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Violence and hate crimes have been committed in Trump’s name yet he still won’t denounce anything but Alec Baldwin’s impersonation on SNL

The president-elect spoke to Matt Lauer on Today this morning to discuss the “tremendous honor” of being featured by Time, which has dubbed him “President of the Divided States of America.” Inevitably, the conversation turned to Trump’s Twitter attacks on SNL and he gave a kind of amazing explanation of why the show is bad now that he’s being criticized but wasn’t when he hosted it.

Signos + Invierno

ARIES: Fiesta de año nuevo, ponche, cuenta atrás de año nuevo

TAURO: Guantes de lana, muñecos de nieve, reuniones familiares

GÉMINIS:  Postales de navidad, villancicos, cascanueces

CÁNCER: Bufandas tejidas, hornear galletas, nombrar al duende

LEO: Corona de navidad , decorar el árbol, obras de teatro

VIRGO: Chimeneas, chocolate caliente, duende de la repisa

LIBRA: Regalos, escribir la carta, decoraciones

ESCORPIO: Frío,  besos bajo el muérdago, búsqueda del árbol

SAGITARIO: Patinar sobre el hielo, aliento helado, mantas para acurrucarse

CAPRICORNIO: Copos de nieve, propósitos de año nuevo

ACUARIO: Fiestas navideñas, luces de navidad, purpurina mágica

PISCIS: Navidad, hacer esferas familiares, ángeles de nieve


OK look I know the game has its flaws. I know a lot of you were expecting so much more of the story and didn’t get. Or at least hoping for more appearances of certain characters.

I’m also sad some things weren’t shown in the game.

But compared to what we got?????? All that stuff?????????????? I think I can forgive what wasn’t there. And this is only about the main story. The game is so much more than this, you guys should know this.

You can see how much effort was put in the game, how much love. A good video game for me is not only a good story. A good video game has a soundtrack that can make you understand what the characters are going through and what the situation means, characters that can make you love them as much as a real person, scenery that leaves you breathless and a story that keeps on your memory for a long time. A good video game gives you a real world with emotions and memories. And, in my opinion, this game has all of the best we could ever get.

You guys are only thinking about we didn’t get and forgetting about the wonderful stuff we got.

video idea bleh

I’ve had a video idea since a long time, it’s not a vocaloid song, (would be french) and it would be an original story that I came up with.
The main idea is that 2D Marinette (and Chat) are suddenly fading away and they discover that it is because 3D Marinette and Adrien are being created and they can’t live at the same time. (so they say their goodbyes to the world and 3D Mari/Adrien are the only ones left)

It would be a song about the transition 2D/3D I’d say? so yeh hm idk

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: holy crap 2016 is ending and the youtube rewind is coming and i'm not prepared it still feels like yesterday it was 2015, help me i'm suffocating on all the horrors our future grandchildren will have to deal, with why did people do things we should've just stayed low and opened a new dumb trend like gangnam style but no no we had to have elections and ruin everyone's year by the end of it and we had to spread hate why are we like this ohmygod humans are so fucking annoying save us aliens.

So my Dan and Phil advent calendar just came this afternoon and this is what went down..
Mum: Hey we’re back, and guess what’s here
Mum: Your advent calendar and 2017 calendar came today!
Dad: what the? Why the 2 calend-
Me: Hush don’t ruin this moment *jokingly pats packages*
Me: I know what I’m doing right now
Mum: what’s that?
Me: Eating the chocolates for the days I’ve missed *starts to eats chocolate* Why do these chocolates taste soo good Mmm?
Mum: Probably because it’s a Dan and Phil thing
Me: Probs.