in which michael bluth is literally me


There are just. So many ingrown branches in the family tree here. But what I really want to talk about is Gob and his knee-jerk reaction to bed any woman Michael may or may not be attracted to if Gob so much as suspects that Michael has wronged him.

Even if that woman is Lindsay. Even if Gob places such a low priority on her personally that when Michael had asked earlier if Gob remembers growing up with a sister, Gob had told him no, it’s not ringing any bells.

Meanwhile, Michael rings so many and at such a high frequency without even trying, without even knowing half the time that he’s somehow motivated Gob’s behavior. That Gob isn’t aware of it a lot of the time, either, is what I find particularly striking about this scene. As the narrator says, this is just a reflex for him. Gob isn’t thinking. He’s just going through a set of practiced motions: approach, then flirt, then steal.

The first step he nails easily enough. Then something happens on the second. Instead of talking himself up, he ends up talking up Michael. Michael’s the catch. Michael’s the best. Gob, on the other hand, is “the rest” by contrast, revealing his attempt at seduction for what it really is: a farce in which he’s not genuinely interested except in how it relates to Michael. And that’s the thing.

It’s all about Michael.

Without even thinking about it, Gob is putting his brother on a fucking pedestal above him (and literally everybody) even through his anger, and like, the fact that it slips out during this EXTREMELY INCESTUOUS SCENE ABOUT GETTING WITH SIBLINGS is just. It’s a lot, folks. It’s a whole damn lot of Family Love Michael.