in which you can almost hear the gears turning in his head while he realises what he said

Bad Day (Jungkook x Reader)

Admin: Mimi

Prompt: “i was really drunk and i saw this really huge, beefy football player sitting on a bench and crying. so i went into the bushes, gave him a flower, and we talked until he felt better. he gave me his number and said “call me if you ever want to vent too.”

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Fluff, angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (female)

Warnings: slight language?, drunk/alcohol

Word Count: 3243

Authors note: So i wrote this based on the above prompt from this amazing post, so give that some love too. I hope you enjoy! This is my first fic, so criticism is appreciated!


Jungkook was having a very shitty day.

Firstly, his alarm never went off, a result of his brother pulling a ‘prank’ on him and turning off all his alarms. This, in turn, caused him to miss the first half an hour of college and skip breakfast, leaving him hungry, pissed, and ashamed as he walked into the lecture hall to face the disappointed look on his lecturer’s face.

Secondly, in a rush to get to college in a hurry, he never took any money in his pocket, meaning he now had nothing to pay with for food. Despite Taehyung saying he was fine sharing his food, Jungkook couldn’t help but feel guilty, noticing that Taehyung didn’t have much food with him to begin with. Taehyung told him that the day can’t get any worse than it already has been, so Jungkook keeps his head up, promises to pay back Taehyung somehow and continues with his day.

It really can’t get worse, can it?

As it turns out, it can.

Passing by the music hall on his way to football practice, Jungkook noticed a group of students who needed help bringing equipment and such into the hall. Feeling like he needed to commit a good deed as some sort of retribution for whatever caused him to experience this horrible, dreadful day, and thinking it would only take a second, Jungkook was happy to lend a hand to those desperate looking students. A second turned to near 20 minutes when one of the boxes fell apart and the girls “really, really need you to help us put it back together because you’re strong and this stuff is so god damned heavy and Mr Lee is really gonna kill us!”. So, practically forced to help them, Jungkook was late for football practice and received a stern, condescending lecture from the coach in front of all his friends and teammates, leaving him thoroughly embarrassed and disgruntled when they gave him smiles of pity because of the coach’s harsh words. How did he put it? “Put in more effort Jeon, all you ever do is slack off”.

But that’s the thing. That’s all Jungkook ever does. Put in more effort. More effort into his football skills, into his classes, into helping his parents at home, into everything. But it’s not enough. It’s never enough, and Jungkook is sick of trying to reach people’s impossible standards. He’s sick of being the perfect player, the perfect student, the perfect son. Behind the smiles, his insecurities eat away at him and he feels pathetic. He just wants to breathe. He just wants this day to end, wants all the criticism to end, and just be him for a while.

So Jungkook was having a very shitty day.

After practice, instead of heading home he heads straight into town and towards the park that’s located in the centre of the city. It’s a quiet park, one he’s often came to when things got too hectic in his life. His safe zone. He knows he should head home, his parents would be worried about him and his friends would most likely notice he isn’t online and ready to play, but Jungkook just wants to be on his own for a while. Forgive him for wanting to have space.

The evening is dark and growing darker still, winter approaching fast as autumn comes to an end. This doesn’t stop the city goers, the partiers and lively crowds that bustle around him as he makes his way towards his special spot, laughter ringing in his ears as he squints at the bright lights the city offers, pushing past the mobs of people enjoying their Friday night. He wishes he could have the freedom like they do, he knows, more than likely, they have their own problems. He’s aware people are never alone when they suffer, but he can’t help but long to be one of them, drinking and laughing his troubles away, if but for a night.

Entering the gates of the park, he breathes a sigh of relief. It’s mostly empty, save for a few stragglers who migrated from the bars to the park to sit and chat the night through.  He finds an empty bench, secluded away from any other being in the park, and gravitates towards it.

Putting his schoolbag and gear bag down on one side of the bench, Jungkook sits on the other side, takes a deep breath, and bursts into tears. He hates this, hates feeling weak, hates crying, hates everything, but all the frustration and anger he gained from this dreadful day and from his life in general just built up to the brim, and once the tears started flowing, the wouldn’t stop, and he just kept crying, and crying, and crying. He puts a hand over his mouth to muffle his sobs, and hunches over, staring at his shoes rather than ahead, not willing to risk anyone seeing him in the state he’s in. He knows if anyone were to look over for just a few seconds they’d know that this well built, tough looking boy was bawling his eyes out. So, he avoids looking at anyone and just sobs.

He sobs until he hears a loud rustle coming from the bush behind him. He starts and turns around in his position, staring at the bush with wide eyes and wet cheeks. After a moment of silence, thinking it was just his imagination, or the wind or even an animal, he’s about to turn around and gather his things to head home because he feels absolutely stupid, when out pops you. Well, tumbled, more like, as you fall forward on your knees towards the bench Jungkook was sitting on. Jungkook can’t utter a word or move an inch, too stunned to make a move as he stares at you organise yourself to the best of your abilities and look at Jungkook with a goofy smile. He only snaps out of his reverie when he notices you holding something in an arm outstretched towards him. He stares at you hand, realising you’re holding a slightly damaged flower, one most likely gotten from a nearly pot as he recognised it, seeing the same flower in various pots throughout the park.

He looks from the flower in your hand to your face, a continuous switch between the two as he tries to figure out what exactly you’re doing.

“I saw you crying, so I wanted to cheer you up!” you say with a lopsided smile, looking positively proud of yourself for this act of kindness upon a complete stranger.

At this, Jungkook scowls, scoffs and turns around, enraged that you had the nerve to come up to him, and more so at himself for being caught out. Especially a stranger who was…hiding in the bushes?

You frown and come closer to him, albeit unsteadily, trying to look around him at his face as he starts to collect his bags.

“But…you were crying. You’re sad, I wanted you to be happy! A big strong man like you shouldn’t be crying all alone in the park!” you slur. It was possibly one of the worst things you could have said to him at this moment. He understands you didn’t mean anything by it, you didn’t know what he was going through, but still Jungkook feels annoyed and rolls his eyes at you when you get closer to his face, throwing a sneer as he stands up, bags in hands.

You rush to stop him, seemingly desperate to make up for your actions. “Wait, wait, wait, wait!” you almost shout, and wobble in front of him to halt his actions. The realisation hits Jungkook quickly after that. You’re drunk. Quite, from what he can tell, if the slight sway from your stance and overall dopey expression on your face is any indication. This agitates Jungkook further, not wanting to deal with a drunk when he’s in his lowest of lows.

He tuts and makes to move past you but you place your hands on his chest, still clutching the flower and stopping him from leaving. He knows he could but he doesn’t push, not wanting you to topple over and make everything ten times worse.

“I don’t know what I said to upset you but I’m really sorry! Please take the flower, I really don’t want you to be upset, you look like you need someone to talk to” you say, which causes your face to suddenly light up and causes Jungkook to feel uneasy. “Hey, talk to me! I’ll help you! Yeah, just talk to me” you beam up at him, hope filling your eyes at the prospect of soothing his never-ending troubles.

“Where are your friends?” Jungkook wonders, ignoring your proposition and instead looking around for someone to take you away from him.

At that, you giggle and reply “I dunno, probably left me. Or else I got lost. Both happen often enough”. You laugh at yourself, finding humour in that situation.

However, Jungkook frowns, wondering what type of friends would just leave you, a fairly intoxicated girl, on her own in a large city.

“Well, are you able to call them? So they can find you,” he asks, feeling uneasy about just leaving you here, despite how much you’re bothering him right now. He’d feel too guilty, and he was not in the mood to spend the night worrying about a random drunk girl he met at the park.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll call them. After I’ve spoken to you though,” you say nonchalantly, waving your hand in the air as if to wave his concerns away. “Come, child, sit and tell me all about your troubles,” speaking with a silly accent and plopping down on the bench.

“I don’t even know your name,” he remarks, wanting nothing more than for someone to take you away from him so he can wallow in his despair alone. He’s about to say he doesn’t even know you, and that he should be leaving but you beat him to it.

“The names Y/N. And you are?” you pat the seat beside him, encouraging him to sit down. He doesn’t know what propels him, perhaps he’s worried about you, or perhaps it’s the isolation that has settled deep in his bones, but with a heavy sigh, he places his bags back in their previous position and sits down beside you.

“Jungkook,” he answers, not offering more than that, glancing around the park and not at you. You poke his side to gain his attention.

“Ok Jungkook,” hearing his name from you sounds foreign but not unpleasant, “what brings you to the park at nearly 10 at night by yourself, and why are you crying?” you inquire, no judgement coming from your tone, just genuine curiosity.

Jungkook is silent for a moment, before he answers. “I came to clear my head, and it’s none of your business,” he snaps, before turning to address you with a glower. Sitting here, facing you, he’s given a proper chance to take you in, and realises you’re a lot prettier than the first glance he got of you. Your eyes hold a youthful and carefree gleam to them, and he can’t help but envy the life you probably lead, leagues better than his.

He figures you’re around his age, no older than 20 or 21. You’re certainly not dressed for the weather, opting to wear a pretty dress with a light jacket. Then again, you probably didn’t expect to see yourself in this situation, so you didn’t dress for this peculiar occasion.

“Ahh,” you drawl, understanding washing over your features. “I do that too sometimes. The park is nice, quiet. I always come here when I feel sad about something.”

Jungkook’s face loses the scowl and straightens out, strangely relieved to hear he isn’t the only one who seeks the solitude of the park when things get too stressful. But then, without thinking, he blurts “but you don’t seem the type to be sad about anything, what would you have to worry about?”

At his remark, you give him a wry smile, and cough out a laugh before replying. “Well, this week I got fired from my job because they had too many workers apparently, and had to ‘regretfully inform me that there wasn’t enough work available and had to let me go.’ Wow, I’m surprised I said that without stuttering!” you’re sent into a fit of giggles at your own statement, but Jungkook isn’t laughing along with you.

He feels even more terrible for assuming that you didn’t have your own worries and stress. Quite frankly, he feels like an asshole for treating you like he did, when all you wanted to do was make a boy who was breaking down in the middle of a park feel better, however drunk you may be.

“So, wanna tell be about all about your woes and worries? Might not hurt to rant to a stranger, might take some of the weight off your shoulders,” you give a small smile, one that compels Jungkook to reconsider your offer.

With a bit of hesitation, he takes a deep breath and replies, “you’re probably going to laugh at me, but…I just had a really difficult day. I woke up late for college, had no money to get food for my lunch so I had to share with my friend, and again ended up being late for practice cause I had to help people with their music equipment. He yelled at me in front of the squad, it was so embarrassing, called me ‘disappointing’ and the rest” he places his head in his hands and groans, “it’s just…everything adds up and I just feel like shit right now and I want it to end.”

He feels a hand rub up and down his back and he takes comfort in the gesture. “That sounds really bad dude, I’m sorry” you eventually say, and he glances at you out of the corner of his eye, your face laced with sympathy. He feels like you know there’s more to story, that you can relate to what he’s feeling, but you don’t push, and he’s grateful for that. Maybe it’s the space and understanding you grant him that causes words to bubble out of his mouth.

“I’m just sick of having to live up to everyone’s expectations, you know? Like I just want to be able to make mistakes, and not have to face someone’s nagging for it. I want to be able to learn from the mistakes I make. I don’t want to have to be the perfect, model student or football player, I don’t want to have all this responsibility pushed onto my shoulders, to study hard to get a respectable job, to get married and have kids. I just want to live my life, live it the way I want to. I just want to be able to have fun, for once.”

The rubbing on his back never ceases, and you sit closer to him. After a few moments of silence, in which Jungkook was paranoid you’d think he was just being a pitiful excuse for a human being, you talk once again, seeming soberer than when you two had first met.

“I decided to do art in college. And everyone gave me flak for it. ‘Why would you do art, there’s no jobs you can get out of it?’ ‘Why don’t you choose something more popular, it’ll be a better choice.’ And I almost gave in and said that I’d settle for something like business, that I can do well in it, that it’s something I can do for the rest of my life. But I didn’t want it, because I wasn’t happy. Sure, I might get a good paying job and a successful career out of it, but I was gonna live a miserable life as a result. And in the end, I decided to be selfish for once in my life. I ignored the advice everyone else gave me and went for something that I love doing. So, I chose art, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m doing what I love, and I’m living in the moment. Yes, things can get very difficult, and that it seems hard to get out of the dark times, but I’m in charge of my life. And I’m living for myself. And it feels good.”

As you talk, Jungkook stares in amazement, having respect for the courage you showed in your decision, despite it being hard. You level your stare with him, and speak once more.

“So, I want you to start doing what you love, and make yourself happy. It’ll be hard going against what everyone wants, trust me,” you laugh a little, “but in the end, it’ll be so worth it. And if not, and everything turns out worse, then you can hunt me down and strangle me for this piece of advice I gave you while being terribly drunk,” you smirk, which turns into a full blown grin when Jungkook laughs at you, smiling for what felt like the first time that day. He lowers his head, grin still in place, and filled with a determination he hasn’t felt in a long time.

“Ok. I have no clue how I’m gonna do it, but I’ll try. I don’t wanna be stuck like this forever,” he turns to you with a small smile, which you return, “I’m gonna live by my own rules and make myself happy.”

Things become silent for a while as you two stare at each other, save for the sounds of the city which never cease for anyone. He jumps a little when his phone buzzes, revealing a text from his brother, wondering where he is. He gives you a grimace and explains how he should get home, but you don’t seem bothered and just giggle away to yourself and stay on the bench. He’s about to leave when he has his bags in hand, when he stops, giving you one last look.

“Thank you, Y/N. Really, I mean it. I feel a lot better after talking to you,” he gives a small laugh, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. You wink (to the best of your ability) at him, giving him a salute.

“Anytime, Jungkook.”

At that, Jungkook gets the courage to ask “can I have your number? I-I mean, if you want, of course. It’s just I really liked talking to you tonight. And uhm… call me if you ever want to vent too…” he trails off, not knowing what else to say and just wanting the ground to open up and swallow him whole for how awkward this has become. But you just start laughing and hand him your phone, trusting him to enter in his number and take yours since you ‘can’t really see too straight right now’.

With one last smile in your direction, you both say your goodbyes and goodnights. Putting his phone back into his bag, he notices something sitting on top of it, and quickly realises it’s the flower you attempted to give him at the beginning of your encounter. Grinning like an idiot, Jungkook walks home with a new sense of purpose, and hopes of texts in the morning. All because of a drunk girl who wanted to give him a flower to make him happy on a very shitty day.

“Damn there goes my lunch money” {Requested}

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Gibbs and Fornell sat on the stools Abby had around her lab, each of them watching the screens carefully, examining the situation at hand. It was Tony and you laughing at something stupid you had said, both males frowned trying to decipher if you were dating or not.

Jenny Shepard walked in with her arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed seeing the males not doing their jobs, Jenny cleared her throat making the men snap their heads to the female who threw them a curios look. 

“I thought I told you I needed to see both of you in my office thirteen minutes ago” Jenny spoke “I’m just doing some surveillance” Fornell answered for the both of them Jenny raised her eyebrows before moving to the monitors.

 “Oh lord” Jenny pinched the bridge of her nose “Leave them be, we have to get ready to send them undercover, you can continuing watching them when they’re settled into their positions alright” She spoke with authority before turning on her heel and left the lab.

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AsaNoya birth scene?

this took an unholy amount of time im so sorry omg, theres literally no excuse other than im just a terrible person which i sincerely apologise for, but ive written stuff now anyway so here ya go! i hope you enjoy ;) 

Noya was always overestimating himself. Which sometimes, in Noya’s opinion, was a great thing. But other times it had Asahi worried sick. They were about to leave to go over to Daichi and Suga’s house for a New Year’s Eve party, when Noya felt another contraction but decided not to say anything because he knew Asahi would insist on going to the hospital instead of the party, which Noya really didn’t feel like doing.



“Asahi…” Noya told himself he would at least wait until everyone had finished counting down to one but when a rather large contraction nearly had him lying on the floor, he realised he couldn’t wait any longer.

“What is it?” Asahi asked, wearing his trademark concerned frown as he stopped counting and focused all of his attention on Noya.

“I’m in labour.”

Asahi gulped and stared at his husband anxiously. He was prepared for this. They knew exactly what they were doing. Asahi made sure of that with months of planning. But now that he heard Noya say it, he lost all faith in how prepared he thought he was.

“Asahi.” Noya said, a little impatiently.


“I’m in labour.”

“Oh yeah, you said that already didn’t you?” Asahi said slowly, his mind refusing the process what was happening “Wait that means the baby’s coming. We have to get to a hospital.”

“That sounds like a good ide-AGH!” Noya flinched at the sudden pain, cradling his stomach as he collapsed in on his husband.

“Come on, let’s go.” Noya thanked god as Asahi led him out of the crowded living room and towards the front door, seemingly having found his level head again.

Asahi grabbed both their coats and started to open the door until a voice from behind stopped him, “Where are you too going?”

They turned around to see Suga, Daichi and Tanaka stood in the hall.

“Noya’s gone into labour.” Asahi explained quickly.

“I’ll get my coat.” Suga said, everything about him suddenly much more alert as he threw Daichi’s coat at him and stormed towards the door.

“This is your party; you can’t leave.” Asahi told him nervously but Suga just walked straight past him and out of the door.

“There’s no way in hell I’m missing the birth of my grandchild.” Suga informed them, earning confused glances from Noya and Asahi.

As much as Asahi wanted to, there was no time to debate the physical impossibility of what Suga just said, because Noya released a sharp groan that brought Asahi back to his senses. He was quickly helping Noya to their car, an arm under his shoulder for support.

It wasn’t until Asahi was halfway down the street that he realised, Daichi and Tanaka had climbed in as well as Suga and apparently, they were all off to the hospital together. Normally Asahi might’ve questioned their presence but right now, his mind was only focused on Noya.

That was until Suga started bombarding him with questions that he really didn’t know the answers too.

“How far apart are the contractions?”

“I don’t know.”

“When did they start?”

“I don’t know.”

“Has his water broken?”

“I don’t know!” Asahi wailed, throwing his head onto the steering wheel as the car stopped at a red light.

“How can you not know?” Suga asked impatiently.

“I don’t know.” Asahi answered quietly, cowering as he caught a glimpse of Suga’s glare in the rear-view mirror.

“My water broke just before we left our house…which was about…I don’t know…seven or eight. But I don’t know how far apart the contractions are.” Noya told him, even the task of speaking was proving a little too difficult for him now that the pain was starting to rip through like a sword.

“I’ll keep track of them for you, just tell me when you feel one.” Suga said as he set a timer on his phone.

“Just listen out for when my screaming reaches its intensity.” Noya groaned.

After 10 minutes of driving they weren’t even halfway there, which prompted Daichi to lean forward and ask, “Can’t you go a little faster Asahi?”

“I’m sorry the gear stick keeps getting stuck and I’m having trouble getting it unstuck.”

“I love you Asahi, but if you don’t drive faster you’ll be having trouble getting it unstuck from your ass.” Noya groaned, his words followed by a long shriek as he clutched his stomach with both hands.

After that it only took them a few minutes to reach the hospital. Asahi decided pretty quickly that if ever there was an occasion worthy of running a few red lights, that occasion was now. Seeing Noya so distressed and in complete agony was enough reason to justify a speeding ticket. And if this crazy speed happened to scare the people in the back then that was their own fault for tagging along.

As soon as they arrived Noya was put in a wheelchair and taken straight to a bed; there was no chance in hell that man was taking another step when he was in this much pain.

Asahi stood crouched next to Noya’s head, his hand was being squeezed so tight by Noya that he was a little concerned about the circulation being cut off. For such a tiny man, Asahi was surprised at how powerful his grip was. Asahi felt guilty for thinking about his sore hand at a time like this, when his husband was screaming in pain, working so hard and putting his body through hell.

“Yuu, I’m so proud of you.” Asahi said, carefully pushing Noya’s fringe out of his eyes and caressing his forehead.

He wasn’t sure if Noya could even hear him over the strained sounds he was making or whether he was just too preoccupied to listen to anything anyone said. Nevertheless, Asahi carried on giving Noya positive encouragements like, “you’re doing great sweetie.” And, “almost there, just keep pushing.”

It wasn’t long before the doctor announced the arrival of their first bundle of joy, but of course to Noya it felt more like 12 years. He fell back onto pillow, face red and chest heaving as Asahi placed a hand over his cheek, Noya placed his hand on top and looked up at his husband, “Yuu, that was amazing.”

Noya relaxed a little and sent a fond smile up at Asahi while the doctor began to talk again, “the next one is in a bit of an awkward position so you’re going to have to push a little harder this time.”

“Oh god really?” Noya asked breathlessly, “can’t we wait until it’s…changed…position?”

“I’m afraid it doesn’t quite work like that.”

Noya released a soft groan as he sat up again, grimacing as he started pushing again.

“It’s okay honey, I know you can do this.” Asahi told him, a soft hand caressing his forearm.

Noya’s face started contorting in pain and he gripped the side of the bed until his knuckle turned white. As Asahi looked at him, he couldn’t have been prouder; he’d always known that Noya was strong but right now he couldn’t believe Noya’s strength.

“You’re almost there.” The Doctor said and Asahi released a small sigh as he watched Noya take a few deep breaths and then carry on pushing, his screams filling the room.

The doctor asked if Asahi wanted the see the baby coming out, but Noya gripped his hand a little tighter, and he took that as his way of saying don’t leave me. Which Asahi was actually pretty thankful for since he thought that if he were to see a baby being born he might faint.

He shook his head at the doctor and soon Noya’s cries weren’t the only sound filling the room. They both looked up as the nurse handed over their little baby wrapped in a blanket burrito to Noya and then came back with another to hand to Asahi.

“They’re tiny.” Noya said, breathlessly as he smiled down at the tiny baby in his arms.

“They take after you.” Asahi chuckled, and Noya chuckled too.

As they sat there, unable to take their eyes off the tiny children in their arms, the other three slowly crept in through the door.

“Hey.” Tanaka said as he walked around the room and stood next to Noya, cooing at the tiny baby in his arms.

Suga and Daichi gathered behind Asahi, gazing down at the little girl as she slept peacefully.

“How’re you feeling?” Tanaka asked, smiling at his friend.

“I’ve never been so exhausted in my life,” Noya sighed breathlessly, “But I’ve never been happier.” He added as he smiled fondly at Asahi.

Season Finale 5/7

AO3 link

The previous chapters.

Chapter 5: The Lower Levels

She hadn’t expected this assignment to be so… well, boring.

Boring was good. Boring was safe. But a small part of Elisabeth wished Alcor had been here to liven things up. At least then she’d have someone to snark with.

Bad idea. She still wasn’t sure about Alcors motivations. That sudden generosity of his was suspicious as hell, and she was too clever to fall for that. It was a good thing he wasn’t here, and her deal kept him from annoying her until she specifically summoned him. If only the same could be said about his little electronic spawn…

[So I’ve been looking at that data,] the Alcor Virus said. [And these guys sound a lot less like cultists and a lot more like scientists. This is all calculations and stuff. I’m still figuring out what they were trying to do, exactly, but it’s way more complicated than anything human could come up with. Must have had help.]

‘From their demon, obviously,’ she typed. ‘Did you find any info on it?’

[Not yet.]

“I can’t believe it,” the camera guy said. “This phone - especially designed and spelled to have reception anywhere on Earth - is barely working anymore. But yours doesn’t seem to have any problems at all. Who are you messaging anyway?”

“Does it matter?” She wished Tenney would hurry up. How much time did a man need in the bathroom anyway?

She was just impatient. Eager to get on with this show. Not worried, of course. It’s not like standing around in this gloomy corridor made her feel exposed or anything. That would be silly. She knew who was responsible for those ‘haunted lights and computers’ and it wasn’t a murderous ghost at all.

Had it been this quiet, a moment ago? Sure, they had been distracted by exploring, but no matter where you were in these living quarters, the faraway roar of the ocean and the faint creaks of metal were always in the background.

Not here, though. Not now. She could only hear her own breaths and those of Steve and April, and the quiet hum of the electronics they carried on their person.

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Would you mind adding Roadhog to the soulmate react? If that's okay. By the way, I love how you write, and it helps me feel a lot more comfortable with reactions. Most are so female dominant and orientated, that it causes me dysmorphia to act up. And as someone who is forced to act female even though I'm trans-male, it isn't fun. Thanks for setting up this blog and sharing your work. It really brightens my day.

Thank you so much, anon. I’m really happy you enjoy my imagines!

So, without further ado, I have to say …

Boy, this Soulmate AU turned out to be way popular! Thank you all so much for liking it and requesting more, it’s really made my week!

Here are links to the first parts:
[Part 1] with Reaper, Junkrat, Hanzo, and Zenyatta
[Part 2] with Soldier 76, McCree, and Widowmaker
[Part 3] with Genji, Reinhardt, and Ana Amari

and now Part 4 with Lúcio, Mei, D.Va, Roadhog, Winston, and Zarya!

I will do the rest (Tracer, Mercy, Symmetra, Pharah, Torbjörn, and Bastion) tomorrow, the day after at the latest :)

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Beauty and the Beast

Requested by annabella-daisy-windglitter23: (Y/N is Stiles older cousin) He gets into a fight wt Derek & before Der could hurt him she gets in the middle of them & says “if you’re going to hurt him then hurt me instead” but Der says “I’ve got a better idea” he grabs her arm & they end up in Der old house in the woods. (She must stay living wt him) He opens up to her, tell her his story, she manage to calm him when he breaks down & get very close. (she becomes his anchor & fall in love) Can it be fluffy? [Sorry, realised I’d failed to tag it!]

To say staying with my cousin Stiles was interesting would have been somewhat of an understatement. I’d only been there for a few months, and already Beacon Hills was beginning to look a lot more interesting than the little village I’d grown up in. I mean, for starters there were werewolves here, and random supernatural things which I’d not even known existed until I’d followed Stiles when he snuck out once.
      I’d like to say that I’d settled quite nicely into the little pack dynamic they had going on, but there was one person who appeared to be against my presence at every meeting. Derek Hale. For some reason Stiles being a normal human was fine; me on the other hand? Well, let’s just say you make one sarcastic comment about putting him in the dog pound if so much as touches a hair on your cousin’s head and you get a whole lot of glares.

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What Happens in Romania...

Description: Bucky x Reader. Angst/fluff. Set after Bucky pulls Steve from the wreckage of the hellicarrier, the Reader, a friend of the Black Widow, is looking for a new job opportunity after the collapse of SHIELD, yet ends up in going a rather different direction that she expected. No plot spoilers for civil war, but would lead onto it.

Words: 4,415

Warnings: Comic book violence but that’s about it.

Author’s Note: Blaming @winchester-with-wings @castihelloboys @thinkwritexpress and @autoblocked for perpetuating my Bucky fangirling on a daily basis, then @bovaria and @imagines-all-day-everyday as a declaration of love for their bucky fics. Between all of this, I’m so far down the rabbit hole with Bucky/Seb Stan at the moment, it’s actually embarrassing so I had to do something to get it out my system (was worth a shot at least). This ended up so much longer than I expected, anyway, enjoy!

—- 2005 —-

You could remember the attack as clear as day. Brains work strangely like that, death defying situations mean it must process things much quicker than usual, your senses feeling hyper alert. Connections are made at incredible speed yet time physically seems to pass slower. It clocks everything in terrifying detail, making a minute feel like an hour.

Curtains blew out through window frames, flying around and getting hooked on shards of glass that hadn’t fallen out with the initial blast. You popped your head out from behind the doorway to see the man, clambering in through one without a care for any cuts and scrapes he received for it. He stood tall, shaggy hair damp with either sweat or rain, you weren’t entirely sure. It was as he straightened up that the low dusk light glinted off of his metal arm, and that was when you knew it was time to react. One colleague silently signaled for you to head upstairs. You knew that if this was the man you thought he was, running wouldn’t save you but it was your job to call in. Your team could buy you time… even if only a minute or so.

You turned your back and slipped up the stairs, carefully avoiding any creaky steps. With how long your team had been stationed at this safe house, you knew it like the back of your hand. You gave an encouraging nod to the agent at the top of the stairs, the poor woman looked terrified as it was then that you heard the first shot. And the second. You swallowed hard as one of the agents downstairs let out a shout before a third shot cut him off dead in his tracks. The woman nodded at you and glided down the stairs, pistol outstretched, leaving you to head for the furthest room beginning to fumble with your coms device.

Calling up the screen, you knew speaking would give you away so you typed the appropriate code knowing they’d have your coordinates already. You heard another shot and did the only thing you could think to do. Ducking into a closet, you eased the door shut as silently possible, closed your eyes and waited. Another two shots and bit down hard on your lip, if they were all one shot kills that left only you and one other left. Heavy footfalls up the stairs. Three doors slammed open and another shot echoed out.

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