in which sam reminisces


Like, I think, pretty much every member of the bittersamgirlclub I am all about Soulless!Sam, so needless to say I was pretty excited for this latest prompt! This is the first and most probably last time that I can say that these are actually in some kind of order. So with further ado:

  1. DRAWING A DEVIL’S TRAP IN HIS OWN BLOOD!! — I HAVE NO WORDS! This is the defining Soulless!Sam moment. One of the finest outings of the big beautiful brain, but without any holds barred. Soulless! doesn’t care about pain (let’s face it that must have hurt like hell!), or like social niceties that might say you shouldn’t go around with blood on your teeth. He see’s a way to solve a problem and he takes it. And he had fun. He enjoys the fact that he’s outsmarted someone, he revels in it and its glorious!
  2. “Do you have any bigger cups?” - I mean really this whole damn episode is like manna from Soulless! heaven. But how can anyone resist the charm of a giant, emotionless, logical, sex on legs, cold blooded killing machine having to navigate the difficulties of cups made for fairies? I also just love the continuation throughout the episode of Soulless’s blunt “say what I feel” attitude, so at odds with Sam’s usual polite, don’t make a fuss self (unless he’s super tired or pissed off) and it really does highlight how much Souled!Sam does just politely carry on when a perfectly reasonable request for cups more suited to a gigantor seems out of character.
  3. The smile at Dean and the baby - I LOVE this moment, I know that at this point Soulless is still trying to hide the fact that something is wrong and it could be argued that this smile is just part of the “acting like the ‘real’ Sam” cover. But to me it just looks far too genuine (Soulless just isn’t that great at faking it), this is 1000% a “Dean you’re so dumb and adorable” smile and nothing can convince me otherwise.
  4. The fascinated smile when Dean is vamped - ahhhhh I adore this so very much! There is no cruelty in that smile, he’s not enjoying seeing Dean hurt, but he is genuinely fascinated by watching it happen, I think there may also be a little bit of satisfaction that his plan could work, but mostly this is the pure (albeit morbid) enjoyment of watching and learning something new. I also love it because, to me, it ties back to the boy who watches porn like its a fucking documentary (never not adorable), Sam is just endlessly fascinated by and curious about things and this is just the logical end conclusion of that when all the usual moral and emotional restraints are removed.
  5. Making a prostitute forget she is one - ANNNNND now to the shallow bit! I’m so proud for only including one piece of shameless objectification in here! Yes the workout scene is truly a delightful feast for the eyes, but that look right there at the bottom of the picture is what slays me everytime (and apparently the lady of negotiable affection too). It truly defines the phrase “undressing you with his eyes”, also the strangely almost shy little head duck he does afterwards which is so reminiscent of Souled!Sam is just a wonderful little bonus and an odd little juxtaposition.