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Imagine...Overhearing Dean

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Triggering material for anxiety and depression 

Request: @potterhead1265  : heyyyyyy can I get one where Tom helps the reader through an anxiety attack?? 

A/N: Tom IG fan account- Tiemeupspidey

-Please don’t read if you get triggered easily.

Short and sweet xx


[Reader’s POV]

“Hey love, I’ll be back later I have to do photo shoots today” Tom comes into the room sliding on a pair of pants. Hopping into them and pulling them up to his hips. Looking up at you, his curls moved back flopping a bit.

“That’s fine babe, I’ll probably take Tessa for a walk and draw a bit later till you come back” Leaning over you grab his wallet and hand it to him. He thanks you giving you a brief kiss before leaving the room. Of course, he overslept and set a timer for longer than he should of. Under his breath, he was muttering that he was going to be late. He reminded you of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. 

“Drive safely!” you call out hearing a ‘Will do!’ followed by the door downstairs slamming shut. The sheets scrunched as you moved on the bed. Repositioning yourself you lay back down on the bed. Sleep was beckoning you but you knew better and not sleep your day away. 

    Time seemed to fly by as you cleaned around the house. It felt good to get things off of you to do list. When everything was done that meant you had more time to spend with Tom when he gets home. Nikki dropped off Tessa while you were busy cleaning. When you busted out the vacuum the house filled with barking.

    Unlocking your phone you open up your music app. Shuffling your relaxing playlist you exit the app and head onto Instagram.  Swiping up on the screen you lower the brightness. Your eyes wincing at the light from the screen. Sitting up due to the pictures that started flooding your feed. Messages started piling in from your best friend. You had gotten off of Instagram for a week due to some of Tom’s fans. 

    Ever since you two had been together for over two years, it was half of his fans that despised you. Half of them liked you and supported the two of you. Yet the other half couldn’t stand you. They always tried spreading rumors to try and split the two of you up. One time it almost worked causing the two of you to end up in a horrible fight. Nikki had to smack some sense into Tom when he almost broke up with you.

      It was super stressful to try and stay positive when media was looking at everything you do. Scrolling through all the posts your eyes land on something that broke you inside. It was Tom holding hands with some other woman. Your fingers zoom the picture up as your eyes scan to see if any photoshop has been done. Normally you could tell the photoshop but you saw her reflection with hers and his in the window. Setting your phone aside you try and take a few deep breaths. She looked like a slime model making malicious thoughts swarm your mind.

     Opening your phone up you click on the messaging app. Scrolling down your messages you click on the thread you had started yesterday. The sounds of the keyboard filled the air. Once you finish the message you press the blue arrow sending it. Letting out a defeated sigh you get off the bed still holding your phone. Moments later it started to vibrate in your hand. Tom’s name flashed on the screen, you wanted to answer but pressed the power button.      

     Your head was swarmed with thoughts of how you wanted to yell at him. Anger was the main emotion that coursed through your veins. Setting your phone down on the counter, your thoughts stop when you see yourself.Of course, you wanted to yell at him but was the problem you? Eyes trailing over your body in the reflection.Raising Tom’s shirt you look at your body, the gaze felt as if it was burning the flesh. 

   Your eyes watched as the blood trickled quickly out of your wrists. The razor slips past your fingers clattering onto the floor. Leaning against the wall the coolness feels good against your skin. The cuts in your wrists were shallower than they’ve ever been before. Dark thoughts swirled around in your head thinking of all the people that hated you and Tom together. Closing your eyes you slowly slide down the wall.

   Walking over to the glass doors you open them turning on the water. The temperature slowly increases in the shower filling the bathroom with steam. Stripping off your clothes you get into the stream of hot water. Minutes felt like hours going torturously slow. The hot temperature burned your skin that sure was turning red slightly.

“Darling I’m home early! We need to tal-”

“What was that sound?”

“T-Tom?” your voice comes out slurred , the sound of it stinging your ears. Looking down your vision tunnels in and out as red falls in front of your eyes. The door busts open to revel a panicked faced Tom.

[Tom’s POV]

   I got a call from Harrison over what was sent to my girl. It was a shot from the movie I’ve been working on in the countryside of Scottland. We went into town to get food and Kiera grabbed my hand. Of course a photo got out and now this could really fuck up our relationship. Plus my mum would kill me if I ruined this beautiful relationship I have…

I could feel the hit on my head coming..

   Running up the driveway I click the lock button on my car keys. The feeling of my heart rate rising stirred my emotions slowly. More and more my mind swirled at the possibilities of what could happen. Calling out to the house when I walk in I hear nothing. Tessa comes from the living room couch with a happy bark. A loud bang comes from upstairs making Tessa looks towards the stairs, followed by a small whine.

“What was that sound?!” I yell still recieving no answer. Taking off toward the stairs I make my way up to the bedroom. The sound of running water fills the air making me look over. Our bathroom door was open with steam flowing out into the room. 

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh God baby why’d you do this again?” Tom lifts your body out of the shower. Your skin is then covered by a towel. Another wraps around your wrists, the cotton pressed tightly againsty your skin. Blood was dripping from your head, probably from the fall.

“I don’t make you happy” you whimper out as he holds onto you. Leaning you against the wall he opens the cabinet bringing out a box of medical supplies. 

“You’re my everything angel, what you saw wasn’t real.. you’re my girl and the only one I care about..” his words toned out as you felt your heartbeat getting faster. 

Pausing before you spoke “You could leave me for anyone..” the thought of him leaving you sent your heart into a frenzy. A frenzy of panic and distress. 

“Look at me angel, look at me”

    Tears clouded your vision as you looked up. Blinking them away your vision becomes clearer. He was looking down, gaze focused on the bandage being wrapped around the wounds. Once finished he places his hand on your cheek. The warmth soothing and extremely comforting. 

“I’m never leaving you baby, ever” his voice serious as he looked down at you. His curls were disheveled from him probably running his fingers through it constantly. 

    Tom pulls you into his arms and starts to sing Ed Sheeran to you. It’s his way of calming you down. Which was singing your favorite songs to you. Of course, they were Ed Sheeran because who doesn’t. When you were all calmed down he picked you up taking you to the bedroom. He gave you his shirt to wear since you were naked from the shower.     

“you promise you won’t leave?” You ask resting your cheek against his chest. His fingers run up and down your back slowly.

A kiss was placed to your forehead before he said “with my entire soul baby, I will never leave you because I’m the one who keeps you ” 

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-Sorry this wasn’t my best one

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Bad Again

I started writing this at school because I was bored and here we are. Y/N is somewhat representative of me because I’ve been feeling exactly the same as she has. This is my first fic so let me know what you think!!x

TW: depression.

You were getting bad again, Harry could tell. He could always tell. You had been doing so well for so long and he was so proud of you. But you were slipping away again, you were becoming more distant. You didn’t mean to, you didn’t want to, but that’s just how it was with you.

When you and Harry met, you were at a low point. It took you a while to open up and give yourself to him completely, there were still some things you hadn’t told him, even after almost two years together. Over time, Harry finally got the old you back - that happy, enthusiastic you. Harry loved you before that, but seeing how happy you could be made him want to help you stay that way. And you did… for a while. A lot of shit came with dating Harry, you knew that, you experienced that. That’s when you got bad again, but that was ages ago. You had learnt to deal with that pretty well.

Harry didn’t know what made you so distant this time. Hell, you didn’t even know. You didn’t realise you were becoming more and more withdrawn. One day, after months of being so happy and with only a few down days, you just couldn’t deal with anything anymore.

You found yourself struggling to get out of bed, and you were more tired than usual. Any chance to sleep, you would take. You had always loved your sleep, so you didn’t think anything of it. Then, you found yourself not wanted to leave the house - the thought of talking to people and being outside gave you severe anxiety. You made excuses to stay home and not go out with friends, and when you were out, all you wanted to do was go home. You couldn’t even leave your bed now. You didn’t want to and you weren’t going to force yourself anymore - you couldn’t. You barely even ate anymore, you used to love food. Now, the thought it made you sick even if you were starving and you were losing weight. You couldn’t tell, you thought that because you were naturally slim it would be hard to lose weight and it wouldn’t be as noticeable. It was noticeable, though. Very.

“Come on, my love. You know that mum’s gonna be here soon.” Harry sighed, sitting on the bed as you buried your face in the pillow.

“Can’t you just tell her I’m sick? H, I’m really tired and I would love to just go back to sleep right now.” You didn’t notice, but your voice was more vulnerable than usual, quieter, weaker.

“No, you’ve been in bed for ages and you need to eat something. Get up and get ready, I’ll make you breakfast… well, lunch.” Harry said, he placed his hand on the side of your face as if he was brushing away imaginary tears and kissed your forehead.

While Harry was making breakfast, he found himself wondering what was on your mind. He didn’t know if you were just having a rough couple of days and to give you space or if you were getting really bad again. He never judged you when things got really bad, he never got angry with you. But he hated seeing you so down. He hated not knowing what to do or how to help you. Harry always caught on when you were getting bad again, he could feel when things weren’t right. He knew that it took all of your willpower to just get out of bed and you had to force yourself to eat at times. However, he decided to wait until after his mum left you ask you what was going on. He didn’t want to push you.

“So, before she comes down. What are you getting Y/N for your anniversary.” Anne asked Harry as they stood in the kitchen with a cuppa.

“Not sure yet, mum. I wanna do something really special, though. Two years isn’t really that long but god, mum, I really want to make her happy this year. Last year we didn’t so much.”

“She’d be happy with anything, H, you know that.” Anne reassured him. “After what she told me when I last saw her I th-”

“What did she tell you? She didn’t tell me she spoke to you about anything.” Harry cut his mum off, eager to know what his girlfriend told her.

“I don’t think she’d want me to tell you.”

“Mum, you know that I’ll just ask her myself so, please, just tell me. I’m worried about her if I’m honest. I think she’s getting bad again.”

“I’m worried too, H. I can see it in her eyes - she’s here but she’s not. She told me that she was feeling a bit out of it recently.” Anne looked at her son with worried eyes, and as Harry was just about to say something, you walked into the kitchen. You didn’t even give them time to collect their thoughts.

“Hey, Anne. How are you?” You beamed, you were actually really excited to see Anne. Ever since you first met her, she’d been nothing but lovely to you. You’d gotten really close with Anne over the past two years, she was like your second mother.

“Still not used to being alone in the house, if I’m honest. But I’m alright. And you?”

“I guess I’m alright. And you know that if you ever get lonely, Harry and I can come and stay. I can even come while Harry’s away so the both of us don’t lose our minds. And you can stay here.” You smiled at her, you didn’t really pay much attention to Harry because you were focusing on what Anne was saying but when you did look at him, he seemed to be in deep thought. “H, are you alright?”

“Are you?” He asked, you knew the question had a much deeper meaning but with his mum here, you really weren’t up for having that conversation right now.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Were you?

Anne had left for the day and it was around 8:30 in the evening. Having spent so much time talking to Anne and catching up, yourself and Harry didn’t really speak much. You knew exactly what Harry was thinking and you knew why. You knew that you’d been spending more time in the house and you’d been sleeping more than usual. You were aware of the fact that you’d only eating a couple slices of toast and half your dinner yesterday, actually, for the whole week. And you were well aware of the fact that you could snap at Harry or yourself or anyone and anything at any given moment. You could feel yourself getting bad again.

You hadn’t eaten breakfast and you were cranky. Even though Harry had made you something earlier, you just didn’t really feel hungry, all you had was a cup of tea and bit of fruit when Anne was here. Now… now you were hungry. You found yourself looking in the cupboards and the fridge for something to eat. You found nothing. There was more than enough food there but everything made you feel sick. It frustrated you so much.

“For fuck’s sake.” You muttered angrily to yourself as you slammed the fridge shut.

“Everything alright, love?” Harry called from the living room.

“There’s no fucking food in this house!” You snapped. You didn’t mean to, but you did.

“Yes, there is.” He told you calmly, but wearily at the same time. “There’s a lot of food, actually.”

“Jesus, H. Not all of us want to live off of kale and fucking almond milk!” You didn’t know why you were so angry all of a sudden. Harry didn’t know either, he knew something was up. But that didn’t mean the way you yelled at him didn’t hurt his feelings. “Look, I’m gonna just shower then head to bed.” You said in a much calmer voice.

“Y/N, are you okay, my love?” He asked you again, this time with a much gentler voice. The voice he uses to calm you down.

“No, I’m not okay! I haven’t been okay since I was twelve, maybe thirteen. But unfortunately, I’m still here.” You don’t know why you were so angry, all Harry did was care for you. It didn’t feel like it though, you always felt like no one ever cared. And when you would get like this, nothing would change the fact that you thought that. 

“Love, please just talk to me.” Harry was practically begging you to say something other than ‘I’m fine’, and that’s what happened.

“I’m getting bad again and I don’t know what to do or where to go or who to tell because no one really cares, do they?” You were yelling at this point. You didn’t want to yell, but you couldn’t stop yourself. You hated yourself because you were ruining his night after a great day with his mum and you couldn’t stop.

“I care!” Harry raised his voice, he’s never done that before - not when you’re like this. No, he wasn’t supposed to be angry with you, he wasn’t supposed to hate you. “I fucking care, and seeing you like this has been killing me. It’s been killing me for days because I know! I know that you’re getting bad again and I’m so fucking angry because I don’t know how to help you this time.”

“I don’t need your help! I’ve gotten through this on my own before, I can sure as hell do it again.” Your own voice was beginning to irritate you. You wanted to shut the fuck up, but it was almost like your demons were forcing the words out of your mouth. 

You couldn’t be in the same room as him anymore, you didn’t want to say anything else that you didn’t mean. You’d ruined his night already, what was the point in making it worse. When you stormed up the stairs, Harry was ready to follow you. Then he remember that you needed space in times like his. Harry felt like shit for yelling, he was just so frustrated because this time, he didn’t know what caused it.  Usually, something drastic or traumatic would happen and you’d distance yourself then let the vicious cycle begin. But nothing happened this time.

Harry didn’t only need to check on you, he needed to apologise. He didn’t want to make you feel even worse. Harry was walking up the stairs when he heard you. He heard your sobs. He was outside the bedroom door but it was locked. Harry stayed out there for a while just listening to you, he’s only ever heard you cry like that a handful of times. It broke is heart, completely shattered it.

You knew he was there, but you didn’t want to bother him anymore. You didn’t even know why you were crying. Why were you so sad? Why did it feel like the walls were closing in on you? Why did you feel like nothing was going right in your life? You never knew the answers. You startled yourself with a sob. A loud, ugly, painful sob. You hadn’t felt this way in so long, you forgot how shitty it was. This time, it was harder - it was more gradual.

Maybe it was all subconscious, a part of your brain was telling you not to be happy. That every time things felt good, it was too good to be true. Sooner or later, you’d fall back into the black hole - and this time, you’d fallen so fucking far. 

“Baby, can you open the door?” He sounded so desperate. You said nothing but walked towards the door and your hand reached for the doorknob. “Love, please. I know you’re crying and I just… please open the door.” Again, he was met with silence. “Y/N, I’m really sorry for yelling at you. You know I didn’t mean it.”

You twisted the doorknob slowly and pulled the door open. Harry immediately pulled into his chest and you sobbed into him until you were all out of tears. He kept kissing your head and telling you that you were alright, he was telling you to let it all out. You don’t know how long you were standing there, it must’ve been ages. You pulled back to look at Harry and he looked so heartbroken and disappointed in himself.

“I ruined your shirt.” I told him, chuckling pathetically to yourself as you wiped your tears.

“My shirt will be fine. But I’m not too sure that you will…” Harry said, his voice was so gentle and caring. “How about you put on one of my shirts and then we can have a cuddle?”

You and Harry had been wrapped in each other arms for a good twenty minutes before either of you decided to speak. He was running his fingers through your hair as you drew random patterns on his bare chest. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable, but it did get deafening.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Harry asked. It’s a question you’d been asked several times in the last twenty-three years but when Harry asksd, everything spilled out even if you didn’t want it to.

“I don’t even know where it came from this time, H.” You said, barely above a whisper. “I’m not sure why this is happening. Everything was perfect and now I just want to… I want to -”

“Want to what, my love?”

“Leave.” You choked out. “I’m already half gone. My body’s here but my mind isn’t, I don’t know how to bring myself back. I don’t know if I want to come back at all. I hate this world.”

“You’ve been really distant lately - not like before. This time, you don’t even look at me, you don’t try to talk.” Harry wasn’t angry, he wasn’t even hurt because he knew you couldn’t control what was going on. He was, however, more worried than he’d ever been.

“I don’t mean to be like this,” you let out a shaky breath as you feel the tears coming back. “Don’t want to be like this…” You were crying again, he felt your warm tears on his chest. “I’m really sorry, H. I’m sorry for yelling.”

“Don’t. Don’t you dare apologise. You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for, my love. I know none of this is your fault, and I’m sorry for getting mad. But we’ll get through this. You’ll get through this, you always do.” Harry told you quietly and kissed your forehead, then he gave your body a small squeeze, it was his way of saying ’you’ve got this’.

“I know,” you whispered. “I’m just tired of taking steps backwards, you know? I’m twenty-three, H, I just wanna feel content. No fake happy, no lying. Why can’t I have that?”

“I promise you, one day, whenever that may be, that you will be the happiest woman in the world. I’ll make sure of that.” When you didn’t reply for a few moments, Harry realised that you had fallen asleep. He smiled to himself, knowing that you didn’t cry yourself to sleep this time. He’s happy that you fell asleep peacefully.

“I promise, we’ll be alright.” 

What do you think? I hope you enjoyed, let me know if you want a part two or request anything else you want.

Fluffy Steve Headcanons

When you need to be cared for and pampered not only physically, but emotionally, Steven Grant Rogers is your man. 

  • Steve would come home and find you on the couch, curled into a little ball and his heart would immediately ache at the sight. 
  • He’d quietly slide off his jacket and kick off his boots before making his way to you. He’d crouch in front of your face and cup your cheek lovingly, giving you a hopeful smile. “Bad day today, angel?” when you nodded, he’d give your forehead a kiss before telling you to stay put. 
  • When he returned, Steve would have a mountain of blankets in his arms. He’d have the big, fluffy quilt you normally slept on, the giant comforter from the spare room and of course, the Captain America themed bed set you gave him for his birthday. 
  • He’d cover you with the blankets, making sure his baby doll was completely warm under the layers because Steve knows exactly what its like to be cold and just the thought of you feeling a single chill was more than he could handle. 
  • “Alright, dollface, what’ll it be? Hot chocolate or tea?” 
  • Whichever one you picked, Steve would spend every second making it just the way you liked. (the man has an eidetic memory and you bet your ass he put it to good use! ;)
  • He’d come back holding your favorite mug in his hands and give you a cheeky grin. “Careful, kiddo. It’s hot.” 
  • Stevie would sink into the couch and gently place his arm around you, pulling you into his chest and it would feel so good. Steve’s such a big guy and he’d joke that he was your very own personal heater. If your feet were cold, he’d chuckle and let you warm them with his. 
  • He’d let you pick your favorite movie/TV show, no matter what kind it was because dammit, if his girl wants to watch something like Bad Girl’s Club, then that’s what she’ll get!
  • Throughout the movie/episode, he’d shift you both until you were lying on top of him comfortably. And he would absentmindedly run his fingers along your hair, massaging your scalp gently as if you were the most fragile thing in the world to him. 
  • When it was over, he’d softly tell you stories of the old days. 
  • “You know, when we were in high school, Bucky and I tried to sneak out of my house and see The Wizard of Oz, but my pants ended up getting caught the fence right outside my house. My ma had to take me to the doctor because the wedgie was so bad-”
  • “Steve, oh my god!”
  • The sound of your laughter would fill him with so much love because it was his favorite sound in the world. He never told you, but during the many wars he’s fought and hardships he’s been through, that was the only thing that kept him alive. 
  • Noticing your eyes drooping, he’d sit you both up and hold his arms out for you. And of course, you get to be carried because Steve secretly loves it, no matter how childish it may seem. 
  • He’d carry you back to the bed and you’d notice that he had already laid out your favorite pajamas for you. (He was always a couple steps ahead when it came to you.) 
  • He’d dress you himself, giving you little winks whenever he got close to what he called his “favorite places” but although he tried to hide it, he’d blush and the old Steve would come out once again. 
  • “You know you’ve seen me nude before, right?” 
  • “That was my evil twin, Reve Stogers.” 
  • Sleep wouldn’t come quickly this time for either of you because although you were both adults, you found that your love for each other brought out so many childish things, too. 
  • You’d definitely initiate the pillow fight, which occurred every night. 
  • And Steve being the gent he was, he’d let you win. Sometimes ;)
  • But when sleep did come, you’d be wrapped in Steve’s arms, listening to his deep, raspy sleepy voice. 
  • “You know I love you, right?” He’d yawn before nuzzling his face into your shoulder. 
  • “Yep.” You’d reply, kissing his hand. “To the end of line, Stevie.” 

( @papermoon2719 I hope this was okay! You deserve the best fluff!) <3

We’ll Be Alright

Summary: Betty wakes up from a nightmare about the Black Hood to find that Jughead wasn’t in the bed with her anymore. How does he comfort her when he gets back?

Word Count: 738

Notes: My idea of why could be going on in the stills from 2x07 where Betty is sitting up in Jughead’s bed, and then when he has his arm around her.

“I told you to cut him out of your life.”

“Now it’s time I do it for you.”

“He doesn’t deserve your love.”

“I told you to cut him out of your life.”

“Now it’s time I do it for you.”

“He doesn’t deserve your love.”

“I told you to—”

Betty jolted up from her sleep. The voice of the Black Hood in her nightmare was echoing in her mind, getting louder and louder, pounding on her skull until it finally woke her up. That low, animated voice was constantly ringing in her head, but when she woke up from it, it always felt a hundred times worse and a hundred times more threatening.

Realizing then that she wasn’t in her bed, Betty looked around. She was in the Jones’ trailer, in her boyfriend’s bed with his infamous ‘S’ shirt on. She had stayed the night there, but as she looked around and realized that he wasn’t there, anxiety started to creep into her skin.

Sitting up farther, Betty called out, “Jug?” Her voice was loud enough that it would be heart throughout the whole trailer. After about three seconds of no response, her throat went dry and she started to tremble. That dream wasn’t becoming reality, correct?

Saving her from her thoughts then, the sound of footsteps echoed from outside of the bedroom door. When it opened, Jughead was there in a white tank top and a pair of boxers. “Good morning,” he said lovingly.

“Oh, thank god,” Betty let out a sigh of relief at the sight of him. She took a moment to drop her head in her hands, allowing herself to recollect herself and make herself of sound mind.

Jughead immediately picked up on the fact that she wasn’t necessarily okay in that moment. Walking around the bed, he sat next to her and rubbed up and down her back. “What’s wrong?”

“I just had a nightmare,” she mumbled, sitting up to look at him. He slid his arm around her, resting his hand on her upper arm. “Black Hood’s voice, telling me all this shit about you… about how I had to cut you out of my life and since I didn’t—” She cut herself off, letting out a frustrated groan. “I just want it to stop, Jug,” she said in a low, tired voice.

Jughead frowned as he tightened his grip around his girlfriend, feeling like he needed to hold her closer. “It’s going to,” he said in a voice that sounded confident in the matter, like he didn’t have a doubt. She looked at him quizzically. “Hey,” he said, realizing her ounce of self doubt. “You are Betty Cooper. Do you know how smart you are? How much you’ve figured out? Do you know how strong you are? I mean, my god, Betts, the amount of things that you have to go through is enough to drive a person off the edge, but you always keep going. You fight back, no matter what. So again, you are Betty Cooper. You’re going to figure this out… we’re going to figure this out,” he promised. “And you know what? I’m gonna make sure that nothing happens to either of us.”

Sighing, Betty looked up to meet her boyfriend’s eyes. “Juggie, what if—”

“No, ‘what ifs,’ Betts,” Jughead cut her off from speaking further on the matter. “Listen to me when I’m saying this. We’re going to be okay. We’re going to figure this out,” he said in such a promising voice that anyone would think he’s being one hundred percent honest.

Betty nodded. “I know,” she whispered, leaning into him. “Just get worried when I don’t know where you are. I don’t want him to hurt you.” Her voice cracked a little bit.

Jughead let out a breath and leaned back on the bed, pulling her with him. She settled on his chest and he stroked her hair. “I won’t let anything happen to me,” he responded softly. “I got too much looking out for you that I still gotta do,” he teased, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

Betty wrapped her arm around his waist. “We’re gonna be alright,” she convinced herself. Jughead was right… she has figured out every other crime in Riverdale, with the help of him, of course, so what makes this any different? As long as they were together, everything was going to be alright.

Henry's Unfortunate Ink-antation Part 6

[submitted by: @the-elusive-blue-skittle]

Day 2 

In the morning, the smell of coffee wakes Henry up from a nice, restful slumber. He sits up in bed and rubs his eyes, soon finding that Bendy had curled up next to him in his sleep. Henry shuffles out of bed, stumbling as he has to get used to his noodly legs all over again. Slugging over to the nightstand, he finds a note with his name on it next to an inkwell.

  To Henry…

         In order to keep your strength up (you were melting when I found you in the music department last night…), you need to drink this. It may taste funny, but you can’t go on without drinking it forever.

  • Joey

Henry winces. He doesn’t want to drink it! God, it’s the most disgusting thing he’s ever heard of, and he HAS to do it. The little toon whines,

“I don’t wanna drink it…”

Bendy rolls over and opens an eye, muttering to Henry. “Quit whinin’ an’ just do it, ya big baby…”

Henry rolls his eyes and uncorks the bottle. Grimacing, he plugs his nose with one hand and chugs the black fluid. Once he’s finished, he coughs a small amount of the liquid up and into his hands.

“Oh, gross!! So disgusting…”

There’s a mug of hot coffee also sitting on the nightstand, poured into Henry’s favorite mug, which is ironically labeled:


And if it’s in HENRY’S MUG, it must be for him. He picks it up and looks inside, tilting his head a little. Aren’t toons not allowed to drink coffee? He takes a sip…

Ew, decaf. Well, it’s better than nothing to get the taste of ink out of his mouth. The little toon wanders out into the rest of the studio, where people are waiting in line to punch in for the day. A few employees stop what they’re doing to gawk at Henry, and it makes him feel two inches tall…

Maybe in heels.

He gets nervous, legs quivering beneath him in a comical fashion. “Wh-What’re you all starin’ at me for?”

Oh, right. He’s a toon. Perhaps he’s getting a little TOO used to this. His co workers continue to stare at him, making the toon unbearably nervous.

“Hey, stop that, would’ja? Please? It’s not polite to stare!”

At Henry’s escalating frustration, the majority of employees quickly glance back to their work, though some of the older individuals still raise an eyebrow in confusion.

Henry pouts, waving them off. “Feh.. To heck with you all…”

Chugging the rest of his decaf coffee, the toon makes his way to the staff lounge to put his mug away. Before long, he fails to pay attention to his surroundings and proceeds to run straight into one of his co workers, knocking his glasses off his face in the process.

Uh-oh. He can’t see without his glasses. LITERALLY. Everything is black around him, unable to see who he ran into.

“Oh, my, Henry, I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you…”

“S-Susie? Is that you? I can’t see a thing!”

The blonde-haired woman notices Henry’s glasses on the floor in front of her. She helps the little toon to his feet, and carefully pushes his glasses onto his face with a smile.

“There. That better, sugar?”

“Yeah, much better… Thank you, Susie.”

“It’s no trouble! What happened, by the way? You, uh…”

Henry sighs. “Pranks happened.”

Susie snorts at how high-pitched and Bendy-like Henry’s voice had become. Though not quite on-par with how he usually MOCKS the little devil, the pitch is nearly a perfect match. She’d know about that kind of thing.

“Hey! What’cha laughing for?”

She waves him off. “Oh, n-nothing, I just- eheh- I was just thinking about somethING-”

Susie gets thrust into a full-blown laughing fit, though with no ill intent. “I’M SORRY, I CAN’T-”

Henry seems terribly confused. He’s gotten more into the mind of a toon, so when Susie started laughing at him without him having done anything funny, you can bet the little toon would be met with befuddlement.

“No, really, Susie, I don’t get what’s so funny!”

Susie wipes a tear out of her eye, going back to meeting her co worker’s gaze. “It’s just… Heehee… I’ve never heard that voice before! Are you doing that on purpose?”

“No, I’m not doing it on purpose! It’s stuck like that!”

“Oh, Henry, you’re the second cutest thing I ever did see..”

“What’s the first?”

“Ah, well… I won’t say a word!”

Susie looks at the clock. It’s already eight-thirty!

“Oh, golly.. Look at the time! I’ll see you around, Henry. Take care, now!”

Susie wanders off, humming to herself as she goes to her own department for the day. Henry blinks.

“What just happened?”


Norman stands up in his projector booth, joyfully drumming his fingers to the beat of the band playing down below, when Sammy Lawrence bursts in and shouts,


The violins screech to a halt as the trombone honks pitifully.


The music director throws down his clipboard in a small fit of rage, stomping down the stairs to confront and conduct the band himself. If it can’t be done right…

Meanwhile, Henry’s having a chat with one of his co workers over a cup of decaf coffee. The toon is standing by the door, finding it too difficult to squirm up and onto one of the high-up chairs in the break room.

“And that’s when I said: ‘How are we gonna get that many cucumbers this late at night?!’ ”

The other man in the room, Shawn Flynn, laughs boisterously. “AHAHAHAH, AH WOW…  Henry, you are a RIOT!”

“Thank you kindly,” Henry replies with a smirk, adjusting his tie in a conceited fashion.

Just then…

SLAM. Sammy storms in the room with a bitter scowl, with Susie following close behind to try and talk some sense into him. Shawn stares at the door in disbelief as Sammy shouts at the top of his lungs about the clarinet players.

“Uh, Sammy-”


“Sammy, I-”



“Oh, for the love of.. WHAT, SHAWN, WHAT?!”

“Henry was behind the door you were slammin’!”

Sammy turns around to look at the entrance, where a half-splattered Henry peels himself off the wall and lands on his face on the hardwood floor. Susie gasps, and turns to Sammy with an intense stare.

“Sammy! Look what you did!”

“But Susie, I-”

Susie approaches Henry with a panicked expression.

“Sugar, are you okay?!”

Henry, feeling the most nauseous he’s ever been, can’t seem to find the motor skills to open his mouth and speak, not to mention that his voice hasn’t exactly found its way back to his body. The toon nods, soon slapping a hand over his gooey mouth. He feels like he’s going to be sick.

Susie turns back to her partner. “Sammy, if you hadn’t been waltzing around and slamming doors, this wouldn’t’ve happened!”

“He had it coming to him!! Maybe he shouldn’t have been standing behind the door!”

“What if he was about to leave?!”

Henry stumbles to his feet with the help of Susie. The toon wobbles, holding a hand to his forehead as he adjusts his glasses with the other.

“Hooh, wow-wie… That’s less fun on this side of it…”

Just then…

SLAM! Bendy bursts in the room, frantically glancing around. “Where’s Henry?! Is he okay?!”

Shawn is trying his hardest not to bust out laughing. The door slowly swings shut, revealing a re-splattered Henry all over the wall.


The little devil panics and produces a giant spatula out of nowhere, proceeding to shove it underneath the splattered animator to pry him off the wall. After successfully peeling Henry off, Bendy carefully and fearfully coaxes Henry to reform.

“Aaaaalright, nice and easy.. Find yer face, pally….”

Henry slowly forms a body of pure black ink. He rises to… Whatever replaces his feet and stumbles. He can’t see a thing! The splattered toon tries to communicate this problem, though only soft squeaks and growls come out of his half-formed mouth. Henry almost immediately goes into panic mode, and Bendy has literal alarms going off inside his head.

“H-Henry, ya gotta calm down! Yer fine!”

The taller toon shakes what could be perceived as his head as he grasps at what could be perceived as his throat.

“Yer throat? No, no… Yer voice? That’s gotta be it! Henry, yer voice is gonna come back, don’t worry, but right now, ya gotta focus on the rest’a yaself!”

Henry gurgles and coughs, seeming to nod in understanding. Bendy goes back to gently coaxing the other to reform, small bits at a time.

After about half an hour, Henry is mostly reformed, but still fairly blackened and goopy. At least he’s got his face, body, and hands under control. His little friend carefully helps him stand up once more. The taller toon coughs hoarsely into his hands, threatening to keel over again. Bendy pats his back softly with a small smile.

“Easy now, pally… You got this..”

Henry shudders. Everything is cold, his inky hair won’t stay out of his face, and he can’t stop shaking. He glances down at Bendy for a moment before swiftly, though wobbily, scooping him up in a big hug. The little devil opens his mouth to tell him to put him down, but this time…

He doesn’t quite mind.

Bendy smiles big, wrapping his arms around his beloved animator in a tight squeeze.

“Eheeheehee… You’re welcome, Henry.”


((THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER PART, I’m sure people will appreciate this after all the Pain ‘round here lately. I mean this chapter’s a little sad too, but it’s got some cute in there still.))

winter things with peter parker

author’s note: i am posting SO MANY THINGS, i am so annoying, i know. i didn’t have anything to do today so i wrote some short things and i wanted to post so here i am with these cheesy ideas ENJOY 💗💞💖💓

• you’d spend your nights watching movies in bed

• peter would do literally ANYTHING to make you watch star wars

• you’d share scarves and huge fluffy blankets

• you would take peter iceskating!

• imagine you two hand in hand because you have to help peter not to fall

• endless nights spent cuddling

• him peppering your face in kisses when you are about to sleep under thousands of blankets

• you’d always hold hands to keep them warm

• he would always make you hot chocolate

• “where are the marshmallows?” “are you kidding me? are you trying to put yourself in a sugar coma?” “peter don’t you dare tell me that you drink hot chocolate without marshmallows”

• you would put your cold hands on peter’s neck AND HE’D WANT TO KILL YOU but you are you so he has to chill

• you’d go to the christmas market together

• you would buy matching ugly christmas sweaters

• most of the time you spend would be at home though

• jamming to christmas songs together!!!!

• you’d wear peter’s sweaters at school to keep you warmer

• he’d look at you in awe because of how cute you looked

• he would also kiss you to make you feel warm every chanche he gets

• “babe i have to go” “i am freezing, please stay with meeee”

• you would bake together and of course you’d have to teach peter

• he is the clumsiest boy ever and he’d make your kitchen all messy

• while you are doing a christmas movie marathon you’d try to kiss on the couch without aunt may noticing

• long story short, you’d make a cute ass couple & you’d be so in loveeee

anonymous asked:

Could I please have a Steve Harrington/Reader with “love me, please” from the prompt list??

Pairing: Reader x Steve Harrington.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: Swearing.
Word Count: 558
Prompts: “Love me, please.”

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I had a dream that you couldn't hear me screaming (Jason Todd x Reader)




You open your eyes in a flash, trying to figure out your surroundings but alas, everything was consumed in the dark of the night aside from the blearing red numbers of the digital clock on the side table. You let out a ragged breath, trying to calm yourself down before closing your eyes again to hesitantly embrace slumber once more. It was fruitless though, trying to sleep after the events that played in your head was still fresh.

A few seconds pass when you hear rustling beside you and the creak of the bed as an arm sneaks around your waist, holding you tight.

“Another bad dream…?”

You let out a sigh at the sound of Jason’s hoarse voice, moving closer to the warmth that he provided, burying your head in the crook of his neck.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asks, a yawn escaping him.

“No…” You whine. “I feel as if it might come true if I tell you about it.”

“That’s not gonna happen.”

“You wouldn’t know. It’s a possibility.”

“You’ll be alright, it’s just a dream, it isn’t real.” He mutters tiredly, rubbing your back comfortingly while holding you closer. “You’re safe with me.”

“Jason…” You start, but he interrupts you with kiss on your forehead, his fingers lazily tangling through your nest of a hair.

“Try to go back to sleep, it’s still early. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“I better see those pretty eyes of yours when I wake up,” You chuckle softly, a small smile painting your lips as you close your eyes.

anonymous asked:

what do u think would happen if niall and u were fighting and u told him to sleep on the couch or to like get out of the house and he mentioned rudely that he PAID FOR THE HOUSE. or PAID FOR THE BED YOU BOTH SLEEP ON

The look of shock on both your faces would be epic.  He immediately regrets it and the hot shame rolling through BOTH of you is palpable.  You silently turn and storm back into your room and slam the door.  Niall doesn’t even follow right away, just holds his face in his hands.  It takes him at least an hour or two to calm down and figure out how to approach you.  When you finally open the door he’s slumped down in the hall, his head resting on his forearms.  He’s nodded off and you take pity on him, helping him stand and getting in bed.

“I didn’t mean it.  I promise ya I didn’t.  I was just mad. M’so so sorry babe.”

“I know, Niall.  I know.  Let’s talk about it in the morning.”

You spend the rest of the night curled around each other trying to get your emotions through the soft touches and entwined legs.

Law Headcanon

Fluff with his s/o :

  • doesn’t sleep well or long, but likes to curl up with you in bed anyway. Just spooning you and bath in your scent
  • loves it when you spend time with his crew and get along with them. Sometimes he steals you away though - you’re his after all
  • won’t help you at all, when Penguin and Shachi tease you, the prick
  • is adorably grumpy in the morning. 
  • sometimes you two just bath in each others company. Silently working, reading, etc. right next to each other
  • excessive reading/working sessions on the couch in the captains quarters. Tee and coffe cups are everywhere and the only reason the stack of books aren’t higher than you, is because they would fall over otherwise (lesson learned). The bedroom is pure chaos.
  • Now your back is in pain. Apparently you fell asleep on one of Laws medicine books.

Lola brought her and the babies home when the doctor said it was okay. Alex was asleep when the got home, and Lola yelled at him to get out of the bed.

I’m sleeping off a hangover!

Well your wife needs to sleep off childbirth! Now get out. Out of the house, too. I’ll be there to help her, unlike you.

Fuck you Lola, I used to think you were decent. I’ll scram if that’s what you want so badly.

Your Distraction -- Nancy Wheeler

Written by: @strangerhennig

Request: “Fem Reader is sick with a cold and can’t sleep. Nancy wakes up from Fem Reader’s twisting and turning and has to entertain Fem Reader somehow until they fall asleep. Love your blog! I’m glad I found it! Jumping on the Nancy x Fem Reader train lol 👌 —  wolvesrule5132

Warnings: Pure fluff :)), lgbt

Pairing: Nancy Wheeler x female!reader

Summary: When you are restless in bed with your fever, your girlfriend Nancy wakes you up and distracts you from being sick.

Word Count: 523

Listen To: Lovely Day by Alt-J

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sarahsyna  asked:

WHAT DID EDGAR DO (seriously, I've no urge to play TLAP, but I see so many people ragging on him. Not even Leon from SCM gets as much shit as Eddie boy. I've got to know what he did.

@nooneknowsimgayaf @deepinotomehell @otome-life @speakeasytonight Y’all also get involved in a post about how braining him is justified, so since I haven’t actually played his route and I’m sure at least one of you have, y’all can back me up (and share your own kvetch). For ease of reading, my kvetch in bullet form

  • he’s basically predatory
  • if what I’ve read is true, makes MC sleep in the same bed as him “for her protection” after what? two days?
  • MC literally tells him he’s bullying her
  • he doesn’t respect her autonomy
  • or her, in general
  • he does a lot of fucked up things in a twisted idea of “protecting” her
  • she calls him out on his bullshit multiple times and it doesn’t seem to actually impact his behavior in the long term
  • basically comes off as super abusive and not at all a healthy relationship, ESPECIALLY when you see that he is six years older than her (wouldn’t matter as much, but she is nineteen fucking years old which means six years is not an insignificant age gap) and in a power of authority over her AND works for her dad (technically all of the others sans Felix are older than this and all the other things apply, but at least they don’t abuse their power)
  • someone mentioned something about him trying to be a daddy and the suggestion gives me anxiety, so that’s another strike
  • also he just looks skaddy


That’s all I could stomach. His face irks me.

Types of Spells & Basic Methods of Casting
  • Attracting - fill a small jar with honey and add a written statement of intent to the jar - seal and set the jar in direct sunlight to manifest your intent; stir your morning coffee or tea in a clockwise motion while focusing on the intent of what energies you wish to attract for the day; fill a jar with herbs and crystals that represent what you want to attract and add a statement of intent; charge a crystal and wear on your person to attract certain energies; create a sigil and either draw it on yourself or on paper and keep in your pocket; create a talisman, charge it, and wear it to attract various energies
  • Banishing - take an item that represents what you wish to banish and: throw it in the trash, flush it down the toilet, burn it, bury it, drown it; burn the item and sweep the ashes out the back door or bury them; carve the name of what you want to banish into a black candle and let it burn down completely; transmute negative energy into a stone (preferably a black stone like onyx) and throw it over the fence in your backyard (or whichever direction is south in reference to your home); stir your morning coffee or tea in a counter-clockwise motion while focusing on the intent of what energies you wish to banish for the day; using incense that is associated with banishing negative energy, walk around your space in a counter-clockwise motion with the lit incense in your hand
  • Binding & Sealing - wrap a string around a poppet or other representation of the target or item you wish to bind; put the poppet or other representation in a plastic bag filled with water and freeze it; place the item in a black box and seal it - store in a dark place or bury the box in your backyard; drip wax over the item
  • Blessing & Consecrating - anoint an object with holy or blessed water/oil; place the object in a dry bath of herbs or flowers that are known for blessing; pass the object through incense smoke that is associated with blessing
  • Cleansing - leave the item in the path of direct moon, sun, or starlight; place in a dry bath or herbs or flowers that are associated with cleansing; place the item in a bowl of sea salt; pass the item through incense smoke that is associated with cleansing; pass the item through running water; anoint the item with a cleansing oil or charged water; bury the item in soil for 3 days so it may be “reborn” when unearthed; place a cleansing crystal on top of or next to the item; hang a wind chime outside of your home to negate negative energies before they have the chance to enter your home; open doors and windows; physically clean your space
  • Cursing - fill a poppet with baneful herbs and crystals, seal it, and store in a black box; add baneful herbs and crystals to a jar with a piece of paper that states the target’s name or a description of them and seal it; create a poppet or other representation of the target and destroy it (commonly by burning); stab the poppet with pins and needles; curse an item and gift it to the target
  • Dreams & Sleep - fill a sachet with herbs associated with restful sleep and peaceful dreams and hang above your bed; place the sachet under your pillow; wash your bedsheets and sleep clothes with a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil; alternately, choose fabric softener that is lavender scented to wash your sheets or sleep clothes with; create a sigil for peaceful dreams or dream recall, charge under the light of the moon, and place it under your pillow before you go to sleep; drink mugwort, peppermint, or valerian root tea before bed for vivid, lucid dreams; drink chamomile tea before bed for restful sleep; drink lemon verbena (vervain) tea before bed for dreamless sleep; when bathing at night, create a sachet that matches your intent and place in the bath or shower
  • Glamours - anoint the containers of beauty and hair products with Pluto oil or moon water (for transformation and metamorphosis); leave the item you wish to cast a glamour on under the full moon; charge a talisman with the effect you wish to have on others and wear when you go out for the day; add Pluto oil and moon water to a bath for a full body glamour (write your intent with bath crayons on the tub or shower wall for an extra boost); create an energetic shield over yourself in which the outside mirrors what you want others to perceive of you
  • Goal & Wish Manifestation - write your intent on a bay leaf and burn it; turn your intent into a sigil and store it in a jar filled with herbs or other items that represent said intent; place a written description of your goal or wish in the center of a crystal grid using stones that are associated with manifestation and power; place a coin in moon water while focusing on your wish or goal (leave container under direct moonlight overnight so that it may charge); light a candle whose color matches your intent and while focusing on your goal or wish, blow out the candle
  • Personal Power & Effects - create or enchant a talisman that represents your intent, charge it, and wear it on your person; take a ritual bath filled with herbs that are associated with personal power; create a potion from herbs associated with power and drink in the morning
  • Warding - sprinkle a mixture of protective herbs around the perimeter of your home while walking clockwise; leave protective crystals at each corner of your space; hang a protective amulet above the door to your space; wear a protective amulet for personal protection; create a protective witch bottle and bury near your front door; plant herbs or flowers that are associated with protection outside at each corner of your home; draw a protective sigil or symbol on the outside of your front and back door with sun water; hang witch balls or a witch’s ladder near your front door; create an energetic shield and place over yourself, your loved ones, or your entire home

*Please be wary when drinking herbal mixtures and putting essential oils directly on the skin or on items that your skin may come in contact with*

R E A D Y F O R I T: is a more of a warning than a question. a sign of things to come. a simple warning shot before the gunfight. to let you know that something is about to happen. telling you to prepare yourself. it’s just the beginning in the over all story. 

E N D G A M E: is for the lovers who, despite the odds, believe they can make it through this crazy game called life. it’s wanting to break your reputation of bad endings and make this be the one that lasts forever. it’s adrenaline rushes and planning your whole life out with someone. 

I D I D S O M E T H I N G B A D: is for all the witches they were unsuccessful at burning. it’s lit fireworks crackling in your rib-cage and fiddling with the laces of your warn out combat boots and already ripped fishnets and applying perfectly winged eyeliner without trying and bright red lipstick to match the blood of your enemies.

D O N T B L A M E M E: is for the passionate, reckless, fearless lovers. the ones who fall in love without hesitation and without permission. they dive in head first without looking back. they don’t care if it makes them seem crazy because they would rather be crazily, passionately in love than live an indifferent and emotionless life. it’s for when you find that one person you would risk everything for. 

D E L I C A T E: is for the doubt that takes residence in your head and in your heart when you finally get the courage to dust yourself off and fall for someone new after you got your heart broken. it’s terrifying and temporary and fragile and beautiful because it’s fleeting. it can never last forever, or so you have been led to believe. it’s for the cautious dreamers. the damaged lovers who have been left for dead too many times to count. 

L O O K W H A T Y O U M A D E M E D O: is for the defeating moment when you finally take the blame just to ease the heat. it’s for when every one thinks that they finally buried you but like a phoenix, you rise from the ashes reborn. it’s taking a lighter and burning every thing to the ground. it’s finding out just how good revenge can feel. 

S O I T G O E S: is nights at bars and restaurants and films and parties and weekends that you know can’t possibly last forever. it’s silk dresses and high heels and smudged lipstick and scratches on your lovers back. it’s cashmere jumpers and messy hair and dark circles beneath your eyes because lately life has been so freeing, sleeping seems like a waste of time. 

G O R G E O U S: is for the endless summer nights and repeatedly making eye contact with the stranger across the bar. it’s starry eyes, rosy cheeks, and quiet seduction. it’s drinks in blues and pinks and tiny cocktail umbrellas and having so many you quit counting. it’s finding someone so physically flawless you can’t help but hate them, simply because you can’t have them. 

G E T A W A Y C A R: is for all of the lovers on the run from all of their past mistakes and rebounds. it’s for when they find someone with similar baggage and decide to find distraction in each other. it’s for seeking a fresh new start. it’s secretly kissing in diner booths, holding hands under the table, and kissing each other with recklessness on your lips. it’s knowing that this is temporary, but that’s what you love about it.

K I N G O F M Y H E A R T: for the boys and girls who make a key to their heart and give it to each other. it’s the truth and vulnerability one must have to be able to do that. it’s for the five am rooftop conversations. it’s getting dressed up just to dance with each other around the living room. 

D A N C I N G W I T H O U R H A N D S T I E D: it’s nights spent dancing with each other around the house. it’s lips that taste like safety, and that’s something you haven’t had in so long you’ve forgotten what it taste like. It’s the drop of your stomach just before you jump. This is for the desperate but hopeful lovers. 

D R E S S: is his drink in your hair, on your lips, in your hands. it’s crumpled bed sheets. it’s when the sun rises in the morning and your eyes meet the same sleeping lover beside you. it’s lace bra-lets and knee-high boots. 

W H Y W E C A N T H A V E N I C E T H I N G S: is for when the hurt and betrayed turn into the unforgiving and unafraid. it’s when your mouth is filled with unforgiving teeth. it’s reaching a point of anger, you can’t help but burst into laughter. you can’t help but joke about the whole thing. it’s shards of broken glass and anger to the point of apathy. 

C A L L I T W H A T Y O U W A N T: is for the lovers who find comfort and validation in one another. they don’t have anything to prove. it’s hand written lovers and blankets under covers. grinning from ear to ear alone in your room. the promise of something bigger than this. a taste of forever. it’s cups of tea in the morning and wine at night. it’s the kind of love that could inspire classic romance novels. 

N E W Y E A R S D A Y: is for when every one else has gone home and you are the only two remaining. when the party is over, but the best part of the night has yet to come. it’s time standing still when it’s just you two. it’s air kissed curls and deep two in the morning conversations on kitchen counters. it’s wanting to stay forevermore. 

“You’re nice and cool…”
“I’m gross, hot and sweaty… you just have a fever dummy.”

Who says it’s always Iwaizumi who has to look after Oikawa? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mine (M)

Prompt: 💕 + Jungkook + “You have no idea what the fuck I’m capable of, babygirl.”

Pairing: Mafia boss! Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: bondage, slapping, killing (a little blood), Sir kink, humiliation, Dom! Jungkook, degrading names, begging, orgasm denial

Notes: For my (very late, i’m sorry) 3k present <3 I hope it’s good enough. 2.2k Words

Originally posted by jeonbase

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[Baby Yang sleeps soundly in her bed, when he blanket falls off]

Baby Yang-  [shivers]

[Raven’s portal opens in the middle of the room]

Raven -  [walks out of her portal, and picks up the blanket, putting it over Yang] [smiles] 

Tiny Voice- [whispering] Who are you ?

[Raven turns to see Baby Ruby looking at her from her bed]

Raven - [whispering] Go back to sleep Tiny Summer …..

Baby Ruby - [whispering] I can’t, your portal is too loud…..

Raven - [unsummons portal]

Baby Ruby - [whispering]  Who are you ?

Raven - [whispering] ……I’m your Auntie Raven 

Baby Ruby - [whispering]  Oh…..[climbs out of bed, walks over to Raven and hugs her leg] 

[Raven feels an emotional connection form, and can now summon a portal to Ruby]

Raven - [whispering] FUCK

Baby Ruby - [voice filled with wonder as she pulls back to look at Raven] Fuck ?

Raven - [realizes she’s just made a mistake] [summons a portal and leaves]

Taiyang - [slams door open] Whose in here ?!

[Baby Yang wakes up] 

Baby Ruby - FUCK =D

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