in which will is adorable

Pretty much me looking at the fandom right now.

After Battle For Mewni aired I expected a big influx on young Moon fan art since we haven’t got any footage of her other than the comics. Was pretty excited since she’s quite an underrated character in my opinion (and her young voice was amazing).

Turns out that Golden Star (Godmode Star) and Tomstar stole her spotlight which is unfortunate because she’s god damn adorable.

Make More Moon Art

The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

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Hi! Could you write headcanons about Suga, Kenma, Yamaguchi and Oikawa with thier s/o being really fragile and skinny? I hope it's not a problem ^^" Have a lovely day! (≧ω≦)


  • He would be very careful with some of the actions he did since they were so fragile
  • He’d love them nonetheless, but he would get a little worried for them when they’d want to do something like climb a tree
  • He thought that they were extremely cute and loved giving them piggy back rides because they were so light that he found it amazing


  • At first, he would be a little concerned because he was scared of breaking them if he went to hug them
  • Of course, they reassured him that they’d be fine but he thought that they had the fragility of a porcelain doll
  • Their frail look made them look very dainty, which he did think was very adorable, and would always want them to dress in his clothes


  • He’ll always watch over them with a little more care, but apart from that, he’d treat them as just another normal girl (but just one that he loved to pieces)
  • He liked to take them out for ice cream a lot because their face lit up every time they ate it
  • He likes to hold their small hands in his and run his thumbs over their knuckles


  • He isn’t too concerned because they seemed like a normal, bubbly person. He’d only step in if he learned that there was a condition they were suffering from
  • He likes to cuddle with them because he loves wrapping his arms around their tiny frame
  • He’ll always be very gentle with doing anything with his s/o just in case he does anything that harms them

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Lon'qu with that steely 'I'm gonna save y'all - don't argue' look in his eye. So hot. Although, now that I think about it, it might be an 'I'm gonna kill all you monsta's - no question' look. Which is still really hot. Fav moment <3

xDDD I’m glad to hear that~ Lon’qu is beautiful no matter which face he makes~ *indiscriminately loves him and pats his adorable face*

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You're posting all these god damn adorable foxes and raccoons which are my freakin favorite. And I see your cute lil 80's Lance icon and im getting comfy as I'm about to read your fic and life is fucking good my friend

Ohmygod I’m laughing over this XD the foxes and racoons are because of an au, honestly, but it’s also a good excuse to reblog those pics because I ADORE FOXES… did I ever tell you about that time I was like 8 or 10 years old and 4 wild foxes chased me? It was the highlight of my life,, never forget 😭


((and 80’s lance is so beautiful i want to smash my face against his,,,,))

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bed, wed, behead... colin farrell, percival graves, martin (7psycho)

Bed: Percival Graves. He’s probably not into blond nomajs anyway but hell I’ll take 1 night.

Wed: Colin Farrell. seriously the levels of which i adore him is unhealthy. i FINALLY dreamt about him last night, and he was so dad!colin he wasn’t even up for being seduced. sad. he’d get me to be healthy, and for that smile and that dick, i’d do it.

Behead: Martin/Marty. sorry, there’s only room for 1 alcoholic writer in this world, of mine. 

ask me! anyone, characters, actors, tumblr peeps.


So, Daniel’s had a bit of a change to his character design. Sleeve tattoos and piercings, which do absolutely nothing but enhance his adorability, apparently.  But hey I’m okay with this XD

Comic with another OC, Trym, is here just for funsies and it makes me laugh.

happy birthday to a special bean!

Yesterday in clinic an 90 year old patient came in with a little booklet of his medical history so beautiful I want to weep. 

Not only did it list his medications with dosages, frequency, and which pharmacy he gets them from. 

Not only did it list who his living family is, how to contact them, and who holds POA in the case of medical decision making. 

Not only did it list his surgical history *with* year of procedure. 

It had his complete vaccination history, carcinogen exposure history, and screen exams by year and finding. 

Is it possible to fall in love with a document?  

Imagine your OTP sleeping in the same bed. Do they cuddle all night or do they sleep away from each other? Which one has tons and tons of blanket and which has 1? Does one have more pillows than the other, how many? Do they fall asleep at the same time or not? Does one try to steal the blankets off the other throughout the night? Which one has nightmares and wakes up to see the other and is comforted just by them being near?