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Why do you have such antipathy for the EU? Given all the material out there there's a wide range in quality between all the books and comics, and some of them are really quite good. Why do you write it all off and hate every bit of it so much?

Several main reasons, anon, two of which are contained right there in your ask:

  1. The wide range of material out there is actually part of it. I’m always leery of any fandom that expects people to consume vast amounts of media (and, more often than not, spend the money necessary to do so) in order to participate in the fandom. It’s an accessibility issue, and a storytelling issue. If a movie doesn’t make sense without referring to secondary sources, then that’s a failure of storytelling. (This is part of why I think ROTS is the weakest of the prequels, but I digress.) Not everyone has the time, energy, money, or inclination to put in the work of learning all that vast amount of EU material. And not everyone wants to be constrained by it, either. Which leads me to…
  2. The canon policing in this fandom would have turned me off of the EU completely if the content of the EU itself hadn’t already done so. I’ve long ago lost count of the number of messages, comments, and asks, some of them mostly polite and others downright nasty, that I’ve received correcting my understanding of canon (by which, of course, they really mean the EU). I’ve seen new writers told to stop writing because they don’t have sufficient knowledge of “canon.”
  3. On a more personal note, I absolutely detest being told that I should try to like something I’ve repeatedly said I have no interest in. “Just give it a try!” and “There are some good things, you shouldn’t judge it all by the bad!” etc etc etc - those are things I hear all the time, and I’m not just talking about fandom here. Those kind of arguments are something I never respond well to, whether the thing people are talking about is the Star Wars EU or the concept of dating.
  4. Of course, what underlies all of this is that I just plain don’t like the EU. And I can only assume, based on the number of asks I get from well-intentioned and very informative people about various elements of the EU (always either beginning or ending with “I know you don’t like the EU but…”), that people think I’m not familiar with the EU. Plot twist, friends: I am quite familiar with the EU. I’ve actually read large portions of the old EU, and I spend enough time in fandom that I’ve picked up even more. I’ve been on Wookieepedia. There’s nothing y’all are telling me that I don’t already know. I just don’t care.
  5. The old EU is full of things like this. It’s full of mangled characterization and things that don’t really fit well with what we actually see in the movies. (Things like Vader being second in command of the Empire, for example.) It’s full of things like Lando Calrissian - a man who, in the movies, was a capable and responsible leader caught between his duty to his people and his loyalty to a friend, who somehow managed to pull together out of a shitty situation and do his level best to save both, who became a general and led the decisive Rebel victory - being reduced to a suave conman and gambler. And look, I could go on, but tbh I don’t want to expend any more energy on this.

If you like the EU, great! Have fun with it, write awesome fics, make art, write meta, go to town. Enjoy it.

Just stop trying to tell me I have to like it, too.


What a difference 40 years makes Today, August 30, marks the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the Audi 5-cylinder engine, in the C2 series Audi 100 5E, in 1976. The 2.1 litre 5E produced 136ps. The engine has continued to be developed so that currently the ultimate production version of Audi’s 5 cylinder engine appears in the Audi TT RS where the 2.5 TFSI produces 400PS

snippet of a fic i have been working on for two years.

“You never called.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I hate your hair.”

Klaus stands there looking perplexed, hand lifted as if moving to fix something. But not knowing how. His hand goes back to his side. “What can I do to make it better, then?”

This question incenses her. She shifts where she sits, blanket clenched in her fingers. It’s the way he looks so proper. Smart and clean like he hadn’t just touched down hours before. She eyes the neat parting of his hair with a sudden loathing. “Mess it up.”

Klaus looks surprised, too. It’s faint, made fainter with how dark her room is, all purple hues and lazy light globes. His hand moves again. There is no reluctance at all when he runs his hands through his hair. The gesture itself is an answer to her challenge. A spark in eyes, one single movement, but Klaus looks vindictive and maybe even a little satisfied to rough himself up in front of her. One movement and his curls spring forth once more from the wax holding them down.

“Good.” Caroline takes in a breath. It’s difficult, she finds, trying to swallow that resentment that had built up in the four-hundred something days that had gone by between them. She sinks into it and crosses her hands over her chest. “Your tie. Take it off.”

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Translation: Joker Game Go For It!! 2nd Year D-Class, Sakuma-sensei!! part 3

So here is part 1.
And this is part 2.

So. Here’s the third and last part of the drama CD. It’s been a wild, wild ride with these boys. I hope they come up with another AU. PRODUCTION IG, GRANT OUR PRAYERS!!!!

Again, if you’re going to post this on other sites, please just link this post directly or give some credit. That would be very much appreciated.


Enjoy Jitsui’s horror house! ww

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