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Yuri on Ice, skaters in their younger years ♥

Nobody asked for this I just wanted to have them all in one spot.

Bonus, the reason we even have this show:

I’m that mysterious adventurer in time and space, known only as Doctor Who, and these are my disposables – Exposition and Comic Relief.


(yes, really, in episode 11 of this season)


Get to know me meme — [4/5] favorite female characters: Buffy Summers

Do you think I chose to be like this? Do you have any idea how lonely it is? How dangerous? I would love to be upstairs watching TV or gossiping about boys or… God, even studying! But I have to save the world. Again.

kyousuke-nii  asked:

I just thought about for Emil and Michele, which of the two proposed first?

The heart makes me choose obviously Emil, but knowing Italians, if Mickey got rid of his tsundere nature probably he might have been the one who proposed AHAHA

Anyone else go out of their way to text someone at exactly a certain time so it doesn’t seem like you waiting until a certain time to text them?

Like “if I don’t hear from them by 9:30 I’m going to text them but I’m going to text them at 9:3:4 so they don’t think I’m overthinking this.”

Because… I do this all the time… and I need that Validation™

I did one of these for Jinkx's concert so I figured I'd do another for BOTS:

-Pearl was an absolute little dork. She spend a solid minute or two waving and smiling and the audience screamed the whole time. She had a very robotic, mysterious beauty to her in person. A very hypnotic beauty.

-There was almost a fist fight in front of me which is always fun

-Michelle came out and gave a little speech at the beginning about respecting gay history which was really nice. She is shockingly beautiful in real life. I couldn’t stop staring at her!

-The opening number was so great

-Adore came out first and sang two songs. She was so adorable and had cat ears in her wig. She sounds so amazing in person!

-Ginger was next and did a full, hilarious dance/lipsync number to Hello by Adele. She is super cute and really really funny in real life btw.

-Sharon did a Bowie tribute and a tribute to Cerrone and it was very touching. She is actually so breathtakingly beautiful in person. My eye was drawn to her the entire time she was on stage. Super sweet too. She was blowing kisses and thanking fans at the end.

-Fame sang Rubber Doll and sounded fabulous. She is so fucking gorgeous I can’t even put it into words.

-My absolute fave of all time Violet (I’m so not biased😜) did a strip tease all the way down to a thong and I lost my shit. Violet literally does not look real that’s how beautiful she was. The TV screen does not do her justice.

-Jinkx and Michelle did an adorable duet

-Katya came out, legs spread eagle of course, and talked nonsense and I loved every second of it. She is always super sarcastic about looking like a real woman but she actually really and truly does. Absolutely beautiful.

-Snatch Game was absolutely nuts. Alaska was Lady Bunny, Courtney was Caroline North from North Carolina, Sharon was Caitlyn Jenner, Jinkx was Liza Minnelli, and Ginger was Michelle Visage (I might do a whole separate post about Snatch Game)

-Phi Phi O'Hara came out unexpectedly to ask a Snatch Game question and ended up proposing to his boyfriend. The entire venue went absolutely wild!!

-Jiggly Caliente came out at one time too!

-There was a Rocky Horror tribute with Michelle as the lips at the beginning (do they have a name?), Alaska as Riff Raff, Courtney as Janet, and Sharon as Frank-n-Furter

-I watched Sharon and Courtney the whole time during that part coz Sharon kept on lifting up Courtney’s skirt and trying to kiss her

-Manila did a really cute dance as Marvin Martian. Ok she is the cutest little bean ever! Her smile can light up a room!

-Alaska did a slow, acoustic version of Anus, then did a battle with some Storm Troopers (Courtney came out in her wings to give Lasky a lightsaber), and then did a fully choreographed version of Anus with the dancers from the music video. Alaska also was one that didn’t look real that’s how beautiful she is.

-Courtney came out in a very cute sparkly outift and sang in her whistle tones of course. I thought Court couldn’t get any prettier but I guess I was wrong. So super cute and so super tiny!

-Jinkx sang an amazing song about how death is inevitable. 100% camp 100% Jinkx. They were just as beautiful as I remembered. The wig they wore was everything I ever wanted and more!

-Michelle closed the show with a breathtaking song with photos of gay history in the background

-The show was a little over 2 hours not including Pearl at the beginning and was totally worth every penny.

I’m a Doctor Who (2005) fan and I realise what it meant to change the Master to a Mistress. It was a massive deal, but I didn’t want to think about it too deeply. The gender thing doesn’t seem an issue at all, which surprised me.
—  Michelle Gomez

here’s some Hartwin with fluffy cat cuddling for @blackmakethme <3

Eggsy’s legs are currently tangled with Harry’s in a heap of comfort and post-sex haze. Eggsy knows that he’s glowing slightly, based on the multiple times Harry had lovingly told him so by pushing him down onto the bed for another slow round, but only this time, he feels positively contented being surrounded by his older lover, literally.

They lie there for a few more minutes until the familiar toenails on wooden floor approach closer to their bedroom door.

And then a whine came.

Eggsy mimics the whine, which prompts Harry to huff out a laugh and gives him a kiss on his temple.

“I got it.”

“Thanks, Haz.”

Eggsy rolls over the empty, but warm, spot and waits for Harry, who opens the door and in comes a tabby ragdoll, her small noises squeak out with every bounce of her paws.

“Tabitha, c’mere,” Eggsy opens his arms and takes the feline into his chest. “Oh sweetie, you smell amazing.”

The cat purrs and nuzzles herself into Eggsy’s chin, tickling the young man and making him laugh. Eggsy makes kissy noises at their pet and nuzzles his nose with hers.

“Was it a good idea after all to let you foster this little lady?” Harry asks amusingly. “I dare say, you might love her more than you love me.”

Eggsy shows Harry a cheeky grin before pulling him down by his arm and giving him a sound kiss. Eggsy can feel a smile coming onto his lover’s face and pulls him onto the bed, with Tabitha nestling between them. The soft duvet dips below them, Eggsy feels Harry’s hand coming up behind his back and rubbing small circles on his skin.

Harry’s giving him small little kisses now, everywhere on his face, neck, collarbone, and shoulders, making Eggsy giggle at the feather-light kisses and touches. He can feel Tabitha’s tail swishing back and forth and her purring soon mimics the sound of their humming along.


Here is three pictures of the hundred I must have taken on this day when we visit Savoca. One of the filming locations of The Godfather. And let me tell you that I went from a state of over excitement to deeply overwhelmed in the space of 3 seconds when I catch sight of the bar. Luckily we were the first to arrive at the Bar Vitelli and THANK GOD because I really had the time to appreciate the quietness and holiness (don’t judge me) of this place, before the waves of tourists. Then we went to see the Church of St. Nicolò equally amazing, a vision as if I was in the film. Besides Coppola’s masterpiece, the village is absolutely lovely, and has some hidden gems like San Michele Church which made a strong impression on me. Will be back for sure  😍

ok so i’m reading forums to try and find spoilers and someone mentioned the possibility of michelle being a surrogate for harry in this franchise (which bums me out bc i love harry) playing the friend-turns-villain role, and since they wouldn’t reuse a villain for future films she’d become ~the vultress~ following in her father’s footsteps. which would make sense i guess, in the novelization they make sure to point out a drawing showing toomes, his wife and daughter and it’d make sense that they wouldn’t want to spoil who she is before she gets a chance to become a villain 

sigh only 3 weeks to go im so sick of all this speculationnnnnnnnnnnn

Eight For Eight tag meme

Rules: Answer eight questions and tag eight people.

I was tagged by @redrose-comes-a-marching who never lets me down for this cool games 👌☺️

Last movie I watched: Uuhhh… Ah yes The Raven ! A film about Edgar Allan Poe

Last song I listened to: Listen… It was the Moldovia song for the Eurovision…. It’s so catchy don’t judge me

Last book I read: last thing I read was “Lorenzaccio” written by Alfred de Musset but technically the last novel I laid eyes upon was “La Carte et le territoire” of Michel Houellebecq, which is, forgive me, shit

Last thing I ate: Flamekuche !

Where would you want to time travel to?: mmm maybe the french classicist period ? Or ancient Rome !

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: I think I would get along with Clint Barton but he can bring Natasha too

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: Russia ! Im eager to discover this country; but I’d like to be in Japan too

Current fandom obsession?: Uh none really, I was really shook by the Kingsman trailer but otherwise my blog is just overflowed with shitposting lmao

There it is, thank you again for tagging me ! I tag @pippinpie @magnus-bae-n @itwouldbeajoytobringyoutea @missdinka57 @entirelyenigmatic17 @smaug-official @dwarfessisla and @wildarcy but as usual it’s facultative !