kittenofdoomage, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @manawhaat, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @spnashley, @deandoesthingstome, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @deanwinchester-af, @mamapeterson

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Your eyes flew open when you heard the phone ring. A deep groan sounded from beside you, a few seconds before John reached over you, grabbing his phone from the nightstand while you snuggled closer to him. He flipped his phone open, wrapping one arm around you, holding the phone to his ear with the other one.

“Yeah. … Bobby? … Do you know what the fuck time it is? … Don’t call me and wake me up then bitch to me, you— … Wait, what? When?”

John motioned to you with his head and you groaned as you rolled away from him, tugging the covers up to your neck and putting your face in the pillow. John climbed out of bed, still talking into the phone, and you opened one eye to see him standing at the table, scratching something onto a notepad. You smiled when you took in the sight before you, of a magnificently naked John Winchester slowly sliding into hunter mode.

You groaned, pulling the covers over your head as John hung up the phone. You heard his whiskey-rough chuckle as he made his way back to the bed, tugging the covers out of your grip and sliding in behind you. He set his stubble-covered chin on your shoulder, hands wrapped low around your hips, and you tilted your head towards him.

“Don’t tell me.”

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December 11th - All is Bright

“Why are all the lights off?”

From his spot on the rec room couch, York barely turned his head to acknowledge Carolina.  “They’re not all off.”

“The only thing that is lit is the tree.”


Carolina gave a barely patient sigh and moved further into the rec room, into York’s line of sight.  “Does this mean that your eyes are bothering you again?”

“It means I’ve been wishing on the star that you would show up.”

Carolina ignored his weak attempt at distraction.  “If you are in pain, you should be resting in your room, not sitting here half in the dark and straining your eyes further.”

“How could I strain my eyes when you are here, brightening the room with your radiance?”

Carolina ran one hand down her face in amused frustration, trying and failing to hide a smile.  “Dear god, York.  Even by your standards, these lines are terrible.”

“Nope. They’re perfect.”

“How do you figure?”

“You smiled. They worked perfectly.”  His words were clipped short and thick with pain, but York still sounded pleased.  

Carolina fought the urge to throw something at his head.  “Why are you fighting me on this?”

York’s eyes widened in genuine surprise.  “I’m not fighting you at all.  In fact, I am going to bed in ten minutes.”

“You are?”

“Yes.  But until then, it would make my Christmas if you would sit down and simply enjoy looking at this beautiful tree with me.”

“Then you will go to bed?”

“Then I will go to bed.”

Without another word, Carolina sat down.  She checked her watch - 21:03.  Ten minutes starting now.  They settled into silence, and for the first time, Carolina finally had a chance to take a close look at the tree.  

The lights were multicolored strands, reds and blues and greens.  They threw a riot of colours and shadows across the room, over the walls, couches and chairs, and York.  Many of the ornaments were handmade, out of paper or scraps of fabric.  There was a simple beauty to it that she hadn’t had time to see before.  She was glad to see it now.  

“It really is a lovely tree.”  She wasn’t sure who her words were for- York or herself.  But then-

“You know what else is lovely?”

“Oh my god, York.  If you are going to keep that up for the full ten minutes,  I am just going to drag you back to your room myself, and I don’t need you conscious to do it.”

“Is that a-”


That earned a husky laugh from him, which dissolved into a groan before he quickly choked it off.  They lapsed into silence again, one that left Carolina feeling warm and peaceful.  It wasn’t until York stood, ready to keep his word, that she realized she had lost track of time.  For a moment she nearly asked him to stay - he would certainly do it, but she knew what it would cost him.  

Instead, she simply said, “Thanks.”

York gave her another pleased and grateful smile.  “Good night, Carolina.”  Without another word, he turned and left.  

Carolina waited for his footsteps to die away down the hall before she got up to turn on the lights.  She fished a new book out of the set of shelves in the corner of the room and settled back onto the couch, tucking her legs up next to her and snuggling against the armrest.  

It wasn’t until several minutes later that she noticed that she had taken his spot.  She looked up from her book in frustration, unable to concentrate on what she was reading, and the realization hit her as she raised her eyes to the tree.  She sat there for some time, then rose to turn the lights off again.  

She was halfway back to the couch when she stopped.  It was different somehow - she was sure that the light still illuminated the room in exactly the same way, the same patches of light and shadow, the same kaleidoscope of colours - but something was wrong. In her eyes, everything seemed dimmer, the colours muted, the room colder.

She didn’t return to the couch.  She didn’t return her book to its shelf.  She didn’t unplug the tree or turn the lights back on.  She didn’t take her eyes from the tree and didn’t realized she had been slowly backing up until her hip touched the edge of the door.  She didn’t break her gaze until the very last moment and didn’t realize she was walking back to her room until she was nearly halfway there.

Maybe tomorrow she’d come back to check again.  Maybe tomorrow the colours would be brighter, and the room warmer.  Maybe tomorrow she’d find that same peaceful feeling that she had found tonight.  Maybe tomorrow it would once again be just as beautiful as she remembered it.

Maybe tomorrow he’d stay.

RvB: Misquoted

Taken from this lovely post.

“I’m not kidding,” Tucker said the morning of, and Church kept laughing. “Hey, asshole! I’m not kidding.”

“Tucker, that’s the most melo-fucking-dramatic thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Yeah, well, you’re the one who asked for reassignments.”

“Five years of dealing with you assholes, hell yeah I asked for reassignments.”

“Fuck you, Church. I don’t even care. My ass gets on that plane and I forget you, and this shitty box canyon, and this shitty sham of an army.”

Church clapped him on the shoulder, a grin in his voice, and said, “yeah. You’re welcome, buddy.”

“Goodbye,” South said, quiet. North’s head was in her lap, their weapons discarded behind a stone somewhere. She knew this was over. She had made sure of it. Some part of her wondered if she should take off the helmet and make sure his eyes were closed.

Her secure channel kicked into life, the voice of Recovery Command. “Recovery One is on his way to you.”

She took her hands off the latches. “Copy that. I’m ready.”

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In another universe the Alpha survives as the Meta.
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