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The Adventures of Mother Fuckin’ Robin Hood

Disclaimer: This is a long fucking post but fuck it, I don’t care.

Chances are that you haven’t seen the 1938 Warner Bros. classic masterpiece The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland. If this is the case, fix this issue right the fuck now.

So. Why should you watch this absolute eye-buffet of wonder and dreams?

First of all it’s fucking gorgeous.

The production was over $2 million, which at the time was nothing to sneeze at. For 1938, it was the most expensive film WB ever produced, and it shows. Everything from the costuming, to the scenery, to the intricate matte paintings are like pieces of art themselves. Robin Hood was filmed completely in technicolor. So despite it coming out in a time of black and white, the entire movie was in full, beautiful color. To put it in some perspective, The Wizard of Oz came out just a year later.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. It was so well received when it came out, it won 3 out of 4 Oscars: Best Art Direction, Best Music, and Best Editing. In 1995, it was deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the US Library of fuckin’ Congress. 

Secondly, it’s got some fucking talent.

See this guy? See this handsome motherfucker right here? This is Errol Fucking Flynn. The Dread Pirate Roberts only wishes he was this charismatic.

Errol Flynn was the man who solidified the image of Robin Hood forever. He did for Robin Hood what Christopher Reeves did for Superman. Everything from his cadence, to his genius dialog, to the way he wears those tights, is the epitome of Rob of Locksley.




On top of Mr. Flynn here, you’ve got the great Basil Rathbone as Sir Guy (which, Sherlock fans should note, played Sherlock Holmes in the 1930′s films. Errol Flynn was cast in two pirate movies - Captain Blood and Sea Hawk. So Sherlock might never have gotten to be a pirate, but he was able to fight one)

The beautiful Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian Fitzwalter

And Claude Rains as the diabolical Prince John.

Now comes the fun part - it completely holds up today.

You might think that something like Robin Hood (especially an older movie) might be dated or dry. You, sir, are dead fucking wrong.

The fights are well choreographed and fun to watch.

When shit is tense, shit is motherfucking tense. You’re invested.

Secondly, and here comes the funsies: it has a socially progressive message in its story and characters.

Now on the one hand: duh, it’s Robin Hood. But think of how many ways a white hetero male in his early thirties winning the girl and being the underdog to come out on top at the end has been a masculine power trip. This is not the case here. Let’s go beat by beat.

First, let’s look at Robin Hood himself.

He’s already breaking the mold simply because of his backstory in the movie’s context. 

Rob of Locksley is a nobleman. He comes from a family of power and wealth, and has the means to live comfortably, even in a time of great oppression. He gives it up, however, and instead risks his life and his lineage to help those without his social privileges. He never thinks himself above those with less, and outwardly challenges those with power instead of safely gaining their favor.

While he is a devilishly handsome, light-hearted hero, his motherly attentiveness and kind nature are traditionally “feminine” traits, which you would not see in most action heroes today. He is sympathetic without a “tragic backstory,” and can be serious without losing his sense of fun and adventure. He’s not just a man on a mission, he’s a character, and seeing his story is fun

I’d also like to point out that while he is a Saxon noble, and many of the people he defends are Saxons oppressed by Normans, he holds no prejudice against Norman people in general, even caring for those Normans who have suffered from the hands of Prince John themselves.

“It’s injustice I hate, not the Normans.”

Secondly, let’s look at Maid Marian

In an era where the damsel in distress is not only common but expected, Maid Marian kicks those expectations in the motherfucking ballsack.

Yes, she is demure and soft and all things pretty, but she has a voice, and a pretty strong one at that. From the moment she meets Robin, she doesn’t hide the fact that she finds outlaws repulsive, and does not give him the false sense of politeness Prince John does. She, like Robin, is a noble. More than that, she is a royal ward of King Richard, thus giving her a status of power and immunity (mostly) that others do not.

The romance between Robin and Marian is only part of the reason Marian opens her eyes to the horrors Prince John has brought upon England. While in Sherwood Forest, she sees the treachery done to poor, innocent people that Robin now takes care of himself. That, in effect, brings her to the realization that to do nothing is just as bad as siding with those who oppress, maim and kill to begin with.

While she does face peril and is in need of a rescue by the very end, she’s not the only one. Half way through the film, Robin gets caught in a trap laid by Prince John (that he stupidly went into knowing it was a trap anyway because he thought it’d be fun).

Marian, wrought with grief and worry, risks her own safety and standing with the Normans and sneaks out to a tavern where Robin’s men are cooped up, trying to come up with a plan. She goes completely alone and unprotected, and begs the men to believe that her intentions are good. She gives them their plan to protect Robin from a hanging. This, ultimately, leads to her being caught by Sir Guy and imprisoned. But not before she gives an impassioned speech that I have memorized by heart:

“At first I wouldn’t believe. Because I was a Norman I wouldn’t let myself believe that the horrors you inflicted on the Saxons weren’t just and right. I know now why you want to kill this outlaw whom you despise. It’s because he was the one man in England who protected the helpless against those who were drunk on human blood. And now you intend to murder your own brother.”

“You’ll be sorry you interfered.”

“Sorry? I’d do it again if you killed me for it.”

It’s also fun to note that while Sir Guy is romantically inclined towards her in the beginning of the movie, it is not the leading message in his and Robin’s Rivalry. She’s not a prize to be won, or a piece of meat to be fought over like a couple of dogs. She is an integral part of the plot, so much so that while she would like nothing more than to live with Robin in Sherwood in happiness, she knows that she’d do more good behind enemy lines, risking her own safety on a daily basis in order to help keep the people of England safe.

Maid Marian isn’t a feeble woman for Robin Hood to rescue. They need each other equally, and rely on one another, which is what makes their romance so wonderful. 


AoRH passes the Bechdel Test

This person

and this person

get together, and it’s the most adorable thing in the goddamn world.

Also, Robin has a sexually questionable effeminate cousin named Will Scarlet.


In summery:


Come on Carylers Lets Play The GLAD GAME!!!

The hard-working people from TSDF released the Season 5 spoilers and I think most of this fandom can agree with me when I say - phew! the human casualties seem minimal! The reactions to the plot-based spoilers, expectations and disappointments are of course mixed BUT I figured while we are all mulling over the details, this seemed like the perfect time for some reminders and a tiny round of the GLAD GAME; 


 *Even though there is no “confirmed” CARYL moment in the event-based synopsis BUT as we’ve seen before, not all scenes/moments are always included in the final write up (especially when it comes to important episodes like MSF and SF and as you remember the forehead kiss in “Them” wasn’t spoiled either) and emotional undertone with context is hard to communicate in text form, which means that watching the episode just might give you a completely new impression than a summary written by a third party does.


*Even if we don’t get an actual physical CARYL moment, the Daryl & Carol bond could still me insinuated or implied through other characters or references made in other scenes. 

Remember in Season 3 when Glenn asked “What are we suppose to tell Carol?” - you never know! 


*Even if we don’t get a CARYL moment, we at least know that both Carol and Daryl survive and are moving on to Season 6 (yay!). 

Being alive on TWD means more TIME and more TIME means opportunities for more CARYL bonding! 


*Even though we might be disappointed that Carol wasn’t given a chance to “grieve” what happened at “The Grove” and it doesn’t look like she tells anyone about Lizzie and Mika in the finale either, we can at least be GLAD that the emotionally heartbreaking scene is being saved for another time….like when Daryl is right there and available to CONSOLE her and make it better! 


*Even if there is no CARYL in the finale and since we know that both Carol and Daryl make it to the premiere of Season 6, we can be relatively sure that we just might get an EPIC CARYL scene in 601, because…pattern; 

301 - “It’s Romantic! Wanna Screw Around?“ 

401 - "I Liked You First” and “Pookie" 



*Even if we don’t yet have that CARYL Canon scene, this hiatus will at least be less stressful that the last one, since technically the shipping war conflicts should be now put to rest and we don’t have to worry about the whole "Where is CAROL?”uncertainty anymore. 


*Even though we might not get any specific CARYL scenes in the finale, we DID GET a lot of amazing CARYL emotionally, binding moments in 5A and we DID GET a bottle episode just for Carol and Daryl. 

The “Consumed” wasn’t necessary for the general TWD plot but it was necessary to re-establish and re-connect Carol and Daryl together after the long separation in Season 4. 

TWD and Gimple paid homage to the CARYL relationship and gave it one ENTIRE episode just to be together and explore that dynamic. Since we know it wasnt a fan-service gesture, then we know there was a purpose behind it AND since Gimple is a long term story-teller that purpose will most likely continue in Season 6 (along with Carol’s grief)

Look how long it took for Ed to pop back up! 


*Even though Daryl has been absent from Alexandria for a few episodes, doesn’t mean that TWD is now purposely distancing him from the group or from Carol. 

NR had movie projects this year so they set him up in a role where he would be absent from the story by giving him a “job” on the outside. 

Just look at Season 4 - neither Carol or Daryl said each other’s name for a huge chunk of it and yet the show paralleled their journey closely and had Daryl practically launch himself in Carol’s arms in the premiere… 

On the Season 4 commentary Gimple said that he specifically gave Carol and Daryl good/long scenes at the beginning because he knew that they would be separated for a while - he wanted to make sure the bond stayed strong regardless. 

The last CARYL scene was “You look ridiculous ” porch exchange and before that we had that emotional forehead kiss, and I can’t help but think Gimple is doing the same thing here too! 


*Even though we wanted more CAROL/CARYL this season (we will always want more!), the media had plenty of material to sing their praises pretty consistently for months and months now. 
Google: Walking Dead - Carol or Walking Dead - CARYL or Walking Dead - Consumed… 

*I rest my case* 


This Sunday we are getting something that used to be just wishful thinking - Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus and Scott Gimple on TALKING DEAD, together, on the same couch, talking, doing the adorable stuff… 

*Carol apparently says a sarcastic sunshine line to Rick of all people and it sounds like it just might be similar to Daryls line “Watch your mouth sunshine” in Season 3….just saying! 

Bottom line is - Season 5 was AMAZING for CARYL, Daryl and Carol! 

After a season where we thought all was lost, 

Gimple brought it back stronger than ever and ultimately gave us a LOT to celebrate. 

I mean - Carol was proclaimed Queen of Season 5 by the media, we are getting award buzz again over No Sanctuary, Consumed and that Cookie scene and we got swoon-worthy CARYL moments! 

The possibilities are endless for CARYL at this point AND even if they don’t see each other in the finale, we could technically look at it as a MINI Reunion Cliffhanger… 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


PS. Plus - we get to spend the hiatus together!

anonymous asked:

Can you please tell how you think or how you wish things would go for Caryl in season 7???! Please!!!

Hi Nonny! Thank You for this lovely message in the inbox! Kay, so I’m not 100% sure on my feelings right now, but I’m going to try my best to answer but this is a “work in progress” of ma feels. There’s the odd spoiler too.

So, yeah, I’m pretty devastated about S6. I’m trying very very hard to forget it’s existence. Not just the actual happenings of S6, but the fact that many of those things were COMPLETELY unnecessary and it felt like the writers were slapping us in the face for the sake of it, but there we go. It HURT. REALLY HURT. ANyways, here we go, I won’t get what I want for S7, but here’s some what I’d LIKE.

A) I want Carol and Daryl to stop being the writers punching bags. For reals. The two characters who have never known happiness, who had terrible lives pre-ZA ……..are the two characters who get the most violence, trauma and upset thrown at them for the past 6 years. Just pls STAHP THIS TORTURE PORN. Leave ma babies alone pls! (and yeah, I AM angry about Daryl’s beating/shoulder).

B) I’d obviously, like to see Daryl escape/be saved from Sanctuary and for him to reunite with Carol. I see Negan brings him on a trip to ASZ so hopefully he’ll find out Carol is gone and we see a reaction. Similarly I hope that Carol finds out Daryl is in trouble, thus prompting her to stop running away from Kingdom and return to help him, and thus highlighting that he’s the one person she’ll stick around for indefinitely and her reason to stay. ASZ housewife act didn’t make her stay ; Morgan telling her to go back won’t just make her stay ; so its got to be something MORE than that which makes her stay- POOKIE!. So, a REUNION. In 7a preferably but who knows what nonsense we are in for this year.

C) I want to see Carol and Daryl TOGETHER. Ya know, in scenes, aware of the others existence, breathing the same air. Both have a lot of healing and talking to do, and there’s nobody better to do that with than each other.

 I want to see Daryl ask Carol to tell him how she’s feeling. I want to see Daryl reassure Carol that she’s a good person and that killing does not define her, but rather proves her worth as a human being who is compassionate for her family and would do ANYTHING for them. I want to see Daryl reassure Carol that’s he’s there for her to listen and I want to see him MAKE her talk because we ain’t got time for sitting around anymore. I want Daryl to let Carol know that she’s his fucking sunshine and he can’t do without her. I want to see Carol let Daryl know that he’s not at fault for the LV, or Denise and still a “man of honour”. I want to see Carol let Daryl know she’s sorry and didn’t mean to shut him out and that she was scared to let him in but now she’s ready to and she wants to be there for him too. I want to see these two adorable little cupcakes, healing from their own self, but doing so TOGETHER and supporting one another with complete understanding, love and adoration.

I’d hope to see both “deal with their shit” as Denise inferred and for them to get on the road to recovery, both physically and mentally. I want Carol to FINALLY tell Daryl about the girls. Sadly I think we’ll get Eastman/Morgan is speshul healer snowflake for that part, but eh well….. Hopefully by the end of 7b we can start to see some of the dynamic of “Prison” Caryl come back where both were clearly at their happiest of the ZA (well, as happy as one can be in their situations), were co-leaders, valued members of a community, able to banter and talk, on the verge of starting something more. My personal hopes as many of you know, are that they’ll settle at the Kingdom together.

D) Aaaand onto the super shippy (probably unrealistic but if I wanna hope I sure will!) stuff!! ; 


During some 7b “bonding time” I want to see them lay next to one another on a bed/sofa talking through things and they fall asleep but wake up all snugglyyy on top of each other, FEELING MORE SAFE THAN THEY HAVE IN YEARS COS DEY IN EACH OTHERS ARMS. 

I NEED to see them smile and even better if this time Daryl is cracking the jokes to make Carol giggle a lil’. A more confident, forward Daryl is something I’ve wanted since FOREVER. A Daryl who isn’t afraid to tell Carol what he’s feeling. A Daryl who makes a move. I want Carol to get some amazing new clothes and for him to shyly compliment her and she also blushes :) 

Of course, as a shipper I want to see them kiss this year ;  do I trust the writers to give us anything remotely close to that? No. I don’t trust them one little bit. I don’t even trust them to not completely mess up this beautiful relationship by separating them again, but all I can do is HOPE.

Ideal first kiss scenario is AWKWARDDD ; just like Norman Reedus wants! BUT it also means everyone gets their wish since we all think differently about who goes for the kiss first and with my version technically BOTH initiate the first kiss in a way!

Kay. so Daryl just GOES FOR IT ; he plants one on her and GOES FOR IT ; dude doesn’t know what’ he’s doing but he’s trying and Carol’s in shock, she doesn’t know what’s happening,she’s totally finding it hard to believe that Daryl actually wants her, so she’s not responding since her head is everywhere. Poor Daryl panicks and thinks he’s being rejected (sobs) and pulls back and frantically starts apologising for what he’s done. Quickly, Carol catches up to the moment and pulls herself together, knows she didn’t want that to stop, so says “Stop!” (yes I got the “stop” bit in there!), steps closer to him and KISSES HIM BACK!, And then smushy smushy kissy kissy adorable times ensue, until Rick’s knocking at the door, they have to rush off and spend the next two days skirting around each other with awkward grins on their faces til they get a moment alone :) And then I think that’d be enough for me, leave the 24/7 Horizontal Mambo party till S8 if you ask me :) 

I’ve rambled on long enough. There are many things I WANT. Who knows what I’ll actually GET. *prayer circle for good stuff and thaaangs!* Aaand now Imma go sob into a cup of tea and read moar fanfiction.