in which she literally had less to say

PSA: Markiplier & YouTubers in general.

This was sort of on the back of my mind all day and I felt like this needed to be said. While waiting in line at almost noon to meet Mark; I saw a girl to my right who was visibly shaken and super excited to see him; her dad (who it seems is being apparently held captive to stand in line so much that his attitude is sour.) says  “Who is this guy, what does he do” to which she replies “He plays games, makes sketches and comments on things”. Her dad then replies “so he just plays games? That must be so much work”. At the time; I ignored it but I had so many things on the back on my mind that I wanted to tell his apparently clueless individual. Mark literally lives and breathes YouTube; he dedicates his entire life to making millions upon millions of people smile; to make their lives a little less stressful, even for a second. He donates to charity practically every month, and also spreads awareness in some cases to the donation cause. I’ve never met someone who genuinely cares about the people who watch his videos as much as this man does. 

Mark is a person.

You can’t just judge and belittle someone when you don’t know who they are as a person. You may think they’re terrible people, but that’s you making a speculation based on your own opinion.

This goes for everyone in the gaming community.

These people are the kindest and most caring individuals and don’t need to be treated as if they just sit on their ass for 15 minutes a day when they spend their ENTIRE day sometimes to get a single video.

I (and most) treat these people with the utmost respect like any other person and why it baffles me as to why this guy would say that about his daughter’s hero is beyond me. I’ve met a few of these people and let me fucking lay down the law for you Mr. Grumpy Man; you’re WRONG. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers the person has to whichever community we’re apart of; these people are people we look up to in times of hardship, people we look to for advice, people we admire for their vulnerability and people we watch for their personality and their overall attitude. When people like you Mr. Grumpy Man come in and try to tell us that they are any less significant than we assign to them in our heads; that is when shit will hit the fan. I never thought I’d be making a post like this but I hate people that try and tear down others’ means of happiness. 

You can not. 



These guys are people, just like us and need to be treated as such. Except for you My. Grumpy Man. You can get stabbed by a butt-stabber.

This has been a PSA.

sometimes people think I’m odd because like. I’ll see something like a spider or a bug and think it’s cute?? which isn’t that odd but we’re naturally sort of socialised to view them as alien and gross so I sometimes get people like “ew how can you say a spider’s cute” but my girlfriend is on a way other level of being able to see beauty in things tbh because she manages to be sexually attracted to me and I literally couldn’t be any less conventionally appealing even if I had a proboscis in fact that might even make me hotter