in which v's goal in life is to make fun of jimin all the time

BTS Ships Astrology Analysis - Yoonseok/Sope

In this series, I’ll be doing full, detailed, very long compatibility and synastry analyses on various pairings in BTS. These aren’t necessarily romantic or platonic, I’ll just be looking at the dynamics of their relationship. Feel free to leave a comment of which ship you’d like to see next!

  • ah where do i start with these two!
  • i think this is an v v compatible pairing, probably one of the most out of the group
  • when you look at their charts it’s really no wonder why their bond is so sweet

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Planet Compatibility

  • hoseok is an aquarius-pisces cusp, meaning he displays traits from both signs. i think this is why he molds so well with yoongi’s pisces sun. they both have a compassionate, whimsical personality and share a similar outlook on life. and with pisces being a creative sign, there’s no wonder they create amazing music together
  • venus determines what you look for in a partner, and hoseok’s pisces venus draws him instantly to yoongi. he is attracted by the sensitive soft type, and yoongi is exactly that. in many ways, he views yoongi as his ideal type.
  • yoongi’s aries venus wants someone active, fun, and independent. hoseok’s aquarius sun and mars provide that excitement that makes him tick

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'Q&A: BTS Reveals How They Bridged The Gap Between'

OTW: What is the story behind your name, BangTan SoNyeonDan (BTS)?

BTS: The name can translate to “bulletproof boy scout,” and the story behind it is that we wanted to become someone who defies prejudices and discriminations against the young generation in general when we made debut in 2013.

OTW: What are 3 elements that make your music so relatable? In other words, what do you think it is that allows BTS to bridge the gap between traditional Kpop and top 40 pop?

BTS: One, our music is well-balanced between message and performance.

Two, we adapt the trendiest pop genres so that anyone can enjoy regardless of cultural and language barriers.

Three, special chemistry made by seven personalities in the band.

OTW: Give a nickname to each of the 7 members in BTS that describes their role in the band.

Rap Monster: Leader (official leader of the band)

SUGA: Grandpa (caretaker behind the scene)

J-hope: Hopemaker (always encouraging and cheering others)

Jin: Uncle (Jokes all the time)

Jimin: Cute & sexy (his role on the stage when performing)

V: Four-dimensional (very creative and thinking outside-of-the-box)

JungKook: Golden youngest (man of all-mighty)

OTW: Congrats on your recent album, YOU NEVER WALK ALONE! Is there a certain message or theme you wanted to communicate with it?

BTS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE (YNWA) is a supplementary story to our previous album, WINGS, and we wanted to tell a different story that was not told in WINGS. That is one of reasons why BTS members look somewhat different, perhaps a little bit more casual and younger, in YNWA artwork. The same idea goes to “Spring Day” video. The song is based on memories with old friends who we don’t see anymore, and we wanted to visualize the story in the video blended with additional metaphors. The album is a kind of a tribute to those who long for hope and condolence, and we wanted to say, “you’re never alone, and we’re here for you,” with new songs.

OTW: How has your music evolved since the 2013 2 Cool 4 School album to the most recent (and all the music in between)?

BTS: BTS music is based on hip-hop and pop music in general because all the members grew up listening to famous hip-hop artists as well as pop vocalists, even before the debut. It was definitely very hip-hop back in 2013, and the style kind of evolved as we grew up listening and experiencing many different genres of music the last couple of years. We constantly look for new beats and read books just to intrigue ourselves to renovate as artists, even if it means failure to some of us. Rap Monster and SUGA have released separate mixtapes to test and show their unique features as individual artists along the way, and it is part of the band’s experiment to evolve together as an entity to make the better, newer music. Thus we don’t want to label our music as a certain genre or limit it to K-pop, but would like to make a new category for it if possible.

OTW: The “Not Today” music video is now the most viewed video in a 24-hour period to debut on the YouTube Top 100 Chart in 2017. Tell us about the making of the video and how did you feel when you received the news?

BTS: It was “Wow” at first when we heard the news, and we instantly started to talk about the behind-the-scene episodes of the shoot back in January. It was cold and bleak out in the field with over a hundred dancers making dance moves in sync. But it was fun. “Not Today” is definitely one of the most powerful songs yet and the trendiest choreography ever, and we’re very proud of ourselves for completing the mission again!

OTW: The BTS effect hasn’t slowed–in 2016 you were listed by Forbes as the most retweeted artist on Twitter, you have sellout arena concerts, advertising deals, and a devoted fan base. All of this brings pressure and expectation–what are some ways you deal with it all and stay humble?

BTS: We would be lying if we said there wasn’t any pressure in front of us. But we manage to get over it by openly talking about it with one another all the time. As you might know, we’ve been living together in the same house for the last five years, and we share literally everything even if it is stress and burden. BTS teamwork helps us get through the pressure and expectation in everyday life, and it also lets us stay humble as ordinary people, like guys next doors. We make casual jokes and give pieces of advice to other members so that we can still be down-to-earth, as we were before ‘BTS.’

OTW: What is in the works after the tour? What’s your definition of the ultimate success?

Rap Monster: We’ll be busy all year round even after the tour, with new albums coming up and advertising deals. My definition of the ultimate success is to continue to make good music and deliver great performance in order to have people listen to my creation as much as possible.

SUGA: My goal for this year is to cultivate my ability as a producer and write more songs. That’s my definition of success.

J-hope: We always have new, additional plans for tours, even after this tour. My definition of the ultimate success is becoming the iconic artist who always delivers the best show as a true artist. I want to create a show that’s “must-see” for everyone.

OTW: Which artists are on your Ones To Watch list?

BTS: J. Cole, Drake, dvsn, THEY., Frank Ocean, Mac Miller

OTW: Any message you want to send to fans right now?

BTS: We’d like to thank A.R.M.Ys around the world from bottom of our hearts.

We couldn’t have done what we’ve achieved without your love and support. We know it takes time and effort to vote, listen to the music, and watch the videos, and it means a lot to us.

We are wings for one another. Let’s fly together high up.

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What Would the BTS member find unattractiv on girl? I mean we always Talking about their ideal Type but what would be something they would Not like about a Girls personality or Look ?

Hello anon!:)

First of all…sorry for the long wait if you even see this post.

Well, that’s a quite tricky question, tbh…I mean I can only like imagine what it could be so I will give it a try but it could all be different in real life bc I think they are pretty open-minded to a lot of personalities as they are very unique persons as well, you know what I mean? I will also only go in detail about personality as look is really unpredictable…



I think Jin thinks that having manners is super important. He can be his crazy and sassy self as well but when the time comes, he always is the gentleman that we are used to by him. He would expect the same from his girl in certain situations and would not like her to be like sassy over the top when it is not the time and place for it.

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Yoongi wouldn’t like a girl which would be super superficial and only care about materialistic things. Of course, having nice things is great and all but I don’t think that this is what makes him the way he is. He is more interested in achievments (*cough*billboard*cough*) and setting goals rather than earning money to buy the second car or anything. He wouldn’t want to be with someone who is only after the money and wealth but hasn’t a goal to himself just for the sake of individual fulfilment, in my opinion.

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I think he wouldn’t get along with a girl which has a too pessimistic side to herself. Hoseok always seems happy and all and of course he has a worried and serious side to himself as well but I think he wouldn’t like it if a girl would spread the negativity around for no good reason (lol story of my life, sorry to my friends and bf lol). It is okay for sure to have a bad day and have moments of self doubt for him and he would be happy to help his girl through the time but he wouldn’t know what to do if this was the normal state.

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Someone who is not open-minded. Namjoon has become an adult who learnt from his faults in the past and he turned into an open-minded and thoughtful adult. I guess he wouldn’t know what to do if his girl was not interested in other cultures and languages and music…like everything and would live in her own little bubble and would never step out of her comfort zone.

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Someone who is arrogant and too bossy. Jimin can have quite a temper when a person is too bossy and is rude and over the top for no good reason or just because. He would absolutely be turned off and really annoyed by said person and would find it super hard to handle the situation with her.

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A girl that can’t take a single joke. We all know that Tae is our joker in the group and always down for a funny prank or game to play with the others and he is cheerful and just a happy and joky person overall. So…imagine a girl with no humor at all who goes into the basement to have a laugh (a popular saying in Germany which means that a person never smiles or laughs at all) and then Tae. It wouldn’t work out I think because they wouldn’t engage on a same level.

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A girl who would blame him for spending his free time with the boys and not her and complain about him not having time for her. The boys are his second family and he loves to spend time with him in my eyes so he also likes to just enjoy his free time with them once in a while. Of course, his girl is also super important but sometimes we also like to have some fun with friends, right? (okay i cannot always relate to that I’m super clingy but thats another story) So he would not like a girl which would want to pull him away from his best friends and family.

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and all those things i didn’t say

fandom: bts

set during 2017, before jungkook’s birthday

pairing: taekook (also known as vkook) (taehyung/jungkook)

request: anon: “VKOOK PLS” but it was totally @billybobjoe42 so here you are, friend

word count: 7054

warnings: swearing, self-esteem issues, brief description of a panic attack

a/n: did someone say hurt/comfort and miscommunication?

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Taehyung doesn’t mean to.

He wants to just be like everyone else and date around and awkwardly talk about his “type” of girl on interviews. He wants to be serious when he’s singing the lyrics to heterosexual love songs. He wants to think random girls on the street are cute and, damn, he doesn’t know, date girls.

But the universe laughed in his face and here he is with a crush on Jungkook.

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Ideal Types (BTS & GOT7)

“can you do an elaboration on ideal types for BTS and GOT7? Like, what they would like the girl to be like, look like, etc? thank you!!”

Hello everyone! When I describe what their potential preference in appearance COULD be, this is entirely my opinion. Also, I am sure all of these lovely boys wouldn’t entirely base their partner off of looks, but don’t be offended since they are all allowed to have preferred features <3 

(gif credit to the original owners)


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[ENG TRANS] [BTS FESTA 2016] BTS 내가 쓰는 프로필 Ver.3

Name BTS

Unique report Idiots

Members JIMIN V, Jungkook, Rap Mon, Suga, Seokjin, Hoseok

Nickname Idiots

2015/2016 BTS Self Evaluation

J Hope ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Min Suga I’m still a long way away

Jin The beginning of HYYH

Rap Mon You’ve worked hard. Let’s work hard.

V I’m very happy to be a part of the group called BTS

Jungkook You should have done better…

Jimin I think we’ve worked hard for each other than anyone and for BTS.  Cool dudes.

2016/2017 BTS Goal

J Hope Win Daesang Award!!!!

Min Suga I want to win the Daesang Award!

Jin To shoot 3 food advertisements

RM To be a cooler team

Kim Taehyung To be a group that’s respected

Jungkook Do better

Jimin Let’s become a team who can receive more love from more number of people

Name Kim Seokjin    Hashtag #EATJIN

Position Handsome  Body size Broad shoulders

My level of education is peerless in BTS.

Talent Driving in MV Hobby Looking in mirrors

A line that gives me strength “We’re all working hard to eat (to make a living) so let’s eat.”

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I memorized the entire choreography

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for dancing funnily

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for dancing stylishly

When I’m drowsy  I sleep

Happiest moment is concert

My recent concern is dancing

Something that has changed from last year J Hope said my dancing skill has improved

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is You are my one and only sun

A new modifier I created for myself is Young-face Seokjin

I will compliment myself I look younger than my age

My goal in 2016 To grow taller

2016 Bucket-list To live a life that makes other people envy

To have people who support me is like the full feeling you get after a good meal when you actually haven’t had anything

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> Relation between us -> Reason

Rap Monster   Leader   Wow, he’s the leader

Suga   Roommate  He shares the room with me

J Hope  Dance teacher 1  He teaches me to dance

Jimin  Dance teacher 2 He teaches me differently from J Hope

V  Younger brother  He’s my younger brother

Jungkook  Dance teacher 3  He teaches me differently from J Hope

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Leader = Dance soulmate

Roommate = He’s quite in the room

Dance teacher 1 = Leader of progress

Dance teacher 2 = Teacher with repeated studying technique

Younger brother = He likes hamburgers

Dance teacher 3 = Leader of details

Name Jeon Jungkook    Hashtag #SensitiveVocal

Position Muscle pig  Body size 115~120

My extreme stubbornness is peerless in BTS.

Talent Can’t wake up (from sleep) Hobby Photography, drawing, exercising, playing games

A line that gives me strength OhAhnChi (OHneul AHNmoo CHIso = Choreography practice is cancelled today)

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I installed music software

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for teasing someone

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for sleeping early

When I’m drowsy  I should sleep heoheo

Happiest moment is when I’m on stage and looking at ARMY of course

My recent concern is I’m worried because I can’t wake up from sleep (I wouldn’t even know if ARMY kidnaps me when I’m asleep)

Something that has changed from last year I think I’m a bit more thoughtful

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is  Please put your hands out for me, Save me Save me

A new modifier I created for myself is Sensitive Vocal

I will compliment myself Although I might not express well and seem thoughtless, I’m not so cold inside!

My goal in 2016 I will be the best sensitive vocal.

2016 Bucket-list  To create a song, learn how to play the drum, improve my singing, learn kick-boxing! that’s all for now…

To have people who support me is like Having people who make it possible for me to keep dreaming. It’s terrible when I image that they don’t exist so I will work hard and not let the people around me to leave.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster Gosiwon friend  He’s my roommate but our room is too small so it somehow feels like we’re living together in a Gosiwon.

Suga  Lamb skewer friend We often go together to eat lamb skewers. Yang~ ggeu~ chewi~? (lamb skewers)

Jin Raw fish friend Jin hyung likes to eat raw fish so we often go togther and eat a lot

J Hope Foodie friend He’s often beside me when I’m hungry so we eat together a lot

Jimin  All-nighter friend Two of us always do something in the night. I don’t know what we’re doing

V  Foolish friend We’re like Dumb and Dumber. We understand each other a lot so it’s always fun.

(Gosiwon is an accommodation facility where examiners often stay to study. Something like a uni dorm but it’s not run by any schools)

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Gosiwon = clothes, sleep, fretful

Lamb skewer = corn noodles, glutinous rice flour tangsuyuk (sweet, sour and crispy pork)

Raw fish = Spoon Worm, flatfish, sea bream

Foodie = Cafe, beverages, rice noodles

All nighter = Random things, phone, late night snack, games

Fool = Funny videos, bicker

Kim Namjoon    Hashtag #RM #KimDaily

Position Brain, rap, music, seriousness, dance, etc Body size Tops 97, Bottoms 30 (waist)

My clothes + height is/are peerless in BTS.

Talent Choosing Hobby Buying clothes, Korea tour

A line that gives me strength You’re sexy, you’re cool

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I made a complete song 100% by myself, decorating my workspace

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for not caring about what others think when I choose what to wear, being sentimental

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for bad dancing

When I’m drowsy I sleep while standing

Happiest moment is concert, when we release our album

My recent concern is I don’t have time. I want to write a song..

Something that has changed from last year Now I’m the track producer (confident)

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Forever~ We are young~

A new modifier I created for myself is I’d like to change my name to RM

I will compliment myself You’re cool, you’re sexy, you’re good at what you do no matter what others say. It’s going to be fine if you improve.

My goal in 2016 create 100 songs, release 2nd mixtape, Daesang

2016 Bucket-list RM 2, read 100 books, travel to more than 10 places, be loved by Rapmonnie, write 100 songs, buy 100 clothes, spend time with family

To have people who support me is like I can keep on living for now.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Suga Neighbour Everyday he plays the bass loudly from his workspace which is next to mine. Noisy…

Jin Elementary student who lives next door He’s just like an elementary kid… He’s a 2002-er.

J Hope Neighbourhood fool hehauthaeheut HEY heheheahahaheutheut…

Jimin Owl He doesn’t sleep

V Con artist Whenever we take photos these days he ends up looking taller than me. (he’s shorter than me)

Jungkook Obstacle  He keeps his clothes on the upper bed… Stop hanging your clothes, I want to see the sunlight, Kook…

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

(North) “Forest” with Jimin on the tree and Jungkook below the tree.

(East)  Jin

(South)  V

J Hope is in between Suga and V

(West) Suga

Name Min Suga    Hashtag #Genius

Position Grandfather Body size My heart is 180cm

My ability to stay still (it’s like being in a corner and being lazy) is peerless in BTS.

Talent staying in bed Hobby staying in bed

A line that gives me strength Go sleep

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is writing a song

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for being staying in bed

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for moving around

When I’m drowsy I sleep

Happiest moment is when I’m performing at concert

My recent concern is These days I have no trouble in writing songs

Something that has changed from last year I’ve grown a year older

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Don’t try so hard, it’s alright to lose

A new modifier I created for myself is Top Genius

I will compliment myself I live my life fiercely

My goal in 2016 Release my mixtape

2016 Bucket-list Release my mixtape, travel to New York

To have people who support me is like  They keep me moving.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster 7 years together under one roof We know what we’re thinking about even when we don’t talk much

Jin Roommate  Most compatible roommate

J Hope Sop Hwagae Marketplace

Jimin Passionate guy  I gain passion by looking at Jimin

V Younger brother who has no worries  It seems like he doesn’t have any worries so my worries disappear

Jungkook  Lamb skewer duo  The duo that’s always with lamb skewers

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

(top) Roof, Rap Mon (Rap Mon keeps us sheltered)

(inside) Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook

Name Kim Taehyung    Hashtag #TaeTae

Position Honestly, the Cool guy Body size XL, Oversize

The life I’ve lived is peerless in BTS.

Talent Boxing, judo, taekwondo, jeet kune do, kendo, the art of using a stick as a weapon, martial arts, 17: 1 HobbyRiding helicopter, travelling to Moon, making hobbies

A line that gives me strength Beautiful words make us smile

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is I watered the pots

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for taking care of Namjoon hyung

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for my ability to look smart

When I’m drowsy I should sleep haet

Happiest moment is when I become a useful person to someone

My recent concern is To not disappoint their expectation when I’m given a task

Something that has changed from last year  sense of responsibility

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is But I’m still happy to be who I am today, For being able to make someone scream

A new modifier I created for myself is Consistent Cool Guy~

I will compliment myself I’m going to do my best for BTS so the 7 of us can reach higher

My goal in 2016 To be approved as an actor

2016 Bucket-list To film a movie, cycle travelling, trip with members, build a house (a house where my dad, mom and younger brother can live at Ilsan lake park)

To have people who support me is like  They are the biggest strength in my life. They make it possible for me to gather my strength again when I’m exhausted.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster alliance, friend  It’s annoying when he comes to me all the time when he’s doing something but he’s a friend like hyung who I think is cute.

Suga Business Business kekekeke He smells quite like business when we’re working but at home he’s like the next door uncle

Jin Ice cream buddy This hyung always looks for me when he’s eating ice cream

J Hope Not a rival, he hits me  I want the hitting to stop TT

Jimin Friend We’re 95ers but because I’m few months younger than him he looks down on me

Jungkook  Lion and rabbit  Please don’t kill me. Whenever I play prank on him he carries me and throws me down TT

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Line (-) represents alliance

Dotted line (…) represents enemy

Arrowed line (<->) represents love

Name Hobie    Hashtag #Hopie

Position Visual Body size Medium size

My tummy fat is peerless in BTS.

Talent Ability to annoy Jimin Hobby Interior design, collecting figures

A line that gives me strength Hope is always behind you…

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is I decorated Bangtan Room… (Overspent…)

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for my positive mind kekeke

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for staying quiet

When I’m drowsy I eat food items around me

Happiest moment is when I’m singing at our concert

My recent concern is I have to read books but I feel so sleepy whenever I’m reading….

Something that has changed from last year I become more professional and… I get tired faster ㅠㅠ

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Burn everything up Bow wow wow

A new modifier I created for myself is Watching with trust

I will compliment myself Everyone likes you~ You’re working hard

My goal in 2016 Make yourself shine brighter music-wise this year

2016 Bucket-list Buy a house, release a mixtape

To have people who support me is like The reason why I’m still alive…

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster A friend who’s like a friend but not like one too At times he’s like an older brother but sometimes he’s seriously like a younger brother

Suga Grandfather like hyung I respect him very much.  Hmm but I do feel uncomfortable when I stay with him for too long

Jin Hyung who is like a newborn infant  Unlike an elder brother he whines and he’s loud

Jimin Toy 1  He’s fun 1

V Toy 2 He’s fun 2

Jungkook Toy 3 He’s fun 3

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Boring people

(starting from top right)

Rap Mon = Hmm… He’s just a cool leader

Suga: No fun, lame jokes

Jin: Our humor code doesn’t click


Interesting people

Toys = Jungkook, Jimin, V

Park Jimin   Hashtag #ParkBboong

Position In charge of being dilly dally Body size L

My hair brushing skill is peerless in BTS.

Talent Getting my eyes swollen Hobby Daydreaming

A line that gives me strength Follow your dreams like breaker

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is Giving birthday presents to members

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for dilly dallying

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for being the worst game player

When I’m drowsy I use my phone until I drop it on my face or sleep while doing something I should be doing

Happiest moment is when I’m at the concert with ARMY and Bangtan members.

My recent concern is My only concern is that I want to always provide good music for you to listen.

Something that has changed from last year I like ARMY more.

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Smile for me

A new modifier I created for myself is Ddong-gaeae (poo puppy)

I will compliment myself I could praise myself for my  perseverance.

My goal in 2016 Project to make myself a cool person

2016 Bucket-list Concert, travel, win Daesang, upload cover song, send presents for my parents and younger sibling, make my members and ARMYs to smile

To have people who support me is like

To have people who help me get on my feet again whenever I’m exhausted, lonely, feel like giving up and want to run away or cry-

To have people who makes me happier when I’m happy and make me smile more-

To have people who I wish to repay more than anyone-

“I” am  so blessed to be such person.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster Uncle He’s like the uncle who takes care of me. Like a person who really cares about his nephew and knows a lot about me.

Suga Grandmother A talkative grandmother who can’t be bothered

Jin Elder sister He’s older than me but he somehow feels like my friend and he’s somewhat fussy

J Hope Hyung Hyung who cares about his younger brother

V Younger brother I’m raising him

Jungkook Pet Jungkook I’m raising him every year

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc


<Uncle> Rap Monster, <Hyung> J Hope, <Younger brother> V, <Pet puppy> Jungkook, <Grandmother> Suga, <Noona> Jin

Translated by PEACHISODA

Take out with full credits!

[TRANS] IZE Magazine (Yoongi related only)

Q: Which member does aegyo recently a lot better?
ALL: Suga hyung!
JIMIN: Suga hyung doesn’t do aegyo very often at any place, but these days he’d throw hearts everywhere and say stuff like (imitating YG’s voice), “Suga~”, “Suga suga~”
TAEHYUNG: Unlike before where he’d just smile and look around at fansignings, now he’d do (doing same imitation) “Suga suga~”
YOONGI: That’s because I have to be professional(?)!

Q: You dressed up as girls in “Rookie King” professionally even.
YOONGI: I really didn’t want to dress up as a maid that time so I was really flustered(?). It became harder because I couldn’t comprehend why fans would want to see us dressing up like a girl. Why do they want to see us like that when we don’t want to see girls dressing up like guys?
JIMIN: I’ve watched everyone became shy after dressing up as a girl, but I personally think I’d look pretty as a girl. During a school festival once, I wore a girl hanbok and won as first. But this doesn’t mean I want to dress up as a girl. Seriously.
YOONGI: (Watch out), there’s gonna be an article that says, “Jimin of BTS likes dressing up as a girl?”

Q: You use many ways to send notices outside of varieties to your fans. It’s more likely to make a mistake on a social site like Twitter, but you guys seem to have no problems with sharing one account at the same time.
YOONGI: We’re actually very careful of what we’re saying. We use it for fans to know what we’ve been up to. Usually we post things like: where we’re currently in and what we’re doing.

Q: How far do you think you’ve come now that school trilogy is over and it’s almost your 1st anniversary? (t/n: this interview is about a year ago)
YOONGI: I think we’re just getting started.

10 Q&A’s

Q: Are you interested in fashion?
YOONGI: Yes, I am. Just a while ago, the assigned costume looked like they would be too hot so I’ve changed it. I don’t really buy many expensive clothes but I pay close attention to accessories. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings; I like them. I’ve been collecting basketball shoes that I like since elementary these past few days. I do these things to fill the void of my empty heart after only working for a year.

Q: What boosts your mood?
YOONGI: Basketball. When I was still at school I won many competitions, then when I was a trainee I played basketball during Sundays. I used to play bball at Han River before(?) getting scouted in a college team but since I debuted I don’t have time to play anymore. My position was either point guard or shooting guard, for I have speed, so I’m better at defence than offence. But I’ve lost some of my skills because I haven’t played in a long time. Three pointers don’t look this far back then (laughs)

Q: What’s a moment in your everyday life that no one knows about that you really like?
YOONGI: When I compose music by myself. Midnight until 6AM is usually the most stressful time but I don’t find hating it. I don’t really like loud places with lots of crowds. And I think people need time and space for themselves to get relaxed.

Q: What do you think have been the changes between the underground rapper Min Yoongi (GLOSS) and the Min Suga?
YOONGI: This has been my worry for a while. Looking back, I’ve seen and learned a lot from those experiences. At the time, I thought everything I did was the best and my music, so I think I grew a lot. But I’m worried that I’m not as “sharp” as I was before, that I’ve lost my original colour.

Q: Difference of writing lyrics and performing on stage?
YOONGI: I think idols are naturally(?) entertainers, so they have goal to show something that has an impact. It’s important to be good at writing lyrics and rapping, but the “visual aspect” should also exceed. However, I don’t want that I’m only good for show, that’s why I also work on the inside. Because there are things that are underrated and overrated. Then of course, it would be the best to be good at everything.

Q: If you’d live in an island for 3 years, which member would you choose to be with?
YOONGI: Jimin, so I could boss him around (laughs). No, just kidding. I don’t talk much and boring/not funny but Jimin has a good atmosphere and mature so we’d make a good pair.

Q: You might not have a funny personality but you have a funny character. Though you have a lot of ambitions, you don’t seem greedy at the same time.
YOONGI: I may not have many ambitions as an entertainer(?), but I have a lot of ambition when it comes to music. I preferred hands-on learning than reading from a book when I was young, and my goal is to be someone who’d change our culture. Someone who can do anything from music videos to performances. My dreams are big, even though I’m not sure if I can do well.

Q: What would you do if you could gather all of your luck and had the chance to use it?
YOONGI: I’m not the kind of person to do something all in one go… But if I was given the chance, I would use all of my luck on the work I am currently doing. Life is long, but I have the ambition to reach the highest with my music.

Q: How do you adjust yourself when you have to something that you don’t even like just to do the thing that you do like?
YOONGI: A fan asked me once, “What do you think comes first: what you want to do or what you have to do?” and I think what comes first is what you have to do. I’m not in a situation to say that I can’t do it, I’m not really so inflexible that I’d say I won’t do it even, just to put my dignity in safety. But there’s one thing that I wouldn’t give up: being honest with my music. I only write about my own experiences.

Q: How do you see your attitudes toward the world?
YOONGI: I don’t really worry much about others. This expression would come out in my lyrics “I don’t give a shit.” And I don’t really bother myself with what others think of me, I want to avoid caring about it as much as I can. I just want to keep living how I am right now.

Q: If you could arrange a hidden camera for a member, which will it be?
HOSEOK: Definitely Suga hyung. Other members are probably thinking the same. That hyung is very aware of his surroundings so he never gets fooled even from the hidden cameras. I want to at least try do something (pain) with him. If I want to fool Suga hyung, it should be well planned and brief.

Q: V is well-known for fooling around, are there members who make fun of you too?
TAEHYUNG: It’ll be Suga hyung. I was lying down and too tired when Suga hyung said, “Are you tired, kid (rascal)?” before grabbing and bothering me (laughs).

translation by maeli (@xingyoon)

BTS When Their Best Friend Gets Cheated On

Jin: When you kept on ignoring your calls, Jin would be terrified and would immediately go over to your place barge in to see you lying on the couch crying watching sappy movies. He would sit gently down, after moving a couple of tissues, and ask what was wrong. After you explained what had happened he would keep in the back of his mind to get your mind off of the piece of trash that did this to you. He’s not one to be full on aggressive, so he would keep his death threats to himself and instead focus on you and making you better. 

Seokjin would be all for taking you out and showing that you don’t need them in your life. At any time though, he would listen to you vent about how terrible they are, or what actually went down. But he would never ask to know. Instead, he would take you to all of the best food places that he knows, until you’re frowning from your full tummy and not a broken heart.

“Listen. They’re scum, but that new restaurant opened down the street is not. Why don’t we go check it out?”

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Suga: He would invite you over to listen to some new artist that he had found while poking around the internet. You would first say no, and he would know then that something was up. He would threaten to go over to you, which made you drag yourself over. Yoongi would instantly know that something was wrong and tell you to spill it. In the very beginning after you told him that your s/o cheated he would have to hide the fact that he thought this would happen, he never liked your s/o from the beginning, but for you he would be as sympathetic as he could be. 

Offering for you to take out your rage on some of your ex-s/o’s shirts or items by burning them or tearing them apart. He, himself, would be fuming on the inside, how could someone cheat on you? Yoongi would throw around ideas for you to do to feel better, but you two would most likely just lie in his room and listen to angsty music about cheating or break ups and talk.

“Yah. Just rip their stuff to shreds then ditch by their front door. They tore your relationship apart, what’s it matter to them if their stuff is in the same condition.”

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J-Hope: J-Hope would hear it from around that you and your s/o had split so he would quickly go to your place to hear the details. His worry would increase when you didn’t answer the door or even your phone, but once he found you spare key and got in everything would click. When you told him that you two had split because your s/o had cheated on you he would be furious. But, he would hide it and instead make a funny face and say a joke to make you laugh.

Hoseok’s main goal would be distraction, so he would open up your blinds and bring you out of your blanket cocoon and into the world. Ranging from getting ice cream to playing in the park he would be all over it. And when you returned home, you would be so tired that you would just fall down and go to sleep. Since, Hoseok would worry, he would stay the night just to make sure that you go a good night sleep without thinking about the past. If you happened to wake up, he would play video games with you until you felt tired again.

“(_s.o/name_)? Who’s that? They sound like they’re not very fun to be around. Let’s forget about them.”

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Rap Monster: Rap Monster heard the news from your s/o talking about how you broke up with them and threw out their stuff, but being so close to you, he would know that you wouldn’t just act like that without reason. So, he would just take your side and not even care about what your ex was spewing about you. Instead he would walk over and tell them calmly to stop talking about his best friend like that and to leave before something got started. After that engagement with your ex he would go over to your place and ask for your side of the story.

Namjoon would try to help you with reason and logic, what he knows best. Even if he does have a grasp on his emotions as well, he would want you to know that it doesn’t matter that you’re single now. Now you can hang all the time and flirt with whoever you want. He just wants you to be happy, and it was obvious that you weren’t happy in that relationship anymore. He would take you out for food and games to help take your mind off of your bad ex.

“Ah, you’re free now. You can do whatever you want now, you aren’t tied down.”

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Jimin: When you first broke the news to Jimin that your s/o had cheated so you dumped them, with a straight face and little emotion in general he thought you were joking. He would laugh awkwardly and ask you if you were joking. When you told him that you were completely serious he would run his hand through his hair and shrug. He would be speechless for a moment, to both take in how you were taking it and to process the information himself. From how you were acting it seemed like you were handling it well, but he’s your best friend. Jimin’s knows when you’re faking it or lying.

He would sit with you and let you vent until you cried and finally broke down and revealed how you really feel about it all. You would punch his hands to let out your anger and scream into pillows. And through it all he would sit there and rub your back and listen. Jimin would be a calm to your storm of emotions, ranging from pure rage to deep depression, he would always somehow be able to pick you back up and help you collect your bearings.

“Just let it all out, (y/n). You don’t need to be sorry for being upset about this.”

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V: He planned for both of you to go out to the amusement park that was nearby to just relax and have a day to be together, but after being there for an hour he noticed that you were acting strange. He would pull you away from the crowd and as what was wrong, in the beginning you would say that nothing is and try to go back to running around, but soon you would spill that you had just found out that your s/o had cheated on you the day before and that you two had split.

Taehyung would facepalm and pull you up and immediately leave the park. The entire walk back to the car, he would be silent. Half of him wanted to go beat up your ex-s/o for being so stupid and hurting you, but the other half knew that he couldn’t just leave you this sad. The bigger part of him would finally decide that it would be best to just go home, so he would drive over to your place and help you toss out everything that reminded you of your ex-s/o. He would make sure that you’re okay, and ask if you needed to talk about it, and if not he would suggest pulling a prank on your ex-s/o to teach them a lesson. After cleaning your house, his next goal would be to make you laugh.

“They never deserved you. Let’s make sure that they know that.”

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Jungkook: You had first invited him to go with you to go see the new movie that was out in theaters, and he was all ready to go, just about to walk through his door when he got a text from you that something had come up and that you needed to cancel. He would question it for a minute before going over to your place anyways and going in to make sure that you were okay. It wasn’t like you to just cancel like that. Once he got into your place he would take note of the tissues and snacks that were pilled around you on the couch. He would sit down and ask you what had happened, and when you said that your s/o had cheated on you he would clench his jaw and tell you that they weren’t even worth your tears.

Jungkook would be furious that your old s/o had reduced you, his best friend, to tears. In the beginning he would be calm and try to get your mind off of it all, by going to see the movie or sitting and letting you vent. But after he had left, knowing that you were okay he would march his way over to their house and demand to know why they thought that they could treat you like that. Jungkook would be head on and aggressive whenever someone brought up their name or anything about your old relationship. (You would be pretty surprised when you got a card from your ex-s/o fully apologizing for their actions, not knowing that Jungkook had yelled at them.)

“Don’t even waste your mind on them, (y/n). They won’t even bother you anymore.”

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BTS: NOW 3 Interview ~ J-Hope

Where do you want to go right now?
I want to visit all the places in the world. I have been to all continents but Africa, so I would like to visit Africa one day.  

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
I’m looking forward to the future. I am curious about where I will be and what I will be doing. 

What are your five greatest interests right now?
Making music, choreography, styling, action figures, and interior design. 

What was Chicago like?
I wanted to visit Chicago since I was a child. It was a great opportunity to actually go there. As I expected, there were so many things to see, and the food was delicious. I especially liked the pizza. If I ever go back, i will definitely eat that pizza again. 

What did you like during your stay in Chicago?
It was very “America,” and I liked it. I was happy eating good food while shooting. I think my face is so much fuller now… :)

You had a total of six concepts in the photo book. Which concept or story did you think suited you the most?
Personally, I liked the concept behind WHALIEN. I like funky and rockstar-like style, and I had so much fun during the shoot. The makeup was also something I have never tried before, so I was excited and had a wonderful time. 

Do you think you are a grown-up now?
I am not a grown-up yet. I think I will feel like one after experiencing the bitterness of life. Right now, everything is still fun for me. I actually don’t want to be a grown-up right now. I don’t want to be mature either. I wish I could remain a kid at heart forever. 

What was it like when you finally turned 20?
I didn’t think much about it. I think I was like, ‘Oh, I am an adult now? Hmm..okay then.’ I was actually a little terrified that instead of my parents, I will be responsible.

What did you want to do the most when you become an adult?
I wanted to be an ordinary college student! I think we all have certain dreams and fantasies about college life. I wanted to take up a part-time job, drink and laugh with my friends, and just be normal.

You in your imagination as a little boy 10 years ago vs. You right now - Are you the same person?
Quite similar. I always thought I would be a singer. As a child, I liked dancing and enjoyed being on a stage. I knew I would be a good singer like I am right now! Hahahahahaha!

You released the cover song ‘Adult Child’ three years ago. Can you empathize with the lyrics?
‘Adult Child’ is a good title. When people turn 20, they usually go like, ‘Yeah! I am an adult now!’ but I wasn’t like that. I thought, ‘How can a 20 year old be an adult? He’s just an ordinary college student… .’ In some ways, I am truly a realist, but at the same time, I was just an ordinary 20 year old guy.

Is there something you have not tried but want to do someday?
I want to make a music video with a song I wrote and danced to/choreographed. It really is a big dream for me. But then, I will have to learn and study so many things. But I really will make one someday!!

What other people tell you the most these days.
You look pretty these days- Hahaahahaha (shy)

What you need to hear right now.
J-HOPE! Just go slowly and take one step at a time! No need to hurry. You are doing well already!

For those who support you…
You are the reason I am standing where I am right now. Your love and support will make me a better person in the future too.  Let’s go! I love you. ♥

Your goal in 2016.
To be J-HOPE, who is loved by more fans. 
To be J-HOPE, who is recognized by more people. 
To be J-HOPE, who always thinks about the team. 
To be J-HOPE, who is always full of spirits. 

Your definition of ‘dream.’
A dream is known only to the person who has it! If you try to have a dream that other people gave you… it will turn to a nightmare. If you have enough passion for your dream, it will become a reality. And!! There is no end to a dream. Once you achieve it, you will have another dream, and you will want to have a larger and greater dream. Let’s all be cool and great!

After the interview…What are you going to do now?
It is 4:44 in the morning. Why did I look at the watch now? I will go to bed now… Hope night-

Rap Monster / Jin / Suga / Jimin / V / Jungkook

Little Sister - BTS

Request: Could you do a written ‘reaction’ type post for bts members, how they would be as brothers if oc is their younger sister, around '97 line age

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Jungkook: He would be the best friend-like brother, especially since you were so close in age (however, he would never let you forget that he was the older one). He would always let you tag along, no matter what he was doing—and he would never let his friends kick you out. It’s both of you or neither of you. A lot of teasing, kicks under the dinner table and flicking each other’s ears. He would randomly suggest getting ice cream on your walks home from school, spending your afternoons lingering along the pavement and licking ice cream instead of going home to start homework. He’d be really awkward around your friends, never really making eye contact with them or saying anything. You’d hear “Oh my god, your brother is so hot” all the time, usually followed by “Yeah, but he’s kind of weird.” Making funny faces at you to make you feel better, anime marathons until the early morning, tucked under blankets and half-drunk bottles of milk scattered about. It wouldn’t matter to you, or him, what you were doing; he would always be by your side.

Taehyung: “Hey guys, meet my baby sister!” Sticking out tongues at one another, ruffling your hair. I think Tae would be a fairly doting older brother, always making sure you were okay. He’d be really good at recognizing when you weren’t, not saying anything until you did, listening to you rant and nodding along. He’d put his arm around your shoulders and give you some pretty good advice, quickly followed by “And if anyone messes with you, I’ll kick ‘em!” Definitely the goofy older brother all your friends adore having around, because he loves putting on a show for them. It would be slightly embarrassing, but mainly endearing. Though he would like reminding you that you were his baby sister, he would never treat you as inferior. He would always listen to what you had to say, often coming to you for advice. You’d be the pair at the corner booth in the restaurant, always giggling uncontrollably even though no jokes seemed to have been said, because you guys know each other so well you don’t even have to speak to get the joke. None of your family photos are good, because one of you is always messing with the other.

Jimin: Pulling hair and hiding things behind his back. “This is only for big kids.” “You wore a diaper until you were five!” “Take that back!” It wouldn’t matter how old you were, the two of you would act like bickering kids for the rest of your lives; there would never be any love lost. He would like charming your friends, specifically because he knows it annoys you. He would be pretty protective, prodding you about your date and frowning at your hemline. Super supportive. It wouldn’t matter what you were doing, a hard math problem on your homework or attempting to reach a lifelong goal, he would never waver in his support for you. Even when you were feeling absolutely shit about yourself, he would be the only one who would tell you that you could do it, and you would actually believe him. He wouldn’t want you anywhere near Taehyung and Jungkook, because they would know that flirting with you would drive him absolutely crazy. So, of course, they’d do it all the time. “You’re not allowed to do that!” “You’re not Mom!”

Namjoon: Helping you with homework, somehow making you feel stupid and smart at the same time. He’s the kind of brother that would spend most of his days in his room alone, blasting music—but he wouldn’t mind if you just walked in and flopped on his bed, starting a conversation about absolutely nothing. So protective. You wouldn’t tell him you were going out until you were rushing out the door, him yelling behind you. Constantly spitting fire at one another. Him always borrowing your stuff without asking, then never returning it for breaking it, so you label literally everything you own and threaten to dump his mixtape collection in the Han River if he steals your earphones again. The best advice giver. Your friends are a little bit scared of him, a little bit fascinated, a little bit in love with him. Says “Maybe when you’re older.” He knows you better than anyone else in the world, and you him. You don’t have to tell him everything that’s going on in your life, because he knows you and that’s what matters. He doesn’t give them often, but he gives the best hugs.

Hoseok: Embarrassing you all the time, doing weird dances for your friends when they come over or drawing attention to you in public. “Aww, my little sister is buying her first bra—” “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU OPPA.” As you get older, he still likes to draw attention to you, but you realize that it’s not only just to torture you, but because he’s proud of you. He always told you your doodles were masterpieces. Jumping on your bed to scare you while you were reading or scrolling through your phone. Sitting up with you all night while you finish a last-minute project, just so you won’t be alone. Would take you dolls and play with you for hours on end, and get really upset and whiny when you didn’t want to play anymore (still does). Can not mentally process the idea of you dating. “Kissing is off limits. Touching is off limits. Looking is off limits. Breathing—” “Oppa, you can’t be serious.” “I AM DEAD SERIOUS.” Always showing you cool hip hop dance videos on his phone. Your best friend on Snapchat, because he sends you 1052 snaps a day.

Yoongi: “Lazyass.” “Priss.” Fighting over the sofa. Having to wake him up by staging a coup in his bedroom. Watching popular movies together and judging them hardcore. Judging everyone hardcore. Him constantly chiding you or telling you that you should have known better, and you grumbling along because you know he’s right but you hate admitting it. Long, comfortable silences and being buried under blankets for weekends when you literally don’t leave the house. Making goofy faces that have you breathless from laughter. All your friends being scared of him because, when he actually leaves his room for once in a millennia and actually sees them, he has the glare of death (you use it to your advantage). He lets you make your own mistakes, but never holds them against you. Has an album of photos he’s taken of you on his computer. Lying on blankets on the floor, nibbling on candy, talking about people you hate and places you’d like to see. Not letting you meet Bangtan for a long time. “Just once—” “No.” Always knowing you can come to him, any time, any where, for any reason.

Seokin: Always fighting over the bathroom in the morning. All of your friends are in love with him because, well, he’s perfect. But you know how big of a nerd he is so you just kind of let your friends dream. He’s the favorite at every family get-together. Getting in huge trouble when you were little for touching his action figures. Makes you pancake breakfasts every weekend. Laughing at the dumbest things, like horrible puns in the greeting card section of the store. Banging on the bathroom door to tell him to stop singing while he’s in the shower. Mario competitions that go on for days and get really heated. Arguing over which one of you is your parents’ favorite. Buying you things at the store when you mentioned that you liked the color of that sweater. Assuming you’re forever innocent and having an internal crisis when you start dating. “Just…have fun. And be safe. And if you, you know, ever start feeling uncomfortable about…things…then call—” “Oh my god, call you, I know, just please shut up.” Ending every phone call with “I love you” because it’s habit.   

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Just general people you read from would be fine!! :D

Okay love ^^ haha I also have a tag that says reads and that’s where I reblog the fics I like for rereads hehe but hmm let us go down my follow list, for some unknown reason I don’t follow a lot of people so idk if this is at all comprehensive.. maybe I’m just picky or too lazy to find more LOL 

an-exotic-writer ahh the A-1 since Day 1, I’ve been reading her works since the beginning of my days as a fangirl and they just keep getting bETTER, lovely blog, lovely person, I’m her cupcake too tho ^3^ 

babyitsbts // babyitsfiction idk which one she runs on these days but I LOVE her scenarios as well ^^ haha I think I read all through her stuff in one sitting esp the wolf exo ones 

duizhangdeluxe I actually found Amanda on AFF bc of her Blanc et Nior series?? and then stalked down her tumblr and now I am in love with her muses, beautiful soul, I am a hardcore fan. 

dvehyun I believe I found Gabs somewhere the jimin smut tag LMAO I still remember reading her work and being so amazed and impressed and thought wow I really hope I can develop my writing like that, her vamp AU gives me chills. 

eungyus // nam-jihyun my MIN, my sunshine, my hope, my founder hahah she’s the person that raised me in this cold cold world of tumblr hahahh I love her writing, she is the first person I have ever requested anything from and I’m so glad I did ;-; okay she’s great at writing dark themes but when she writes fluff its so perfect *sobs for days ily* 

exoticarmy127 MY FIRST TUMBLR FRIEND AND UNNIE WHO I LOVE DEEPLY. I adore all of her stories, they have their own life in them esp Laws of Motion and Attraction. I cannot deny my love for professor V my goodness. 

jiminsnips my Kenna, I’m lowkey salty bc she’s never on these days hahahaha! but that aside I love her scenarios, esp the ones for her challenge which I lowkey attempted several times 

krismebaobei idk if they’re still really active but Fei will give you all the feels ;_; I love her scenarios so much, once again, been reading since the days the skies were one 

min-tokkiwriter ahhh I haven’t read from her recently but I’m pretty sure I have read all her older works, one of the few shinee scenario blogs I seem to follow LOL 

minearebigger same as above comment, simply bc I usually don’t read many ship type fics?? …. although her jongtae aus are indeed quite tempting 

monchims *lays oneself on ground and rolls around* Okay Cherry is one of the main reasons I started to write in the first place? Hahah even non fandom wise I find her words beautiful and put together in such a way that it intrigued me to learn how to do so myself hahah.  I  really really like A+++ also her hypotheticals// compilations are fun to read they just escalate until she just walks away XD 

palpitate-hyperventilate Jo is soooooo GOALS A F I love her writing, it took me a while to get used to her style but maybe that’s why I appreciate it so much, I love it, it makes me think, it makes me pause and wonder and ughhhhh so inspired every time I read her writing its just a masterpiece T.T  

thesammtimes Sam my goodness I love her scenarios. I don;t remeber much about it because I discovered sam at like 2am in the middle of a fic reading marathon on my phone but they are A+ quality. *2pm voice* 10 out of 10 

soul-scenarios idk if they’re active (again) I’m sorry anon but umm This unnie made me cry so. many. times. like her scenarios are a mix of angst and fluff and they always get that heart clenchy feeling that I love ahhh ;;

theboyswhomwelove duuudeee I stalked Laura even before I got a tumblr, The Trophy was one of the first few fics I started reading and omg I’m so so glad I did, I love her, and her style of writing, just the character development is always so smooth yet complex. the tru sempai. 

whisperedscenarios I luvvvv but I haven’t been able to read much recently but I know back in the days when she was an admin I JUST LOVED ALL THEIR WORKS. it was absolutely adorable and I really should catch up on my reading bc I’m sure her scenarios are still nice <3 

xiuminipple idk man Jackie makes me question what I’m doing with my life when we’re the same age //i think// her writing is so nice like seriously beautiful and so… realistic?? Her Kai College AU and Chanyeol high school AU  are my absolute FAVS. so witty and just all together really enjoyable. 

thereaderwriter also one of the few ones I have known since the beginning of my fangirl career. I love that she writes and puts songs on her scenarios bc she’s the reason I started doing so? Like I’m pretty sure she introduced me to so many songs which are my favorites now like A Good Boy by Baek Ah Yeon and Intoxicated by the Cab and one distinct one for me is her Luhan one where OC is a photographer haha I LOVE IT 

theyreallbiasruiners WAIT NO WAIT YOU CANNOT ABSOLUTELY NOT FORGET THIS ONE PERSON OKAY. She is my irl friend and my other half and the reason I HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. she doesn’t post much and don’t let her scare you off lmao BUT SHE DA BAE. 

yeahhhh okay that was longer than I expected but before I follow someone I usually stalk them for a long reasonable amount of time LOL SO I JUST GUSH when it comes to the ones I follow because they are goals and I hope to be able to have such distinct style like them one day T.T and yay happy reading anon I wish you rainbows and sparkles and all the feels <3