in which taylor is better than your fave

“(To a fan) Daily reminders: 

1) Never compare myself to other people. It is comparing my behind the scenes to their highlight reel.

2) Stay here, now. I will not think too far forward or back.

3) It’s ok not to be fine. 

4) Taylor needs me so I’m going to take care of myself.”

& other wise and lovely words from Taylor Swift

Okay but it being Speak Now’s birthday I think we need to take time to Appreciate it.

I mean I feel like we could do this every day and it wouldn’t be enough because I mean, she wrote this when she was 19. Every single song on that album is a lyrical masterpiece, whether it’s your favorite or not. Last Kiss? Dear John? Enchanted? Innocent? But those are the favorites but even just analyzing Speak Now or BTR I mean maybe you shouldn’t ruin a wedding and yeah the BTR message was ~problematic~ (for which she already explicitly apologized for) bUT THE LYRICS WERE STILL LYRICALLY BETTER THAN YOUR OTHER FAVE’S BEST SONG??? And I mean Taylor can talk about how it wasn’t “sonically cohesive” but the thing is it’s by far a fan favorite. Maybe Haunted didn’t sound like Mean but that literally doesn’t matter because Speak Now is about a whirlwind of emotions and each song on there sounds like your feelings and Honestly it feels like you’re “speaking now”??? it’s peaceful and sweet the way Ours is or it’s intense the way relating to Haunted may make you feel….Speak Now is my favorite album, “sonically cohesive” or not, whether the Grammy’s appreciated it for what it’s worth or not, she may not think so but I think it’s one of her best works.