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Au where Maxie’s plan b was to actually catch groudon with the masterball he had in his hideout, but May took it. ( I mean, you think if he had something that important he would try to use it at least?)


Hello Hello Hello!!!! I’m super happy and excited to finally be opening commissions for the very first time! I would like to start making some extra money, so that’s where all you cool kids come in.

The subject matter can be pretty much anything! Feel free to commission me to draw OCs, fanart, your friends, even you! Depending on the complexity of the work, the price may go up a little, but this can easily be discussed through email. Be sure to send references too!

Keep in mind that for everything EXCEPT the gemsona, it is $5 per extra character, and 5 characters is my limit!

What I Will NOT Draw Includes:

  • extreme gore
  • mechs
  • nsfw
  • some animals

If you’re interested, you can contact me at my email:! My paypal uses the same email address, and I would appreciate it if you could send me money in USD.

THESE COMMISSIONS WILL BE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! I am student with a very busy schedule, so I will not be able to do so many commissions at a time. Likewise, I won’t have these finished instantaneously. I want to take my time with your requests to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the finished product. As I go along, I will be sure to ask for feedback to ensure this. And if you have a specific time limit, this can also be discussed.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can contact me on tumblr or through my email!


One day we’ll live together, you and I, and we’ll stay up late playing video games and get up far too early the next morning (early, in our opinion, is before 10am). I’ll complain that I’m tired, you’ll say that I’m not human till I’ve had coffee, and I’ll joke that you’re not even human at all. Then, we’ll sit outside, eat breakfast and drink coffee and lounge around in our pyjamas. Maybe we’ll have a balcony. Maybe we’ll have a backyard. I bet the sun will be shining in our eyes, either way. And we’ll laugh, because we laugh a lot around each other.

We’ll probably end up sleeping in the same bed every once in a while: you’ll complain that I stole all the covers and I’ll just grin and press my cold feet against your calves. We’ll talk till it’s 2am. 2am, when the world is quietest, but we aren’t.

We’ll play music and dance – we’ll dance horribly, or at least I will – and I’ll trip over something and fall onto the floor, and moments later you’ll join me there, breathless with laughter while one of our favourite songs plays in the background.

We’ll make terrible sushi and eat too much pizza, and we’ll drive to McDonalds at midnight because neither of us can sleep and if I stay up past midnight I always get hungry. I’ll eat your fries.  You’ll wrinkle your nose at my cheeseburgers. We’ll kick each other under the table and grin at each other over the top.

We’ll borrow each other’s clothes. You’ll say that I make you wear too much flannel, and I’ll tell you that there’s no such thing as too much flannel. I’ll take your coats; you’ll steal my hoodies.

I’ll drag you into the kitchen to help me cook, and you’ll groan and carry on for a while, but then you’ll dutifully chop vegetables and stir the contents of pots, and you’ll sigh when I accidentally injure myself. It happens a lot, I’m clumsy. We’ll both laugh about it.

We’ll go to work and we’ll go to university: I’ll shuffle in through the door at some late hour and you’ll hand me a beer, just like the way I hand you a coffee in the mornings.

One day we’ll live together, you and I, and it will be the best of things: we’ll laugh, we’ll have fun, we’ll learn how to be adults and we’ll make mistakes along the way. We’ll argue, inevitably, but we’ll work things out. We always have and we always will. And we’ll always say: this is the greatest friendship I have ever had.

—  You and I, by bluemaja & disdainfulavenger

Finished my post for my 2 year blog anniversary! technically it was on April 26th but I’ve been slow lately for some reason >.<
Wow….all I can say about this is practice really DOES make a difference. From an old computer tablet that wasn’t made for drawing and mouse tracing to this XD Two years of drawing, tutorials, and lots of posts/questions really paid off >w< And I’ve still got a long way to go! >:D This is really motivating for me and I’m so glad to see my self progress and can’t help but feel a little pride TuT. May the next milestone be even better XD

PS: This was back before Sweet got a manecut so old manestyle XD


My girl crush


Prompt 3: Broken.

And what if Lucy, instead of living happily ever after, she recovers her memories from that horrible future she lived? Constantly crying, remembering the pain and loneliness she had to endure.

More than that… She can tell no one about her nightmares, her suffering, her own feelings. Losing reality bit by bit as hallucinations take her completely. Seeing her comrades dying and running away over and over again.

Scars appears with the time as memories become heavier. Scars can hurt, can burn, can bring more and more painful memories.

Years passing, Lucy develops panic attacks and paranoia as mind becomes confused and unconcerned about reality. 

Pain is her enemy and her alley. 
Friends are her support and her sorrow. 
And death would be her sin and her blessing.

pls dont hurt me