in your bed when you sleep

Jet Lag

Cute & cuddly Harry :)

You had just finished your post-workout shower when you made your way into your shared bedroom to go to bed. It was already late and you had an early morning, so you were surprised to see Harry still sitting up in your bed with his jeans on.

“M'sorry, baby. Jet lag is killing me, I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight.” He sighed.

You shrugged nonchalantly, choosing not to think about spending another night with Harry tossing and turning.

“You’re not tired at all?” You asked, slipping the rings off your fingers and unclasping your necklace.

“I fell asleep while you were shopping earlier. I’ve been tryin’ to get my sleep schedule back on track, but I jus’ can’t seem to make it work.”

You nodded understandingly and slid your glasses on. He’d been halfway around the world- twice- within the past week and you felt like you owed it to him to keep him company during his sleepless nights.

“I’ll try to stay up a little longer, maybe you’ll get tired by then.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but you shook your head at him as you grabbed your book off the shelf. As soon as you sat down, he pulled you close to him and tucked you into his side.

You’d only read a few pages when you began to feel his eyes practically staring holes in his shirt you were wearing. After a few more minutes of attempting to concentrate, you closed your book and set it on the nightstand.

“Need something?” You grinned playfully up at him and he laughed in return.

“No, just thought you looked cute, s'all.” He shrugged, and kissed the top of your head.

You could feel your eyes starting to get heavy, but you didn’t want to drift off to sleep and leave Harry’s presence just yet.

“You don’t have to leave again for a while, do you?” You asked, wide eyed as the possibility of him flying across the world again crossed your mind. You were relieved when he shook his head.

“I’ve gotta be in London next week for somethin’, but I was hoping you could travel with me for a bit.” He smiled, pushing a few stray hairs out of your face as they fell from your ponytail.

You smiled at the thought. There was nothing better than traveling with Harry, because he was always sure to show you around places he’d been before and explore all the places he hadn’t. You were relieved when you concluded that your schedule was clear enough to go with him.

“Of course I’ll go, H. Not sure I can keep up with the jet lag though, hm?” You giggled, snuggling closer and letting the warmth of his body soothe you into shutting your eyes for a few more seconds.

“S'alright. I won’t mind you falling asleep on me… kinda like you are right now.” He joked.

“Hey, m'not asleep!”

He laughed and rubbed your arm gently, settling himself against the pillows so you could be more comfortable.

“Go t'sleep, angel.” He prodded you gently, even though your eyes were still fighting to stay open.

“No… I’ll stay up with you, I promise..” You drawled.

“Don’t have to do that, love. I’ll still be right here when you wake up.” He said, but he hoped that by the time you woke up he’ll have gotten a little sleep.

It’s almost like you were waiting for his affirmation that he’d be okay waiting up alone, because you were out like a light as soon as he pulled the blanket over you.

Before he turned on the TV and muted it, he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek, muttering one last “I love you” before he let you sleep peacefully.

NCT 127 react to their GF being stressed studying

Taeil: Taeil would just be quietly super helpful, he would bring you coffee and snacks if you needed any help he would help you learn flashcards. If you needed a break he would drag you outside to get actual sunlight. He would essentially make sure you didn’t die.

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Johnny: Johnny would help you relax if you got too stressed he would give you a back massage to make you less tense and bring you cookies. “Don’t stress out too much babe you will get wrinkles”. he would make jokes to help you lighten up a bit.

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Taeyong: Taeyong would worry about you and be concerned over if you were sleeping enough and eating enough. He would sit with you when you were studying and make sure you were okay. when it got late or if you fell asleep he would carry you to bed and organise your messed up notes.

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Yuta: He would try and help you revise to the point where it was almost counter-productive. You would love that he was trying to help but he was a bit too attentive. It would make you smile, though. His personality was de-stressing in itself.

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Doyoung: “Let me know if there is anything I can do y/n.” He would understand because sometimes he could get stressed too. “If you need to take a break call me up, make sure you do take a break as well. I don’t want you getting sick.”

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Jaehyun: Jaehyun would be torn between letting you study because of grades and dragging you away because of health. He didn’t want to annoy you by preventing you from working but he wanted to make sure you stayed alive. “Hey y/n, don’t you think you should go to bed now it’s midnight?”

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Winwin: He wouldn’t want to distract you, he might bring you a snack to make sure you were eating but then he would stay away. He knew your grades were important and that stress was worth it if you didn’t fail. he would only step in if you seemed to be visibly deteriorating.

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Mark: Being in school he would understand your situation. If you wanted a break he would hang out with you and just generally support you, he could go on coffee runs. “I can help anytime just text me.”

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Haechan: Haechan would want to help you out but also let’s be honest he would need to study too he goes to school too. You could study together. You would still be learning but doing it together would make it more fun and take away some of the pressure. “Why do you have only pink flashcards that are so girly?”

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The one thing you're looking for now? Missing so to speak, that you really want in your life on a type of permanent bases... Also what's your star sign?.. this inquiring mind is curious. Thank you for answering.

Love and companionship. Someone to watch TV at night with in bed and run my fingers through her hair while she listens to my heart beat. Someone to wrap my arms and legs around at night and feel warm and safe and loved. Someone to talk to, listen to, laugh with, whisper filthy things to, plot and plan with. And of course, someone to enjoy other things with before we get to sleep and again when we wake up every night and day.

And I’m a cancer, which is kind of fucking ironic these days….

midnight (jongin x reader smut)

((i was gonna name this sleep but then i realized that i already have a story under that, so this is my uncreative self saying that this is literally just lazy midnight sex))

+When you’re with Jongin, if sleep wasn’t already your first priority, it becomes.+

It’s 4am when you feel it. 

The obvious feeling of the bed dipping beside you and the warmth of another person sliding carefully onto the bed so as to not wake you up. You say something only when you feel an arm snaking around your waist and another trying to monopolize the quilt.

“Late,” you murmur and turn around slowly.

“Manager-hyung is a shitty driver in the dark,” Jongin says, finally pulling the last bits of quilt stuck under you and joining you under it. You nod sleepily, eyes still closed. He pulls you up and settles you onto him, curling an arm around you and supporting your quite obvious dead weight against himself, your neck leaning into the crook of his.

“Tired; don’t…” you mouth against his skin, trying to will him to put you back in place. The sweet sweet feeling of sleep is lingering just behind your eyelids and you just have to grab it, and hold onto it. 

He kisses your cheek, rubbing his nose into it and you pull him into a reluctant kiss. Your hips stutter, and you earn an appreciative and encouraging rumble from his chest, his hips pushing to meet yours.

“Ugh, now I’m horny…why’d you wake me up…fuck,” you still, opening your eyes. You bite his neck in tired anger.

“Babe…” he groans, his leg begins bouncing between yours.

“Stop, it might go away if I sleep.” 

“But I need you,” he whines into your neck.

“I want you too, but I want to sleep.”

“Babe…” he whines again.

“You do the work then…!” you whine back at him. He looks tired and weighed down by responsibilities that you don’t understand all about but yet he looks childlike and carries an air of cute innocence.

“Let’s play stone paper scissors, loser tops,” he says, eyes glinting mischievously and fist looming near your face.

“Ugh, fucking fine.”

Of course he wins.

“You fucker,” you curse.

“Okay okay, I’ll help…” he pulls off your shorts and panties, his sweats follow.

“Condom?” you ask, yawning.

“I’m only moving because I want to get some, I have my priorities sorted babe,” he snickers and you slap the back of his head as he rummages through drawers.

It gets stuffy and too hot under the quilt when you finally push him inside you and slump against his chest. Jongin’s lying back comfortably.

“Ah, It feels good like this,” he groans appreciatively when you grind against him.

“Of fucking course,” you huff, sniffling.

“Babe,” he coos, pushing against you and rubbing a comforting hand over your tummy under your sweatshirt.

“Un…ah, ah, fuck…” you exclaim, letting Jongin support you up, wrapping your arms around his neck. He kisses you and you grumble,

“You ate ramen before coming to bed, didn’t you…? Can taste…”

“What are you, a dog?” he snickers.

“Wouldn’t you love that…?” you snap, pushing down mercilessly.

“Ah, babe…harder,” he growls, hips now snapping up to meet yours.

“I’m sleepy…” you stop suddenly, leaning into his shoulder, Jongin’s stuck inside you and he’s painfully hard, probably.

“Why’d you stop, ah, I just wanna come and sleep already…” he whines even louder when you shift around him and snooze off on his neck.

“Then you do the work,” you mutter.

“Ahhh…” he’s frustrated and he just wants to be done already.

“Can’t you just, I don’t know, top? You can dance all day but suddenly, you’re tired?” you ask sarcastically. Jongin growls and flips you around, lazily pistoning into you, hands beside your head.

“Ah, finally,” your body involuntarily settles back, hips rising up.

“Is that my hoodie? The one I bought on the sale?” you ask him, eyes finally adjusting to the lack of lighting.

“It’s comfortable,” he shrugs.

“Fucking thief.”

“Petty child,” he sticks a tongue out at you and begins pushing harder into you. His hand smoothes over your stomach, a single finger creeping down to thumb at your clit.

“Ahn…fuck, Jongin, go a little faster, dude,” you bark.

“I thought we established that we’re both too tired to have seriously mindblowing sex.”

“It’s already dawn, I’m so old, your dogs are old, your grandmother’s turned to ashes…fucking push faster, Jong-in,” you punctuate each following thrust with a quip, tightening yourself around him and clamping down harder.

“Fucking stop…! Ah…!” he groans, stilling and coming.

“What the fuck?!” you yell questioningly. Jongin says nothing as he crumples down beside you, seemingly stuck in post orgasmic bliss while you’re lying there with your legs obscenely open, gawping at his recovering self.

“…I’ll eat you out, give me a second,” he waves his palm around and you almost don’t see it because the need to come has overruled everything else in your head, plus, it’s also dark as fuck.

“Jesus, I’m growing older by the second,” you say when he doesn’t move.

“Exo disbanded already, the year is 2060…”

And he finally moves, but when his face is infront of your stomach, it quite literally smacks into you and sends a shot of pain through your abdomen.

“Ah! That hurt…!” you yelp, pulling his head up and pushing it down where you want him. He murmurs a sorry then, licks a stripe up till your clit and begins messily fingering you, trying to get you come as soon as possible so both of you can sleep already, he would never leave you alone.

“Fuck,” you sigh, finally hitting your high, Jongin fingering you through it. It takes three seconds and both of you are out flat by then.

“Sleep,” you murmur, pulling him up and draping the quilt over both of you.

“Jesus Christ…alarm, Jongin,” when you awake, it’s to the blaring of the alarm, and it’s 11 in the morning. You nudge Jongin awake.

“Fuck the alarm,” he groans and cocoons himself with the quilt.

“You’ve got to go pick the kids up,” you use your leg to nudge his stomach sharply.

“Ah! The kids can walk over here without me anyway,” he grunts, using his foot to push yours away.

“Your sister going to be pissed, go get the kids; off you fuck,” you use your foot to lodge him halfway off the bed. He groans, hair sticking up in weird directions as he glares at you, admonishing you for breaking him out of his precious heat cocoon.

“I’m going to call her and ask her to walk them, they have those new pink booties anyway,” he mutters, fumbling blindly for his phone and squinting at the screen. You float around the smell of cotton and fabric until Jongin’s done, listening to him whining to his sister and finally winning just because he’s the their dear baby brother.

“When’s she going to be here?” you ask after he’s done.

“In a while, can we please go back to sleep?” he whines but you’re already gone, drifting off to sleep and leaching the warmth off the bed.

“I love you, babe,” he smoothes his hand over your forehead and pulls the quilt over himself and you.


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I appreciate the sentiment but messed up forever is fine when it's because you're both broken and fumbling and making the odd mistake but your love gets you through. It's different when you sleep with the one person your husband was paranoid about out of spite in your marital bed... I can't get past it. This isn't messed up, it's plain wrong. I can't believe the show ruined them.

Hello my lovely anon!

First off, I’m so sorry robron is ruined for you :( I know robron has meant/means so much to us all, and quite a few people share that sentiment. Sometimes I feel like I agree, but deep down, I just don’t. 

What Robert did was wrong. Point blank. And frankly, gross. I still get nauseated thinking about it. But here’s the reality sweet anon, whether you agree or not, whether you think it wasn’t a big enough fight, whatever it may be, the end result is the same. Robert thought they were over. He was hurt because he thought Aaron didn’t care. He thought Aaron was choosing drugs over his family-over Robert. Rob had spent all this time planning and creating this future for them, making the perfect thing to come home to, and Aaron told him it was of no use to him. He told him to do one, he told him to leave him alone.

Robert got angry and sad. He thought he had lost the one thing he wanted. The only thing he wanted. He wanted to hurt Aaron, so he did the worst thing he could do. Robert doesn’t do things in halves. You’ve seen how he has gone all out for Aaron. How when he realized he still loved Aaron, he went to 100000 to get him. And so, in Robert Sugden style, he fucks up real fucking bad. 

Now, I’m not saying it’s right or okay. I’m just trying to explain. To offer some understanding. This isn’t Robert trying to have an affair. This isn’t Robert trying to have his cake and eat it too. This isn’t Robert being unable to resist R. This was a drunken (read:extremely drunken) mistake. It doesn’t make it right, but-and I’m not sure you’ve ever been drunk before- you don’t tend to think of where you are or how someone else may feel when you’re shitfaced and angry. 

Maybe I’m finding it easier to deal with because I’ve been on both ends before. The cheater and the cheated on. In very, very similar situations (minus prison of course lol). 

For me, it’s messed up. Really messed up. I think given the circumstances as explained above, it’s more messed up than ‘just plain wrong.’ But you’re totally valid in all your feelings! I’m not trying to say you’re wrong or that you can’t feel this way! I just don’t agree. 

I’m sorry you can’t get past this. I know it sucks. I hope that you’re able to at least cope and move on to something better if that’s what you’re wanting. <3

Fluff with the DRv3 girls and a tall gf?

As someone whose the same size as a tickle me Elmo, this was a little bit tricky to write, but ya new mod Kiibo is always up for a challenge, my friendos!

I hope ya’ll enjoy my first imagine on this blog~ 

Kaede Akamatsu:

  • She really adores your height!
  • She loves running up into your arms, and you picking her up off the floor in the process
  • When ever you go to a concert with lots of people, Kaede always asks for you to pick her up and put her on your shoulders
  • Cause you’re so tall you have to go at the back to not block anyone else’s view
  • But, she can’t really see from way back there
  • Don’t worry, she’ll give you a neck and shoulder massage afterwards!
  • You’re always the big spoon in bed, and she loves it!
  • She kinda demands for you two to sleep like that, cause every time you turn around the covers go with you
  • She kisses your hands and fingers, A LOT 
  • She teaches you how to play piano, and you two can preform amazing duets  
  • Since, your long arms can reach the distant keys, easily
  • You suggest getting a bigger seat, cause Kaede is pretty much on the edge
  • But, she comes up with a better idea! She sits in your lap instead while playing 

Miu Iruma:

  • You are pretty much this girl’s walking selfie stick
  • She makes you take selfies with her all the damn time
  • Your long arms make it easier to capture flattering angles
  • She even makes you take pictures of JUST her, from a specif angle
  • Kissing is difficult, so Miu uses her robot hands to boost herself up!
  • …Or she’ll just run, jump on you and wrap her legs around your waist
  • Usual ends in you accidentally falling on top her
  • Orders you to pick her up bridal style
  • Smooches your face to oblivion when you do pick her up
  • Pretty much climbs on your shoulders when she makes/fixes on of her tall inventions
  • Drops tools on your feet most the time, when she’s doing this
  • She likes to sit behind you, and cuddle from the back
  • Accidentally flies her drones into your face  

Kirumi Tojo:

  • Constantly making sure you don’t hit your head on anything
  • Cleaning high places in no longer a problem with you around!
  • You always clean the hard to reach places, even though Tojo doesn’t ask you to
  • You’re always putting the damn shopping on the top shelves, and Tojo asks you to put them lower
  • She’s tall, but not as tall as you, so chill
  • Finds buying clothes for you really difficult, cause she needs to make sure it fits you correctly due to your odd proportions
  • You kiss her forehead a lot, and she really enjoys it (Won’t say it out loud, though)
  • She honestly doesn’t make a huge deal out of your height
  • And you’re grateful for that~ 

Maki Harukawa:

  • She actually enjoys your height!
  • After all, she can finally read those books that have been sitting on the top shelf!
  • She loves snuggling up with you on the couch, and resting her head on your chest
  • She really likes the feeling of your long arms wrapped around her
  • And the sound of your heartbeat
  • It really relaxes her
  • And, it also keeps her warm!
  • However, she does find your height kind of a pain, sometimes
  • Though Maki’s voice is really clear, it is soft all the same
  • And she often has to repeat herself, since you didn’t hear her from all the way up there!
  • She’ll only hug you if you’re sitting down, cause if you not you accidentally pick her off the floor, and it’s embarrassing
  • You tried bending down to her height for a hug, and she found that super humiliating
  • At least you give the best hugs!
  • Whenever you help Maki look after children, they are all over you
  • They climb on you, and cling to your arms and legs
  • Maki has to usher them off you
  • And she does so pretty damn swiftly

Tsumugi Shirogane:

  • Helloooooo new model~
  • Get your catwalk ready, cause you gonna be trying on her cosplays a lot
  • Tall characters specifically, of course ;>
  • She also uses you as a mannequin, so she can get certain proportions correct
  • Your legs start to hurt for standing up so long
  • You tell Shiro, but she doesn’t take note
  • She way to focused in making the cosplay
  • Makes you the most comfortable socks, and they even have your favourite characters on them~
  • Shiro has a odd obsession with your long legs
  • If you’re sprawled out on the couch, she’ll grab your legs, rest them on her lap and’ll rub her hands smoothly along them
  • Totally compares you to tall characters  
  • Does nor steal your clothes all the time
  • Isn’t wearing one of your dresses right, shhhhh!

Tenko Chabashira:

  • Uses you to practice her Neo Aikido
  • More specifically, trying to flip you over cause you’re heaver then her
  • You’re always giving her piggyback rides, and trying to run with her on your back
  • You’re back is absolutely aching, afterwards
  • She apologies with some smooches!
  • Gets very flustered if you give her forehead kisses, or play with her hair
  • She wants to teach you some Neo Aikido!
  • Apparently, your legs are the prefect length and size to deliver hard hits!
  • So, you give it a go!
  • …….
  • You can’t get the image of Tenko’s face stuck on the doorknob out of your head

Himiko Yumeno:

  • She utilises your height to her advantage
  • She’s always asking you to get something off the top shelf
  • You’re always fixing her light bulbs, since she sometimes breaks them when preforming her magic
  • You also set up all the props at her shows
  • She’s always on your shoulders or back
  • And, cause she’s so small and light, she doesn’t cause any muscle pain!
  • So, you basically carry her around all day
  • Snuggles for you two are the absolute best!
  • She adores how cosy you are, and you love how teddy bear like she is!
  • She loves for you to cradle her in your arms, and stroke her head
  • Usually falls asleep like that
  • You make a great mattres!
  • She’ll sometimes bring you out on stage, and use you as some sort of stand for a magic trick
  • And she’ll jump off your shoulders, and you’ll catch her

Angie Yonaga:

  • This girl clings to your arms
  • She’s either cuddling them, or locking her arms with them
  • She also kisses and nuzzles against them, a lot
  • She sits on your shoulders to paint, and sculpt giant things!
  • She’s very light, so you don’t really mind!
  • Found making a sculpture of you quite a challenge
  • Literally had to use a 3 step stool to make the sculpture
  • She got it done though!
  • She has a fondness for kissing your stomach
  • You could pretty much be doing anything, and she’ll lift up your shirt and kiss your stomach
  • She often jumps up, and pulls your face down to her’s for a big ‘ol kiss!
  • She likes it when you pick her up, and raise her in the air!
  • Her laugh is so amazing, when you do so~
The GazettE men helping you deal with stress

Ruki: It doesn’t matter what you’re stressed about, he’ll always be there for you. When he sees you starting to stress out, he’ll sit down and gently ask you if you need any time alone, and will leave you alone if you say yes. If you say no, Ruki will lead you to either the bed or the couch and cuddle you, asking you to tell him about it. And as you talk, he’ll stroke your hair and gently comfort you by kissing your forehead and rubbing your back. When you’re finished, he’ll tell you that you’re strong and that he’s proud of you before gently singing ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ to you. And when you went to sleep, Ruki would cuddle you close and encourage you to do your best no matter what ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

Uruha: When he sees you stressing out, he’d put his hand on your shoulder and tell you that worrying time is over. He’d then bring you to the TV and give you one of his controllers before putting a fighter game on. The two of you would spend the evening playing fighting games together, with Uruha making silly comments like a sports announcer as you play, which makes you smile and laugh. At the end of it, he’d have a shower with you, where he washes your hair to relax you. By the time you go to bed, you’d be feeling significantly calmer and Uruha will tell you that you’re a hard worker and that he’ll always be there to de-stress you (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Aoi: He’d be very understanding and patient towards you. When he sees you stressing out, he’d ask you what happened before leading you to the bed. There, he’d have you take your shirt off and lie down face-forward on the bed before giving you a soothing back rub while you talk about what’s stressing you out. Aoi wouldn’t say anything, he’d listen as you spoke, only speaking when you’re done. Afterwards, he would gently kiss down your back before stripping down to his underwear, encouraging you to do the same. You two would cuddle in bed only in your underwear, and Aoi would just kiss your sensitive spots and rub your back while reassuring that it’ll all get better soon and to stay strong. As you two fell asleep, he’d tell you that he’ll be there for you no matter what ੭व(๑• .̫ •๑) ✧

Reita: Exercise with him would be his remedy to your stress lol. Just as you start to stress out, he’d tell you to take a break from whatever’s stressing you out and to come work out with him. The two of you would then do a couples’ workout together, which involves doing push-ups while facing each other, and Reita would let you lie on his back as he did push-ups as well. He’d also have you do sit-ups, encouraging you by kissing you every-time you came up. By the time the workout is over, you’d be feeling a lot more relaxed, and Reita would be happy to see you relaxed and cheerful. The two of you would shower together afterwards, where Reita would tell you that you’re doing your best and to feel free to come and work out with him if you need to de-stress *(*´∀`*)☆

Kai: He’d be a real sweetie towards you. When you’re stressing out, Kai would make you some tea and encourage you to share whatever is stressing you out, and he’d listen to you and try his best to offer advice. Afterwards, he’d lead you to the couch and give you a shoulder massage, which would feel amazing, of course. He’d also dim the lights and put on your favourite music to cheer you up, which would result in the two of you slow-dancing in the living room. When you two are done dancing, Kai would invite you to help him cook dinner as the music plays, and you two would playfully dance in the kitchen while dinner is being cooked. At the end, Kai would kiss your forehead and reassure you that everything is going to be okay and that he’ll always support you no matter what (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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lmaO Ijust went through your whole blog when i should be sleeping but it's finE

lmao wow i hope you had fun at least :´DD please go to bed on time

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LK finding an asleep TT due to overworking and carries him to bed? Make it fluffy plis!!!


His room was silent, uncharacteristically so, when Elsword poked his head in.  Elsword frowned and entered fully, shutting Chung’s door behind him.

“Chung?” he asked again, padding into the room. “I swear, if you’re still working on your grenades-”

He was not.

Elsword finally saw Chung, sitting up on his bed and leaning against the wall.  A disarmed, half-dismantled grenade lay beside him, a screwdriver dangling loosely from his hand.

He was fast asleep.

Elsword sighed.

“I swear, you’re worse than Aisha and Sis,” he grumbled at the sleeping Chung, yet there was fondness in his touch as he gently took the screwdriver from Chung’s hand and set it on the bedside table.  The half-dismantled grenade followed, Elsword being much more ginger about touching that and sighing in relief once it was safely down.

“Alright,” he murmured, making sure Chung hadn’t woken up, “let’s get you under the covers, you dumb workaholic.”

Random hoe tips
  • Avoid caffeine before bed. 
  • Try to go to sleep around the same time every night. 
  • Avoid using electronic devices before bed. 
  • When choosing an outfit, stick to solid colors like black, olive, khaki, white, gray, nude, etc. They’ll go with anything. 
  • Drink!!! Your!!! Water!!! 
  • Using a toner for oily skin helps a lot. 
  • Find a moisturizer that doesn’t make your skin oily throughout the day. 
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week. 
  • Use castor oil or Vaseline to moisturize your eyelashes because they do need to be conditioned, just like your hair. 
  • If you don’t have time to wax, shaving with Neosporin leaves your kitty stubble-free. 
  • Kat Von D lipstick is blowjob proof. 
  • Estee Lauder’s Double-Wear foundation is smear-proof. 
  • Fantasia Smoothing Serum keeps your hair from flattening and tangling during sexy time. 
  • Switch to men’s deodorant and razors. You’ll see why. 
  • Use tea tree oil to moisturize where you usually shave. 
  • Shaving with baby oil also gives a stubble-free, smooth shave. 
  • Pat a bit of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick to make it last longer when making out and giving blowjobs. 
  • Matte finish foundations stick to your skin better and don’t rub off. 
  • Cranberries will make your kitty’s scent a little sweeter. 
  • Use coconut oil and Vaseline on your thighs nightly to eliminate stretch marks. 
  • Put garlic on your nail beds and coconut oil on your cuticles for longer nails. 
  • If you have marks from ingrown hairs on your kitty, rub on aloe vera for the itching and coconut oil to fade the marks. 
  • Threading your eyebrows lasts longer than waxing them. 
  • If you know you’re doing the dirty, don’t wear cotton panties because they can trap lint in the crevices of your thighs. 
  • When brushing your teeth, brush your tongue too to eliminate bad breath. 
  • Use a pumice stone to get dead skin cells off your feet and focus on your heels. 
  • Chloraseptic throat numbing medication helps incredibly with deepthroating. 
  • Lemon juice and baking soda removes cum stains. 
  • Yoni oil makes your kitty extremely soft. 
  • Peeing after sex decreases your risk of UTIs and STDs. 
  • Change the condom if you’re going from anal to vaginal sex so you’re more protected against bacteria. 
  • Applying a homemade body and face scrub made of brown sugar and honey can work wonders. 
  • For dry or peeling lips, use water and a toothbrush to exfoliate them. 
  • Floss daily. 
  • Olive oil repairs nails broken from acrylics. 
  • Add moisturizer to a foundation that’s a little too dark for you to lighten it up. 
  • Even if you’re on birth control, wearing condoms can help prevent against STDs. 
  • Don’t let your number of partners affect you; to each their own. 
  • Don’t use soap in, near, or around your kitty. 
  • Coffee and salty foods will make your kitty taste bitter, so stick to water, tea, or juice. 
  • Don’t constantly use bath bombs or take bubble baths as they can give your kitty an infection. Keep it to a minimum. 
  • Never spray perfume in or on your kitty. This is a no-brainer. 
  • Don’t lie to your doctors about being sexually active. 
It takes less than 10 seconds to respond to a text, to make a phone call. To let someone you love know you love them. It takes less than 10 seconds to tell them how important they are. To tell them you miss them, to make them feel important, missed and wanted. Don’t make excuses. Don’t say you got busy. 10 seconds of your time during the day. Perhaps before you get ready to go out, perhaps when you are waking up, or before you go to bed. Never let someone go to sleep feeling unimportant. All it takes is 10 seconds to make them have a better day, a goodnight sleep.

1. you have made it to 20! what a whirlwind year it has been but if you can survive 2016 you can survive anything.

2. remember that love trumps hate any day, everyday. just keep spreading love and being the best person you can be.

3. last year was definitely not your year for romance, try it this year though. I have a feeling a lot of love is coming your way.

4. school is a priority, do not ever forget that. you are so fortunate to be able to even attend college so just try your hardest in each and every class.

5. DO NOT SKIP YOUR 8AM! you signed up for it, you now have your afternoons free to study as you please. it’s an important class and really an hour difference of sleep is not going to kill you.

6. go to bed early, you’ll thank yourself when that 8am roles around.

7. take care of your body. eat healthy but eat good. make sure you are hydrated and exercise on the days that you can. you know that you always feel so good after you exercise.

8. keep meeting new people and keep making friends. talk to people in your classes, make new friends and study buddies.

9. when you are not feeling good on the inside remember to just take time to unplug and go outside.

10. remember your worth. this can be applied to friendships, to relationships and even when you are with just with yourself. you are worth so much and you have purpose, you are just starting to figure out new parts of your journey, don’t be so hard on yourself.

11. you can change your mind.

12. don’t let people make you feel bad for not wanting to do what you used to do, for changing and growing.

13. do not be afraid to let this love inside. when people give it to you sometimes you make up excuses to not take it. don’t do this, embrace the love and keep giving yours as well.

14. last year was so hard there is no doubt. but baby he doesn’t think about you anymore and you were not worth anything to him. that was not love and there is no love there. he is in the past, he is not your future. just let it go. let him go. no more.

15. you make each day what you will. it’s up to you and you are writing your story, you get to decided the paths that you take and the people you get to take it with. mistakes happen along the way and you can recover. you are in charge.

16. just spread love. give it to yourself in abundance and give it to the people you meet and want to keep getting to know. 

17. be who you want to be in 2017. there are so many possibilities and so many different outcomes and lots of things that we do and do not have control over. make sure that the things you can control that you do. make sure that you spread love and light. we all are going to need it.

—  17 things I want to remember in 2017

You set up a camera to see if you sleepwalk after noticing items being moved. When you watch the tape, you wake up, get out of bed, stare at the camera and snap your own neck. An identical copy of you then walks in, removes the body, slips into bed and goes to sleep until you wake up.

you might never understand my ways of you showing you love.
Since I never really told you I love you.
But I’ve expressed it into ways words could’ve never showed.
I loved you when I woke you up from bed because you were having a nightmare.
I loved you when I made us breakfast at 3am in the morning just because we were too lazy to go out.
I loved you even when I took the bottle of vodka from you just to stop you from talking about how you wanted to marry me in your sleep.
I loved you even in your darkest days when you wanted nothing but to fall asleep in my arms.
I loved you so damn much when you were putting your favorite song in the car and dancing your worries away.
I loved you so much when you told me your lame jokes and i called you an idiot.
I loved you so much that I no longer thought the sea was what kept me alive.
but you did.
You were oceans and every damn sea and I couldn’t do anything about it , but fall inlove with you every single day.

- you were oceans and every damn sea.

—  We search our whole lives for people to fill that empty space. The one by our side. The extra pillow on your bed. The passenger listening to your songs. The friend who stays up later than you do. We’re all insomniacs in some way. It’s hard to sleep when the cost is having a nightmare. It’s hard to not feel alone when no one’s hitting up your phone. It’s hard to feel something when you’ve been drained. Love is a cheap trick the heart does to remind itself that it must beat for two. I won’t trick you. It’s going to be difficult. Maybe you’re getting over someone. Maybe you’re getting over yourself. Maybe you’re just flatlining that smile again. Maybe somewhere out there, someone’s looking up into the sky wishing they were right next to you. Your hands reach for your shadow, soft company– but it’s still your own. It’s different with someone else around. Best friends have a tendency to become lovers. Lovers have a knack for leaving. Friends have a high statistic of becoming both. You’re left to your own tricks. You need to believe that you’ll be okay. The phone may ring one day, maybe it’s them. Maybe it’s just another person we’ll never meet. Sometimes we feel like the moon, we’re always questioning the howling. Sometimes we feel like the sun, if it’s this bright out here– who is going to notice me? Maybe you really do feel alone, but someone out there feels just like you. We’re all stars waiting to burn out. We’re all bridges waiting to burn. I’m just another writer jotting down words that need to mean something. I guess one day, we’ll try to be more than fine. One thing at a time, we feel things too much. It’s our hearts way to remind us that it’s okay to be this numb. Even the brightest stars in the sky feel lonely, it just needs to find the right person to shine for. Darling, it’s okay to feel this way. It’s just another means to feel everything. We need to feel okay, even if it’s really not.