in yo jacket

look at this dork I love him

Snug as a mug in a rug. Red’s gonna be peeved once he finds his jacket missing yo.

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DUUUDE ROSTER THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! It’s so relaxing to look at!!! 8U8 He looks so comfy!!! AAA AND THE FACT THAT HE’S WEARING FELL’S JACKET REALLY MAKES ME WANT THEM TO MEET NOW HAHAHA thank you so much! This is a great pic, it’s so chill! I love the way you do your body types btw man ;A; it’s so precious and adorable and SQUISHY AND I LOVE IT

The Room is the cult classic that is widely considered to be the best bad movie ever made. It’s mind-bogglingly awful, yet painstakingly produced – it was not a lazy project by a disinterested hack. It was a full-fledged $6 million production by a desperate, unrelatable maniac.

Because of this, the entirety of the $6 million was funded by writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau. How did an obviously insane Eastern European man come up with that kind of money? Nobody has a goddamn clue. He had no wealthy relatives or successful business ventures that anyone knew about. He simply showed up one day with a bag of crazy money and a bigger bag of crazier ideas. He’s stated in interviews he got the money from Korean yo-yo and pleather jacket distribution, but that’s more a pile of strange words than a business plan, and he’s been so misleading and cagey about his past that nothing he says can be trusted.

The mystery surrounding the money has sparked a number of conspiracy theories, and they are batshit insane, but not as insane as this man having a perfectly ordinary backstory. Castmates have alleged in interviews that Tommy had mob connections in San Francisco, and he amassed his fortune doing favors for them. Others have taken things a step further, alleging that Tommy Wiseau is actually D. B. Cooper, the famous plane hijacker who stole $200,000 then jumped out into the stormy nether below. Was he never seen again, or did his head hit 25 different trees and turn him into Tommy Wiseau?

The Bizarre True Stories Behind 6 Crappy Movies


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