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Easy ways to do magick

There are hundreds of complex, glamourous spells all over the internet, and some of these spells are wonderful. However, some people don’t have to time, energy, motivation, or money to do those sorts of spells. For those people, here are some easy spell ideas.

1. Do some birthday-like magick! Light a candle, make a wish, and blow it out. (You can also snuff it out or let it burn down, depending on what you believe works best.)

2. Alternatively, blow dandelion seeds while making a wish.

3. Chant while preparing food. Even if it’s just microwaved ramen or something of the sort, give it a few stirs and chant your intent. (For example: “I will have good dreams tonight.”)

4. Before taking a bath, write your intent on a piece of paper. Fold up the paper and leave it in the bath water for a few minutes to let the water be charged with your intent. (This would work best for spells designed to affect the caster, such as glamour spells. It would probably not be a good idea to cast a curse this way.)

5. Keep a diary and write about things you want to happen as if they already have. For example, if you want someone to ask you out, write an entry about them doing so.

6. Simply think about your intent while listening to a song that reminds you of it. 

7. Before drinking anything, whisper your intent into the glass or bottle.

8. Wear colors that correspond to your goal and focus on your intent while getting dressed. If you’re unable to get dressed every morning, you could also wear jewelry, nail polish, or makeup of the color.

In Your Dreams Tonight - Chapter 2- Soul of Samurai

Prologue 1  Prologue 2Prologue 3

  Chapter 1Chapter 3

An hour after, Neisui and her friends along with the rest of school are inside the gym for some assembly. Ms. President is standing on the podium, giving her speech about school rules to the new students, the boy students from KHS. The two schools are now merging together and each classroom will have two homeroom teachers.

“Summarizing the points above, there will be no dating allowed until I can see our students can learn to control yourselves…AND have achieve the aforementioned 90% on standardized tests, then I promise that I will once again permit dating…. Now, ” Ms. President paused, “is that clear?”

“YES, Ms. Kiyokawa!” the voices were clearly females, the students of SLA. Neisui glanced around, some students from KHS are complaining only to be scolded by Sensei Shinchi. She quietly sighed and felt bad, those boys don’ really know SLA yet, but being a student here, she and other girls knew that if they didn’t respond to Ms. President right away, god knows how long she would lecture about it. And Shinchi, though he is not her homeroom teacher, he teaches every student’s mathematics. And after that little stunt in Kyoto, Neisui knew she is being watched.

If the sudden merging of all-boys and all-girls school and no dating were not surprising enough, Neisui was surly surprised when she saw some familiar boy faces in her classroom. Those are…Toramatsu and his friends? The ones she bumped into then got teased at the Kyoto fieldtrip?

“Hi little girlie,” the punky hair boy whistled, “so you are in this school too? And in this classroom? That’s totally awesome! Talk about coincidence!”

“Hey Neisui, you know them?” Mei asked.

Neisui nodded, “yes on Kyoto fieldtrip. Their school was on field trip as well, I kinda got pushed by the crowd and knocked them over.” She answered quietly, would Sensei Shinchi recognize them when he sees them? Perhaps, but as long as they go by the rules and keep their grades, Shinchi couldn’t hold what happened against them. No he won’t, he may be a very strict one, but his fairness is as equal too.

After a few seconds of thought, she held out her hand, “I am Seta Neisui, a vice president of this class, and Kan,” nodded to her friend Kan who now stepped forward, “is president. She is the one usually helping our teacher with organizing and planning. And I, if there are any questions about this school’s procedures or of the teachers, or finding your directions around the school, you may always find me and them. Now that we are in the same school and same classroom, we should work together as a team!”

*** *** ***

The first day was not so bad, though some boys in the classroom are yawning during lectures, or they did their own things on paper, especially during their homeroom teacher Kiyonori’s history lecture. Unlike other homeroom teachers, Sensei Kiyonori thinks to control oneself first need to free oneself, if they are too afraid out of control so they don’t interact naturally, then it would only do worse later on. He does not agree with principal way of handing this situation, but he has no say. Well, at least principal didn’t forbidden the boy and girl students sitting together.

Using a palm to hold her chin, Neisui tilted head slightly to see the boy’s profile sitting next to her, who was no other than the boy she bumped into, then given the red scarf for their meeting, Li Toramatsu. His eyes focused on the black board, listening to Kiyonori on and on’s lecture of Samurai, of Bushido. What is on today’s lecture is not really in the textbook and not going to be on the tests, so she had no intention of copying them down, and she does heard and read about it from the book Kiyonori lent her during the break. But Toramatsu, his attention is all on Kiyonori, his pen not stop moving…Kiyonori will sure be glad having him as a student, someone who is so interested in history, not just for test purposes. But still…

There is another thing about him that bothers her. If she remembers correctly, he did mention if he meets her again in Tokyo…

First time is coincidence, second is encounter, third time is fate.

When he gave her his scarf, he looked like he was pretty sure they were to meet again, as if it is already fated. And what of his name, the same as the samurai, the one who served Tokugawa Ieyasu. And the scene in Kyoto, the scene in her dream…or was that her memory of somewhere, someone, was too similar. If he was not the one, or no relation to Li Clan…Toramatsu was perhaps testing her, to see how she would react, as if would played out as it did long ago.

She didn’t mention anything of her dream, but how much expressions did she gave away when he did? Fate, strings of red.

Then Toramatsu turned and saw her looking at him,

Neisui? He wrote in the notebook then looked back to the black board

No, nothing. She wrote back.


Contrate on your class lecture.

Not when you staring at me like this. Tell me. His eyes now back on her.

We will talk later. I want to ask you something…but not here, not now.

The bell rang, school has finally ended. Neisui led Toramatsu and his friends in front of a room at the end of a corridor.

“Woot, the vice president of class is taking us to somewhere that looks kinda mysterious and isolated on the first day!” the punky-haired boy whistled, “So what’s the agenda?”

Before Neisui could answer him, another boy snapped, “Tadakatsu, be quiet!” then he turned to get, “Neisui, speak!”

Neisui looked at them silently, so this boy…the one that is so calm and unreadable seems to be their leader. What is his name, Ieyasu? She turned the door knob and opened the door “go inside and you’ll see.” She walked in, tilted her head to the inside the room as a signal for them to follow.

Inside, Kiyonori, both their homeroom and history teacher is inside, practicing laido, a wooden sword in his hand. Kiyonori practiced his sword quietly, making several different kinds of moves as he is fighting with someone, an imaginary opponent. Few minutes passed with complete silence except the sounds of the feet moving, the sword swinging.

“Neisui?” Kiyonori said quietly, without even looking at their direction. “Something the matter? Perhaps with the new students? Or you come to join me?”

An edge of her lip curled slightly, she grabbed a sword off the wall, made her move to Kiyonori as she advanced towards him, but was blocked. “Neisui, I could feel your presence once you entered, as the air has changed. What makes you think you can surprise attack me now?” he tilted his head toward her. Now he is looking at her.

Because of their closeness of space, and perhaps he let his guard down as he was speaking to her, Neisui had a chance to move her feet and changed position, now she’s behind him, holding something beside his throat.

Kiyonori looked down at his throat, it was a blue pen. “Nice move Neisui, but a blue pen? But are you going to do with it?”

“I can click,” Neisui started clicking her pen besides his throat. “Mr.Taishi, look around, we have other guests in the room. I brought them here.”

Against the wall stood Toramatsu, punky -haired Tadakatsu, Ieyasu, and another pretty haired boy, Yasumasa.

“I decide to bring them along for fun. I’m not sure about others, but Toramatsu seems to be enjoying in your class lecture, and well…” she rubbed her nose, “I assume they are athletic, from what I heard most boys in KHS has more energy after school, and we can put what you just talked about in class. About bushido, about etiquette, about putting body on perfect harmony to express mastery of spirit over flesh.”

Kiyonori nodded approvingly, “That’s right. The end of all etiquette is to so cultivate your mind that even when you are quietly seated, not the toughest ruffian can dare make onset on your person. This is the soul of samurai, soul of Japan.” He paused to look at them before continue, putting his word at his side as the way swordsman does, “so are you boys ready to join?”

(One of the quote I taken directly from 《Bushido: The Soul of Japan》 by Inazo Nitobe. This is kind of a passing through chapter and to explain how things are at the school. The real beginning. I forgot who I tagged before but…😂I’ll add on more later. From now on fiction will go under this blog of same account for easier access.)

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All hands on deck

request: Hey love, can I request StevexReaderxBucky? All early 20s. Reader works with law/business. She was close with Bucky or Steve(you choose) growing up/in high school. But they just lost touch. Reader meets Steve/Bucky for the first time & they live in the same building. Reader finds out either one/both Steve & Bucky are strippers. Maybe readers inexperienced but flirty (sleeps w/people she likes). Nat & Reader are sisters- they’re both gorgeous & close.

pairing: steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes

word count: 6017

warnings: smut, threesome, oral (male receiving), fingering, breath play, praise kink, stripping, small amounts of dry humping

a/n: 9 pages and five hours later! also changed a few aspects of the request so the fic worked well.

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The moment you walked through the entrance of your apartment complex, you knew something was different despite not knowing what it was. You tried to push the feeling away as you made your way to the elevator smiling at your neighbours as you did, you may have been tired after a day of hard work but nothing stopped you from being polite to those around you.

As soon as the elevator doors opened with a ding you quickly scurried your back against the cool metal wall and your head leaning back as you let out a long sigh. You were beyond tired as well as beyond annoyed, your boss made you stay at work two hours later than usual and you were exhausted. All you wanted to do was go to your apartment and crawl into your bed and sleep until you woke up the next morning for work.

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Request: Hi!! I’ve recently watched the clip again of Sebastian Stan flirting with Sharon Stone haha can you do an imagine where Seb’s gf is an actress. And Seb and his gf is invited to guest on James Corden’s show but they didn’t know that the gf’s celebrity crush would also be there and when he comes on she gets all giggly or something and Sebastian’s all jealous but in a joking way???

Word Count: 568

Warnings: flirting? Lol

A/N: I couldn’t stop smiling while writing this - hope you like it!

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In Your Dreams Tonight - Chapter 3 – Fate and Love

Prologue 1  Prologue 2Prologue 3

  Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 4

“So,” Kiyonori stepped forward, eyeing the four young boys in front of him, “are you boys ready to start?”

Before they could answer, the door slide open, Kan walked in. “Hey Neisui!” then she noticed the presence of other, gave a slight node to Kiyonori, “sorry to interrupt Sensei Taishi, but Neisui, your cousin Koichi is here looking for you.”

Huh? Koichi? What is he doing here? No why does he come here? Did something happen? Neisui dropped her wooden sword onto the ground, and looked passed through Kan. Behind her indeed standing her cousin, who is wearing a business suit, eyes on her.

“Neisui, I’m here to take you home,” he said.

“But I could go home by myself Koichi, don’t need to worry about me. It’s rare you are off so early from work, you should go home and spend more time with Nia.”

“Hmph,” was his reply, “that’s why I’m here. I decide we are going to eat dinner together tonight, all of us. There’s something I would like to say over dinner table, and I wish you to be present.”

Hearing this, Neisui had all her attention on him now. She knew her cousin does not like to talk while eating, since they were young, or at least since she was old enough to remember such details. Sometimes he would give a few sentences but that’s pretty much it, and it’s not done because he wants to enjoy food in silence, but it’s more avoiding the talk. He does not like his life discussed, especially over dining table. So whatever reason made him says this now must be really big, is it about her cousin-in-law Nia? Are they now getting back together?

Neisui gave a nod, “of course, I’m coming.” She grabbed her bag and bowed to Kiyonori, “sorry sensei I afraid I must cut my practice time short, we will continue this next time. I’m sure you would have fun teaching our newest members. Right?” she gave a playful wink as she passed through them and out the door.

“See you tomorrow Kan! Bye Sensei! Bye Toramatsu and everyone!!”

***                                           ***                                                  ***

Half the dinner progressed in almost complete silence, despite the fact that there were few more dishes on the table than usual when Neisui texted Nia about having dinner together and Koichi wants to discuss something over dinner.

Feeling mad, Neisui gave someone a kick underneath the table. When Koichi turned his gaze from the rice in his bowl to look at her, she gave him a meaningful look. Who was the one who said want to talk over dinner? Who was the one actually made the effort of going to school to fetch her so she can be present when he talk?! Neisui wanted to break the silence but tonight it should be focus on them, not her.

Finally, after finishing the eggplants on his plate, he cleared his throat. Neisui was just starting to feeling relieved until she heard him called her name. “So Neisui, who was that boy? Toramatsu? Is he the boy who gave you that scarf?”

Wait, what, why is Koichi suddenly talking about him? Why is he suddenly talking about her? That’s not what’s supposed on today’s topic right? And since they are living together and her cousin did see her wearing that red scarf when she just came back from Kyoto field trip, but how does he know it’s him?

“Koichi, why these questions all of a sudden? And…how do you know all that?”

“I don’t,” he shrugged, then crossed his arms. “You may not have noticed, but I saw how he looks at you, and his gaze followed you out the door. And how you said goodbye to your friend or teacher but then only that boy’s name was out from your lips.”


“And I saw the name on the scarf, a simple ‘Li’ was woven on it.”

“That still does not explain…”

“Remember the nights when I slept in your room on the floor?” Neisui held her breath, looking at him, waiting for the answer. “You don’t snore, but you do talk in your dreams sometimes. Something about Li Toramatsu, or rather, Li Naomasa.”

Neisui was now speechless, just how much secrets did she already gave away when she sleeping? But still, why talking about her now? Of all dinner talks that could happen? In front of Nia?”

“Sigh, I admit all those…but then I’m still confused. This classmate of mine and that samurai in my dream may very well be connected or maybe even reincarnation, but they are still two separate people. Aren’t they? Do you believe in reincarnation Koichi? Or perhaps in fate? Is it fateful that I have all these dreams of Li Naomasa while meeting this Toramatsu around the same time? Sometimes…at the time we met in Kyoto and today, somehow I feel so familiar with him yet still some distance. I can’t really describe the feeling. But somehow is that familiar feeling, or memory at that time that I accepted the scarf before I could further think to it.”

“Listen Neisui, and Nia,” he finally mentioned the name that was supposed to be brought up long ago. His look suddenly very serious, even his tone is lowered. “Neisui, I’m not sure of fate or reincarnation stuff, but you do feel for them right? They might be different, but to you they are also one. You have always liked fairytales since you were young, or about books that talk of fantasy stuff.  Of all the story books I’ve read you before, there was this line, that I one day suddenly remember about it and went back for a reread.”

“And what is that?” Neisui wondered.

“Lives are hard enough with Gods meddling in it, but they do meddle.” Neisui gave him a complete silence, but she does remember this line. It’s about a God laying a wager with humans, the so-called conditions of game is also betting on human’s hearts. “Things happen, and you may decide how you react, but you can’t decide how you feel. And then, when things piled up of various causes and reasons, humans call it fate. Not because they are already written and decided by Gods, but that’s how our hearts lead to it.”

So her and Toramatsu, should she call it a fate now? But they have only just met and started. So it all now depends on how they, or rather how she reacts to him. She hasn’t given an answer yet.

“And Nia,” Koichi’s voice cut her thought, “do you know why I chose you to be my wife?”

“Because,” Nia finally talked, “because of my abilities, background, and the potential behind that could assist with you for a better career?”

He shook his head, “that might be a reason I be looking for if I were to matchmaking with other women, but with you, he paused,” his eyes all on her, “I thought that with you…I might be able to love you. It had nothing to do with any requisites. I thought that if someone had attracted me that much at that age…maybe I could love her. Maybe I could be attracted to you and not need a reason.”

“Koichi…” Nia whispered his name.

“Though our marriage earlier had not turned out the way I thought it would be, or part of me was still denying myself by having affair with Ai, but since that incident happened and we got more spending time together. You refused my talk of divorce and still took me as I am…at some point, I fell in love with you. Though you have already told me we would work through this together, I want to hear your answer again now, not as a husband who had failed his wife, but as a man who is in love with her.” Koichi suddenly got on his knees, eyes wavering between Nia and the floor.

Nia got up from chair and also knelt on the floor, to the same level as him and hugged him, “of course I do you silly goose. You know how my answer is. Though we may have not married for love, but at that day when we first met before lunch, you knelt down used your handkerchief for my broken heel of shoes so I could walk in comfort, or how you didn’t mind how I was barefoot running on the streets trying not to be late, or how you consoled the little crying boy about his ice-cream, I thought right at that moment I could learn to love you too. I believe we could actually make a happy family , and that belief goes on even now.”

“Nia,” his voice suddenly hoarse, took a small box out of his pocket, it’s a ring, though it’s not a lavish one. He puts it on her, “this ring might be little bit plain comparing to the diamond or those jewel rings, but I have it carved specially for you.”

The ring reads Nia Noa on the top, and inside it reads Nia My Love. This ring has your name on it. You are a designer for architect, and our language is truly beautiful. No is a positive article, and a means love and affection. So this is my love for you. You know I am not a romantic person and this is as romantic as I could get.”

“This is wonderful, Koichi,” Nia now has tears in her eyes, “thank you, thank you for accepting me to be your wife.” She now hugs him.

“Silly,” his fingers gently traces her hair, “I should be the one to say it.”

Neisui, watching the scene in front of her, she is so happy for them. But perhaps they are forgetting they have an audience? She shouldn’t interrupt them. She decided to go back to the room and should start packing and move out soon. She certainly doesn’t want to be a lightbulb now.

(Tagging who I have tagged before, some I forgot for previous chapter. This chapter is mainly based on Koichi from In Your Arms Tonight. And….I have no shame using my twitter name as character @nianoa but it works well? xP)

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Punk (Chap. 1)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1871

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  So this is what I work on when I get blocked writing Nobody.  It’s supposed to be angsty and funny and fluffy (maybe a tad naughty at some point idk).  I hope you enjoy the first part!

“Morning, sunshine,” Tony greeted you as you slogged into the kitchen with a scowl.  Your (Y/H/C) was sticking up in random, knotted directions from tossing and turning all night, and dark bags hung under your puffy (Y/E/C) eyes.  

“Uhnnngg,” you groaned as you poured yourself a sizeable cup of coffee.  Tony was one of those ‘happy morning people’.  You hated him.  And his stupid face.  But his coffee was good so you let him live.

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Ahh~! I loved your little angsty drabble!! :D Could I request some jealous Rick? Maybe how guys keep hitting on his girlfriend & he gets jealous and pouty but you make it clear to him that you're his and only his? Just an idea, I'm fine with any jealous Rick idea you got ;)

Okay so this wasn’t exactly like your idea but it was in the general ballpark. Trying to break out of this writer’s block is hard as hell so I hope you like this! I’m so, so sorry it took so long ;;

Jealousy, an emotion you felt on more than one occasion. You hated feeling that way and you knew it was stupid. More times than not you’ve felt jealousy flow through your body when it came to Rick going out on his adventures with Morty. You knew they often went out together and sometimes it was days before they ever returned. You figured the jealousy you felt was because of all the time Rick and his grandson spent together. You wish you could spend a lot of time with Rick.

Today was no different as you sat on the couch, arm propped up on the arm as you rested your head against your hand. The tv was on but you were paying it no mind at all, you sort of just drifted off into your own thoughts as you stared at the tv stand. That was until Summer plopped down on the couch beside you, jolting you from your thoughts. You looked over to see her, of course, on her phone as usual.

“Why are you looking so sad?” Summer asked as she locked her phone and set it down beside her on the armrest of the couch.

“Huh? Oh, no reason..” You mumbled out softly as you extended your leg to very gently kick at the leg of the coffee table.

“Uh huh. It wouldn’t have anything to do with my grandpa, would it? You always seem so down when he and Morty are out.” Summer smirked a little.

It was no secret to the kids that you and Rick were dating. Beth and Jerry, on the other hand, were none the wiser and just considered you as a good family friend. It was actually rather amusing to you that even Rick doesn’t know that the kids found out about your relationship. You could easily play this off as boredom if it was Beth or Jerry but Summer was anything but stupid and could always read you like a book.

you puffed out your cheek in mild annoyance before sighing and looking over at her. “We aren’t spending a lot of time together these days and I’ll admit I’m starting to feel a little jealous that Morty gets to go out on all these adventures with him when I can hardly get a simple hello from him. It’s like I’m not even here anymore. It’s a chore to get his attention..”

It pained you to say it out loud but it was true. It felt like Rick was slowly slipping away from you. It was getting harder and harder to gain his attention in you. You felt as if he had become bored with you and that feeling always left a bad taste in your mouth and a huge lump in your throat.

“Well then let’s make him pay attention.” Summer grinned mischievously and you raised an eyebrow at her and tilted your head.

In that moment there was rustling and noise coming from the garage and Summer stood up, nodding her head for you to follow. You got up and followed her into the kitchen where the door to the garage was slightly ajar.

“So you gonna come with me to this party? Please, please come with me. There will be some older guys there. You might find a date~” Summer beamed happily and loudly enough for her voice to travel into the garage.

Morty opened the garage door more to step into the kitchen, he walked past you both with an exhausted ‘hello’ before trailing upstairs and who was following him into said kitchen? Rick. He walked right past you and Summer and opened the fridge to grab a beer and you felt your heart sink into your stomach. He didn’t bother saying hello. He just leaned against the counter top and drank his stupid can of beer.

“So you’re going to come with me tonight right? you could find the guy of your dreams!” Summer smiled widely and Rick side glanced at the two.

you scratched the nape of your neck before sighing. You weren’t sure what Summer’s end game was but you decided to play along anyways. “S-Sure. I’ll go with you. I don’t have any plans anyway.” You smiled sweetly and you could hear Rick scoff from behind you.

“So you’re going out to a..a…a teeny boppers party? You, you ever think Summer might be you know.. UUUGH using you to gain popularity?” Rick growled from the counter and you wanted to grin but you decided to look at him and give him the coldest expression that you could muster.

“She isn’t as heartless as you.” You said giving Rick a small wink before walking away.

“Party’s at 7!” Summer called out to you.

Seven O'clock rolled around and you decided to go with a nice casual look but still enough to show a little skin. It wasn’t your intention of going to the party to hook up with someone. You and Summer knew all too well that Rick would take the bait and follow you both in secret. You knocked on the Smith/Sanchez door and Jerry opened up the door.

“Ah, nice to see you. You here to pick up Summer?” Jerry asked as he sidestepped, letting you walk into the house.

“Yup!” you smiled happily as you seen Rick look back from where he was sitting on the couch. He let out a rather annoyed sigh and your stomach filled with butterflies. Summer’s plan was already working and you haven’t even left yet!

“We’ll be back around 1~” Summer Chimed happily and Jerry started to look rather concerned.

“That’s a little late.” He looked between the both of you.

“Don’t worry dad, I’m not going to be alone.” Summer walked over and placed a hand on your shoulder before walking out the door, you soon following after as you said goodbye to Jerry and Rick. Even though Rick hardly responded at all.

Closer to the end of the night you were sitting on someone else’s couch, drink in hand although you hardly touched it. It seemed as if Summer’s plan backfired. There were 0 signs of Rick anywhere. Maybe he really didn’t care? Was this how it’s going to be from now on? The thought made your stomach turn a little bit.

You were ripped out of your thoughts when you felt an arm sling around your shoulder, your attention snapped to the person who was invading your bubble to see a drunken male wobbling in his seat, clearly extremely drunk. Summer was right there were older guys here, just not the one you wanted to be here.

“Could you take your arm off me please..” you mumbled lowly.
“Why? What’s the big deal? You’re very pretty.” He smiled.

He seemed pretty harmless. He wasn’t holding you tightly or anything, he was just one of those over happy drunks and it wasn’t in you to be very mean to people so you accepted the compliment with a small smile and a “thank you.”

The male had stayed like that for awhile as you both talked. to be honest, you had forgotten his arm was wrapped around your shoulder. You guess a part of you just wanted to feel close to someone, even if it was a complete drunken stranger. You both talked about a lot of different things like how you knew Summer, how old you were, and why you were here without a date.

You don’t know why but you told the drunken male about your relationship with Rick, without using his name of course. You didn’t want to embarrass Summer. You stressed your feelings and that’s when the male leaned in further towards you, he pressed his lips against yours and you immediately jerked back.

“Whoa..” you raised your hands up so that they came in between you and the male.

“What’s the problem. your boyfriend seems like such an ass-HEY!” The drunken guy slurred as he was yanked up from his seat.

You looked up and to your horror stood Rick. Rick was gripping the other males arm so tightly you thought that a small simple twist would break the poor guy’s arm. Rick looked pissed beyond all belief.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Rick growled as he glared at the drunken male.

“Just- Just having some fun old man. No, No harm.” The guy sputtered but wenced out when Rick twisted the guy’s arm.

“If, If, If I were you I’d seriously consider finding someone else because this one here is mine.” Rick huffed and you felt heat rush to your face when you heard him call you his.

Rick let go of the guy and the drunken guy stumbled away holding his arm tightly. There were a few eyes on you but you didn’t care. the only ones that mattered were Rick’s. you had to admit, seeing him become defensive over you made you want to leap off the couch and kiss him but you knew better.

“And you. What the- what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Rick glared down at you and you felt as if you had sunk into the couch a little more. You didn’t want to cause any more of a scene. Rick, of course, sensed this and grabbed your hand tightly, yanking you up before going outside.

Once you were outside Rick pulled you into him, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You were a little confused at the sudden action.
“Look. I know I haven’t been that great lately- Been busy a lot but don’t ever do that again… I was here from start to finish you know.” Rick said softly, his hold tightening a little bit. “When I saw you with that guy it made me so pissed off, I wanted to punch that asshole in the face. I don’t want anyone else to touch you like that-I don’t give a crap if it was innocent or not. You’re with me and me only. I don’t like to share” He growled as he thought about the memory and that’s when you finally hugged him back. He did care and that made you happy.

Spell Challenge Day 10: A Spell to Dream About Past Lives

(word inspired by: Past lives)

Here is a spell to help people who do past life work as well as dream work. It will aid in you having some memories or symbolism in your dreams about past lives you may have lived.

You Will Need: 

  • Rosemary (past life work in dreams, vivid dreams, remembering dreams)
  • Amethyst (vivid dreams)
  • Clear Quartz or Dream Quartz (past life work, general dream work)
  • Jet (dreams, protection in sleep)
  • Sachet
  • Chamomile Tea (induces sleep)


  • In a sachet of your choice place your rosemary, amethyst, clear quartz/dream quartz, and Jet. Make sure it is pulled closed tightly to ensure it doesn’t spill and place it beneath your pillow.
  • Brew your chamomile tea to your liking, stir it clockwise thinking of your intent, which is to dream of your past lives. Breath in the scent of it and drink it slowly in a quiet area.
  • Once finished with your tea lay in bed. “Tonight I will dream of moments past, and relive the lives that have passed.”
  • Go to sleep.
  • In the morning or moment you wake up it is recommended you write down and record your dreams as well as decipher their meanings. This will help you with future dream memory as well.


By: CloudyGyeom

Prompt: “This is my word and my word is law.

Summary: Where Yugyeom must become king after the remaining heirs have been murdered. King!Yugyeom —smut

Author’s Note: Very loosely – I emphasize the word loose – based on the legend of Heo Hwang-Ok and the Joseon Dynasty.


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