in which vriska is completely out of character

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:o can u explain vriska's hyperempathy & dirk's lack thereof?? i havent heard of that before & i thought they were similar in that respect ?

FUCK i forgot to answer this last night! oh well, hope youre still around anon.

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Here’s a sentence: I think the dead alien fish queen dumping her dead scared poser girlfriend for the alive asshole version of the same girlfriend thing may actually be good literature.

In the sense that it feels true?  That I feel, on some level, that I can relate to this situation?  

The Vriska (Vriska) mess is actually starting to make sense to me as it pertains to (Vriska)’s character arc - of course she was going to have to confront what she was and the opportunities she squandered at some point, and of course a relationship based on a fear of being alone isn’t going to work out.  The complete loonbat tortuousness of the plot situation that has led her to wrestle with these issues doesn’t make ‘em any less valid.  Nor was the execution terrible or out of character for anybody involved.  So???

It has also led me to a place where I am rooting for (Vriska) to rise up, destroy her alive self and take her rightful spot in the narrative again, which is not something I was thinking was going to happen.

So… good.  Good?  I think good.  Good for Meenah as a character, too.  Glad we could all experience that together!  Everything is just fine.  Excuse me while I weep in a dumpster for a few