in which we creep in hopes of expectations for the 50th

anonymous asked:

I'm new to cricky how sure are you they're a couple? I, like, totally think they're together but sometimes doubt creeps in...

Welcome to the fandom :) And sorry for replying so late.

You know, I think we all have days in each fandom when we would say we’re a 100% sure and others when we see a shadow of a doubt. But honestly, with Cricky I only feel a kind of “naaaah” feeling because I’m like oh shit this is too good to actually be true you know?

Anyway, Cricky do have some undeniable moments:

1. I mean, the entirety of the Euros is proof in itself

exhibit a: GOD, THE THUMB!!!!! while Cris carried Ricky around for like five minutes

(and Ricky also attempted to kiss/bite/suck Cristiano’s earlobe)

exhibit b: how they just stood there like the world didn’t exist

exhibit c: Ricky’s hand resting comfortably on Cris’ waist like it’s been his favourite spot for six thousand years

exhibit d: this. was. after. the. game. they were just standing around cuddling as if it’s their 50th wedding anniversary and they’re discussing who showed up

exhibit e: clearly the winner because what even is Cristiano’s hand sliding down Ricky’s back and onto his waist and WHAT!!!! IS!!! RICKY’S!!!! FACE when it happens

2. You all thought I’m done? NOPE, the Euros are just the beginning. Because another undeniable proof is that RICKY LIKED ALL THOSE INSTAGRAM POSTS ON @cricky-renaldo‘s account. You can see them all or most of them (I’m getting lost there are so many) here. Just really think about this for a second. He literally liked pictures of him and Cristiano with captions like  “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”. I’m crying. From cricky-renaldo’s account:

3. Unpopular opinion but if the rumour about Cristiano expecting twins via surrogate is true (which I believe it is), then it honestly couldn’t be more obvious. I mean, having kids by surrogate TWICE also while “dating” a girl who would probably want to have kids with you some day in the future and who coincidentally used to work as a nanny FOR TWINS? Exactly.

4. Also, this.

So these are the main reasons why I don’t doubt in Cricky being a thing but there are honestly so many more. Hope this helped!