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Concept: ADHD Lance is great with social cues and l o v e s talking so whenever Keith isn’t getting a joke or pop culture reference or what someone means by something he jumps in to explain. Meanwhile Autistic Keith is great with details and if Lance zones out during mission briefings Keith can give him a nice, clear summary of what he missed and what he needs to do. They stand near each other in most social situations so that if one of them ever gets confused the other is right there to help out (or to share a look of mutual confusion with).

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Case Study - Chapter One

Roman Reigns/OC

Authors Note: Umm there is some smut in here. Can’t have TCD Roman in a fic without it! Enjoy.

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Monday – March 6, 2017

Virginia State University – Petersburg, VA

8:30 a.m.


“Each of you will be assigned a case study as your final project. This will determine whether you graduate with you Masters in Forensic Psychology or are back in my class next semester.”

My pen tapped against my bottom lip waiting for my professor, Dr. Hayes, to get to the good part of his lecture, Every chance I got I dropped hints to him about what pick I wanted for my case study. Being his top student, I hoped he would give me what I wanted.

“When we are finished here this morning I want you all to go home and take a good look at your files,” Dr. Hayes requested as he began to pass out large manila folders, “Now I am aware that most of you had a preference which I took into consideration. I think you will find that your picks are in order.”

The class of ten sat quietly, all of us waiting for him to continue.

“Well, the suspense is killing me. Go on and open them.”

The sound of paper and objects hitting the tables then audible gasps and groans filled the room. My file sat face down as I marveled my badge for a few seconds then sat it aside. Opening the folder containing my subject, I smiled knowing my pick would be staring back at me but I was wrong. My eyes widened at the name and photo staring back at me.


Roman Reigns.


Dr. Hayes tapped my table gathering my attention. “I know you wanted the Black Widow but I felt like that would be too easy for you, Anamaris. Reigns will give you the challenge, the Black Widow will not.

Jennifer Reid, also known as the Black Widow, sodomized and tortured more than forty-five men. She was always interesting to me. Jennifer looked like a girl next door, sweet and innocent.

“With all due respect, I don’t think that I can handle Roman Reigns.”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could handle three months of sitting alone with Reigns.

“Don’t doubt yourself, Ana. I’ve got an abundance of faith in you.”

Dr. Hayes walked away without giving me a chance to rebuttal, returning to the podium at the front of the room fielding questions from the others in the room. I had started to drown their voices out, glancing over the file that sat in front of me. This man was six foot three (a foot and six inches taller than I) and weighed 265 pounds (145 pounds heavier than I). Little me sitting in a room, alone with a man that’s been convicted of killing a dozen of women.

“Alright class. This will be the last formal meeting unless something else comes up. The five of you who have males I will see you tomorrow morning at Marion Correctional Treatment Center at 9 a.m. And the five who have women, I will see you tomorrow morning at Fluvanna Correction Center at 10 a.m.”

Tuesday – March 7, 2017

Marion Correctional Treatment Center – Petersburg, VA

9:10 a.m.

After grocery shopping, I went home to my apartment to read over my files to prepare myself to meet Roman Reigns face to face. Dr. Hayes sent me links to a few of his court appearances and a section of the interrogation video. I thought watching the videos would help, they did nothing to ease my nerves and anxiousness.

“Alright, kiddos,” Dr. Hayes voice carried through the waiting area, “You’ve been briefed, you have everything you need and were taught emergency precautions. I will check on you weekly via email. If you need anything beyond that you all know where to find me. Good luck and stay safe.”

With those final words, we were directed to our designated areas. I was placed in one of the quiet rooms, there was no door just an open-door frame. I sat everything I felt I would need on the table while I waited on Roman to be brought in.

The guard brought him into the room with no cuffs, gave a nod and turned to stand with his back to us.

“Good morning, Mr. Reigns. Would you like to have a seat,” I asked softly.

His lips turned up into a smirk as his eyes moved to meet mine. He wore gray sweats and a crisp, white v-neck t-shirt. Hair pulled up on the crown of his head into a bun.

“Ladies first, Mrs. Shepard.”

“How did you know my name?”

Roman’s smirk grew into a big smile. “I know everything. Being in here stops nothing. Now,” he said pulling out my chair, “Your seat.”

With much caution, I took my seat allowing him to push my chair up under the table. Besides him killing all those women, Roman was very much the gentleman everyone who knew him claimed that he was. He took his seat placing both hands on the table.

“I’m not married,” I murmured flipping through my file.

“What was that?”

“I’m not married,” I repeated looking up at him. “You called me ‘Mrs.’. I’m not married.” He nodded with his gaze fixed on mine. “Call me Anamaris. Please.”

“Whatever your little heart desires, Anamaris.”

I cleared my throat trying to concentrate on my questions. “Mr. Reigns, you were committed for multiple counts of murder. Correct?”

He rubbed through his growing bread still smiling. “How many do they have me down for, Anamaris?”

“Six. You were convicted of six murders.” Hs brows rose as a whistle passed his lips as if he were impressed with the number. “Is there something amusing, Mr. Reigns?”

“Call me Roman,” he said leaning onto his arms that were propped on the table. “The number just always amazes me.”

“What are you saying? Are there more than six victims?”

“If I told you that then I’d have to kill you,” he asserted roughly, “Hell, I might just do that anyway.”

Before I could respond the guard called out Roman’s last name forcefully to which Roan laughed loudly and raised his hands in surrender.

“Just joking with the beautiful lady. Just jokes.”

Fidgeting in my seat, I watched Roman who was picking with his nails and tried to get back on track. I only had another hour with him today just to get acquainted.

“Tell me about yourself, Roman. What was it like for you growing up?”

“I know what you’re expecting and that’s not it, babygirl.” Roman looked me in the eyes, no trace of emotion behind them. “An older sister and brother. We grew up in a two-parent home, upper middle class family. All three of us played sports, got good grades and all that good stuff. I’m the baby of the bunch but I’m in the middle when it comes to my cousins.”

“So you’ve got a big family? That must have been fun,” I suggested with a smile. This was the first time I had smiled at him the whole time we were in the room together.

“You’ve got a beautiful smile, Ana. You should do it more often.”

“Thank you, Roman. But about your family. Was it fun?”

Leaning back in his seat, his hands dropped to his lap and he got this far away look in his eyes. His family from what I read meant a lot to him, the tattoo that started from his wrist ending on his pectoral proved that much.

“It was more than fun. It was life, Anamaris. We didn’t need friends because we have each other. Nobody messed with us big bad Samoans either. Not even our girl cousins,” he explained with a smile.

“Big bad what now?” I asked intrigued by his words.

“Samoans,” he repeated slowly. “You like that, do you?”

“Just asking for clarification, Roman. You’re also Italian, correct?”

“Someone’s done their homework,” he laughed giving her a pointed look. “But I think it’s a little unfair that you know so much about you and I know so little about you.”

I shrugged looking behind Roman to the guard, who was doing a terrible job at acting like he wasn’t listening.

“I don’t really know what there is to say. I’m the youngest with three older siblings. I cheered and did gymnastics until I got my Bachelor’s degree. I’m going to be graduating with my Masters in June. That’s pretty much it.”

“Is there a boyfriend?” He seemed interested in what I had to say. That or he is very good at hiding the truth.

“No. and from what I’ve read you haven’t had a girlfriend since,” I trailed off remembering what happened.

“Since when,” he pushed leaning forward once again.

“Since she um since she found out that you killed her best friend, Destiny.’

“And how did I kill her, Anamaris? In detail, I know you’ve got it. I wanna hear the words fall from those pretty lips of yours.”

“You were waiting in her house after she had gotten home from work, you choked her with your bare hands until you broke her neck,” I said reciting what I had read in his file, “You left her on the floor of her bedroom. Her eyes were wide open.”

Roman stretched his hands out in front of him, opening and closing them. The veins in his hands and arms were becoming more and more prominent. I had gotten lost watching the act, Dr. Hayes had done a terrible service giving this case study to me.

“You better watch yourself, Ms. Shepard. Get too comfortable and you’ll end up like the rest of those women,” the guard yelled from the door.

“With all due respect, this has nothing to do with you and if I had any worried about my safety I would have already left this room. I would appreciate it if you would let me do what I am here to do.” I spoke with authority in my voice I didn’t need that guard messing up the rapport I had with Roman. One wrong word and he would shut down just like he did when he was interrogated. If I wanted to get graduate, I needed to keep Roman open to me.

The guard chuckled fixing his belt. “All I’m sayin’ is, this one here clearly doesn’t know how to control his emotions around pretty women like yourself. Probably embarrassed that his size don’t add up.”

Fire in his eyes, Roman stood from the table ready to lash out on the guard. I jumped up from my seat to rush around the table, putting my hands on his chest to stop him from going any further. Knowing that he could have easily thrown me out of his way, I caught his eye so that he would look away from the offending guard. The fire had started to die down in his eyes, but there was still a blaze there.

“Just focus, Roman. Focus on me.” I whispered ignoring the guard’s laughter.

Gently removing my hands from his chest, Roman moved around me and towards the door. I bit my lip hoping he didn’t lash out at the guard. If he lashed out my case study would be down the drain and I would be stuck by default retaking Dr. Hayes class in the fall. Instead of retaliating Roman let the guard know that he was ready to go back to his room leaving me by myself.

Wednesday – March 8, 2017

Marion Correctional Treatment Center

9:20 a.m.

Before meeting with Roman, I went to my supervising psychologist, Dr. Evans, to talk about the event that had taken place the day before. I didn’t leave his office until he agreed to put us in a more private place and the guard switched with another. In no way was I going to allow some incompetent guard ruin my semester.

After much deliberation, Roman and I were moved to a closed off quiet room. I went in with the understanding that there were no cameras and a door that I could close to give us more privacy. Dr. Evans understood how important this study was to me and accommodated me accordingly. However, his decision did not come without an understanding. I was given a hand-held alarm just in case Roman tried something to make me feel unsafe but he couldn’t give a reaction time.

“You know if you wanted to be alone with me all you had to do was tell me,” Roman joked making his presence known.

I asked him to close the door then took a seat on top of plain wooden desk

“I suggested we have more privacy. We don’t need anyone antagonizing you and making my work harder.”

“Is that right,” he asked causally.”

Roman was dressed the same as yesterday, only he wore light gray instead of white with his gray sweatpants. He walked closer to me, taking slow strides his eyes never leaving mine. He sighed as he braced himself on the table, hands on the side of each of my thighs.

“You’re very close, Roman. Too close.”

“If I’m too close then press your button. I know you have one, Anamaris. Press it,” he whispered putting his forehead against mine, “Unless you’re not scared.”

Turning my head away from him, I inhaled deeply gathering myself. Having him this close to me it was easy to see how he charmed the other victims. No one was able to tell him anything other than what he wanted to hear.

“I know when you went home yesterday you thought about what that guard said. It probably kept you up all night.” Roman’s nosed trailed up her neck to her ear where he bit down gently. “You wanna know if what he said was true and I’m more than willing to show you that it’s not.”

“Roman, we need to get back to work. I’m only here a little while longer.”

He groaned, moving to look me in my eyes putting his forehead back against mine. “You’re here until 4pm. After I show you what you want to know, we can go back to talking.” Roman didn’t wait for my answer, he started to left the hem of my dress slowly. He growled lowly in appreciation of my purple lace thong once was dress was around my hips. “You wore this dress on purpose. You want me, don’t you? I could tell by the way you look at me.”

“I thought my dress was cute is all.” My voice was above a whisper, going completely mute when I felt his fingers rub slowly over my clit. I gripped his biceps tightly, digging my nails into them.

“Right, Ana. We don’t have a lot of time as you said so let’s make this quick. Shall we?” Roman smiled wickedly as he pulled my thong off and placed it in his pocket. Pulling me to the edge of the desk by the backs of my thighs, he opened my legs wide giving me a glance before letting go.

Was I really about to let this serial killer fuck me, I thought to myself.

“Don’t think about it. Just relax for a second.”

Looking down, I saw that he had pulled his dick out of his sweats not bothering to push them down. It would be easy for him to slip it back in just in case someone came in, he was covered. Roman held my legs up as he slowly pushed inside of me. My pussy was having involuntary spasms as it was grabbing hold of his dick. From the look on Roman’s face, I thought he might lose it before he even got all the way inside of me.

“Fuck,” I moan softly. “You’re too big.”

“Mmm, just relax,” he whispered moving his right hand up to my throat. He squeezed gently. The action alerted me, my hands instinctively went to his wrists. Roman began to slide slowly in and out, while making a circling motion that really stimulated my clit ignoring me pulling on his wrist. “You wanna know how I killed the second girl? What was her name,” he grunted moving his left thumb to my clit rubbing harshly. “Oh, it was Dana.”

My hands fell to my nipples pinching them as I watched him concentrate on pumping in and out of me. Roman then groaned and said, “Yeah, I like to see that. Where was I?”

“Stop talking about,” I panted loudly, “Dana. Just do it, Roman.”

He choked me harder, leaving me gasping for air as he thrusted harder into me. “You wanted to talk, we’re multi-tasking, babygirl. As I was saying,” he said pushing my back flat onto the desk. “I was fucking her and I realized that she had to die. She fit and it hit me right before I came.” His hand left my throat, trailing down my body to my clit my back arching from his touch. His other hand kept me still as I writhed up under him. “I was nice and let her come,” he whispered.

My orgasm came rushing through me all at once, I tried to focus one on thing but his actions wouldn’t allow it. Roman continued to fuck me and choke me through my orgasm his eyes boring down into mine. If it weren’t for him choking, I would have screamed out forgetting about those outside the door, all I could do was groan through my gasps.

“Just as she came down, I squeezed tighter and kept fucking her. I squeezed and squeezed,” he groaned as his strokes became faster and sloppier. Roman kept squeezing, choking me harder as he spoke in a breathy tone. Tears fell from eyes as my fear set in. “Just as I came, she stopped breathing.” He pulled me up by my throat so we were nose to nose as he came. He was breathing hard, trying to catch his breath but his grip on my throat never faltered. My hands went to his wrists again, digging my nails into his wrists and wiggling against him.

“Shh. Shh,” he whispered in my ear. “I know you’re scared, don’t be. If I wanted to kill you, baby, you’d be dead already.”

Slowly, he removed his hands from my throat then pulled out of me, sighing at the feeling. With my hand to my chest, I coughed and gasped for air. I hopped off of the desk trying to push him out of my way but he wouldn’t move.

“Now, now, Anamaris. Don’t tell me you’re scared, I was only doing what you wanted—talking.”

Roman moved to pull my dress down but I slapped his hands away, fixing it myself. He laughed and continued to help me get myself together. He put his hand under my chin and tilted my head up so I would look at him. We looked into each other’s eyes for few seconds until a look of clarity crossed his face.

“You liked it but you’re scared, babygirl.” He leaned in, his mouth close to my ear. “I like that. I like that you know I could kill you or fuck you at any moment. Maybe both.”

“Please, don’t,” I whispered staring back at him.

“Not right now, Ana. We’ve got a lot to talk about, beautiful,” he said walking away and over to the sofa. “Come on and sit. We can do what you want now.”

“I think I’m gonna leave early.”

“Get over here now or I’ll change my mind and snap your neck.”

His spoke in a different tone. A lot meaner and rougher than I had heard before. He didn’t even talk to any of the detectives that way. When I looked over at him, he was staring up at the ceiling with his eyes closed. Carefully, I walked to the sofa, sitting as far away from him as I could.

“I have trouble controlling my anger, I’m sorry. I don’t get much company and I like yours,” he said in a much nicer tone. “I don’t want you to leave yet.”

“Threatening me isn’t how you get me to stay. And you can’t scare me like that then expect me to want to stay, Roman.”

“I’m sorry,” he said softly, “It’s who I am.”

“Tell me about the real you so that I can understand,” I told him putting my knee up on the sofa.

“It’s a long story,” he sighed.

“And we’ve got nothing but time. I’m listening.”

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