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‘American Horror Story: Cult:’ Sarah Paulson Says Her Character is in a Same-Sex Marriage

Spoilers? “American Horror Story: Cult” will have a married, same-sex couple as a part of its story, if hints dropped at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday are any indication.

Ahead of the panel, which featured many of the women both in front and behind the camera on the series, reporters got to check out two of the sets. One included a two-story home, in which some family photos and “Mrs. and Mrs.” decor were observed

“There are two women married to each other in that house, but who are they?” Sarah Paulson said, when asked about it. The actress played coy for a bit before saying, “It’s me and Alison,” referring to co-star Alison Pill.

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Pill acted shocked over the statement, and Paulson quickly added: “That may or may not be true.”

Another reporter, however, found a photo in the house set that featured the two actresses (I looked at what I thought were all the photos in the house but I didn’t see it, so I can’t confirm that it exists).

Pill will be playing a character named Ivy Mayfair-Richards while Paulson will be playing a character just named as Ally so far. Pill was depicted in a poster released last week brandishing a knife in what looks like a butchery. It was also the official announcement of Pill joining the cast.

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Paulson has been a part of the franchise since Season 1. She’s also starred in other series from “AHS” showrunner Ryan Murphy, including the first installments of “American Crime Story” and “Feud.”

Previous hints released by Murphy included a drawing of Paulson’s character and Evan Peters’, named Kai. The photo, released on Instagram, had a caption that read: “Ally and Kai in CULT… a love story for the ages.”

When asked about whether her character and Kai will be in a “love story” — especially if her and Pill are in a “Cult” relationship — she said that all will be revealed over the course of the season.

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I think that show is a very odd show and that you don’t expect actors of that caliber to sign on for “horror” because horror has always had this reputation of being beneath so much. The actors — those women — who we have are the best in the business and none of us look at it as a horror show; we look at it as an emotional piece. The horror is just the icing on the cake with that show because I do love that and it is fun. I just think that for some reason, I’ve been very lucky with my ability to land these actors and I land them because I love them and I tell them that right up. I’m so thrilled that Sarah Paulson got nominated. Jessica Lange, I think you can always expect! She’s such the queen of the universe that she’s always going to do well, but Sarah — I thought it was so great to see her in that [lead actress in a mini] category. I think that’s her first time in the leading category, so that’s amazing. I was so thrilled for Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett, who are new to us this year. I was super thrilled about Frances Conroy because sometimes a performance like that, which is so grand and carefully constructed, gets overlooked. I loved that character so that was a great thrill for me. - Ryan Murphy

?6: You really think you know

American Horror Story has changed its format and introduced us to a new series. My Roanoke Nightmare. Now whats strange about this season of AHS isnt just the fact that they have been trying to deliberately throw us off with a hodgepodge of creepy and confusing teasers. But we didn’t even get a title card a time and place. the theme is not and wont be American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare. You can easily tell that by the trailer which calls this season My Roanoke Nightmare: A True American Horror Story. Wait a minute? That’s not traditionally how this series goes We’ve checked into Hotels, Attended freakshows, protected covens, escaped asylums, and visited Murder Houses. What are we doing this season? were watching. Haven’t you figured it out? AHS has turned up the mystery on us. Are we watching a series created within the AHS universe? So far we’ve only been introduced to 3 “real” characters  Thats Shelby (played by Lily Rabe in “real life” and Sarah Paulson in the Dramatic Reenactment) Matt (played Andre Holland and Cuba Gooding Jr) and Lee (Played by Adina Porter and Angela Bassett) These are the only new characters we’ve been introduced to this season. Anyone we see in the Dramatic Reenactment are just actors recreating what Matt Shelby and Lee “Lived Through” Maybe thats why Sarah Cuba and Angela are the only ones that have pictures of their characters posted to the AHS Twitter page. Lily Andre and Adina have supposedly lived through this so to keep up with this “True Story” Facade. There was no need to post the characters they’ll be playing this season. soley because this “happened to them” Do you follow me? This season is going to be a complete Mind Fuck. There are so many possible plots for this season. The thing is we all know is we’re Watching American Horror story the anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. And we know Lily and Andre aren’t Shelby and Matt. What is going on here?How does this series fall into play with the other seasons of AHS? Will we see any connections to the other seasons in this season? I have so many theories! Is this reenactment just a reenactment? Why the change in format for the series and series title? Is there an actual theme we maybe ignoring?  Where the hell is the theme song? American Horror Story’s new approach does give the show more room for jumpscares and suspense. I mean we are kinda watching a movie or a 10 episode docu-series in a universe where the Antichrist is alive and well. Just saying. But the possibilities for the season are endless. This show within our show could only be a small piece of a bigger picture. What if someone is forcing actors to relive horrifying stories that’s have been told in the AHS universe. What if the characters we are up close and personal with are the “actors? and the “dramatic reenactments” are the actual events that have taken place? What if this season isnt just one docu-series and its multiple docu-series all recorded within this mysterious Studio that has malicious intentions for its actors. (Hey that would clear up all the sorted trailers we were baffled by. Remember how they all correlate to movie trailers and Horror movies. AHS: Theatre Anyone? Yeah? Are we still doing that? No? Aww i really liked that title.) Anyways i know that this season is not called American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare. Its actually a show within the show called My Roanoke Nightmare: A True American Horror story. So lets see where this season will take us? And what Mystery awaits.

Meryl Streep Slams Donald Trump in Golden Globes 2017 Speech

Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, and slammed Donald Trump’s “performance” in her acceptance speech.

“Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if you kick us all out, you’ll have nothing to watch except for football and mixed martial arts, which are not arts,” she said, tearfully and with a faint voice, upon accepting the career-spanning honor.

She echoed Hugh Laurie’s comment about how the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is part of “the most vilified segments in American society right now” - Hollywood, foreigners and the press. “But who are we, and what is Hollywood anyway? It’s just a bunch of people from other places,” she explained, outlining her New Jersey upbringing, plus the non-Los Angeles backgrounds of Sarah Paulson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Ruth Negga, Viola Davis, Dev Patel and Ryan Reynolds. “Where are their birth certificates?”

Streep then noted that one “performance” stood out this year: that of Donald Trump when he mocked a disabled reporter at a rally. “There was nothing good about it, but it did its job,” she said. “It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out my head because it wasn’t in a movie, it was in real life. That instinct to humiliate when it’s modeled by someone in a public platform, it filters down into everyone’s life because it gives permission for others to do the same.”

“Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence,” she continued. After calling for the press to stand up to Trump, Streep concluded her speech by quoting Carrie Fisher: “Take your broken heart, make it into art.”

Viola Davis presented the honor to the prolific actress has won eight Golden Globes and collected 29 nominations. “Her artistry reminds us of the impact of what it means to be an artist, which is to make us feel less alone,” she told her Doubt co-star. “You make me proud to be an artist. You make me feel that what I have in me - my body, my face, my age - is enough.”

At the Beverly Hilton Hotel ceremony, Streep was also nominated for her performance in Florence Foster Jenkins, directed by Stephen Frears and written by Nicholas Martin.

The annual DeMille award honors those with “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.” Recent recipients include Denzel Washington, George Clooney, Woody Allen, Jodie Foster, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Warren Beatty.

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In the three previous seasons of American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson has played a medium, a reporter targeted by a serial killer, and a witch blinded by acid. Clearly, Paulson loves a challenge…which brings us to this year’s Freak Show. Playing conjoined twins Bette and Dot, who are discovered by freak show manager Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange), Paulson admits it’s been her most difficult AHS character to date. But the actress is also finding the fun in it. “Now I’m really overusing the twin emoji on my iPhone,” Paulson jokes on location in New Orleans. “Boy, do I use it a lot. That thing was invented for me.” EW talked to the Emmy nominee about playing two very different ladies and whether she’ll ever get to play Asylum‘s Lana Winters again.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So where does Elsa find you? Are you at, like, a Starbucks?
SARAH PAULSON: Well let’s just say they didn’t see the light of day very often.

Ryan said that Bette and Dot might be responsible for dark things.

Yes. Bette and Dot might be responsible for some dark things. When they’re discovered, Elsa in a way, even though it may not appear to be that in the beginning kind of saves them from what may befall them because of their dark deeds. Elsa at least in the beginning seems to be offering them an alternative to what would have happened if they were left where they were found.

Are their personalities different?

It’s not as simple as nice and evil. It’s more complicated in true Ryan Murphy style. One has more darkness in her but not darkness of evil—darkness of depression, of knowing what’s out in the world. The other one is more of an innocent. It’s innocent and more cynical. Even though they share a body, they have different brains and different hearts. They experience everything differently from each one another.

The process to create these twins sounds so intense.

There are so many ways that we’re making this happen that it’s not any one thing. It’s not just a visual effect, it’s not just the other head effect. This is a combination of 9,000 things. The part that’s the most hardest is when we’re doing the visual effects. I think I thought when I was going to do it was I would do all of Bette, in all camera sizes, and then switch over to Dot and vice versa. But what happens is because the effects have to be the same, the camera has to be locked off. Basically, I have to do Bette and Dot within each camera size and so I’m going back and forth with each girl, every time they change the lens and go tighter. So I don’t get like nine takes as one person. I have to go back and forth and back and forth. They have the same hairstyle but they wear different color headbands. So every time we go back and forth, five people descend upon me. We’ve gotten it down to a science—I can practically do it in my sleep. But there’s 9,000 things that happen as we change everything over, not the least of which is what goes on with me internally to play both of them.

Is this the most challenging AHS role you’ve had so far?

It is the most challenging so far. There’s the inherent reality that everyone knows that I do not have two heads. So we’re asking the audience to go with us on this journey. We’re asking everybody that’s a fan of the show, like people who are with the show, so I have anxiety because I just want so much for everything about it to work that people forget that they’re watching something that they know isn’t real and that they buy it and they believe it. I think that’s why these two girls seem like two different creatures. It’s hard to find to find all the color and variation and nuances. It’s hard to play one person with all of those things going on. It’s obviously doubly difficult to do it when you are trying to give shading and characterization to two people. And I have a southern accent also.

So is the Elsa and twin relationship maternal?

It’s more reminiscent to me of Jude/Lana, certainly between Dot and Elsa. Between Bette and Elsa, Elsa represents so much glamour and so much beauty that Elsa to Bette is like the most glamorous thing she’s ever seen. Bette is such an innocent. There’s so much wonder in her. It’s a very different kind of relationship.

What is Bette and Dot’s relationship to the group? Are you a threat to the other freak show people? Are you welcomed?

The troupe is in need of a real jolt of energy and a new attraction to make people in the town come and see it. The show is not in its heyday. It’s definitely on the downward spiral. I think because they all want to be employed and all of them recognize a kindred. When they see the twins, they’re hopeful and excited that we’re going to bring about a certain kind of change that’s going to be good for the group.

Do you deal with Twisty the Clown?

I think he’s watching us. But as of right now there’s no story there with that character.

Have you had to do crazy stuff yet, like snakes covering you or more goat’s blood dropped on you?

Yes. In the first episode. I mean I’ve got two heads, Tim. It’s almost like there’s no event that needs to happen for it to be the craziest thing I’ve done. But there is something that happens in the very first episode that’s crazy, that sets the scene for the rest of the season for them. It happens in episode one.

Everyone keeps telling me it’s the best one yet.

I think it is. I don’t know that I always have a finger on my pulse. I certainly didn’t think Coven would have the reaction it did because it was so much lighter in tone than Asylum.

I do know from an artistic standpoint both as a reader when I read the scripts the stories are so rich and complicated and it’s just so fascinating. I can’t imagine it not being something that people embrace. I think from a creative standpoint it’s got that feeling of Asylum, in that it’s really about something: this idea of being a forgotten soul in the world that’s just been cast aside. Everybody feels like that at some point in their lives. It’s something that I think has a tremendous amount of currency. It feels very honest about what it means to be a person. I also just think I don’t know how you’re not going to fall in love with everybody and root for people and there’s terrible things happening to people. And the way it looks! The set design! The costumes! The stuff that’s happening this year with the sets and the costumes it is so beyond. And Ryan’s going very different with the style of the show in terms of the way it’s being shot.

He said the look is different in terms of the camera movement.
It’s very different. There’s a stillness to it comparatively. I’m not saying it’s going to be still because it’s American Horror Story. But you think about the defining things of the show and you think about fish eye lenses and rapid fire editing. It is my understanding from working with Ryan the way it was being shot there weren’t a lot of Dutch camera angles, there were no fish eyes, no high and wide in the corner like the view of a spider. It wasn’t like that. I think it’s a very unique visual style and very different than what we’ve done. And I think that’s what’s so exciting about it. The minute you think you can figure out what you think we can expect from the show, it’s Ryan turning it on its head and going, “No I don’t think so.”

Have there been crazy moments in the make up trailer where it’s like “Oh, Angela’s got three breasts and Kathy’s wearing a beard”?

Oh my god. There’s nothing more insane than walking into that trailer. Jessica’s over there getting her hair, freaky make up done. Kathy’s next to me getting her beard put on. And Angela likes to flash them. She’s like, “Look at my three boobs!” Because they’re covering up everything. She can walk around with her three t*** hanging out and everybody is very happy that she’s doing so even though we’re not looking at her real boobs. It’s amazing.

This year in particular like you walk out of a trailer and you’re like Oh Jesus. You really feel like you’re at a sideshow. So many of the people there are really people with special abilities from that world. So many of our extras and background artists are like, “Oh I play at this show” or “I work in this circus.” It’s incredible and it gives it such a feeling of authenticity.

I know Pepper is back. That must be so exciting to you that this is sort of like an Asylum-prequel because I know how special that season is to you.

I love that idea. Maybe season five will be Aslyum the sequel! I just wanna play Lana Winters again—is that so bad?

Like old Lana?

No I think it should be Lana in the ‘70s. That was my favorite look in the world.

Do you know Bette and Dot’s arc? Like do you know what happens in episode 13?

Nope. It always changes. Ryan has told me what he plans for me. But I refuse to believe it until it’s here because I’ve done this long enough with him to know that he’s a man of fever dream inspiration and things come to him out of nowhere and all of a sudden things take a hairpin turn and it ends in a different way than expected. I do know sort of where I’m headed.

Thoughts on American Horror Story: Freak Show

Jessica Lange - Elsa: So far Elsa seems like the nicest character Jessica’s played on the series, and Elsa isn’t all that kind so that’s saying something. BUT because she actually seems to have a heart, I don’t feel bad about sympathizing with her. That final moment where she’s all alone and reflecting on her failures and that big reveal where she has no legs was pretty killer. As for the singing, I like the idea with using modern music, but I think it would have been cooler if they covered it like a 50’s version because it felt a little out of place and it kind of broke the reality of the show.

Evan Peters - Jimmy: Never in my life did I think I’d be turned on by lobster claws but here we are. He’s almost like a weird mix of Tate and Kit, like he’s headstrong and determined, but he’s willing to go to deadly lengths to get what he wants which is a little concerning.

Sarah Paulson - Dot & Bette: I’ve always been a little on the fence with Sarah’s acting with the exception of season 2, but seeing her shine as Dot & Bette erased all my doubts. She’s amazing and I really feel like they’re two separate people. Every season has its standout brilliant idea, and jamming Sarah Paulson into two characters was this season’s so far.

Kathy Bates - Ethel: Okay just to clarify this: HER ACCENT IS FROM BALTIMORE. Like Tracy’s mom (John Travolta’s character) from Hairspray. Which is really all I could picture when I heard her speak. I’m glad Kathy is a good guy this season and I don’t have to watch her rubbing blood all over herself. Hopefully Ryan Murphy doesn’t half-ass her this season.

John Carroll Lynch - Twisty the Clown: Okay seriously what the fuck. He’s just as terrifying as everyone said he’d be. But what I really like is he managed to be freaky and nightmarish without being cliche like your typical “killer clown”. Plus they managed to make him interesting, like even if he never says a word you feel a sense of depth in him and I wanna know more.

Frances Conroy - Gloria Mott: SO in entry #4 of Frances VS. Jessica, Frances’ character has the upper-hand this season. Like it was so satisfying to see Gloria deliver that acidic one-liner and then walk off. Maybe it’s just after watching an entire season of Fiona beating on Myrtle, it feels good to have it the other way around for a change. I look forward to seeing more of her kooky delusional mom-ness. But if that clown murders her I’ll be so pissed…

How true is it, that a prophet is never recognized in his own country? Madison was not born to the Supremacy, but you, Cordelia. You have royal blood in your veins. I was a fool not to have realized it earlier. Seeking all this time in the dust for that which may have been before us all along. First you were suppressed by your mother, then by your own theories. You have great power my girl, power that has been seeking expression in these young girls, but it’s in you. Now just let it out. You must perform the Seven Wonders.
—  Myrtle Snow (France Conroy), American Horror Story: Coven

Oh my…

ACS stands for American Crime Story, which will be AHS’ companion series, created by Ryan Murphy. It will be an anthology just like AHS, except instead of fictional horror stories, each season will be about a true crime event in US history. The first season will be The People v. OJ Simpson, with Cuba Gooding Jr. as OJ Simpson and Sarah Paulson as prosecutor Marcia Clark. It’s set to air later in 2015.