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Raising Princess Leia was probably all kinds of crazy adventures sometimes

“You can’t make me look!” The five year old princess stomped her foot. “He’ll steal my face!”

“Sweetheart, it’s just a painting,” Bail tried not to cringe in front of the Imperial officer. “It’s not going to steal your face, I promise.”

“Your daughter has a problem with our Emperor, Viceroy?” There was an icy undertone in the officer’s voice that warned that a misstep here could prove costly.

“It’s not the Emperor,” Queen Breha gave the man a winning smile and smoothed Leia’s hair. “She’s skittish around portraits in general.”

“The eyes follow me! They’re gonna stick me in a frame too!” Leia protested, understanding even at her age that it was better to play up her childish side.

Breha thought that the Imperial still looked unconvinced, and so with a silent apology to her daughter she added, “She’s also convinced that she has a little brother who was stolen by goblins. We’re still not certain where she picked up that idea.”

The officer nodded with thinly veiled disgust. “Perhaps you should take more care to monitor who your daughter spends time with, Queen Breha.” The pompous man turned on his heel and stalked away to terrorize someone else in the gallery.

The Organas breathed a collective sigh of relief and Bail swept Leia up into his arms.
“Well done, my Leia,” he whispered. “But from now on, you must be careful what you say about the emperor when there are people about.”

Leia tugged at the braiding on his sleeve and frowned. “It’s still ugly, Papa. It’s not a good painting.”

Bail struggled for words. “It’s…an Impressionist piece, I think.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means that the artist was under the impression that it looked good,” Breha said dryly. Bail stifled a snort, but did not comment to the contrary.

Bidding perfunctory farewells to the host, the Queen and Viceroy slipped out, making excuses of an overtired kindergartener. Mon Mothma had been able to slip a data chip into Bail’s hand in passing and he had no intention of sticking around to be caught with it. As they met with their bodyguards and strapped themselves into the transport, Leia piped up again.

“Goblins are real though. And they do steal babies.”

She took the twitch on her father’s face as evidence that she was right and that the grown-ups just didn’t want to admit it.

baby howlett|| old man logan

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I’m going to try and get two of these out today because due to me being in work twice this week, I haven’t had availability to write. I hope to post at least three today, so I hope you all enjoy!

Requested by Anon: Since Laura is already a handful, when the reader discovers she’s pregnant she panics and keeps it a secret from Logan. When she begins to show and has incredibly odd food cravings, Laura finds her pregnancy test and decides to tell her father instead. 

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The Neighbors : Fast Forward


                                               6 Years Later


       You jolt awake at the sound of your four year old daughter’s whisper. You look to your doorway and can only see her curly blonde hair and big eyes peeking through from behind your door.

“What’s wrong, Brooklyn?” you ask as you wipe the sleep from your eyes. You look the the clock. 4 am?!

“I miss Daddy, can I sleep with you and the baby?” her voice breaks. You watch the tears stream from her eyes. My poor baby.

“Of course, my love. The baby and I would love that.” You rub your hands over your enormous baby bump.

 She runs to your bed, jumping in on Steve’s side. You lay your arm on the top of his pillow, scooping her to bring her closer.

“I miss daddy too, but he should be home any day now,” you tell her as you kiss her forehead. Her hands go to your tummy, gently pressing them against it. She moves herself fully next to your giant tummy now, leaning forward to gently place a kiss to it.

“I love you,“ she whispers against your stomach. Tears start falling from your eyes at the sight. How the hell did I get so lucky? She’s so beautiful and so much like Steve. I can’t wait for this one to pop out.

“Come on baby, let’s get some sleep. Then when we wake up I’ll make us some waffles,” you offer as she crawls back up to snuggle you.

“Okay, momma,” she sleepily says. You hear her breathing even out then loud snore leave her lips. Just like her fucking father, snoring like a bear. You fall asleep a few minutes later. Movement on the bed wakes you up and you open your eyes noticing it’s still dark out. You turn over to Brooklyn and almost shriek at the sight. You didn’t expect to see Steve laying next to you with her on his chest.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up, doll.” He slowly leans over and kisses you, trying not to wake the snoring angel that is occupying his chest.

“How did the mission go? Everyone okay?” you ask. You try to roll your body over to face him but it takes a few tries. When you finally do, you see him biting back a laugh from watching you struggle to move with your belly.

“Shut up Steve, just answer the question.”

“The mission went well, everyone just has a few scrapes and bruises.” He runs his fingers lightly over Brook’s back.

“She missed you. She wanted to sleep with me and the baby.” Your hand always seems to go to your stomach when you talk about the baby.

“I missed all of you. Are we going to look at the houses later today?” he asks, closing his eyes. You both are startled when you hear Brook’s sleepy voice.

“We need a swingset, daddy,” she mumbles, clearly still half asleep. You quietly chuckle, watching as her chubby little hand reaches up to Steve’s cheeks. “I love you daddy,” she slurs.

 Steve leans in and kisses her. “I love you too, sweetheart.”

  Not more than 20 seconds after, her deep snores return.

  “I swear that kid snored in the womb, Steve. She just had to inherit that from you,” you grumble, moving closer so you can wrap your arm around his.

“I hate to break it to you, but you snore too doll. Like a fucking bulldozer. It wakes me up all the time.” No I don’t!

“It’s not nice to lie to pregnant ladies, Steven. Especially when it’s your child inhabiting the woman. And I don’t fucking snore, you wake yourself up from snoring, grandpa.” He chuckles, moving to kiss your head.

"Did you ever think this would actually get to happen, doll? Married with a kid and one on the way?” he asks sleepily.

“I always hoped it would. This life, this family, it’s something I wouldn’t ever want with anyone besides you, my love. I love you,” you reply as you trace your fingers around your tummy. You assume Steve finally fell asleep but when he answers, familiar butterflies soar through you.

“And I love you, more than you know.”

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“She’s so beautiful.” You whispered. You nuzzled her tiny rose nose and squeezed her tiny hands. Your boyfriend Dean was crouching besides you, tears strolling down his chin, staining his shirt.”Oh she’ll be a heart breaker, just like her mother.” Dean joked, playing with her grain size fingers.”Can I hold her?” Dean asked after holding y/d/n for an eternity. You laid her gently in his arms, trying to avoid another crying session.”Hi little y/n, I’m your daddy. I’m new to this whole screaming, daddy thing so please have patience on me. In return, I promise that I’ll love you and take care of and make you my number one priority. And who knows, maybe give you a little brother or sister too.” You watched as Dean bonded with your daughter.

There comes a time…
By Naadira Chhipa
In a parents life were you have to untie the the umbilical cord and set your children free….

When your children are married and have homes of their own respect their privacy and call before visiting it may seem trivial but it is a quality of respect that will appreciated.

When your son and daughter in law come home to visit give her as much attention as you would your daughter, she will treasure the hospitality.

When your daughter comes home to visit or stay over invite her husband aswel, it will make him feel special and included.

When your children go out to dinner or shopping and may not invite you do not lose heart as there will be another day where you are also included in their activities.

When your children are going on holiday with their family or alone do not feel disappointed as this is an opportunity for them to grow.

When your children quarrel amongst themselves try to remain neutral at all times as this is a platform for them to showcase their own problem solving capabilities.

When your son or daughter comes to you complaining about their spouse. Always give beneficial advice.Listen before reacting or using it as an opportunity to highlight their spouse’s faults.

When you visit your children do not look for faults in the simplicity or cleanliness of their home rather offer to help or compliment their efforts at being independent.

When your children have their in laws over at their home always be polite and cordial towards them.

When your children have children of their own respect their choices and restrictions as it will create harmony and trust.

When your children get busy and forget to call, do not be sad or depressed rather you call them to say I miss you and I love you no matter how old they maybe.

Respect, trust in your upbringing and Love your children enough to set them free…..

As parents always invest in your relationship with your spouse and your own interests beacuse as children grow older and independent, your spouse will be there even after the nest gets empty. Inshallah.

Taehyung and Jungkook Reaction to Their Child Trying to Act Brave [Daddy!AU]

Part I|| Part III (coming soon)

This is part two of three for BTS reaction to his child being embarrassed to be scared in front of him because they wants to seem brave or cool

Why are BTS daddy!au’s so fun to write? <3


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One night a few years ago, I went into your room with a kitchen knife. I stood next to you for twenty minutes while you snored. The only thing that stopped me from plunging the knife into your chest was the fear of being caught, or worse, that I would miss and you’d survive.

If there was a way I wouldn’t be held responsible, I would kill you. I would look into your eyes as you wheezed out your last wretched breath, so you’d know it was me. Your darling little girl who never talks back and is always so docile and sweet because she learned not to make trouble from watching you beat and torment her mother into an early breakdown.

Your quiet daughter who learned to ignore the hunger pangs in her stomach while you ate like a king and screamed if she asked you for extra money so her and her mother wouldn’t have to skip meals.

Your good girl who grew up afraid to wear shorts or dresses because of how you looked at her in a way that made her lock her bedroom door every night.

So instead of killing you, I will just pray that you die painfully, slowly and alone. We’re poor and hungry while you’re rich and well fed anyway, so it won’t change anything with you dead. I will take comfort in the fact that your mistresses and your bastard children will be poor and hungry just like us.

I prayed for years to have my own money so we could finally get away from you. God didn’t answer my prayers.

Maybe for once He’ll listen to me and kill you so we don’t suffer anymore.

May you die screaming and burn eternally.

Dear tahwarts,

An alternate timeline, you say?  Well, I’m sure glad that trial ended as well as it did.  I do have a trenchcoat, but I’d only ever wear it if I had to.  It’s ugly.

My career isn’t the only reason I changed my style, though.  If your daughter made you a beanie like this, you’d wear it everywhere you go too.

-Phoenix Wright

cythraul  asked:

Do you have methods for back-forming a parent language from a daughter language? I'm finding that doing even small-scale conlanging (just, say, for character names for a one-off D&D adventure), I'm bogged down by feeling the need to develop a whole lineage of ancestor languages, *just in case* I need cousin-languages later.

Yeah, see here’s the thing with this. It’s very simple. If you’re talking about creating a naturalistic conlang or a family of conlangs, there’s two ways to go about:

  1. Create a proto-language and evolve up to your daughter languages (the ones you’ll actually be using).
  2. Create your daughter languages and try to reconstruct a proto-language.

One of these is easy (the first one), and the other is hard (the second one). One of these gets you a daughter language quickly (the second one), and other takes a long time (the first one). So you have to make your choice. Do you want the daughter language that you’re actually going to use right away, or do you want to have maximal flexibility when it comes to building out your language family? Most conlangers choose option 2. The result is daughter languages that don’t really have any historical depth, or fake historical depth (i.e. it’s there when it happens to work out, but when it doesn’t, it’s swept under the rug).

Now if you’ve gone the second route, there’s no real roadmap to getting a perfect result when reconstructing a proto-language, but it’s very simple to get a result. Just do all the same stuff you would ordinarily: Try to create an earlier sound system that evolved into your modern sound system, try to come up with some sort of grammar that produced your modern grammar, etc. There’s no guide for how to do this, because, essentially, you’re not supposed to. It’s also insanely difficult. Like say you just came up with some tense suffixes. You can go back and figure out words that those suffixes evolved from, but in so doing, you’ll be creating the grammar of the earlier language, which will have to exist the way you’re creating it. This may prove problematic when you go to other parts of the language and create other elements that have to exist a certain way and they’re in direct conflict. And at that point you’re stuck, unless you can figure out some even more convoluted reason for the contradictory parts to not be contradictory. It’s much easier to just have the grammar and move forward from it, but it requires planning and foresight.

What you’ll probably need to do in your situation is try to flesh out your proto-language before doing anything with the new daughter languages you’re hoping to create. That will help make the new daughters easier to create. You can also just totally ignore it and create something that feels right for you. Another option is to treat your existing language as the proto-language. So let’s say at year 0, there was X language. By year 1000, it had evolved into Y. Then two groups that spoke Y in your universe went to different areas. In one area, Y pretty much stayed the same, but in the other area it became Z. This way you can ignore the actual proto state (X) and just work with what you have.

As a final note, it’s much easier to start with a daughter and go back and create a proto-language if you’re not married to the current state of your daughter language. This way if you hit an inconsistency, you just change your daughter language. That can be tough, though, if you’ve already generated place names, etc. that your D&D group considers canon. In effect, you’ve “published” the language, because it has a group of users who expect it to be in some state N so long as they’re still in the same relative place and time (this is basically like my situation, where once it’s appeared on a show, it’s canon and I can’t change it). If you’re still in the planning stages of your campaign, though, consider relaxing your grip on the daughter language and being open to change. This will actually make it a lot easier to create your proto-language, and then when it’s done, you’ll be totally free to create other languages from it.

When it comes to this type of work it really is about tradeoffs. You have to decide if it’s worth delaying the creation of language you’re actually going to be using to make your job easier when it comes to other daughter languages, or if you just want that language now. Also whether or not you can simply memorize all the facts about your proto-language. If you can do that, you can go right into creating your daughter language (after all, if you’re not going to see it, then it’s just there for your work. If you can memorize all the sound changes and grammar changes, you don’t need to write anything down, which should save you some time). You just have to figure out what’s worth your time and what isn’t, and if the time saved is going to take away from your ultimate satisfaction with the project, or if it isn’t. No hard and fast rule about what you have to do.

good with kids | finn shelby

finn meets the reader when shes young and pregnant, years late finn wants to babysit john and esmes kids so he can be a good dad to your daughter

send requests here and prompt list is here

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Sitting in the betting shop every day was definitely an experience. You heard gossip, rumours and things that people got hung for. It was a situation that a girl like you shouldn’t be in but you couldn’t help but love the trill of the work. You was only a bookkeeper, but seeing all the blinders come in, with guns in their hands took you to a different world. It was a lot more exciting than your normal life.  

When you were only fifteen, you fell pregnant, causing your whole family and community to turn against you. You had to leave the town that you grew up in. You didn’t care where you went, or who you met, as long as you went somewhere distance. You ended up in Small Heath, it wasn’t the nicest of places but the houses were cheap enough, and pubs were scattered everywhere making it easy for you to secure a job. You didn’t look pregnant, which was handy as no one would want to hire a pregnant barmaid.  

After a few weeks, you managed to get a job at The Young Vanish, it wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t awful either. You went there to earn a wage and save for you and the little one. Everything was going smoothly, you’d managed to find yourself a flat above a shop and there was no complications with your pregnancy. That was until the infamous Peaky Blinders rocked up one day. The owner owed them money, and in return for not paying his debt, the three brothers torched the place alight.  The youngest brother Finn, noticed how distressed you was as you all watched the building go up in flames. Panic started to set in, if you didn’t have a job, then you couldn’t pay the rent. After explaining to Finn your situation, he spoke to the eldest brother Tommy who offered you a job. You hadn’t looked back since.  

Your daughter, Daisy, was now seven years old. Working for the Shelby’s meant you were a lot better off after a few years and you managed to buy yourself and daughter a nice house, just down the road from the betting shop. Finn often popped by, offering to go the shop for you or help with Daisy. He wasn’t exactly a natural though and would often panic when she started to cry, causing you to have a giggling fit as he tried his best.  

“Can I ask you something Y/N?” You looked to your side and saw John sit down next to you.  

“Of course.” You answered, placing down your pen, you turned your full attention to John.  

“Why does Finn keep asking me and Esmé if he can babysit the kids? I don’t mind, but every single day.” John told you.  

“You know what they say, the ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” You joked.  

“Yeah.” He paused. “And who has a kid round here?”  

“Quite a few people John.”  

“Yeah, but someone who Finn hangs around with all the time, constantly talks about, someone who Finn managed to get a job for.” John stopped himself from laughing before standing up. “I think you know what I’m getting at.”  

Before you could say anything, John had walked away into his office. You sat there, confused, looking over at Finn who had watched you and John. You wasn’t someone to keep things to yourself so you walked over to Finn and asked him outside.  

“What’s wrong?” He asked. “Whatever John has said, it isn’t true.”  

“Do you like me?” You asked.  

“Yeah, you’re my friend.” He replied, shifting slightly.  

“No, do you like me?” You asked again.  

He sighed and nodded. “Last time I fucking tell John anything.”  

“I figured it out. Was you asking John and Esmé to babysit the kids so you could see Daisy more?” You asked.  

“I just thought that if there was a chance we’d ever end up together then I’d want to be good with Daisy. I think you’ve worked out from previous experiences that I’m crap around children.” He smiled.  

“Well, yeah. But I don’t care about that. Daisy adores you, and so do I. If it wasn’t for you then I don’t know where I’d be.” You told him. “And before you ask, yes I like you too.”  

“You do?” He asked, needing confirmation that you wasn’t having him on.  

“Yes.”  You chuckled. “You can take me on a date though, and trust me, I don’t come cheap.”


Your daughter is ugly.
She knows loss intimately,
carries whole cities in her belly.

As a child, relatives wouldn’t hold her.
She was splintered wood and sea water.
They said she reminded them of the war.

On her fifteenth birthday you taught her
how to tie her hair like rope
and smoke it over burning frankincense.

You made her gargle rosewater
and while she coughed, said
macaanto girls like you shouldn’t smell
of lonely or empty.

You are her mother.
Why did you not warn her,
hold her like a rotting boat
and tell her that men will not love her
if she is covered in continents,
if her teeth are small colonies,
if her stomach is an island
if her thighs are borders?

What man wants to lay down
and watch the world burn
in his bedroom?

Your daughter’s face is a small riot,
her hands are a civil war,
a refugee camp behind each ear,
a body littered with ugly things

but God,
doesn’t she wear
the world well.

–Warsan Shire

© 2013
From: teaching my mother how to give birth
Publisher: flipped eye, London, 2011, 978-1-905233-29-8

anonymous asked:

Elisa (like 8) getting sent to the principals office because she was fighting with a teacher, when really the teacher was arguing with her because there's a dad event at school so each kid is to bring one person but she has two dads so she needs to bring two people. And the teacher being like "one person per student" and she's like "I HAVE TWO DADS."

Omg, but she is scowling so freaking hard when Sonny and Rafael get to her school and are brought into the principal’s office. 

She’s sitting in the chair across from the principal’s desk, arms crossed over her chest, and a scowl that honestly kind of makes Rafael proud on her face.

The principal starts off by saying, “So, Mr. and Mr. Barba-Carisi, your daughter was sent to my office today for insubordination.” (which causes Sonny to turn to Rafael and roll his eyes because, really? Insubordination?). And then, the principal finally says, “She was arguing with her teacher, as I’m sure you were already informed of on the phone.”

They’re in seats beside her, and Rafael’s the one to speak up, because he has his professional/slightly scary lawyer voice that tends to get things done in these sorts of situations.

He asks, calm and collected as ever, “Yes, my husband and I were told that much, but we weren’t informed of exactly what Elisa was arguing with her teacher about.”

The principal continues, saying, “Elisa’s teacher was informing the class of a dad and child breakfast that the school will be hosting next month. And when her teacher informed the class of the fact that each student would only be able to bring one guest, Elisa began to argue.”

Now this is where Sonny and Rafael start to get a little pissed and start to understand where their daughter’s frustration had come from.

Rafael says, “Well, I’m sorry, Mr. Alves, but I think I understand where our daughter’s frustration came from. Elisa has two fathers, not one, so shouldn’t an exception be made for an additional guest in this situation? And I’m sure that my husband and I aren’t the only same-sex parents that you have at this school.”

Mr. Alves’ face begins to turn a little red, as he wasn’t expecting that response, and he stutters out, “Well it’s a policy that we’ve had for years now - “.

But then Sonny cuts in, and Rafael can’t help but smile and hold his chest out with pride as he watches Sonny say, “We understand, Mr. Alves, we really do. But I’m assuming that, when the time comes for it, Elisa will also receive an invitation for the mother and child breakfast that you’re planning on having?”

Mr. Alves says, “Yes, but I don’t see - “.

And Sonny continues, “Well Elisa’s invitation for that event will go unused, seeing as she doesn’t have a mother. So surely that invitation could be waived over to this event so that both my husband and I can attend, am I right?”

Mr. Alves just doesn’t know what to say to that, honestly. So he just nods and says, “Yes, I suppose you’re right about that - “.

And then Sonny and Rafael are standing up from their seats, Elisa jumping up happily with a self-satisfied grin on her face as she grabs Sonny’s hand as they begin moving towards the door, Rafael hanging back just to say, “Thank you for your cooperation.” with a smirk.

Imagine: Seokjin (Kisses)

Imagine you have just woken up from a nap, exhausted from once again having a newborn infant in the house. Your daughter was 6 months old, and you were wondering how you hadn’t been so tired with your son. You sat up in bed, expecting to hear the cries of a baby, but that wasn’t what had woken you. It was the smell of food. All at once wondering how hungry you were, you wandered into the kitchen to find Seokjin and your son just finishing up the meal. 

“What have you made?” you asked, leaning against Seokjin’s shoulder. 

“Yummy food for the princesses!” your son cried happily before holding his arms up to Seokjin to be picked up. Seokjin obliged, heaving the boy onto his hip. 

“It smells good” you comment, glancing into the pot. “I’m sure it’ll taste good as well.”

“Not only good, my princess” Seokjin said dramatically, “It’ll taste divine.” 

“Of course, of course” you said with a slight laugh. “I expect nothing less from my princes.”

Seokjin and your son looked at you with near identical eyes, before sending you a dramatic flying kiss. They kissed their hands, flicking their wrists out towards you in perfect unison.


The thought of Seokjin doing a synchronized flying kiss with a small child just ruined my heart.

- Quillfire

the-locket-around-your-throat  asked:

(Based on my babysitting adventures haha) Bucky and your two year old daughter love watching tv together, her favorite show being Curious George, whenever she sees a tv, no matter if it's on or not, she'll point and go "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Trying to imitate the monkey 😂

and Bucky buys her a little monkey onesie and its all she wants to wear 

Daddy Wednesday™