in which their mum took their photo

“I got to know the Quarrymen originally through their drummer, Colin Hanton. I started to knock around with them – going to practice sessions and gigs for a couple of years. 

“I last saw John in 1962. I was sat at the front of a double-decker bus and as I got up to get off the bus John was sitting on the back seat, he was the only other person on the top deck. I asked him how it was going, he said ‘I’m knackered, I just got back from Hamburg’. 

“My mum organised the Rosebery Street party, I asked the Quarrymen would they come and play there. I remember it was a nice warm sunny day.  I took a number of photos of the group playing that day.”

[Charles Roberts, photographer]

The Quarrymen playing on Rosebery Street, Liverpool on the 22nd June, 1957. They were performing as part of a street party to celebrate the 550th anniversary of Liverpool receiving it’s charter from King John (which happened on 28th August, 1207 (my birthday! 28th Aug, not 1207!) and gave Liverpool - or ‘Liuerpul’ official ‘town’ status). 

Photo: Charles Roberts.


In which I totally was Alya. 


I only wanted a bad excuse to show you guys this photo I took last summer :D An old man found this little fellow and as we stopped he told me and my friend that it’s a “death’s head hawk moth”. Sooo yeah.

(or an Akuma taking a break lol)

(PS: I didn’t touch it haha ♥)

Analog photography is amazing but sometimes it happens to be anoyying yet so interesting, example: this photo it’s a triple or I don’t even know how much exposured photo of photos I took in Ukraine. When I showed this to my mum she said her first impression of this was ‘ war ‘ which is pretty interesting due to the critic situation that is in Ukraine at the moment. ..

Sacai A to Z

Every single person that visits me in Tokyo falls in love with Sacai.

Sacai is a brainchild of Japanese designer Chitose Abe. 

She started by working for Comme des Garcons as a patternmaker, (which is the best and at the same time the hardest school of fashion, streching the problem solving abilities and abstract thinking to a whole new level). 

Abe-san took a break to focus on her family and child, and while being a mum and a housewife, she started creating these edgy yet simple outfits that are so practical yet so deconstructed and Sacai was born.

Few weeks back we celebrated a beautiful event of Sacai A to Z book launch, an event where all Tokyo editors and stars came to congratulate Abe-san.

Here is my small photo report from this fantastic night:

First, as Japan is big on taking funny pictures - a special photobooth. Starring my dear friend and Parisian runways makeup artist Hisano Komine.

Next, some iconic Sacai designs

And more

Sacai is always simple, yet sophisticated, it turns a normcore outfit into a timeless piece. A word of advice - do not wait for sales season, majority of designs are far gone by then.

Melody Yoko wearing Sacai dress

And the patchwork mascots

Chitose Abe and Rola 

And the book by Rizzoli

And a special photo-room

Family picture with our favorite stylists

And the outfit props for a photobooth, so fun!

First fall show of Sacai in Paris was the 2012 fall one, yet she was ot a newcomer and Sacai started in Japan in 1999. From home actually. The brand name comes from Chitose Abe’s maiden name Sakai.

Sacai is always lighthearted and joyful, easy and functional and adapted to a speedy life in a large metropolis.

Sacai Flagship address:

サカイ (sacai)
住所:東京都港区南青山5-4-44 南青山シティハウス A-1F, 2F

A-1F,2F Minamiaoyama City House 5-4-44 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel: +81 3 6418 5977
Store Hours: 12:00 - 20:00

And what will the winter 2015 collection look like?

A dress

A leather and fur jacket

And beautifully constructed knits

Hurry up as those pieces go super quickly.

Winter and summer solstice

Tomorrow is the day when the sun stands still, as it moves as far north or south in our skies depending on which hemisphere you’re in. For me fortunately it marks the beginning of summer, and lovely hot steamy days swimming in the Rio de la Plata rather than the icy days of winter with months of low light before me.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the rhythms of the year, and observed the phenomenon illustrated in the photo by using convenient trees as markers from my mum’s balcony in southern France (a project you call all start today, if you have a cloud free sky). The spread between December and June becomes obvious in this photo (since I took none of my own) showing the changing position of the solar orb between its two annual extremes, as seen from the photographer’s home in Utah. The images from each solstice were combined with photoshop, and taken from the same location.


Image credit: Dion Davidson via EPOD