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Washoe was a common chimpanzee and the first ever non-human to learn how to communicate with sign language. She was raised as close to a human child as possible. One of her care workers, Kat, suffered a miscarriage and took a few weeks off work. When she returned, Washoe seemed upset that she had left her for a prolonged period of time. Kat signed that she was sorry and signed “my baby died,” to which Washoe responded by signing the word “cry” before running her finger down Kat’s cheek, mimicking a tear. She then asked Kat for a hug. Washoe, who had lost her own babies, appeared to be sympathetic and understanding toward Kat’s own pain and loss.

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Can you comment on this? Trump has reduced funds for the APH to 1/3rd and orders for all braille books/cctvs/braille writers etc. are being froze. no one is reporting on this, no one cares that my fellow VI people are going to be refused learning materials..I don't know how to get the news out, literally no news organization is reporting on it, only those who make the books have gotten the orders, which a handful of my friends do. This is the time for orders for next year to be placed too..

I can’t believe no one is reporting on this. I can find absolutely no news about it, either, but I believe you that it’s happening. This is the sort of thing Trump would do. It’s unacceptable.

For now all I can think to do is to share the donation link for APH (American Printing House for the Blind). If anyone can donate, please do. If not, share the donation link to anyone who might have some money to spare.

We can’t let Trump get away with this.

One of my goals in life is to become well-known enough to be on panels someday. And when/if that happens, I would like to start a tradition that one person at every event (which allows questions) will ask me, “Quoth the Raven?”

And at every event, I will have something different and snarky that the Raven has said.

“Your decorating sucks, you emo bastard!”

“UGH, who even CARES about this stupid poem anymore?!”


“Thanks for ruining Eighth Grade English for everyone who can’t memorize, jerkwad.”

“Goth girls are going to tattoo me on themselves for centuries because of you…”

“Omg, it’s not Nevermore, it’s PHIL, okay? Fucking PHIL.”

“If you don’t stop moaning over this Lenore chick, I will literally go and get someone’s eyeball to throw at you. Might be hers, might not be. Write a poem about THAT.”

“You gonna share any of that absinthe, or….?”

“Wow, man, your posthumous biographer was a DICK!”

Life goals. Somebody make this happen.

Just had man come into my job and order a glazed cinnamon roll even though I asked him to give me a moment. Then when I told him we aren’t selling those until after Christmas and all we have are the frosted ones, he lost his mind. He started yelling about how it was ridiculous that we don’t have any and he’s sick of hearing that and that he’s going to write a letter to corporate. To which I respond that corporate is the one who told us to stop making them. So then he says I don’t care what your coporate says, he demands to talk to a manager, which is me, asks for my name then leaves. How can you not care what corporate says and also want to write them to get me in trouble? You gotta pick one man

Shadowhunters S02E08: Love is a Devil

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

I don’t even care that Raphael is only helping Izzy because she’s in withdrawal. I. am. so. into. this.

  • “No one’s seen an angel in hundreds of years” who else is disappointed the angel was just a mangy old man. I see them on the street all the time
  • Alec *is* the Ceremonial Party Master … until he immediately asks Magnus to do it which is kinda disappointing because i actually want to know what kind of party Alec would have thrown it probably would have involved archery or hot dogs and then we could have heard him say ‘I read that children enjoy hot dogs’
  • when you describe the kiss between you and your best friend as ‘weird in the best way possible’ and you just know it’s going to last 4ever

Jace reads one book and immediately becomes a cat lady

this cat

~ stop thinking about boning your sister dude that’s not cool ~

  • Magnus magically creating bowls of milk for the cats so he can befriend them is legit my favorite thing that has ever happened on this show

Jace saying he knows Alec and Magus slept together because they’re parabatai so he can sense that Alec is ‘happier’ and Magnus has the only acceptable reaction

  • “Do you think anyone’s going to notice that we’re dating?” Simon said while giggling weirdly at Clary and holding her hand and staring into her eyes and making kissy noises and and and
  • you know what 10 year old shadowhunter children just love? salsa dancing apparently

i kinda want these two to fuck

  • OK who drugged Simon into thinking maybe he doesn’t want to get into Clary’s pants anymore, i’m pretty sure that has been his only goal since puberty
  • it’s not a party until your adoptive mother tries to murder your with a hatchet


  • I knew that orange cat was an untrustworthy a-hole

“Valentine is coming for me, isn’t he?” ”Which is why I’m never letting you out of my sight”


how long until we get the scene where Clary has to change her clothes real quick and she pretends like Jace can’t see her but she knows he definitely can and I AM HERE FOR IT


Mozart - Piano Concerto no. 15 in Bb Major

From the classical music history meme, “Classical: very neat bedroom, makes bad puns constantly, has a 9-5 job, everyone’s helpful but slightly exasperated mom friend”. My friend “Cupid” wasn’t sure which one fit her best, but one of our other friends “Comet” suggested she should be classical, because she’s a “classy lady” [a minute later, Cupid asked if there were any “slutty” pieces from the classical era, and none came to mind. If any of my followers have an idea for a slutty piece, please let me know!], and while it’s our friend “Blitzen” who makes the bad puns, and if anything Cupid rolls her eyes in a cringe and moan when she hears them, she is the responsible one who is dedicated to her studies in psychology, and she is very caring and loves all of us; she holds our hands, cuddles, rests her head on our shoulders. For her I chose Mozart’s 15th Piano Concerto, because each of Mozart’s Major Vienna concertos are jewels in the repertoire, and this one shines with the most brilliance for it’s virtuosic demands, more than most of his other concertos, the simplicity of the music hides the technique required to play it.


1. Allegro

2. Andante

3. Allegro

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The Magnificent Seven react to Reader taking a bullet for them please and thank you

hey angel! sorry this took so long! i loved doing this prompt, and it remind me of this one i did forever ago at the start of the blog, so this one kinda contains similar elements from that react!

Sam Chisolm: Sam is, for the most part, relatively shocked that anyone would take a bullet for him and so doesn’t react immediately when it happens. Once the enemies are disposed of, Sam pulls out what little medical knowhow he has to help stop the bleeding and help you manage your pain. He doesn’t exactly know what to say, and him helping bandage you up is done with a tense silence and calculating looks. When the bleeding is stemmed, Sam pats your hands and says quietly, “Thank you.” Then, with a firm look he adds, “Don’t do it again.”

Joshua Faraday: Faraday, distraught and panicked, yells at you. “What were you thinking?! Goddammit, I can take a bullet! You don’t need to do that!” He’s freaking out because, while he can deal with his own pain until he can get to a doctor and he knows basic first aid, he doesn’t know the first thing about removing bullets or closing wounds like that and the last thing he wants to do is lose you, especially after you did something so foolish and brave for him.

Vasquez: Vasquez tries not to yell at you while you’re in pain, but he’s completely frustrated with you for taking a bullet for him. Not that he’s ungrateful, he’s just frustrated. “You need to take care of yourself!” he yells. “I can’t be worrying about you during these fights, too!” He brushes off whatever you have to say in response after that to take care of you with the medical knowledge he has. If he’s a little rough patching you up, it’s because he loves you, and when he’s certain you’re going to live, Vasquez squeezes your hand and says, “Do not worry me like that again, okay?”

Goodnight Robicheaux: Goodnight is in disbelief. He doesn’t believe himself deserving of protection like that, especially not from you, not at the risk of your own safety and your own life! Billy ends up being the one taking care of the attackers while Goody pulls himself together and fusses over you. He doesn’t quite know how to help beyond putting pressure on the wound to stem the bleeding, so he cradles you in his lap while he does that. As much as he’s a gentleman, he does scold you for taking such a risk. When the threat is taken care of, Goody has Billy patch you up as best as he can so you won’t die on the way to the next town’s doctor.

Billy Rocks: The cutting glare Billy gives the person who shot you speaks volumes, as does the way he brutally tears into them in a more hands on way than guns can give. He returns to your side once the shooter is dealt with and he hovers over you for a few long seconds. Billy isn’t normally one for showing his emotions but dammit he’s mad -mostly at the person who shot you, but there’s that underlying fear and misdirected anger at you for being so stupid. He struggles with what emotions to show before eventually settling next to you and saying, “Never do that again. Never.” He patches you up, occasionally reminding you to never do that again, and occasionally checking in on your pain, and Billy is quick to tell Goody what happened when Goody joins you both. The trip to the next town is full of nothing but both of them scolding you and reminding you that Billy and Goody are trained for gun fights and that you are precious and don’t need to throw yourself into danger like that.

Jack Horne: Jack says a loud prayer for the person who shot you and swiftly ends their life, no games, no drawn out battle, because his main concern is you. He holds you close to him as he assesses the damage, muttering so low under his breath you can’t make it out despite how close he holds you. When you’ve been assessed, Jack says, “Now, why did you do that? I had it under control.” Jack is good at chiding looks, and he fixes you with one as he steadily patches you up enough to get you to a doctor.

Red Harvest: Red Harvest’s initial reaction is horror. As much as he keeps his emotions in check and is generally apathetic, the horror is clear when you take that bullet for him. When you ask him later, Red Harvest is too uncomfortable to admit how terrified he was that he was going to lose you. You’re a fixture in his life at this point; losing you would damage him. No one can blame him when he goes into a blind fury and makes quick work of the men who attacked the two of you, and no one can blame him when the one who shot you has a bit more of a gruesome death than the others. When Red tends to you, he’s silent and trembling, trying to focus on your needs so he can calm down. He patches you up without a word, mindful of you if you wince, and then he carefully, firmly takes your face in his and presses your foreheads together. Red doesn’t say anything, just breathes for a few minutes. The two of you don’t travel very much over the next week because of your injury, on Red Harvest’s insistence, and he keeps close to you even though he tries to play it like he’s not overly concerned.


5th December! Happy Birthday, Indigo! - One Piece

It was so close that I thought, “Why not?” Anyways I doubt I will remember next year’s.

So, the MUN decided to force Rosetto to give something to Indigo, so why not a new scarf for his collection?


I had no clue how to make him react to this! He ain’t my character afterall! So i stopped there drawing. Shall he know who gave this to him? Should he care? Does he know she is in the lab?How does he react? 

So why not have a laugh?

You all can send in a comment or even an ASK telling me what he does. You can write anything xD Afterall, i know people will use the Anon mode to troll Rose as always XD. I will try and draw it.

Therefore, ASKS OPEN AGAIN!!

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What do you think of the theory that Qrow is Ruby's real father?

This theory is so hard for me, not because I dislike it, but because I actually like it. Which is only difficult because my weakness is familial relationships where the characters aren’t related. Where this damaged adult character who even though they feel they don’t deserve it, tries to guide along this doe-eyed child who looks up to them. I love it when characters care so much about each other when they have no blood obligation to. And Qrow and Ruby’s relationship is the epitome of all the things I love in those types of relationships. (Head pats and hand holding are welcome attacks on my heartstrings) Him working so hard for this little family means so much more in contrast to how his sister (who is actually a part of the family) acts and I love it. Ruby and Qrow may not be related, but they couldn’t care less because they’re too busy caring about each other. 

On the other hand….if he was her father, that’d be friggin adorable as well. (Let me just say that the merch that comes with the limited edition Japanese edition definitely leans towards this idea as well~) But I’m so down for Qrow and Summer being a thing. We haven’t met her yet and I ship it. Even though that just spells angst and disaster. I assume she and Ruby are similar, so I think it’d be an amazing dynamic couple though. Also, that cup (and tear) stain on his STRQ picture. The more I see the preserved copies held by Yang and Tai, the more I’m convinced there’s importance to the condition of his. It’s also hard for me to get over the fact Ruby and Tai (+Yang) look nothing alike. Everyone else has family resemblances going on, except Ruby (who looks exactly like Summer from what we’ve seen). And Summer basically being runner up to Raven? Meh. All that along with the fact we now have a legit reason for hiding the truth…

Basically, I don’t particularly care whether he’s her “not actually uncle” uncle or her father, I just feel blessed this relationship exists at all XD

rey things (◕◡◕✿)

because she’s my precious ball of light and smiles

  • rey learning the basics of gardening!!!
  • rey building a makeshift greenhouse in the falcon
  • rey spending so much time caring for her new plants, that she even talks to them and sometimes fall asleep with her hands still buried in soil
  • rey blushing always because she simply hasn’t seen so many cute girls all in one place before
  • rey looking after little ones who wander up to her asking if she’s “the rey” to which she whispers “yes i am, but tell me about you!”
  • rey dragging miscellaneous creatures home until she’s practically running a petting zoo out of the falcon
  • rey trying to put her hair up how leia does because she wants to be fancy too 
  • rey continuing to ignore the existence of forks because everything is and always will be finger food to her
  • rey giving poe little braids in his hair and being delighted to find them still there the next day
  • rey feeding all the terrible food that finn cooks (because he thinks he’s a chef after successfully frying an egg) to the said creatures
  • rey hanging in the x wing hanger pillaging for parts to help fix poe’s (frequently) damaged x wing
  • rey going for jogs in the morning, finn and poe occasionally joining her when they’re not comatose and dead to the world
  • rey sleeping under a mound of blankets because she finally is allowed to indulge herself and she can finally find peace enough to rest her precious head
  • rey sitting outside with leia, as she teaches her all the new stars in the sky

Pairing: Atsushi x Dazai
Rating: Mostly SFW **Because I don’t trust myself <|D;;;**
Notes: I actually got this idea whilst suffering from a head cold as of late. LOL It got me thinking, “What would Dazai do if he had to take care of a sick Atsushi?” And so this story was born! Since you all really seemed to like my previous story ‘Wanted’, I hope you all like this one just as much! ^0^


“Atsushiiiiiiii~” Dazai said, who had been constantly lightly tapping Atsushi’s head, which was face down on his desk, for 5 minutes. The boy didn’t really have it in him to ask Dazai to stop. Not because he didn’t want to, cause he did, but his head was throbbing. Normally he would tell Dazai to 'Knock it off!’ or just wait for Kunikida to say “'Stop tormenting everyone and get back to work!’ but he knew that wouldn’t do any good for the pain. Sadly it wasn’t just his head. His stomach was doing back flips, his throat was soar and dry, and to top it off he was pretty sure he had a fever. And it’s only Monday.

"Lucky me…”

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FYI, "White Knight" is an insult that basically means "You're only nice to/about women because you want to get laid". <sarcasm mode> Which is totally the only reason why you care about all of us littles, of course</sarcasm mode>

Yeah the white knight post stems from something that happened a long time ago and goes along with the vegan post, there were a series of asks that came along after that one where people were trying to knock me down and I of course came back with my cerebral prowess and made them all go sit in a corner

Basically the person who was calling me a white knight was referring to me having done no wrong or acting like I was some kind of Saint or something

I tried to find them all and re-blog them in a series today but didn’t really have time

Journal Entry #80

Iggy’s seriously hung up on Noct’s stupid loose button, like anybody’s going to notice it but him. I mean, it’s one button, who even cares?? Noct spent the rest of the day pouting about it.

So Iggy agreed to let him go fishing. Because I swear Noct doesn’t need to go get married, he’s already got a spouse.

At least he caught us some fish for dinner, which is always a nice change. Iris helped Iggy with dinner to rub in my face how good she got at cleaning fish, which seemed to cheer him up a little. I don’t think anyone’s ever had a more perfect little sister.

Noct went back to fishing after dinner OF COURSE. How does he stand it!? It was a pretty quiet night all around, a bit of relaxing before we hit our last leg of the trip.

…Then Iggy threw his phone at me to show me a couple of his asks. NO wonder he’s so damned touchy about things lately. I’m going the fuck to bed.

The Moriarty’s; Moriarty X Reader

Requested by:  Hi, i love the “ one-shots sherlock ” I’ve read all the stories ^^ I love the way you write about Jim, he sure is a excellent villain, read about it get to be invigorating.So I’m here to ask for a shot one in which his wife is shot in place jim, Moriarty is very concerned and takes her home to take care her,it all ends well.Without losing the essence Jim Moriarty please!I would like to read my request soon. Thanks very much you are the best!

Sorry for the absence. I posted a brief explanation earlier but I just want to reiterate how sorry I am.

You and your husband Jim Moriarty were traversing around the underworking of London, looking for Rufus Stanley. Stanley was one of Jim’s orderlies who had abandoned his mission out of nerves. Apparently that didn’t sit well at all and he had enlisted your help to track down Stanley.

“Y/N, if would hurry up we would be done and home by now,” Jim told you sternly.

“What’s the rush to get home?” you asked him, cheekily.

Jim looked back at you and smirked. “Now don’t go getting me distracted Mrs. Moriarty. We have things to do,” he said then pinched your butt.

“I won’t if you won’t Mr. Moriarty.” The two of you smiled at each other before continuing down the tunnel, destroying the mood you worked so hard to create.

After what seemed like an endless amount of walking, Jim noticed a recent foot impression made in some nearby mud. “Our Mr. Stanley isn’t too far ahead of us,” Jim commented.

“Finally, I’ve been waiting forever,” you said into Jim’s ear after coming up behind him.

“Focus,” Jim reprimanded and looked around to track Stanley. “This way,” he motioned.

Not even a minute later and the sound of running feet came from down an off-shoot of the tunnel. You and Jim took off running faster than can be. Together, the Moriarty’s felt that they could take down anything, rapidly moving through the tunnels of London.

Stanley came into view from up ahead and seemed to pick up the pace. You and Jim followed suit but eventually you were all met with a dead end.

“Stanley, Stanley. Here we are again. Just you and me and the end of it all,” Jim told him.

“Except I’m here too,” you added.

Stanley’s face turned to one of utter terror as Jim moved closer and closer like a wolf closing in on his prey. Out of fear, Stanley suddenly pulled a gun out of his coat, fumbling at the safety lock.

Jim, without moving his gaze, put his hands up. “Is this really necessary Stanley? Is this how you want this to end? It won’t you know, with you somehow succeeding. You’re not that clever and you never were. No wonder you couldn’t follow through on your mission. No wonder your wife left you. You despicable-“

Before Jim could finish that sentence something in Stanley changed. Jim pushed him too far. With that, Stanley fired his gun straight ahead of him.

Once Jim registered what had happened he quickly looked over himself to make sure Stanley had missed. He began to take off before you spoke up.

“Jim,” you muttered and his attention immediately turned to you.  You were lying on the ground holding a bleeding wound. Jim was at your side in an instant, putting pressure on your wound and trying to stop the bleeding.

“That damn Stanley was never a good shot,” Jim spoke in annoyance. “Stay with me Y/N,” he told you before everything went dark.

When you woke up there was a damp towel on your head and a gentle hand caressing yours. You slowly moved your head and saw Jim sitting next to you. Once he saw you were up he smiled at you and you attempted to smile back but rather winced in pain.

“It’s okay Y/N,” he told you, pushing the hair back behind your ear.

“Where’s Stanley?” you asked him.

“No need to worry about him now. He’ll be taken care of. In the meantime, is there anything you need?” he asked.

You looked down at where your wound was and lifted up your shirt to see the damage. A clean bandage was tightly wrapped around your midsection but you didn’t feel much of anything. Albeit, thanks to Jim. “You,” you answered him, trying to make more room on the best.

“I don’t think you’re in the condit-“

“Not that Jim. Just hold me,” you told him.

Jim smiled at you and climbed next to you. He carefully moved his arms around you and you moved to be closer. Like you said before, the Moriarty’s could take down anything together. Especially a tiny life-threatening gun wound.

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Secretly terrified that as a trans gay™ who doesn't plan to transition outside of possible top surgery I'll never b able to date cis gay guys which like, wouldn't b the worst thing bc trans ppl are rad but it also makes me sad bc I'm afraid no one will ever see me as a "real" guy and like, won't b able to get past my anatomy to date me/ be attracted to me

I have this fear too but you should never place your worth of the opinions of those who clearly do not care about you or your feelings. To those who love you you will be seen as a ‘real guy’ and anyone who doesn’t see that is not worth your time. Anyone who values your anatomy over your personality is probably not worth dating anyways.

Personally I do plan on HRT amongst other things in the future but not being able to medically transition right now doesn’t make me less of a man. Your transition is to make you happy and comfortable, not to please other people.

I hope this helps!!

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dude samee I watched the episode at school and cried a bit and wow was it embarrassing (my friends bullied me a bit for what this show was doing to me lol)

ok me

i watched the scene again in morning class and started tearing up and my friends were deadass looking at me like…do u need help

and then i watched like two edits with a friend who doesn’t watch and for real started crying i got so juDGED but i was too upset to care like

this scene will forever haunt me tbh ;-; even if it’s temporary i’m still so sad every time i think about bellamy

fumck  asked:

may i get a rune reading please? just a general reading; i'm feeling rather lost

For the purpose of a general reading I asked the stones “Is there anything in general which should be conveyed”

I pulled: Berkana/Birth -Birth, nourishment, fertility, quiet, seeking to help 

It would seem who you are as a person is one who cares deeply for others. The stone could be saying you need caring for, but I get the strong feeling it’s referring to your own empathy and capacity to help others. Perhaps focus your energy in that side of your self. You may find your purpose in helping others. 

(Fun fact, this is my blank stone! My rune set came with one missing rune, and I had the option to have it fixed, but I felt it added personality to the set.) 

Megane Oikawa Headcannon

I actually posted it but it wont upload
God must be giving me a chances but no im still gonna sin

●Iwa-chan is the reasons why oikawa always to buy new glasses

●The first things oikawa do in the morning after he wokes up is calling iwa-chan and saying his glasses are missing because he forgets where he puts it

●Everytimes oikawa goes to buy new frames he will always takes iwa-chan and ask him which looks great on him

●Once he forgot to buy new contact lenses and he had to go to school but he strongly refused because he wants to take cares of his images

●He clings to iwa-chan more than he usually do untill the reach back home

●Iwa-chan is the one who will wipes shittkawa glasses if they are smudged with things because oikawa is such a baby

●Oikawa still haven’t managed to understand why his eyes are bad (( its because he stays up all night long watching volleyball matches u fucking nerd ))

Was my first time writting headcannons but i hope u guys likes it!

Because all Munday photos are better with cats XD

And urgh, my hair is getting soooo long. Like I can actually pull it into a ponytail and it’s actually starting to knot and tangle!

I’m between cutting it (which there is only one place that can cut it the way I like and I can’t afford her right now) or growing it and attempting a Laguna style rather than a Squall style. 

But my hair gets so thick and unruly soooo.

(Also, in case anyone cares. I’ve got my Griever necklace on as always along with a choker that’s a black cat with a Celtic moon and the shirt is a Who shirt, pffft. Which is kinda appropriate considering the ask I answered before this XD)